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  • Customer Solution Centre

    You have a great idea for a medical device. You know what the device needs to do. But your R&D resources are involved with other projects; or you may need insight or unbiased opinion of a device’s design for manufacturability. Teleflex Medical OEM has you covered with our comprehensive... Read More
  • Diagnostic and Interventional Catheters

    Make your complex catheter concept a reality with Teleflex Medical OEM. We are known across the world as a leader in custom-engineered diagnostic and interventional catheters. Unlike other catheter manufacturers who supply only a few catheter components, Teleflex Medical OEM brings all the... Read More
  • Balloons and Balloon Catheters

    Teleflex Medical OEM has a comprehensive suite of integrated capabilities for the development and manufacturing of non-compliant, semi-compliant, and compliant medical balloons. Our customers will closely work with a dedicated team, which includes some of the top experts in the industry, to... Read More
  • Bioabsorbable Suture, Yarns, and Resins

    If development of bioabsorbable components or sutures is your plan, you should partner with Teleflex Medical OEM. We are one of the world’s few, vertically integrated, suture and fiber producers with the expertise and resources to customize product performance characteristics to particular... Read More
  • Force Fibe OrthoTape® Braid

    Force Fiber OrthoTape® Braid features a low profile and broad footprint. The braid, indicated for orthopedic procedures, is ideal for applications where tissue pull-through may be a concern. According to tests, OrthoTape® Braid is flatter than similar tapes on the market. In fact, its profile... Read More
  • Force Fiber® Orthopedic Suture

    Characteristics: • Proprietary coreless braid configuration, developed by Teleflex Medical OEM, enhances the suture’s performance and handling characteristics. It creates a pliable, easy-to-handle orthopedic suture that offers greater tensile strength than polyester and polyblend suture. •... Read More
  • Microcatheters

    You can count on TELEFLEX MEDICAL OEM for microcatheters for exceptional torque control, kink and pressure resistance, lubricity, and push-ability. Whether you require PTFE lined, multiple durometer, variable shaft diameter, imbedded marker bands, or thin wall construction, Teleflex Medical OEM... Read More
  • Etch-Free EFEP Co-Extrusion

    One-Step Process Eliminates the Need for Etching ■ EFEP can be co-extruded with polyamide- or PEBA-type materials in a one-step process that eliminates the need for etching. ■ EFEP co-extrusion creates tubing with high clarity making it a good choice for applications where transparency is... Read More
  • Heat-Shrink Tubing

    PTFE and FEP heat-shrink tubing helps extend product life by providing a protective covering that resists heat, shock, corrosion, moisture, and other extremes. The tubing is water resistant, chemically inert, and can be produced in a number of custom sizes with a range of shrink ratios. PTFE... Read More
  • PTFE Spiral Heat-Shrink Tubing

    PTFE (Polytetraflouroethylene) spiral heat-shrink tubing provides a protective covering that resists heat, shock, corrosion, moisture, and other extremes. The tubing is water resistant, chemically inert, and is produced in a variety of custom sizes with a range of shrink ratios. Spiral... Read More
  • PEEK Extrusion

    Applications: Components in catheters used for coronary valve, stent, or graft delivery • Bone cement delivery during orthopedic procedures • Ablation, endoscopy, spinal, and vascular applications • Potential as replacement for steel components used during many minimally invasive... Read More
  • Bondek® Plus Sutures

    Enhanced softness and lubricity make Bondek® Plus an ideal choice for cosmetic and general surgery. Made of Polyglycolic acid (PGA) with a Polycaprolactone copolyglycolic acid coating. Characteristics: Bondek® Plus suture offers outstanding smoothness, lubricity, and knotability. The suture has... Read More
  • Monodek® Sutures

    Monodek® is a strong and easy-to-handle suture that possesses outstanding resorption characteristics essential for delicate needs. Characteristics include smooth, secure suture with a low risk of wicking. Monodek® suture retains its initial wound healing tensile strength with 70% at two weeks,... Read More
  • Cottony™ ll Sutures

    Cottony™ II suture features a tight, uniform Deknatel® braid that provides resistance to breaking and kink-free suture delivery. Characteristics include Cottony™ II exhibits easy handling and secure knot tying. A “mechanical softening” process makes this suture feel as soft and smooth as... Read More
  • Deklene® ll Sutures

    Choose strong and smooth Deklene® suture for the most delicate of specialty procedures. Characteristics include Deklene® II suture provides outstanding handling, accurate knot placement, and knot security. The soft, supple suture material reduces memory and improves handling. Indications:... Read More
  • Polydek® Sutures

    A light coating of PTFE gives this tightly-braided, polyester suture handling and knotting characteristics similar to silk. Characteristics: Polydek® exhibits easy handling, outstanding tensile strength, lubricity, and a reduced risk of wicking and tissue reactivity. Material: Polyester... Read More
  • Tevdek® Sutures

    A heavy PTFE coating and the proprietary Deknatel® braid provide minimum friction, allowing the suture to pass easily through most friable tissue. Coating: A heavy PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coating helps reduce the “dead space” in the braid rendering the suture material virtually insert,... Read More
  • Hydrophilic Coating

    Teleflex Medical OEM announces a proprietary, hydrophilic surface coating for polymer-based devices that are navigated through the vascular system. The coating performs favorably in terms of lubricity and extended durability when compared to other coatings on the market. It has proven... Read More
  • Customized Handles for Multi-Directional Devices

    Your steerable catheter concept has promise, but needs help with the handle design to make it great. Work with the experts™ at Teleflex Medical OEM for ergonomic handles that offer precise control over the orientation of the catheter tip. Whatever your handle design demands, we have the... Read More

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