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About Automation Tool Co.

For more than four decades, ATC Automation has provided highly engineered solutions and systems for a variety of industries. So, you might say we’re just like everyone else. But we’re different.

ATC Automation’s team structure and function separates us from other automation companies. While most companies also talk about a team environment, ours takes the concept to the next level. Instead of pulling team members from a “pool” for each project, our teams stay together. The one exception is that “you” the customer becomes part of the team. This creates synergy throughout the team, complimenting each other’s strengths.

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Products by Automation Tool Co.

By Automation Tool Co.

ATC Automation is your trusted source when it comes to providing assembly solutions. ATC’s experience in automated, semi-automated, and manual assembly solutions is something you can trust to provide the best manufacturing solution for your production needs. Whether addressing a quality... Read more »

By Automation Tool Co.

Dispensing solutions are a common part of ATC Automation’s custom assembly machines and lines for transportation products, medical devices, consumer products, Ev Motors, and energy storage products. Our assembly lines include a wide range of dispensing solutions. Examples would include thermal... Read more »

By Automation Tool Co.

Data Management has become a standard practice across all industries. From FDA validation for a medical device assembly serialization or birth certificate, to product traceability on an automotive component; ATC Automation has a solution. We offer a custom approach to data management, tailored... Read more »

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