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  • Automotive Fuses - LITTELFUSE, BUSSMANN, MERSEN By Fuses Unlimited, Inc.

    Automotive style fuses are used extensively in cars, trucks, buses and off-road transportation equipment to protect the cables, wires and electrical components that supply electrical power to operate lights, heaters, air conditioning, radios, power windows and other electrical accessories. They... Read More
  • AirFree® Dispensing Technology By Fishman Corporation

    The SmartDispenser® universal power supply and electrical design assure that every SmartDispenser® automated dispensing system is powered exactly the same worldwide regardless of location. Therefore, one dispense program can be used worldwide for a given assembly process. Read More
  • A Family of Non-aqueous Precision Cleaners By MicroCare Corp

    MicroCare Medical offers a wide array of vapor degreasing fluids engineered to clean specific soils, meet compatibility requirements, achieve economic objectives and/or comply with environmental, health or safety standards. With more than 300 years of combined experience, nobody knows more about... Read More
  • A World of Extrusion Capabilities in One Resource By Teleflex Medical OEM

    Teleflex Medical OEM is a global leader for precision extrusion in PTFE, FEP, PEEK and other high-performance fluoropolymers and thermoplastics. From heat-shrink tubing to multi-lumen tubing to ultra-thin PTFE liners, we produce extrusion with outstanding tolerance control, length accuracy, and... Read More
  • AC Actuators By Arc Systems Inc.

    Actuators from ARC Systems, Inc. are robust and reliable devices with a long life under tough industrial conditions. Making all of the components ourselves enables us to control system integrity, quality, and component compatibility. Our rotary actuators combine tried and tested mechanical and... Read More
  • AC Blowers By Orion Fans

    Orion stocks a large selection of AC blowers with an airflow range: 14 - 100 cfm Read More
  • AC Current Transducers Series S383L By American Aerospace Controls

    Average responding process control current sensor; output 4 to 20mA; accuracy 0.5%FS; two wire loop power +7 to +35Vdc; frequency 50-60Hz; response 100m-sec; temp. –40° to +85°C; aperture 3/4 inch dia; metal case; barrier screw terminations WT 10 oz (284 grams) Read More
  • AC Fans By Orion Fans

    Orion Fans AC fan models are available with the following parameters: • Voltage: 115, 230 & dual voltage • Airflow: 11 – 1130 cfm • Size: 60 mm – 280 mm Read More
  • AC Induction Motors By Arc Systems Inc.

    Since 1967 ARC Systems, Inc. has been designing, developing, and manufacturing custom induction motors for many industries. Our product is used on various military vehicles/aircraft, commercial aircraft, antenna drive systems, and naval ship systems. Read More
  • AC Linear and Sealed DC Motor Diaphragm Air Pumps By Hiblow USA Inc.

    HIBLOW USA, Inc. offers a full range of linear diaphragm compressors and vacuum pumps that provide solutions to a broad range of requirements in Medical, Industrial, Environmental and Consumer applications. Hiblow also offers a line of pumps for use in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells.... Read More
  • AC Motor Tachometer Generators By Arc Systems Inc.

    ARC Systems, Inc. was founded in 1967 to provide the aerospace industry with a dependable source for high-precision motors and AC components. To meet the needs of this demanding market, ARC developed a unique team philosophy: to be a fully integrated, completely self-sufficient facility. ARC... Read More
  • AC Power Transducers Series W & Q By American Aerospace Controls

    Utility grade; 1f and 3f watt & var transducers; frequency 60Hz (50 & 400Hz available); output 0 to ±1mAdc (±5V & ±10Vdc available); accuracy 0.25%FS; response 400m-sec; powered by input; temperature –20° to +70°C Read More
  • AC Servo Motors By Arc Systems Inc.

    ARC Systems, Inc. was founded in 1967 to provide the aerospace industry with a dependable source for high-precision motors and AC components. To meet the needs of this demanding market, ARC developed a unique team philosophy: to be a fully integrated, completely self-sufficient... Read More
  • AC Voltage Transducers Series 102M3 By American Aerospace Controls

    Fast response voltage sensor; output 0 to 5Vdc; powered by input; accuracy 0.5%FS; zero suppressed input range; response 1-cycle of AC; frequency 340-440Hz; temperature -40° to +70°C; metal case; barrier screw terminations; WT 20 oz (567 grams) Read More
  • AC/DC Current Transducer Series 926 By American Aerospace Controls

    AC/DC Current Transducer: output 0 to ±5V; accuracy 0.25%FS; power +24 to 32Vdc; temperature –55° to +85°C; aperture 3/8 inch dia; response 5m-sec; chassis mount; solder, connector or barrier terminations WT 20 oz. (567 grams) Read More
  • AC/DC Current Transducer Series S661B By American Aerospace Controls

    AC/DC Current Transducer; output 0 to ±5V; accuracy 1%FS; power ±15Vdc; temperature –40° to +85°C; aperture 3/4 inch dia; frequency DC to 60Hz; response 1m-sec; solder, connector or barrier terminations WT 15.2 oz. (431grams) Read More
  • Accelerated Aging Testing By Cincinnati Sub-Zero

    CSZ provides stability testing for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Testing services meet a variety of test requirements for accelerating aging, shelf life testing, expiration date testing, and more. Services are available to test or store a wide range of products in specific temperature... Read More
  • Acceleration Station By Diversified Plastics, Inc.

    Acceleration Station™ services, from Diversified Plastics, Inc. (DPI), produce high-quality plastic parts faster. These services, including Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS™) additive manufacturing, deliver production and prototype parts in days, not weeks without tooling. Carbon DLS is up... Read More
  • Accredited Medical Device Testing Laboratory By Cascade TEK

    Cascade TEK is a fully accredited testing laboratory with locations in Colorado and Oregon. ISTA Certfied to perform package testing on medical devices. Common medical device tests include: Photostability, accelerated aging, shelf life, transporation simulation, package drop, bounce,... Read More
  • AccuScan: Diameter & Ovality Measurement Systems By BETA LaserMike Products (NDC Technologies)

    AccuScan systems from Beta LaserMike provide on-line precision measurements of the diameter and ovality of cables. Using laser scanning technology, AccuScan systems are able to perform diameter measurements in an intelligent gauge head during production and communicate those measurements to a... Read More
  • A-Clamp By Dravon Medical Inc.

    When it comes to safe and reliable occluding, you can depend on Dravon's "True Blue" A-Clamp. Smooth jaws are featured that allow for occluding 1-mm to 8-mm tubing without damage. A special nylon formulation makes the A-Clamp strong yet lightweight. Dravon's A-Clamp is a disposable that costs... Read More
  • Acrysure™ By Mactac

    MACtac® Medical Products Acrysure™ Solvent Acrylic Adhesive serves the medical industry with its expanded range of capabilities in adhesion, breathability and functionality. Suitable for any medical device application, Acrysure adheres to a variety of foams, non-wovens and highly conformable... Read More
  • Ad agency services By Expect Advertising Inc.

    Advertising and Promotion Branding and Identity Business Development Collaterals Consumer Advertising and Promotion Direct Marketing Hospitals and GPO Marketing Interactive Services KOL Marketing Loyalty Marketing Managed Care Marketing Market Research Media Planning Medical Education Multimedia... Read More
  • AD8 / AD9 Integral Ultrasonic Air-In-Line, Air Bubble Detector By Introtek International

    NTROTEK® AD8 / AD9 air bubble detection sensors incorporate Introtek's latest generation "MEC" pulse-type ultrasonic circuitry. The micro-controller based circuitry is located integrally in the sensor assembly. Custom algorithms to control functionality, such as response times, time delays and... Read More
  • Adchem Medical Double-sided, Transfer, Foam, and Specialty Tapes By Adchem Corporation

    Adchem manufactures hypoallergenic skin contact adhesive tapes as well as numerous medical device foams and adhesives used in medical pouch closure, prosthetics, orthotics wound protection and other demanding adhesive applications. Read More
  • Adchem's Adhesive Carrier Types By Adchem Corporation

    Carrier is a means of supporting and separating adhesive coatings. Also known as the web or backing. The carrier provides some additional strength and stability for handling during assembly of parts. It also facilitates secondary operations such as slitting & die cutting. Carrier Types include... Read More
  • Additive Manufacturing By Diversified Plastics, Inc.

    Acceleration Station services, from Diversified Plastics, Inc. (DPI), produce high-quality plastic parts faster. These services, including Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) additive manufacturing, deliver production and prototype parts in days, not weeks without tooling. Carbon DLS is 100... Read More
  • Additives By Clariant Corporation

    Clariant’s Business Unit Additives is a major supplier of products for functional effects in plastics, coatings and printing inks. Our non-halogenated flame retardants provide environmentally compatible protection for buildings, electric and electronic equipment as well as textiles and other... Read More
  • Adhesive Products By Chemsultants International Inc.

    End-use Products We are expert adhesive, specialty coating and sealant consultants and formulators and by collaborating with our many customers, we have helped to develop a variety of new products for numerous applications, while constantly solving complex technical issues for our clients. Our... Read More
  • Adhesive Tapes for Low Surface Energy (LSE) Applications By Adchem Corporation

    New and innovative Low Surface Energy (LSE) materials requiring reliable, high performance, engineered specialty adhesive tape systems continue to emerge as manufacturing in North American markets surges. From specially-formulated plastics to car finishes and building exteriors, this need for... Read More
  • Adhesive Testing By Chemsultants International Inc.

    Chemsultants Testing Laboratory is A2LA accredited to ISO 17025 for a wide variety of mechanical tests. We perform peel adhesion, adhesive tack, tensile and elongation, adhesive coat weight, adhesive shear strength, adhesive tack, adhesive viscosity, tear strength, and WVTR testing. We offer... Read More
  • ADMET Torsion Testing Systems By ADMET Inc.

    ADMET configures vertical and horizontal Torsion Testing Systems for static, dynamic,and fatigue testing applications. 360^ revolution, angle or torque control, variety of collet and lathe chuck grips, biaxial configurations available. Read More
  • Advanced Bionics By RKS

    For Advanced Bionics, RKS designed the graphical user interface (GUI) of a small handheld controller that is used by medical professionals and patients to power and control BIONs via radio waves. BIONs are wireless electrical devices that can be implanted in muscles that require stimulation and... Read More
  • Advanced Composite Solutions By Avient Corporation Specialty Inks

    Composite materials from Avient offer exceptional strength-to-weight ratios and are used in many critical applications that require high strength, stiffness and dimensional stability. Our portfolio of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic and thermoset composites, is one of the most... Read More
  • Advanced Plastic Engineering & Injection Molding Production Support By Plastikos , Inc.

    Our degreed engineering staff at Plastikos & Micro Mold has a solid foundation in tooling and plastic rheology. We are always looking for ways to maximize part improvements through redesign. Our engineers do not wait for the customer to drive the process; we routinely recommend solutions that... Read More
  • Advanced Plastic Engineering Injection Molding Production Support By Micro Mold Co

    Our degreed engineering staff at Plastikos & Micro Mold has a solid foundation in tooling and plastic rheology. We are always looking for ways to maximize part improvements through redesign. Our engineers do not wait for the customer to drive the process; we routinely recommend solutions that... Read More
  • Advanced Scientifics Packaging By Advanced Scientifics, Inc.

    Since 1987, Advanced Scientifics, Inc. (ASI) specializes in the manufacture of Medical Devices, Biopharmaceutical Bags and Tubing Assemblies, Custom Injection and Insert Molding. With a global customer base, ASI is the manufacturer of choice for the worlds largest Medical Device and... Read More
  • Advanced Solid Conduction Technologies By Boyd Corporation

    k-Core Material System k Technology’s k-Core products offer up to eight times the conductivity of aluminum at up to a 30% reduction in mass. Typical k-Core products have four times the conductivity of aluminum with a 10% mass reduction. k-Core is cooling some of the world’s most advanced... Read More
  • Advanced Wound Care By Strukmyer

    Strukmyer Medical is an innovative medical device source specializing in adhesive based products. With eighteen years of experience in pressure sensitive adhesive and laminated products solutions, Strukmyer has developed or innovated products ranging from numerous wound care dressings to... Read More
  • AdvantaFlex® By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    A new formulation of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) addresses the need for a flexible, translucent, sterilizable, heat sealable, and weldable biopharmaceutical tubing for fluid processing. AdvantaFlex maintains its physical properties following gamma irradiation and autoclave sterilization... Read More
  • AerPro 350 By Gulftech Casiba Group

    The AerPro Model 350 is ideal for removing laser engraving fumes, sinker EDM smoke/mist and other small dust removal application. Rated @ 350 CFM with varible speed control. Filters options: pleated, MERV 14, HEPA and refillable charcoal. Read More
  • Agilent Gas Chromatography Systems By GenTech Scientific Inc

    REFURBISHED AGILENT GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY SYSTEM DESCRIPTION: Fully refurbished with warranty. We provide a test results report to verify that the instrument meets all relevant specifications. Customized to run your method. GC MODELS: • 7890 • 6890 A • 6890 Plus • 6890 N • 6850 • 5890 Series II... Read More
  • AgileVIEW Consoles By ImageVision, Inc.

    ImageVision Agileview consoles are our most popular product line in our control room console families and consistently exceeds our customers expectations on ruggedness, design style as well as fit and finish. Constructed of all steel with powder coat finish, AgileVIEW consoles are durable and... Read More
  • AHM portable load cell / scale display By Load Cell Central

    The Load Cell Central model: AHM digital indicator is extremely easy to setup and use. This indicator is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, while just as capable as many of our standard full size digital indicators. The AHM can store calibration data for two load cells or allow dual range... Read More
  • Air Displacement ZEUS Pipetting Modules By Hamilton Company

    Hamilton Z-Excursion Universal Sampler (ZEUS) is a fully automated, self-contained, and ready-to-go pipetting module for integration into Diagnostics and Life Science instruments. It is based on Hamilton’s revolutionary air displacement pipetting technology and uses disposable tips to avoid... Read More
  • Air Flow Monitor By Hampshire Controls

    The air flow monitor-alarm, is a single probe instrument used for detecting mass air flow in air ducts. It automatically warns of an air flow deviance that falls below a calibrated set point value. In-use, a single, 5/16" diameter probe is directly inserted into the air flow. A set point is... Read More
  • Air Heaters By Watlow

    Watlow has developed a line of process air heaters that offer performance and versatility in medium to low temperature applications. This rugged and reliable line of heaters efficiently conducts heat. Read More
  • Air Lock Enclosure Systems By Simplex Isolation Systems

    AirLock modular cleanroom enclosures and other Simplex enclosures help you protect against cross contamination, airborne contaminants, and temperature fluctuations. Create either positive or negative pressure environments, depending on your needs. Achieve up to ISO 4 (Class 10) clean levels.... Read More
  • Air Operated Ball Valve By S&K AUTOMATION

    Air operated ball valves in brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, pvc and other corrosion resistant materials. Double acting and spring return action. Options for limit switches for feedback, solenoid valves directly mounted to actuator (namur mount), speed controls, filter mufflers and... Read More
  • Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps By Iwaki America Inc.

    Iwaki Air AODD pumps are engineered for maximum utility. They are portable and easy to install, operate, and maintain. Infinitely variable flow rates and variable discharge pressures can handle a large range of fluids, including corrosive chemicals and flammable liquids. Iwaki Air AODD pumps can... Read More
  • Air Preparation and Accessories By AVENTICS Corporation

    To complete installations, AVENTICS offers many type of filters, regulators and lubricators in various sizes and materials. Push-in fittings in composite or metal, and in inch or metric are available, as well as accessory valves and other devices. The Quick Ship program is available for fast... Read More

    THE BIO-OXYGEN PROCESS Oxygen has one unique property in that it is the only gas in the elemental table that is "Paramagnetic". Paramagnetic means that oxygen has vacancies for 4 extra electron in the outer electron shell. Oxygen is the only gas that is able to absorb "Free Electrons" from the... Read More
  • Air/Liquid Pumps By Iwaki America Inc.

    Our compact APN series electric driven diaphragm pumps are designed to handle both air and liquid applications. Brushed or Brushless DC motors simplify system integration. The APN’s unique diaphragm and valve design addresses the challenge of combining both wet and dry capabilities in one pump.... Read More
  • Air-Blast Automatics By The Guyson Corporation of U.S.A.

    A complete range of automated blasting systems for production use in deburring, deflashing, descaling, shot peening, surface preparation, finishing, blast cleaning and coating removal. Models include rotary, indexing, conveyor and tumble-blast systems. Read More
  • Airborne Ultrasound By PTI Inspection Systems

    Proper packaging procedures are an important aspect of any industry. Now ASTM International Committee F02 on Flexible Barrier Packaging has developed a new standard for a relatively new packing technology, airborne ultrasound. F3004, Test Method for Evaluation of Seal Quality and Integrity Using... Read More
  • AirCheck Kit™ Model 8573 By Trace Analytics, LLC

    The AirCheck Kit™ for compressed air testing according to ISO 8573. This AirCheck Kit allows collection of samples for particles, water vapor, oil vapor and oil aerosol. Samples are submitted to Trace's A2LA accredited laboratory for prompt analysis. ISO 8573-1 has numerous Purity Classes to... Read More
  • Airflow Visualization Studies By Technical Safety Services Inc

    Controlling the environment in a cleanroom requires careful attention to air filtration and air flow. The best way to understand and maintain the critical airflow patterns and pressurization of your controlled environment is to visualize and document the air patterns. Technical Safety Services... Read More
  • Air-in-Line Transducers By Piezo Technologies

    With dozens of different alarm and information signals occurring in ICUs, potentially dangerous conditions can mount if caregivers become desensitized to alarms. By reducing the number of alarms with smarter air detection sensor solutions, we can help you to provide hospitals, clinics, and... Read More
  • Air-Pilot Valves By Humphrey Products Corporation

    Humphrey Air-Piloted Valves are available in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 pipe ports. They are available as single or double air piloted valves. The valves require no lubrication and are compact and lightweight. They can also be mounted in any direction. Read More
  • AKcent Post Mount Co-Extruders - Full Tilt with "T" Base By American Kuhne

    AKcent post mount full tilt extruders range from 0.075" to 1.75" diameter, any L/D. These AKcent extruders are mounted on a tall post with a "T" shaped tripod base. The tall post enables the barrel to fully tilt from horizontal to vertical for flexible co-extrusion installations. The unique "T"... Read More
  • AL400COMP Plasma System By Plasmatech, inc

    AL400COMP LOW PRESSURE GAS PLASMA SYSTEM WITH ALL-IN-ONE COMPACT CABINETRY Typical Applications • Modification/functionalization of polymers • Ultra-pure cleaning of ceramic, metal or glass . Removing carbon residual • Treating catheters, balloons prior to printing or bonding •... Read More
  • Allclear By Proquis Limited

    Allclear gives users the ability to visualize business processes making it easy to see where process improvements are needed. Creating and analyzing process maps is fast and easy with the unique text-to-chart feature of Allclear. Organizations use Allclear to easily and effectively collaborate... Read More
  • Alloy 42 Controlled Expansion Alloy Rod, Sheet, Plate, Coil and Strip By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Alloy 42 Controlled Expansion Alloy, also know as Pernifer 42, NILO 42, Glass-Seal 42, is a Nickel Iron controlled expansion alloy with 42% Nickel, and the remaining balance Iron. Alloy 42 is used in a wide variety of electronic applications, lead frames, especially for glass and ceramic... Read More
  • Alloy 46 Controlled Expansion, Iron Nickel Alloy By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Alloy 46 Controlled Expansion Alloy , also know as Pernifer 46, NILO 46, Glass-Seal 46, is a Nickel Iron alloy with 46% Nickel, and the remaining balance Iron. Alloy 46 is used in a wide variety of electronic applications. Alloy 46 is especially useful in glass to metal and ceramic sealing... Read More
  • Alloy 48 Controlled Expansion, Iron Nickel Alloy By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Alloy 48 Controlled Expansion Alloy, also know as Pernifer 48, NILO 48, Glass-Seal 48, is a Nickel Iron alloy with 48% Nickel, and the remaining balance Iron. Alloy 48 is used in a wide variety of electronic applications. Alloy 48 controlled expansion alloy is especially useful in glass to... Read More
  • Alloy 52 Controlled Expansion, Iron Nickel Alloy By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Alloy 52 Controlled Expansion Alloy, also know as Pernifer 50, NILO 50, Glass-Seal 52, is a Nickel Iron alloy with 51% Nickel, and the remaining balance Iron. Alloy 52 is used in a wide variety of electronic applications. Alloy 52 is especially useful in glass to metal sealing applications that... Read More
  • ALN PLANETARY GEARHEAD By MicroMo Electronics , Inc.

    MICROMO introduces the new 32ALN (32A Low Noise) gearhead from FAULHABER. The new planetary gearhead, designed for low noise application requirements, is optimized in combination with brushless motors. The gearhead can be used with a variety of brushless and DC motors in the 26 to 32 mm... Read More
  • Alnico Magnets By Integrated Magnetics Inc.

    Excellent for High-Temperature Applications Integrated Magnetics carries a large inventory of licensed, alnico magnetic materials in both standard & premium grades. Integrated Magnetics designs and builds custom alnico magnets, and magnetic assemblies, manufactured to meet your specialty... Read More
  • Altitude Chambers By Cincinnati Sub-Zero

    CSZ Altitude Chambers combine temperature and altitude with optional humidity to test basic components or subassemblies designed for use in a variety of industries. With CSZ altitude chambers, you can control the temperature environment for testing while simulating various altitudes from site... Read More
  • Aluminum Die Casting By AmTech International

    Aluminum die casting is the ideal production method for high volume of parts. Especially parts that are driven by rock bottom piece price targets. Also, the typical molds and tooling will last between 60,000 and 100,000s of shots. These two reasons alone show why aluminum die casting is the... Read More
  • Aluminum Products By Samuel, Son & Co Inc

    Samuel, Son & Co., Limited is one of the largest processors and distributors of Aluminum products in North America, with strategically located facilities from coast to coast. We stock one of the most extensive inventories in the industry. With our commitment to satisfying our customer’s... Read More
  • AMS Alert Monitoring System By Hampshire Controls

    PC-based software for continuous monitoring, data-logging, recording, and analysis for laboratory and process control applications. SQL server compatibility enables customized SQL report generation - compatible with "off-the-shelf" programs and wireless remote operation. Compatible with other... Read More
  • Analog and wireless ASIC and module By Signal Processing Group Inc.

    Signal Processing Group Inc, is a design house for analog and wireless ASICs and modules. We work from a conceptual description to a finished product. We are a total lowest cost, differentiated product design vendor. Read More
  • Analytical Lab By Aspen Research Corporation

    Check out Aspen’s Analytical Lab Services and Specialties: - Extractables and Leachables - Materials Characterization - Testing Method Capabilities - Food Contact and Migration - Laboratory Equipment - Litigation Support Read More
  • Analytical Services By Consumer Product Testing Company, Inc.

    Our Analytical Services Division, in continuous operation since 1990, provides multi-tiered analytical development and testing support to the pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, medical device and cosmetic industries. The division is cognizant of the many regulatory and compendial guidelines... Read More
  • Anatel PAT700 Online TOC Analyzer By Hach - Particle Counting Division

    ANATEL PAT700: The first TOC analyzer for on-line release NEW! 4-bottle autosampler for laboratory and grab samples now standard with every PAT700 Simplify validation and reduce operator intervention with OASIS Onboard Automated Standards Introduction System Provide peace of mind,... Read More
  • anechoic microwave absorber foam By Jinan EMI Shielding Technology Company, Ltd.

    Used for anechoic chambers ,made by PU foam and carbon.The size and specification,could accept customer design. Read More
  • Annealing and Stress Relief of Plastic Components By Connecticut Plastics Inc.

    Annealing or stress relieving of plastics can be an important step in plastic machining. While not all components require annealing, there may be advantages for some materials and part configurations. Please contact our engineering department to discuss your particular application. Depending... Read More
  • Anti-Static Teflon® Glass Fabric #502-C By Andrew Roberts Inc

    The 502-C series of Teflon coated glass fabrics are made by combining our 502 premium grade fabrics and carbon or graphite to the coating process. These fabrics can be grounded to eliminate static electricity during operation. The fabric color is black, due to the added fillers. 502-C conductive... Read More
  • AP Ultrasonic Cleaning System By Ultrasonics Depot

    Crest Ultrasonics introduces the All-Purpose line of industrial systems designed for a wide range of process cleaning. Manufactured with 40 kHz Ceramically Enhanced Transducers giving greater ultrasoinc power and in conjunction with Chem-Crest brand of detergents providing superior cleaning... Read More
  • APEWF Wire Reinforced EPDM Hose By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    Premium-quality hose for elevated pressure and temperature applications in the pharmaceutical, food, and beverage processing industries is available from AdvantaPure. APEWF is specially engineered to handle a wide range of fluids and chemicals. APEWF is reinforced with a wire helix, making it... Read More
  • APFOS Stainless Steel Overbraided PTFE Hose By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    Stainless steel braided PTFE hose is constructed of virgin material with a series 300 stainless steel wire braid reinforcement jacket. The fluoropolymer core is inert and offers long flexural life, low permeability, non-flammability, and the lowest coefficient of friction of any solid material.... Read More
  • APFRC Rubber-Covered FEP Hose By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    Made of virgin grade FEP fluoropolymer, APFRC is overbraided with a tightly-woven fabric and double spiral steel wire to dramatically enhance its pressure-carrying capability. Its extremely smooth core offers excellent chemical resistance and is USP Class VI approved. An outer jacket of EPDM... Read More
  • APN Series - Diaphragm type air pumps By Iwaki America Inc.

    APN designs offer maximum application flexibility, with the option of using the suction side as a vacuum pump, or the discharge side as a compressor. Using diaphragm technology, the pumps can feed clear air free of oil, carbon or other impurities. Compact, light and efficient, the APN series is... Read More
  • Application Equipment By ETCO Incorporated

    ETCO’s versatile new applicators can be used for bench work or in automated lines, and they handle a wide range of wire sizes and terminals. Read More
  • Application Tooling By Positronic Industries

    Positronic Industries recognizes the importance of supplying application tooling to support our customers’ use of our products. A downloadable PDF cross reference is available on our website to give further information about tooling used for specific Positronic products. To achieve connector... Read More
  • Applied Research By Stratos Product Development

    At the heart of many truly innovative products is a key new technology. The fundamental challenge for industrial R&D is to unlock the underlying product potential of these new technologies. These programs are risky endeavors requiring careful methodology and thorough application diligence. Only... Read More
  • APS-12 Automatic Pouch Sealer By Modular Packaging Technologies, LLC

    Designed with the user in mind, the APS-12 offers fast, consistent, and reliable pouch sealing in a robust, industrial strength platform. Simplified pouch sealing is realized with our unique Sense and Seal Technology. Once the pouch is placed in the seal area, its presence is sensed and the seal... Read More
  • APSH Braid-Reinforced Silicone Hose By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    Low volatile grade, platinum-cured silicone hose manufactured and packaged in a Class 7 (Class 10,000) ISO-certified clean room for critical pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic, and food applications. Polyester yarn braiding inside the wall enhances the pressure capabilities. APSH has undergone... Read More
  • APSH-DB Double-Braid Reinforced Silicone Hose By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    Offered as an alternative to mandrel-built wrapped silicone hose, APSH-DB provides several advantages over wrapped hose. APSH-DB, an extruded product, is less costly than wrapped hose and is available in lengths up to 50 feet. It offers more flexibility and comparable working pressure ratings.... Read More
  • APSM 4-Ply Mandrel-Wrapped Silicone Hose By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    Low volatile grade, platinum-cured silicone hose, produced in a clean room for critical pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic, and food applications, comprises the core of APSM. The core is then slipped onto a mandrel and wrapped with polyester mesh fabric and additional silicone. It is cured... Read More
  • APSPG Pump Grade Silicone Tubing By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    Class VI, platinum-cured silicone elastomer comprises AdvantaPure’s peristaltic pump grade silicone tubing. Ideally suited for pharmaceutical, biotech, and laboratory environments, APSPG is specially formulated to withstand repeated compression and release for consistent, dependable performance... Read More
  • APST Unreinforced Silicone Tubing By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    Low volatile grade, platinum-cured silicone tubing manufactured and packaged in a Class 7 (Class 10,000) ISO-certified clean room for critical pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic, and food applications. APST has been put through extensive physical, chemical, and biological testing, and meets... Read More
  • APSW 4-Ply, Wire-Reinforced, Mandrel-Wrapped, Silicone Suction Hose By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    Low volatile grade, platinum-cured silicone hose, produced in a clean room for critical pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic, and food applications, comprises the core of APSW. The core is then slipped onto a mandrel and wrapped with polyester mesh fabric, 316 stainless steel reinforcing wire,... Read More
  • APU-9000 Kiosk Printers By Seiko Instruments USA,

    New C series kiosk printers set the standard for performance and reliability in self-service. That means a better user experience and lower operating costs. And, with a sleek new design, you get more integration flexibility. Product highlights: - 2 and 3-inch print width models. - Blazing... Read More
  • Aquadyne DVS By Quantachrome Instruments

    The Aquadyne DVS is a fully automated, gravimetric, dual sample water vapor sorption analyzer. It measures adsorption and desorption isotherms of water vapor both accurately and sensitively, including sorption kinetics, with minimal operator involvement. The weight(s) of one or two sample(s)... Read More
  • AquaPro™ Multi-Layer Acrylic/ABS Sheet By Spartech

    The AquaPro™ product line features a uniquely engineered multi-layer thermoplastic composite sheet combining the appearance, chemical and weather resistance of specially formulated acrylic resins with the stiffness, impact strength and thermoforming characteristics of ABS. The outstanding... Read More
  • AquaTherm™ 9200 By Austin American Technology

    The AquaTherm™ 9200, from Austin American Technology, introduces a new era to batch cleaning. Forget the limitations of the past and experience a batch system that offers multiple cleaning technologies for capability previously unachieved in a compact footprint. In addition to aqueous and... Read More
  • AquaTherm™ 9200XL By Austin American Technology

    The AquaTherm™ 9200XL, from Austin American Technology, introduces a new era to batch cleaning. Forget the limitations of the past and experience a batch system that offers multiple cleaning technologies for capability previously unachieved in a compact footprint. In addition to aqueous and... Read More
  • AquaTherm™ 9300 By Austin American Technology

    The AquaTherm™ 9300, from Austin American Technology, introduces a new era to batch cleaning. Forget the limitations of the past and experience a batch system that offers multiple cleaning technologies for capability previously unachieved in a compact footprint. In addition to aqueous and... Read More
  • AquaTherm™ JR By Austin American Technology

    The AquaTherm™ JR, from Austin American Technology, introduces a new era to batch cleaning. Forget the limitations of the past and experience a batch system that offers multiple cleaning technologies for capability previously unachieved in a compact footprint. In addition to aqueous and... Read More
  • AR Coated Ball Lenses By Deposition Sciences , Inc.

    AR coating over the entire surface of the lens which the multilayer coating provides dual and broad band AR coatings. There is a wide choice of lens materials with indices from 1.44 to 2.15 at 1550nm allows maximum freedom of optical design and minimizes cost. Hard, scratch resistance coatings... Read More
  • AR Coated Tubes and Cylinders By Deposition Sciences , Inc.

    Uniform coatings on highly curved optical components, such as tubes, cylinders, and domes, are inherently challenging to achieve in most thin film deposition processes. In typical line-of-sight deposition processes, such as evaporation and sputtering, curved parts become more thickly coated at... Read More
  • Arbour Cutting Press By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The handle operated manual Arbour Press is used in conjunction with cutting dies to produce testing samples. An optional cutting die adaptor can be used when using the Arbour Press with the Tool Steel cutting dies for fast and repetitious sample preparation. Read More
  • ARCbio Family of Products By Aspen Research Corporation

    Bio-based replacements for petroleum-based polymers used in food packaging, print and signage, home health care and medical products. Read More
  • Architectural / Engineering Services By Lacy Construction Company

    We offer architectural/engineering services through our affiliate companies. With this service, we bring design and architectural expertise in from the beginning, working to coordinate structural engineering necessities, cost, and aesthetic appeal to complete a project you will be proud of. The... Read More
  • ArgoBond® Glass Lamination Films By SWM INTL

    Glass laminators and specifiers of impact- and bullet-resistant glass around the world, both commercial and military, know that the highest quality standards are found in the aerospace industry. Which is why 90% of all TPU-bonded aircraft canopies and windows are laminated using SWM (formerly... Read More
  • ArgoMed® Polyurethane Medical Films By SWM INTL

    SWM (formerly Argotec LLC) ArgoMed® thermoplastic polyurethane film & sheet are used in barrier and inflatable medical applications. Available in thicknesses of 0.6-125 mils and widths up to 86 inches, ArgoMed films can be extruded on paper, polyester or polyethylene carriers for ease of... Read More
  • ArgoThane® Specialty Films By SWM INTL

    SWM (formerly Argotec LLC) is a leading global supplier of custom-engineered, high-performance, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film and sheet for a wide variety of critical uses where vinyl and other polymer films cannot meet the physical requirements of the application. SWM has extensive... Read More
  • arium® Lab Water Systems By Sartorius Corporation

    arium® water purification systems cover any application, ensuring cost-effective water usage and efficient operation. The arium® system meets, and exceeds, ASTM Type I specifications. Moreover, it provides extremely low TOC levels, which are constantly checked by an optionally integrated TOC... Read More
  • Armor-Bond and AirBlock Strip Doors By Simplex Isolation Systems

    With Simplex strip doors you can cover door openings, both large and small, yet ensure easy pass-through by a technician, transport cart or forklift. Prevent cross-contamination or set off offices, work areas or create a cleaner zone within a cleanroom environment. Simplex vinyl strip doors... Read More
  • Arthro-BST™ By Biomomentum Inc

    The Arthro-BST™ is a hand-held medical device designed to be used during arthroscopic procedures to evaluate the functional properties of articular cartilage. By compressing the cartilage surface, the Arthro-BST™ measures streaming potentials and calculates a quantitative parameter which... Read More
  • Assembly By Ampco Manufacturers Inc

    Our skilled team will bond and assemble your components and systems to your specifications, using tested processes that increase the speed of the production line sequence and reduce your in-house labour costs. By fully assembling your components prior to delivery we can ensure that all... Read More
  • Assembly By Diversified Plastics, Inc.

    Diversified Plastics is a full-service injection molder offering you a single source for molded plastic parts and assembly. We are capable of performing an array of value-added services. Frequently there is a cost-saving. These services, include: -Purchasing sub components -Decorating—pad... Read More
  • Assembly By Flexible Circuit Technologies

    Depending on your specific circuit needs, Flexible Circuit offers a wide array of assembly options at our Asia based Assembly facility. Assembly types include the following: Surface Mount Components – Passives, I/C’s, LEDs and connectors are examples of surface mount technology (SMT). SMT is a... Read More
  • Assembly By Advanced Scientifics, Inc.

    The class 7 clean room assembly area features automation, manual, and custom assembly to meet our customers' requirements. A variety of bonding agents are utilized including solvent, RF, heat, and sonic. These technologies, combined with an aggressive quality control system, allows ASI to... Read More
  • Assembly & Packaging By Polymer Conversions, Inc. - Plastics Technology Center

    OEM's are outsourcing operations that are no longer of financial interest to do in their own facility. Consolidating efforts and partnering with Polymer Conversions allows your team to shift their focus from worrying about production overhead and equipment expenses on a daily basis, to meeting... Read More
  • Assembly & Packaging By Custom Converting, Inc.

    -Life Sciences -Diagnostics -Medical Devices -Electronics -Automotive -Industrial -Fashion -Retail Read More
  • Assembly & Packaging By Axiom Medical Inc

    The assembly and packaging capabilities of Axiom Medical include: Punching, notching, drilling Sterile barrier packaging Pad & transfer printing Component assembly Private labeling Contact the company to learn more. Read More
  • Assembly Adhesive for Diabetes Device By Strouse

    The Strouse Corporation has engineered a precisely manufactured die cut, designed for the adhesive to cover half of an area measuring .105” x .105”and crafted with a tab as an asset when attaching to the Wireless Transmitter. It is delivered as a linered product on a roll and designed... Read More
  • Assembly of Medical and Non-Medical Components By Accent Plastics Inc.

    ccent Plastics specializes in customizing services to create successes by using forward thinking in our approach to business. We make projects work through vision, effort and experience. -Fast deliveries of high quality complete molds with parts in hand in as little as 20 working days.... Read More
  • Assembly of Medical Devices and Catheter Sets By Raumedic Inc.

    Based on its wide-ranging manufacturing repertoire, RAUMEDIC is able to provide further processing of tubes and molded parts using all the standard production technologies. The product range extends from "basic" tube lengths through tube sets and catheters right up to sterile and certified... Read More
  • Assembly Process Solutions By JR Automation Technologies, LLC

    By integrating the newest software technology on the market, the JR team creates effective assembly solutions that reduce labor and floor space, decrease cycle time, improve part quality and more. Whether you need a standalone assembly solution or a fully automated assembly line, we can build to... Read More
  • Assembly Systems By Preh IMA Automation

    Evana designs and builds custom automated assembly systems to help manufacturers reach their full factory production potential. We manufacture flexible, lean assembly automation solutions -- ranging from modular systems to fully-automated assembly lines -- that allow you to increase assembly... Read More
  • AST-1000 All-in-one RF Signal Source By Averna

    Featuring Averna’s leading RF and test expertise, the software-defined AST-1000 is powered by the NI VST and LabVIEW, and can generate all common radio signals (including AM/FM, DAB, DRM, HD Radio, and Sirius/XM), digital video signals (including ATSC, CMMB, DVB-T2, and ISDB), as well as... Read More
  • At the right place at the right time By maxon

    maxon motor launches a new intelligent positioning controller. maxon EPOS positioning controllers are the ideal choice for applications that require decentralized drive intelligence. These modular digital positioning controllers, based on CANopen standard, cover a performance range from 1 –... Read More
  • Atlas Digital Amplifiers By Performance Motion Devices

    Atlas® Digital Amplifiers are compact single-axis amplifiers that provide high-performance torque control for Brushless DC, DC Brush, and Step motors. They are packaged in a compact, solderable module and are ideal for use in positioning motion control, velocity control, and precision force... Read More
  • Audit Management By Pilgrim Quality Solutions

    Plan for and conduct internal and external audits. Read More
  • Authentication and Security Labels By Adcraft Labels

    Since early 2000, we have been providing Security Printing and Brand Protection options for our clients. Adcraft Labels has invested time and resources in research and development to develop a full portfolio of secure printing options, some of which are proprietary and patented, in order to help... Read More
  • Auto Winders & Coilers By Boston Matthews

    The coiling of extruded tubes, pipes and profiles is an extremely critical area as excessive tension and inaccurate traversing have an adverse effect of the product quality both physically and visually. Boston Matthews' range of coilers and automatic winders ensure that whatever the application... Read More
  • Autoclave Validation System By MadgeTech Inc

    The AVS140-6 is a complete system used to perform autoclave validations and autoclave temperature mapping. The AVS140-6 consists of six NIST traceable high temperature and pressure data loggers, an IFC406 Multiplexer Interface and the MadgeTech 4 Secure Software providing tools to users to... Read More
  • Automated DNA Isolation System By KDI Manufacturing

    AutoPure is a fully automated DNA/RNA isolation system. KDI helped this customer be the first to market with an instrument to automate the isolation of DNA/RNA from whole blood samples, replacing an 800 step manual process. Multiple patents and copyrights were issued. KDI developed and... Read More
  • Automated Formalin Preparation & Dispensing Device By Baygen

    The First Fully Automated Formalin Preparation & Dispensing Device Safe and Healthy Work Environment, Accurate and Easy Dosing User Safety Do not inhale formaldehyde which is a carcinogenic substance and avoid contact. Patient Safety Stable results due to preparation of formalin in the... Read More
  • Automated Neutralization Device By Baygen

    Fully automated Run reports for quality control Continuous operation No waste storage needed On-site disposal of formaldehyde waste Final neutralization less than 1ppm No pH Adjustment needed Patent technology for neutralizer Fully Automatic Thanks to waste reservoirs connected to grossing... Read More
  • Automatic Bar Machining By Cox Manufacturing Company Inc

    Automatic Bar Machining Capabilities Work piece capacities from 1/16" to 2" CNC turning centers CNC Swiss turning machines CNC cam Swiss automatics Multi-spindle cam automatic screw machines Milling, broaching, cross-drilling, tapping and slotting; done in primary set-up on multi-axis... Read More
  • Automatic Ink Code-Marking Machines By Sprinter Marking, Inc.

    Sprinter Marking is an industry leader in automatic ink code-marking machines capable of marking up to 2 x 2" message size type ink marks. Can mark in any orientation. Quick drying inks and all operating supplies also available. Read More
  • Automatic Sinker EDM - Pacific Controls Model MX-6V By Pacific Controls Inc.

    Automated Micro EDM with built in Electode Manufacturing System - see Pacific Controls EDMs Performance Videos at Read More
  • Automatik Pelletizing Systems By Maag Automatik, Inc.

    Whether for complete high-performance production systems, small machines for lab applications or anything in between, Automatik Plastics Machinery tailors solutions to meet exact customer requirements and preferences. The Automatik Plastics Machinery product lines comprise: P-USG and M-USG... Read More
  • Automation & Motion Controllers By Ltd.

    >Development Kits >Motion Controllers >Core Modules/Single-Board Computers >Programmable Automation Controllers/Embedded Controllers >Embedded Wireless Devices Read More
  • Automation Capabilities By Preh IMA Automation

    Evana’s scalable factory automation solutions range from custom assembly machines and test systems to systems integration services. Every automated system and integration service is designed to help you produce parts and products faster and cheaper than ever before. We build custom automated... Read More
  • Automation Controllers By Industrial Indexing Systems Inc.

    At Industrial Indexing Systems we offer automation controllers for single and multi-axis production machinery synchronizing up to 32 servo axes, I/O and auxiillary equipment in a real time process environment. Our real time control high performance technology... Read More
  • Automation Systems By AMTEC

    Automation Systems 2d Matrix Scanner Automatic Part Loading Electrical Enclosure Feeder Bowl Feeder Bowl with Tracks Feeder Magazine HMI Touch Screen Industrial Grade Workstation Large Panel X-Y Table Lens Marking System Linear Shuttle Machine... Read More
  • Automotive and Industrial Labels By Adcraft Labels

    Name Plates and Durable Labels for performance parts must be able to withstand grueling conditions and the test of time. The inks, materials, and adhesives that are used in the manufacturing process must be chemical resistant throughout the full lifecycle of the product. At Adcraft Labels, we... Read More
  • Automotive EMC Testing By Compliance Management Group

    We offer EMC testing for automotive components and systems as well as a wide range of electrical and electronic products including: Bulk Current Injection (BCI) Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Radiated Electromagnetic Fields (RF) Radiated Emissions (RE) Radiated Immunity (ALSE) Related Automotive... Read More
  • Automotive Extrusion Lines By Boston Matthews

    The automotive industry has and continues to demand new advances for tubing within their manufacturing operations. Extensive experience of complex extrusion has lead to many of the world’s leading suppliers to the automotive industry choosing Boston Matthews as their extrusion partner. Typical... Read More
  • Automotive Thin Film Platinum Temperature Sensor By Innovative Sensor Technology, USA Division

    IST thin film platinum temperature sensors provide solutions for extreme temperature applications. IST produces sensors that are specifically designed to operate in temperatures of up to +1000°C, making them ideal for automotive applications such as engine and exhaust temperature regulation.... Read More
  • Autosorb-iQ By Quantachrome Instruments

    A highly sophisticated gas sorption analyzer available with one or two physisorption analysis ports, both of which can be equipped for low pressure micropore analysis. A long life dewar (90+ hours) is standard. One port is available as a chemisorption station, complete with high temperature... Read More
  • Autotap By Quantachrome Instruments

    The tapped density of powdered, granular of flakey material is highly dependent on the manner in which the particles are packed together. During tapping, particles gradually pack more efficiently, the powder volume decreases and the tapped density increases. Under controlled conditions of... Read More
  • AW12 Wishbone™ Discs By EPSI

    AW12 is a polyester film, single coated with a silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. Tape is laminated with a center tab, and discs are rotary die-cut on a specially formulated fluorosilicone liner. Our U.S. and Internationally Patented AW12 green polyester discs are rapidly becoming the discs... Read More
  • Award Winning JetFlex Technology™ By Adcraft Labels

    JetFlex Technology™ – The Digital Flexo Hybrid Press Imagine integrating the best of flexography, digital, and screen-printing on one custom label. Now, imagine all of these capabilities on one press and executed in one pass. With JetFlex Technology™, in one pass you can now integrate: -... Read More
  • Axiom® Silicone Drains By Axiom Medical Inc

    Axiom®'s drains are constructed of a unique silicone formulation that defeats clot build-up, yet is soft and pliable to reduce the problem of adjacent tissue erosion. Because the drains are soft, supple and low profile, patients can move freely without discomfort, and drain removal is pain-free.... Read More
  • AZ12A8 Analog Input Brush Servo Amplifier By Ltd.

    The AZ Series PWM servo drives are designed to drive brush-type DC motors and voice coils at high switching frequency. To increase system reliability and to reduce cabling costs, the drive is designed for direct integration into your PCB. The AZ12A8 is fully protected against over-voltage,... Read More
  • Azteca A Series By Celitron Medical Technologies

    The Azteca A Large steam sterilizer family consists of fully automatic pre- and post-vacuum sterilizers / autoclaves, designed with the highest quality to cover a large field of applications for hospitals, as well as pharmaceutical and bio-technological industries. The construction of these... Read More
  • Azteca AC Series By Celitron Medical Technologies

    The Azteca AC Sterilizer family consists of pre- and post-vacuum sterilizers / autoclaves, designed with the highest quality for sterilization of wrapped or unwrapped goods such as fabrics, surgical instruments, utensils, and other heat and moisture stable materials. With their large capacity... Read More