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  • Research & Discovery

    An ethnographic expedition. We dive deep into your domain to observe the world from your point of view through a designer’s lens. We immerse ourselves in the social and cultural world of the people who will use your product. Empathic observations uncover blind spots, pain points, and unvoiced... Read More
  • Concept Exploration

    Creative thinking at play. We use our understanding of your users’ needs to imagine better futures and better experiences. In this phase, the most implausible ideas can inspire the most innovative solutions. We use sketches to problem solve. Ideas begin to take shape on paper as we play with... Read More
  • Prototype Design

    Learning through building. Concept exploration gives you a sense of a product’s look and feel, but nothing is more impactful than a physical prototype you can hold in your hand. Additive prototyping using in-house 3D printing allows us to quickly test forms and ideas. Subtractive (CNC)... Read More
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