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About Micro Crystal AG

Micro Crystal AG, a company of the Swatch Group Inc. Switzerland, was founded in 1978 in Grenchen, Switzerland, as a producer of Tuning Fork Crystals for watches. Today, Micro Crystal AG is a leading manufacturer of Miniature Quartz Crystals (30 kHz to 250 MHz), Real-Time Clock (RTC) Modules, Oscillators and OCXOs for the world’s leading manufacturers of IoT, wearable, automotive, industrial and medical applications.

Products by Micro Crystal AG

By Micro Crystal AG

Real-Time Clock (RTC) Modules combine a 32.768 kHz XTAL with a CMOS based oscillator and RTC IC inside a miniature SMD ceramic package. Ultra low power consumption: 45nA High accuracy: ± 1 ppm, ± 0.09s/day Smallest package: 3.2 x 1.5 x 0.8 mm Extended temperature range up to +125°C including... Read more »

By Micro Crystal AG

These ultra low power oscillators combine 32.768 kHz or 100 kHz quartz crystal with a CMOS oscillator circuitry in a miniature SMD ceramic package. Low power consumption Extended temperature range: -40 to +125°C All products are qualified according to AEC-Q200 or implantable medical. Read more »

By Micro Crystal AG

MHz Clock Oscillators, based on AT-cut quartz crystals and High Frequency Fundamental (HFF) inverted Mesa crystals are ideal for applications in harsh environment and applications with high reliability requirements. Read more »

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