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  • 2-Way, 3-Way Diverting, and Selector Pinch Valves

    Valcor SV23 series pinch valves are available as normally closed, normally open, and closed/open (three-way diverting) , and in single or multi tube configurations. These compact, low power pinch valves come equipped with medical grade silicone tubing, or they can be used to pinch other... Read More
  • Instrument Class Solenoid Valves

    Ranging in size from 3/4” to 1.5” in diameter, the Valcor Scientific family of Instrument Class Solenoid Valves are available in direct acting two-way normally closed / normally open, and universal three-way operating modes. Made with all PTFE, PEEK, PPS, or PCTFE wetted parts, body... Read More
  • SV690 Stepper Motor Driven Syringe Pump

    The SV690 series syringe pump module is a direct-drive stepper motor-driven pump that accurately and precisely delivers a wide range of liquids. With dispensing ranges from a few microliters to 12.5 milliliters, the SV690C utilizes standard communication protocols and mounting configurations... Read More
White Papers by Valcor Engineering Corporation
  • Instrumentation Cryogenic Valves - Proper Design and Application By

    Cryogenic valves are vital in the medical and aerospace industries, as well as within our food supply chain. Because of their importance, using the proper valve correctly is essential for maintaining your application's reliability and performance. Read more
  • Identifying Root Causes and Methods for Eliminating Leakage in Solenoid Valves By

    The focus of this white paper will be on internal leakage, or often termed, seat leakage. Internal leakage is defined as the process fluid passing through between the valve seat and sealing member (Obturator) when the valve is in the closed position. The obturator or disc can be either soft... Read more