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About Photofabrication Engineering

Photofabrication Engineering Inc. (PEI) is a manufacturer of precision chemically etched metal parts. PEI produces parts in most metals and thicknesses of up to .125 inches. Metals include; Stainless Steel, Nickel, Titanium, Copper, BeCu, NiAg, Brass, Zirconium, etc... PEI provides many secondary services as well. These services include, forming, plating, heat treating, and assembly. PEI's process allows for quick turn around for new parts, tooling is inexpensive and that tool will never have to be reworked. Even if that tool is scratched and has to be remade those costs are absorbed by PEI. We provide parts to many industries, Medical Apparatus, Medical Implant Products, Electronics, Micro-Electronics, Microwave, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Fuel Cell, Nuclear, and so on.

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Products by Photofabrication Engineering

By Photofabrication Engineering

Several years ago, PEI became involved with the etching of pure titanium to create anodes and cathodes for the domestic and international fuel cell market. Since then, using the experience gathered over the years, PEI has become the leading expert in etching titanium and other exotic materials... Read more »

By Photofabrication Engineering

For almost half of the company's history, PEI has dedicated an entire department to the daily etching of lids for seam weldable microelectronic packages. PEI's Lid Division currently provides lids and covers to the microwave/aerospace, hybrid/ OEM and related industries. We can produce lids (... Read more »

By Photofabrication Engineering

Whether you're looking for custom or standard RF/EMI shielding, PEI can meet all of your shielding needs. Our innovative technology and extensive photo etching capabilities give our customers the most reliable shields on the market at low cost and with fast deliveries. We offer custom CDW bend... Read more »

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