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Medical Device Coating Companies specialize in providing contract manufacturing services for the medical device industry, offering expertise in precision coating applications tailored to medical equipment requirements with a focus on quality assurance and regulatory compliance. Explore companies that utilize advanced coating technologies, including plasma spraying, dip coating, and chemical vapor deposition, to apply biocompatible and functional coatings onto various medical devices such as implants, catheters, and surgical instruments. Find a manufacturing partner to ensure that device coatings enhance equipment performance, durability, and biocompatibility while meeting stringent industry standards and regulatory requirements including FDA guidelines, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 13485 certifications.

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Hydromer Inc

Trusted Partner & Innovator In Coating Solutions Since 1980

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Hydromer® Thromboresistant Coatings: Our hydrophilic coatings are formulated for cardiovascular, circulatory, neurovascular, urological, and vascular devices. Specially, Hydromer hydrophilic medical device coatings offer not only lubricity, but of other functionalities such as low particulate, enhanced adhesion etc. Please refer to...
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Formacoat LLC provides advanced medical device coating solutions and contract manufacturing services, ensuring the tools of medicine operate more efficiently and effectively. Specializing in a broad array of coatings, including hydrophilic, hydrophobic, and custom-specific options, our over 20 years of experience empower biomedical and healthcare devices with reliability, enhanced performance, improved patient outcomes, and superior clinical results.

Natech Plastics is an ISO 13485 and 9001-certified provider of product development, custom injection molding, and contract manufacturing services. We also specialize in design for manufacture and scientific molding services, which ensure streamlined schedules and more stable processing for...

CCT Tapes specializes in a comprehensive range of medical-grade device coatings with adhesive tapes and films, offering unparalleled support for medical device assembly, wearable technology, and personal protective equipment applications. Leveraging our expertise in Coating & Converting Technologies, we provide custom solutions with acrylic and synthetic rubber adhesives matched to specific medical application requirements, ensuring optimal adhesion, conformability, and user comfort. Our dedicated, ISO 17025-accredited testing lab ensures that each product meets the highest standards for quality and performance, helping healthcare professionals safeguard and enhance patient care.

Advanced Plating Technologies brings a superior level of expertise with ISO 13485:2016 accredited medical device coatings, offering a robust portfolio that includes biocompatible duplex gold plating, precision electroless and electrolytic nickel plating, and sophisticated passivation processes for titanium and medical alloys. Drawing upon our deep engineering insights, we ensure each medical coating, from powder coatings to comprehensive metal finishes, meets stringent OEM and contract manufacturer requirements with full IQ, OQ, and PQ validation. APT medical device coatings deliver enhanced durability, corrosion resistance, and biocompatibility in the most critical medical applications since 1982.

Superior Powder Coating, Inc. is a leader in providing powder and electrocoating services tailored to the needs of medical equipment manufacturers, where precision and durability are non-negotiable. Leveraging our ISO 9001 certification, we deliver a range of high-quality coatings—epoxy, hybrid, urethane, polyester, super durables, and fluoropolymers—designed to meet the exacting standards of the medical industry. Our commitment to providing dependable products through our efficient, high-volume production lines ensures that medical devices benefit from a superior finish that is both protective and long-lasting, no matter the scale of operation.

T-M Vacuum Products, a leader in heat treating and thermal processing solutions, specializes in the manufacturing of a wide variety of vacuum furnaces and ovens that are used in medical sintering, continuous tempering, vacuum brazing, and for creating high-quality device coatings and medical coatings. Our high vacuum furnaces not only meet diverse size specifications but are built to endure the toughest work environments, routinely exceeding 20 years of operational life in a 24/7 production setting. We ensure outstanding adherence to product property specifications, delivering commendable batch consistency, superior-quality finished products, and optimized operational costs.

Rare Earth Coatings, Inc. specializes in providing critical medical device shielding solutions, ensuring devices are safeguarded from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), the keys to the accurate and reliable operation of life-sustaining medical equipment. Our advanced coating technology offers varying levels of conductivity, with standard options starting at 1Ω/in² for general protection and specialized coatings able to achieve as low as 0.01Ω/in² for highly sensitive devices. Every procedure in our process is rigorously documented and meticulously tracked, ensuring our coatings meet and exceed stringent medical device requirements for functionality, quality control, and record retention.

Advanced Plating Technologies offers robust and versatile powder device coating services tailored to meet the high standards of industrial applications. Our commitment to quality is evidenced by a rich history of providing clear coats over precious metals, specializing in both broad and selective coating needs with a range of resin systems, textures, and colors. With unparalleled expertise in the complex processes of masking and selective powder coating, APT caters to parts requiring precision aesthetics, promising a one-stop solution for plating coupled with a dedicated engineering department with over forty years of experience matched to your specific application.

Valmont Coatings offers a comprehensive range of device and medical coating services designed to significantly enhance product performance and lifespan. Our advanced coating solutions include hot dip galvanizing, anodizing, and advanced powder coating techniques that ensure the highest level of corrosion protection and aesthetic finish. By leveraging our global expertise and a network of over 30 facilities, our cutting-edge technologies provide longer-lasting, durable, and environmentally friendly coatings regardless of your location or project scope. We add the finishing touch, differentiating you from your competition.

LiquiGlide Inc. is utilizing surface engineering technology to create custom-designed and permanently slippery device coatings, ensuring liquids move effortlessly in a diverse range of applications. Our custom-designed coatings are safe, durable, and made to adhere to multiple surface materials, capable of withstanding various environmental conditions while conforming to regulatory requirements. Supported by a robust patent portfolio and propelled by a proprietary thermodynamic algorithm, we set new standards in efficiency and sustainability for industries requiring meticulous control over liquid movement and management.

Dicronite of Minnesota, Inc. specializes in providing ultra-low-friction dry lubrication solutions for the medical industry, particularly suited for devices demanding precision and reliability under stringent operating conditions. Our dry film lubricant, applied through a unique process, is biocompatible and can be utilized across a vast range of medical applications, ensuring equipment such as surgical instruments and diagnostic devices operates smoothly with minimal maintenance. Benefit from our trial coating services to experience firsthand the performance enhancements and longevity our coatings contribute to your medical devices.

TC Transcontinental Advanced Coatings excels in the development and manufacture of high-quality device coatings for films, foils, and specialty substrates, catering to critical applications in wound care, ostomy, and various medical devices. Leveraging ISO 9001-certified facilities across the globe, we guarantee precision-crafted coatings that are custom-engineered to meet the rigorous design and application specifications of our customers. Our commitment to quality and confidentiality in our production process ensures that every medical component we deliver advances the reliability and functionality of healthcare products worldwide.

Titanium Anodizing: For over 50 years The Tiodize Process has been used for biocompatibility, increased fatigue strength, anti-galling, and increased lubricity. Color Anodizing to easily identify parts.
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Crystal Mark, Inc. provides micro-abrasive technology, offering products from standalone units to fully customized automation systems, to deliver unparalleled precision in device coating applications. Our specialized SWAM Blasters are engineered to provide complete process control through adjustable air pressure and powder flow. By integrating our advanced work chambers and abrasives with our meticulous R&D capabilities, we empower you with consistent, repeatable, and high-quality surface finishing solutions essential for the rigorous medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Harland Medical Systems Inc.'s comprehensive solutions encompass everything from coatings like Lubricent Hydrophilic to coating equipment offerings such as RDX-XL, facilitating a unique Coatings 360 approach to your distinct product coating needs. With Harland's adherence to an ISO 13485 quality system for improved efficiency and effectiveness, industry-leading speed to market, and robust process readiness for production, you gain a high-performance partner dedicated to coating your medical device on time and within budget, with the reassurance of advanced, durable coatings that meet your unique needs and stringent quality parameters.

General Magnaplate Corp. advances device coating solutions dedicated to enhancing the functionality and longevity of medical and pharmaceutical equipment with a suite of USDA- and FDA-compliant surface treatments to combat corrosion, friction, wear, and contamination. Our proprietary coatings, including options like NEDOX, TUFRAM, and LECTROFLUOR, are meticulously engineered to integrate with the metal substrate, imparting an array of critical properties such as a lower coefficient of friction (COF) and superior chemical resistance. With our protective coatings and advancements, your machines, medical devices, or pharmaceutical machinery can operate more reliably and your manufacturing processes will run with enhanced equipment dependability.

Metal Surfaces Inc. (MSI) sets the standard in the medical device coating industry by providing high-quality nickel, gold, silver, and tin plating services tailored for critical medical applications and instrumentation. Our innovative reel-to-reel plating technology is pivotal for creating connectors in devices crucial for patient care, such as those regulating medical dosing and heart rates. Our latest process addition, the Black Electroless Nickel or black conversion coating for electroless nickel, offers an advanced coating solution that is fast becoming the preferred choice in the connector industry, demonstrating our commitment to providing cutting-edge, compliant coatings that adhere to stringent quality standards for medical device manufacturers.

Specialty Coating Systems, Inc. offers advanced medical device coatings, providing essential protection and performance for a wide range of medical applications, including elastomeric seals, surgical instruments, and long-term implants. Utilizing more than 50 years of expertise in biocompatible and biostable Parylene and specialty liquid coatings, our solutions deliver unmatched moisture, chemical barrier, and dielectric properties, along with optional low-friction coatings for applications requiring lubricity. Our comprehensive support, from FDA Device and Drug Master Files to ISO 14644 cleanrooms and global collaboration, ensures that your medical devices meet the highest safety and reliability standards.

Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI), a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, thrives on enhancing the performance of various materials through its advanced thin-film device coatings. Our proprietary MicroDyn magnetron sputtering technology and photolithography processes deliver high-quality, durable coatings in diverse regions such as UV, VIS, NIR, SWIR, and MWIR. Accommodating industries from space to biomedical, our coating solutions assure precision performance, embodying our commitment to innovative product development and adherence to stringent ISO9001-2015 standards and ITAR registrations for quality and security, coupled with a technical team ready to collaborate on custom solutions.

At Curtiss-Wright Corporation, our Surface Technologies Division excels in providing state-of-the-art engineered device coatings and surface treatments that significantly enhance the performance and longevity of critical components. Our suite of solutions includes advanced thermal spraying of metallic and ceramic coatings for turbine engines, coupled with highly specialized analytical services to ensure the integrity and quality of each application. Employing techniques such as laser and shot peening, we deliver superior stress resistance, ensuring unparalleled durability and reliability for industrial components, as well as optimal safety, performance, and reliability in mission-critical applications.

RothGreaves & Associates delivers exceptional Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating solutions tailored for applications requiring high-temperature stability, durability, and a non-stick surface. Our proprietary formulations offer unique attributes including biocompatibility, high-release properties, and a USP Plastic Class VI rating, ensuring suitability for medical devices and food contact products. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our meticulous manufacturing process, ensuring each coated product boasts superior durability, smoothness, and performance.

Uni-Fab revolutionizes advanced device coating services for precision-engineered medical parts, featuring a sophisticated automated powder coating line capable of delivering coated and packed components for shipping within an impressively tight 2-hour timeframe. Our process involves an initial 5-stage washing with a phosphate solution, followed by powder coating, and culminating in high-heat oven curing to ensure optimal adhesion of the coat for enhanced durability. We offer custom color and finish options from our extensive in-stock catalogue, providing you with cost-effective, highly customized coating solutions.

Ionbond LLC provides Medthin™ coatings, a new generation of biocompatible, certified coatings, designed at our Swiss medical competence center specifically to enhance performance and safety of medical applications. These advanced thin-film coatings boast high adhesion to substrates like titanium, CoCrMo, and stainless steel, offering exceptional resistance to mechanical and chemical degradation along with high hardness, scratch resistance, and low friction. Our ISO 13485-certified service centers across Europe, North America, and Asia ensure comprehensive traceability and batch integrity, enhancing your medical devices' lifetime and significantly reducing the risk of adverse patient reactions.

At ioos LLC, we advance the field of medical device coating, specializing in novel spraying and spray coating technologies and offering bespoke coating solutions that significantly enhance the performance and competitive edge of medical devices and applications. Our unique scaffold-on-device approach enables the creation of textured coatings and membranes tailored precisely to the needs of specific devices and applied within the precision-controlled environment of a Class 10000 cleanroom. Leveraging advanced Process Analytical Technology (PAT) for unrivaled quality and consistency, our services are designed to ensure optimal coating weight, surface properties, and device functionality, enabling breakthrough advancements in product quality, safety, and manufacturing efficiency.

VisiBond(SM): VisiBond(SM) is a fluorocarbon-based polymer, providing a durable, chemical resistant finish with high dielectric properties in a wide range of colors. Key Features: - 750+ Autoclave Cycles - Permanent Marking Technology - Low Cure Temperature (500°F) - Color-Match Technology including: Red •...
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Advanced Industrial Coatings, Inc. offers coating services for medical device manufacturers, utilizing a broad spectrum of high-performance materials such as Rilsan Nylon, PTFE, Xylan, and Halar ECTFE. Our environmentally controlled application area and extensive experience with reusable instruments support the rigorous demands of medical applications, including frequent autoclaving. With a commitment to excellence underlined by ISO 9001:2008 certification and RoHS directives, AIC provides not just coatings but a partnership in developing medical devices with durability, safety, and functionality at their core with the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Fusion Coatings, Inc. provides advanced device coating solutions powered by industry-leading equipment ranging from high-speed conveyor systems and multiple induction heater options to high-capacity gas-fired ovens in various sizes. With an extensive array of finishing applications, our ISO 9001:2015-certified facility incorporates specialized setups for medical and scientific applications, ensuring a controlled environment for superior results. Demonstrating commitment to accuracy and quality, we employ rigorous monitoring techniques, including thickness, adhesion, and hi-pot testing, underscoring a trustworthy choice for meticulous, high-volume powder coating demands.

At Select Finishing, we specialize in providing innovative and creative solutions for our customers. As a custom coater we offer a wide variety of coatings and certifications covering a multitude of expertise. From powder coating to Class A automotive base/clear finishes we can fulfill all of your coating needs.

Opti-Forms Inc. is an industry leader in providing advanced optical device coatings through state-of-the-art Physical Vapor Deposition thin film technology, enhancing the spectral properties and performance of optical systems across UV, VIS, and IR wavelengths. Our broad array of coatings, broadband, metallic, dielectric, and custom solutions are designed to meet specific application needs, from enhanced reflectivity to optimized transmission. With ISO 9001:2015 certification, multiple coating chambers, custom design capabilities, and accommodation for both small and large production runs, we offer unparalleled quality and customizable solutions to elevate the performance and reliability of your optical components.

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