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  • A Family of Non-aqueous Precision Cleaners

    MicroCare Medical offers a wide array of vapor degreasing fluids engineered to clean specific soils, meet compatibility requirements, achieve economic objectives and/or comply with environmental, health or safety standards. With more than 300 years of combined experience, nobody knows more about... Read More
  • DuraGlide® Aerosol Mold Release

    The DuraGlide® dry lubricant spray is a medical grade PTFE micro-dispersion lubricant in an aerosol package. Ideal for medical mold-release and component assembly applications, this lubricant is sprayed to leave a thin, uniform, dry, PTFE lubricant coating over almost any surface. This... Read More
  • DuraGlide® Dry Lubricants

    The Duraglide® family of dry lubricants is a proprietary, ISO-10993 tested coating from MicroCare Medical engineered for assembly environments. The volatile carrier fluid deposits a thin dry film on almost any surface geometry. This coating eliminates friction and imparts ultra-low "break-away"... Read More
  • MicroCare Medical Wipes and Swabs

    MicroCare Medical is a leader in lint-free wipes and swabs used for critical cleaning applications. There are three major considerations to be evaluated when selecting wipes: 1. Target the wipe to the cleaning fluids and the contamination. Some wipes will not absorb water; others work better... Read More
  • Slow-Drying Citrus-Based Flux and Adhesive Remover

    This benchtop cleaner is a powerful, high-purity flux remover and degreaser. It is the only citrus-based aerosol cleaner on the market engineered for benchtop use because it is made without surfactants or additives that would require rinsing. This naturally derived solvent dissolves many rubber-... Read More
  • Sticklers® Fiber optic cleaning tools

    Many modern medical devices have digital interfaces to fiber optic networks that allow these systems to quickly move massive data files files and patient images. MicroCare is the world’s leading expert at cleaning fiber optic connectors with tools that are extremely fast, reliable, consistent... Read More
  • SwellEx™ silicone swelling fluid

    Silicone has a long history as being one of the most commonly used materials in the healthcare industry. The biocompatibility of silicone and its physical properties make silicone highly desirable for tubing or molded parts in medical devices However, silicone can be challenging to attach over... Read More
  • Tergo™ Metal Cleaning Fluid

    MicroCare Medical is the world’s leading expert in solvent cleaning, particularly using vapor degreasers. By avoiding aqueous cleaning, medical device makers can be confident their components are consistently clean and free of pyrogens. Solvent cleaning also is extremely fast, reliable,... Read More
  • The MicroCare Medical Family of Non-aqueous Precision Cleaners

    When it comes to cleaning electronics during manufacturing, rework or repair, MicroCare is the undisputed industry leader. The MicroCare family of PCB cleaners offers the widest array of chemical choices, plus money-saving tools that improve cleaning while eliminating waste. These quality... Read More
  • Universal Flux Remover

    The Universal Flux Remover is the newest circuit board cleaner from MicroCare. This benchtop cleaner will help medical device companies produce reliable electronics more quickly, at lower cost, more safely and with better environmental protections than any product on the market today. Introduced... Read More
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