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Deposition Sciences , Inc.

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3300 Coffey Lane
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
About Deposition Sciences , Inc.
  • DSI produces a wide variety of highly reliable, durable, and heat-resistant optical coatings. Our Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (LPCVD) process is a thermally driven organo-metallic process that is configured to deposit multi-layers of silicon dioxide, tantalum oxide, and titanium dioxide. This unique coating process produces durable, seamless and conformal anti-reflective coatings on highly curved surfaces and ball lenses for medical devices and imaging systems.

    In addition to offering standard products, we work in close collaboration with our customers to develop innovative coatings that achieve specific requirements. Known for our strong engineering services, we seek to understand your needs and provide creative solutions for real-world applications.

    Call us at the number above or email us to discuss your coating requirements.
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Products by Deposition Sciences , Inc.
  • AR Coated Ball Lenses

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