Products by IMI Precision Engineering
  • Fluidic System Design

    We design and manufacture OEM fluidic systems for life science and medical instruments. We provide custom solutions by integrating our gas and fluid handling components into compact, fully integrated and tested sub assemblies. Read More
  • Manifold Sub Assemblies

    Manifold subassemblies for life science and medical devices provide: Smaller instrument footprint, ease of assembly & integration, reliability, and materials flexibility. Read More
  • IMI FAS Chipprop

    8mm CHIPPROP CHIPPROP features the performance of a 10mm solenoid valve in an 8mm body. Industry leading flow to size ratio, 0.5W power consumption, cartridge mount and excellent repeatability make it ideal for integration in portable devices. 2/2 and 3/2 proportional 1.0 mm orifice in 8 mm... Read More
White Papers by IMI Precision Engineering
  • Right Sizing a Syringe Pump By

    Syringe pump technology has been widely used in fluidic system designs for several decades and they are a popular choice because they offer a high level of flexibility and versatility within a single device. This means that the device can be optimized to perform at a wide range of fluid delivery... Read more
  • Flow Stability in Life Science Applications By

    In cytometry, hematology and sequencing instruments particularly, maintaining a steady fluid delivery rate is critical to obtaining reliable results. The importance of this requirement is further amplified where very low flow rates are necessary or when working with very small particles (< 10... Read more
  • Selecting the Right Manifold Body Material for Your Fluidic Application By

    Manifolds used in life science fluidics can offer significant value beyond discrete tubing approaches to system design. Manifolds provide a more compact solution with fewer leak points, easier equipment assembly and service, and lower carryover of sample. While a manifold approach to design can... Read more