Fram Trak Industries Inc

205 Hallock Avenue
Middlesex, NJ 08846

About Fram Trak Industries Inc

Fram Trak Industries Inc., through its innovative division E-Stat, pioneers in the field of emergency and orthopedic immobilization by providing top-tier cervical collars, including the emergency use Quick Collar and the orthopedic Comfort Collar. Our patented zip rivet design enables rapid, secure application of our emergency cervical collars, making them a go-to choice for emergency response teams aiming for swift and efficient patient immobilization. The Comfort Collar, designed for long-term use, combines a soft, hypoallergenic Epilon foam with a high-density polyethylene insert, ensuring both comfort and rigorous support for patients. Recognized for our commitment to quality, all our products undergo strict quality control to meet the high standards expected in medical and emergency care. At Fram Trak Industries Inc., we meld innovation with patient comfort and safety, ensuring our cervical collars are lightweight, radiolucent, and feature ventilation openings to enhance patient comfort during critical times.

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