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  • Catheter Design: Expert Guidelines for Optimizing PerformanceBy

    In catheter design, the functional requirements of the application allow the designer to identify performance requirements such as flexibility, lubricity, kink resistance, column or push strength, and torque transfer characteristics. Development of an optimal catheter design requires a...
  • Reverse Engineering File FormatsBy

    Reverse engineering using scan data involves collecting scan data and using it to create computer-aided design (CAD) data. There are several outputs for reverse engineering when using scan data. This white paper explains the differences and benefits/deficiencies of those outputs.
  • How to Prepare for FDA Migration from QSR to ISO 13485 and QSIT to MDSAPBy

    The FDA has announced plans to transition to standard ISO 13485:2016 for medical devices in April 2019. In addition, the Medical Device Single Audit Program, MDSAP, has gained traction with full implementation set for 2019. Download this paper to learn more about these two changes from the...
  • Importance of Test Protocol for Medical Device Testing ProjectsBy

    We often get asked: “Do I need a test protocol?” or “How do I develop one?” This document outlines the common sections of a protocol. We highly recommend having test protocols in place prior to starting any study and will work with you to develop your testing strategy.
  • The Plastics Pyramid, Material Selection GuideBy

    The plastics pyramid below is an at-a-glance plastic material selection guide. Every application has unique material characteristic requirements for temperature, strength, cost and more. We use the broadest range of injection molding plastic resins, including commodity, engineering and...
  • "Reverse" FDA ComplianceBy

    Retroactive development of approval documents apartis produced the FDA-approval documentation in accordance with 510(k) and 21CFR, part 11 for medical equipment software that had been developed previously. We developed and executed missing software validation test cases and created a trace...
  • High-Reliability Drone Systems Deliver Blood to Rural Patients FastBy

    Postpartum hemorrhaging is a major cause of maternal mortality in the developing world. The condition requires immediate medical treatment and transfusion with appropriate blood products. Accessing a blood supply might be straightforward in an urban hospital but in the rugged rural terrain of...
  • Challenges with MEMS Pressure Sensor Integration in Medical DevicesBy

    Today more value is being placed on the enhancement of medical devices through miniaturization and added capabilities such as pressure sensing components. Proper integration of a MEMS pressure sensor in a medical device requires in-depth knowledge of sensor types, capabilities, validation and...
  • Techniques That Improve Your Equipment PerformanceBy

    TENSIONING – GEARING - CAMMING - In this article we will review three widely used motion control techniques: web tension control, proportional material spacing, and CAM-based synchronized profiling.
  • Why Should Medical Facilities Be Concerned About Medical Grade StandardsBy

    Patient safety depends on it!
  • Worst Case Leakage Current TestingBy

    Leakage current testing is the measurement of electrical “leakage current” that results from powering an electrical appliance via mains or dc power. Leakage current is the unwanted or unintended flow of electrical current that presents an electrical hazard such as shock or burn.
  • Specifying Miniature Solenoid Valves for Portable Life Science DevicesBy

    Miniature solenoid valves are critical components in portable life science equipment. Beyond the necessary long service life, medical, analytical, and point-of-care devices often require pneumatic systems with high flow rates, compact footprints, and low power consumption. Specifying solenoid...
  • Three Advantages of Urethane CastingBy

    Urethane casting can be ideal for quantities up to about 25 parts, and it has several advantages over other plastic manufacturing processes like injection molding and additive manufacturing (3D printing).
  • AdminiSMART works to make HRO easyBy

    People turn to AdminiSMART for help on everything relating to managing employees. This includes everything from payroll and HR technology, to HR consulting, to benefits, to managing unemployment and much more. Our clients work with us because we only bring in best in class solutions from fully...
  • Ten Quality Indicators for Selecting Metal Stamping SuppliersBy

    Quality is the #1 concern for OEM engineering and purchasing managers in all industries, but nowhere is quality more critical than in the manufacture of medical devices. This guide is intended to help medical device manufacturers evaluate the level of quality in their metal stamping suppliers,...
  • Instrumentation Cryogenic Valves - Proper Design and ApplicationBy

    Cryogenic valves are vital in the medical and aerospace industries, as well as within our food supply chain. Because of their importance, using the proper valve correctly is essential for maintaining your application's reliability and performance.
  • Electronics Supply Chain Management Tips: Cost ReductionBy

    When asked about the most basic goal of nearly any business, most will give the same answer: maximize revenue while minimizing costs. You may not realize it, but inefficiencies and issues within your supply chain might be eating a big chunk of your profits each year. Thousands or even millions...
  • Low Pressure MeasurementsBy

    Low pressure (.2 to 5 psig) is one of the most rapidly growing segments of the pressure measuring market. It is, unfortunately, very difficult to make accurate calibrations of high accuracy gauge pressure instruments in this range. This paper discusses some problems and solutions found in making...
  • Corona vs PlasmaBy

    One common question about surface treatment systems is, “What is the difference between corona and plasma, and what best fits my application?” Both corona and plasma treatment increase the surface energy of materials and thereby improving the adhesion of inks, adhesives, flocking or other...
  • Determining Extractables and Leachables in Polymeric MaterialsBy

    Jordi Labs determines extractables and leachables in polymeric materials.

  • Contract ManufacturingBy

    Customer engaged MME group for tooling and production molding work for two of 37 total parts required to manufacture a popular consumer product, the number one walking cane in America. MME group provided contract manufacturing solutions for the customer to move its entire offshore production to...
  • Rethink Your Cleaning ProcessBy

    Modern Vapor Degreasing Systems are Environmentally Friendly, Save Energy

    Machining with reclaimed Carbon Dioxide (CO2) addresses two critical issues in the medical machining industry. The first issue is the need to machine components that are designed to be used inside the human body where part contamination introduced during the machining processes is prohibited....
  • Mitigating Medical Device Product Liability RiskBy

    Medical device product liability lawsuits are a stark reality in the manufacturing industry. The nearly doubling of medical device recalls in the past decade proves that even with the FDA working to ensure that only “safe” products are made and manufacturers making a dedicated effort to...