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Plasmatech, inc

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1895 Airport Exch. Boulevard, #190
Erlanger, KY 41018-3595
About Plasmatech, inc
  • Plasmatech supplies low pressure gas plasma surface treatment and PECVD thin film coating contract services from our Erlanger, Kentucky facility. We also offer a full line of plasma equipment, from R&D/table top to automated, high volume production systems.

    Typical Applications for gas plasma include
    • Modification/functionalization of polymers
    • Ultra-pure cleaning of ceramic, metal or glass
    • Removing carbon residual
    • Treating catheters and balloons prior to printing or bonding
    • Hydrophilic coatings on culture components
    • Primer or interface layer on metal or polymer parts to permit
    direct over molding or bonding
    • Lubricious coating on silicone or EPDM

    Plasmatech specializes in thin film PECVD technology, including:
    Thin-GLYDE, lubricious, low CoF
    Micro-TIE, bondable primer layer on metals or polymers
    Thin-GUARD, hydrophobic, passivation

    Custom coat/R&D support is available if one of our standard proprietary coatings does not meet your needs.
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Products by Plasmatech, inc
  • Polymer-to-Metal Bonding

    Plasmatech’s MicroTIE plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) coating provides a “green” alternative for bonding or over molding metal components. Surface preparation of metal components prior to bonding incompatible materials may require caustic chemical etchants or other costly... Read more
  • Powder Treatment System

    The AL200-D Gas Plasma System is designed for treatment of powder, pellet and crystalline materials. A specially designed 5 liter rotating chamber ensures treatment consistency, even when processing very fine powders and compounds. Production systems with larger chambers are also available to... Read more
  • Table Top Plasma System for Cleaning and Surface Treatment (AL200 Gas Plasma System)

    The AL200 GAS PLASMA SYSTEM is clean room compatible and available in table-top or free-standing cabinetry versions. Plasma generation is via 2.45 GHz frequency resulting in low process temperatures so even very heat-sensitive materials can be treated. Other standard features include... Read more
White Papers by Plasmatech, inc
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    Gas plasma is a versatile, green technology used for surface engineering of materials. When non-polymerizing gases such as oxygen or argon are utilized, surfaces may be cleaned at an atomic level. Polymers can also be modified by rearrangement of the upper most molecular layer and... Read more
  • Ultra-pure Cleaning with Low Pressure Gas Plasma By

    In some cleaning applications, removal of contaminants such as dust, oil, or other gross contaminants is sufficient. Other applications demand that surfaces be clean at an atomic level. This is particularly important when bonding or coating is required since an absolutely clean surfaces... Read more
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