Biomomentum Inc

970 Michelin, Suite 200
Laval, QC H7L 5C1

About Biomomentum Inc

Biomomentum is a company that specializes in developing solutions for the evaluation of biomaterials and cartilage. The company develops the Mach-1, a multiple axis micromechanical tester. This configurable system is used for the precise mechanical evaluation and stimulation of soft tissue and materials. The company also offers biomechanical testing services and develops the Arthro-BST, a medical device used during arthroscopic procedures to evaluate the quality of cartilage.

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Products by Biomomentum Inc

By Biomomentum Inc

The Mach-1™ is a micromechanical testing system commercially available since 1999. Unlike other testers of its kind, this multiple axis system has the ability to perform compression, tension, shear and torsion tests in various modes including dynamic, static, creep and waveform loading. It... Read more »

By Biomomentum Inc

The Arthro-BST™ is a hand-held medical device designed to be used during arthroscopic procedures to evaluate the functional properties of articular cartilage. By compressing the cartilage surface, the Arthro-BST™ measures streaming potentials and calculates a quantitative parameter which... Read more »