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  • Worst Case Leakage Current Testing

    Leakage current testing is the measurement of electrical “leakage current” that results from powering an electrical appliance via mains or dc power. Leakage current is the unwanted or unintended flow of electrical current that presents an electrical hazard such as shock or burn.
  • Measurement of Leakage Current

    The 19032 Series Electrical Safety Analyzer can be used with external 5000-03 Scanners to accomplish testing on Class II medical appliances per IEC 60601-1. Tests include Enclosure Leakage, Patient Leakage, Patient Aux Leakage, Mains to Enclosure Hipot, Mains to AP Hipot, and AP to Enclosure...
  • Multiple Patient Leakage and Mains on AP Leakage

    The 19032 series can be used with an external 5000-03 Scanner to accomplish testing on Class I medical devices per IEC 60601-1. Tests include: Earth Line Leakage, Patient Leakage, Mains to Enclosure Hipot, AP to Protective Earth PE Hipot and F-Type Mains to AP. The external scanner is used to...
  • Electrical Safety Testing od Medical Electronic Equipment

    Manufacturers of medical electronic equipment must be sure that their products are safe from electrical hazards to the patient and to the caregivers. There are a number of UL, European, and Canadian standards that serve as the ruling body on how medical products will be tested, one...
  • Dielectric Strength Testing of External Cardiac Defibrillators: IEC60601-2-4

    In America, approximately 350,000 people suffer sudden cardiac arrest each year. More than half of these victims do not survive. If a patient receives a defibrillation immediately after cardiac arrest, their chance of survival is 50%. For every minute that the patient does not receive care,...
  • A Practical Guide to Dielectric Testing

    Most manufacturers of electrical or electronic equipment are required to make dielectric tests on the products they produce. Dielectric tests are measurements of both insulation resistance and of dielectric strength.