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CNC Machining Services is a type of outsourcing that involves the construction of whole products or, in some instances, a single element of a larger product. Generally, companies that participate in the medical device industry have the tendency to concentrate on a particular sphere of expertise. These spheres can include; joining, converting, casting and molding, assembly, and R&D design.

  • Metal Craft

    Metal Craft has years of experience in the medical implant and device manufacturing industry, working successfully in partnerships with both OEMs and manufacturers. Its capabilities include: • ISO 9001 • ISO 13485 • CNC Manual Turning, Milling and Grinding • Swiss-type machining • Gun...
  • Protomatic Inc.

    Precision CNC Machining, Custom Components Manufacturing
    Orthopedic Device Machining: Protomatic is poised for massive growth in the manufacturing of artificial joint replacements/orthopedic implants. The company's extensive testing capabilities complement its medical industry innovations by helping speed time to clinical trials and commercial launch. With ISO 13485 compliant...
  • Challenge Machine and Manufacturing Inc.

    Micromachining Services in USA
    CNC Machining Centers: Haas VF2 with 15,000 RPM Spindle Haas VF2 with 30,000 RPM Spindle Haas VF4 with TR-160 5-Axis Trunnion Haas VF2 with 4th-Axis 5C Indexer Kira VTC 30 – 15,000 RPM Spindle
  • AMS Micromedical LLC

    Micro Sized Parts for CNC Swiss Machining
    CNC Machining: Machining Capabilities include: - CNC Swiss 20mm capacity - 2500 PSI Coolant System - Deep Hole Micro Drilling - 5 Axis CNC Milling - CNC Turning - Wire EDM with Rotary Axis - Sinker EDM - Laser Engraving Materials Include, but are not limited to: - Titanium - Grade 2 - Grade 5 - 6Al4V Eli -...
  • NextPhase Medical Devices LLC

    NextPhase Medical Devices is the leading low- to medium-volume outsource partner for complex electronic manufacturing systems (EMS) and single-use medical devices in North America. NextPhase offers medical device design, development, contract manufacturing, and assembly services for Class I, II,...
  • Marz Precision Manufacturing

  • Petersen Precision Engineering LLC

    Petersen Precision Engineering LLC is a manufacturer of small- to medium-size precision metal device components. We are ISO certified and offer process solutions for challenging parts. Our capabilities fine blanking, CNC milling and turning, grinding and lapping, including creepfeed form...
  • Xact Wire EDM Corp.

    CNC Small Hole EDM: The CNC machines available at Xact for small hole EDM have automatic electrode changers for efficient unattended CNC machining. Xact's small hole EDM capability is in many ways similar to a drilling operation but it offers the advantages of EDM such as very low machining forces that make the...
  • Zigg Design

    Zigg Design was established in 2010 to provide creative individuals and OEMs with exceptional engineering design, prototoyping and manufacturing services.
  • Tenlita

    CNC machining parts: Contact Person: gladyce Lin skype: glady.lin Drawings Form:*. igs, *.stp, *.stl, *.x-t* Payment Method: HK Bank, Paypal Courier: DHL, Fedex Services: CNC, Silicon Mold ,  3D printing,Injection moulding, sourcing etc Material...