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About American Standard/Sunstone Circuits, Inc.

Together, American Standard Circuits (ASC) and Sunstone Circuits create a PCB manufacturing powerhouse with a collective legacy of over 50 years in the industry.

ASC is recognized as a total solutions provider, specializing in producing top-notch Ultra HDI, rigid, metal-backed, RF/microwave, flex, and rigid-flex PCBs for diverse sectors. Sunstone Circuits, a leader in innovative PCB online quoting, emphasizes Quick Turn, high-quality PCBs and unparalleled customer support.

ASC's impressive certifications and broad PCB technology expertise, combined with Sunstone's commitment to excellence, pave the way for an unmatched array of PCB types, materials, and certifications. This strategic alliance signifies a commitment to delivering exceptional products while streamlining the PCB procurement process.

Together, a new standard of excellence has been set in PCB manufacturing, offering the ULTIMATE PCB SOURCE that caters to the diverse needs of engineers, from design to prototypes to large-scale production.

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Products by American Standard/Sunstone Circuits, Inc.

By American Standard/Sunstone Circuits, Inc.

Flex and Rigid-Flex Circuits

Flex and rigid-flex circuits have found wide use in electronics packaging. Some of the benefits of this form of packaging are: - High Reliability - Repeatable installations - Harsh environments - High Vibration - Conductor patterns maintain uniform electrical characteristics. Can predict and... Read more »

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By American Standard/Sunstone Circuits, Inc.

Metal Clad PCB's

Metal Backed PTFE / Micorowave Circuits: - Pre-bonded and post-bonded materials - Metals include Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Aluminum Composites - Thermally and electrically conductive and non-conductive proprietary and commercially available adhesive bonded laminates - Plated through hole... Read more »

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By American Standard/Sunstone Circuits, Inc.

Digital Circuits

ASC has the capability of producing a variety of digital circuits from the simplest of circuit boards to highly advanced circuitry. We are dedicated to satisfying your needs and have provided solutions for the Aerospace, Automotive, Computer, Industrial, Medical, Telecommunications and... Read more »

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