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    AMTEC - Applied Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of auto & semi-automated custom machines, robotic part handling systems, assembly machines, hot stamping/heat transfer, pad printing, ink jet printing, laser marking & engraving, laser cutting, conveyors, corona & plasma...
  • Formacoat LLC

    Medical Device Coating Types: Because Formacoat is independent, we can work with a wide variety of coating types. These include: Traditional Hydrogels: The main class of hydrophilic coatings called "hydrogels." A hydrogel coating absorbs water and swells upon contact with water. These wetted polymers are what give...
  • Plasma Etch Inc

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    Plasma Etch has satisfied customers since 1980 by designing and manufacturing high quality plasma cleaning and plasma etching systems. We sell to and have customers all over the world. Plasma Etch, Inc also provides a superior contract service for plasma cleaning and plasma etching your...
  • Biocoat Inc.

    Biocoat, Inc. develops and licenses biomaterial coatings for medical devices that are custom engineered to meet client design parameters. Its specialty is supplying lubricious hydrophilic coatings for medical devices to OEM's and contract manufacturers. Biocoat has inhouse R&D coating facilities...
  • Boyd Corporation

  • Kaiser Tool Company, Inc.

    Laser Images® provides full service laser marking, engraving and etching services with over 20 years of experience.
  • SuSoS AG

    SuSoS AG is active in the field of surface modification and characterization. Our services and products are directed toward those customers who face surface-related issues and/or require further development in order to improve the outermost extremities of their products. We see ourselves as a...
  • Electro-Glo Distribution - Electropolishing

    Electro-Glo provides advanced, electropolishing products for a variety of common and specialty alloys. Founded in 1957 in Oakbrook, Illinois, we support companies across all industries looking to increase corrosion resistance, longevity, and performance of your metals and metal alloys.
  • Hoowaki

    Hoowaki provides high grip solutions to anchor medical devices inside the body without injury or ingrowth. We also provide high grip solutions for medical device handles and packaging. We apply those surfaces on mold, die or roll tooling so that our customers make improved products using their...
  • Industrial Metal Finishing Inc

    Industrial Metal Finishing, Inc., a contract services company specializing in small to mid-size parts processing, provides a fast, economical alternative to in-house or overflow processing requirements for shot peening, abrasive blasting and liquid honing. Industrial Metal Finishing specializes...