Contract Packaging Services

Medical device contract packaging services encompass a range of specialized solutions aimed at efficiently packaging medical devices to ensure regulatory compliance, product safety, and market readiness. These services are crucial for medical device manufacturers seeking reliable and compliant packaging solutions while focusing on core product development and production.

Whether your organization needs primary, secondary, or tertiary packaging, explore the services offered by medical device packaging partners to find solutions that fit your specific medical packaging and sterilization process requirements. 

Clean Room Assembly

Clean room assembly involves the meticulous packaging of medical devices in controlled environments to minimize contamination risks. These environments adhere to stringent cleanliness standards, such as ISO Class 7 or Class 8 clean rooms, ensuring the integrity and sterility of the packaged products. Clean room assembly processes typically include precise handling, assembly, and inspection of medical devices to maintain product quality and safety.

Blister Packaging

Blister packaging is a widely adopted method for securely enclosing medical devices within pre-formed plastic cavities and sealing them with backing materials. This packaging technique offers protection against external elements, tampering, and contamination while allowing for easy visibility and access to the enclosed devices. Blister packaging services often incorporate customized designs and materials to meet specific product requirements and regulatory standards.


Thermoforming is a manufacturing process used to mold and shape thermoplastic materials into packaging components suitable for medical devices. This method allows for the creation of precise, durable, and cost-effective packaging solutions tailored to the unique dimensions and specifications of medical devices. Thermoforming services encompass design, prototyping, and production stages to deliver packaging that meets regulatory requirements and enhances product protection.

Box Build

Box build services involve the assembly of complete packaging units or kits for medical devices, including boxes, inserts, labels, and instructional materials. This comprehensive approach streamlines the packaging process, ensuring consistency, efficiency, and compliance with regulatory standards. Box build services may encompass customization, branding, and labeling to optimize product presentation and user experience.


Cartoning entails the automated or manual insertion of medical devices into cartons or boxes for shipment and distribution. This process ensures proper containment, protection, and identification of packaged products while facilitating efficient handling and storage. Cartoning services may involve various carton styles, closure methods, and serialization techniques to meet regulatory requirements and supply chain needs.

Bagging & Pouching

Bagging and pouching services involve enclosing medical devices within flexible or semi-rigid packaging materials, such as bags, pouches, or sachets. These packaging formats offer versatility, convenience, and barrier properties suitable for a wide range of medical devices, including sterile and non-sterile products. Bagging and pouching processes may incorporate sealing, sterilization, and labeling steps to maintain product integrity and traceability throughout the supply chain.

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At Johari Digital Healthcare Limited, we provide cutting-edge Packaging Services that are intricately designed to encompass the full spectrum of support needed by medical device manufacturers. Leveraging our deep expertise in design, engineering, and compliance with ISO 13485 guidelines, we deliver packaging solutions that ensure product safety, enhance shelf presence, and meet rigorous regulatory standards. Our offerings extend from the meticulous development of Device Master Records (DMR) for precise error identification to value engineering and cost optimization, ensuring you achieve both market excellence and compliance effortlessly.

Natech Plastics is an ISO 13485 and 9001-certified provider of product development, custom injection molding, and contract manufacturing services. We also specialize in design for manufacture and scientific molding services, which ensure streamlined schedules and more stable processing for...

PCI (Packaging Coordinators) offers comprehensive pharmaceutical packaging solutions with an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and compliance. Our dynamic array of services includes primary and secondary packaging, device assembly, labeling for parenteral and injectables, and advanced serialization and anti-counterfeiting measures, specifically tailored to meet the needs of the medical device industry. Leveraging over five decades of industry expertise, our global GMP facilities and dedicated team of specialists are fully equipped to deliver best-in-class solutions, steering your medical device products safely from conception to market.

Royal Paper Box Co. specializes in designing and delivering cutting-edge paperboard packaging solutions for the bio-medical industry, including manufacturers ranging from start-ups to multi-national entities. Our extensive experience and commitment to speed, reliability, and design innovation protect your valuable medical devices from damage and ensure compatibility with automated filling systems, even in short runs for clinical trials. With our advanced finishing lines, you can benefit from automated checks for glue dispersion, ink color registration, and barcode verification, saving valuable time and money and ensuring a smooth path from clinical trial to market launch post-FDA approval with our commitment to speed, efficiency, and reliability that you can rely on.

Chadpak Co., Inc., recognized as the leading West Coast supplier of visual packaging materials and equipment, creates visually appealing and secure packaging options, including blister and skin packaging tailored for medical devices. Our diverse portfolio, which includes precision thermoforming as well as custom corrugated solutions, ensures your sensitive medical products are protected and presented with the highest quality. Our comprehensive suite of services, from design evaluation to recommending the perfect package, supports the unique needs of healthcare products, enhancing market presence and safety compliance.

E-PAK Machinery Inc. specializes in a full spectrum of liquid packaging machinery solutions ensuring sterility and integrity from production to patient. Our extensive product lineup, from liquid filling machines and bottle capping equipment to custom-designed conveyor systems, provides a one-stop-shop for scalable, efficient, and compliant packaging processes. Backed by cutting-edge technology and comprehensive field services, E-PAK Machinery empowers medical device manufacturers with reliable, seamless, and adaptable packaging solutions, ensuring your product safety and regulatory conformity across all stages of the packaging lifecycle.

Oliver-Tolas Healthcare Packaging, with its laser focus on the healthcare industry, brings forth innovative medical device packaging solutions that adeptly navigate the complexities of global regulations and cost considerations. Utilizing state-of-the-art materials such as DuPont Tyvek®, alongside advanced CleanCut Card technology, we provide a range of products that enhance both user experience and convenience while addressing the most complex packaging challenges. Our expertly designed pouches, forming films, and roll stocks, underscored by comprehensive packaging engineering support, ensure that medical devices are protected and compliant, facilitating a faster speed-to-market for you to deliver medical innovations swiftly, safely, and cost-effectively.

All Packaging Company is revolutionizing the medical device packaging industry with our proprietary IntriCut® laser-cut paperboard inserts, which offer an eco-friendly, clean, and precise alternative to plastic thermoform packaging. Our high-speed precision laser cutting capability, paired with in-house structural design, creates durable custom paperboard inserts that secure and protect products while supporting environmental sustainability and reducing plastic use. Our cost-effective IntriCut technology allows for intricate, customizable designs that are adaptable for multiple product SKUs, ultimately providing an economically advantageous solution without compromising on your products' quality or safety.

West Pharmaceutical Services Inc. specializes in robust analytical services for parenteral packaging and device combination product testing, ensuring the highest level of performance and compatibility for medical applications. Our comprehensive testing programs adhere to rigorous industry standards, employing advanced methodologies to validate packaging integrity, material properties, and device functionality. With a focus on delivering precise and actionable insights, our services support the development and deployment of medical devices that are safe, effective, and of the highest quality, fostering confidence from development through to market and to guarantee quality and regulatory compliance at every step.

Design: The design process begins with a full engineering review that combines all aspects of the package: - Protection Requirements - Packaging Process - Point-of-Sale Display Criteria Our design team has a combined 100+ years of thermoforming tool design experience. Using their hands-on knowledge of...
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Ball Corporation revolutionizes the packaging industry with its commitment to quality, sustainability, and unparalleled service, ensuring that medical devices are encased in packaging that meets the highest standards of safety and environmental responsibility. By embracing cutting-edge technology and innovative design, such as the Alumi-Tek® bottle and unique can technologies, we provide packaging solutions that are not only highly recyclable but also enhance the product's appeal and functionality.

Gel-Pak provides a diverse suite of protective packaging solutions, offering a range of boxes with options including conductive, antistatic, and clear styrene materials to meet the nuanced needs of sensitive medical device transportation and storage. Our specialized packaging configurations, specializing in creating unique materials like our open-cell, low-density polyurethane foam available in conductive and non-conductive configurations, ensure optimal protection for medical devices, catering to the specific dimensional and material safety requirements of the industry. By integrating Gel-Pak's packaging technologies, medical device manufacturers benefit from enhanced protection during transit, cutting-edge material applications, and a commitment to preserving the integrity and sterility of medical components.

GS Medical Packaging Inc. is a trusted company with 40 years of experience delivering industry-leading medical packaging and sterilization products. We offer a host of solutions, from self-seal and heat-seal pouches to specialized sterilization products, meeting the diverse needs of clients across North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485 certification, along with an unwavering commitment to EN 868/ISO 11607 standards, underscore our promise to deliver unrivaled quality, drive efficient sterilization, and ensure optimal safety in the medical device sector, driven by a ceaseless commitment to innovation.

Alcami Corporation provides tailored packaging, labeling, and kitting solutions designed to support clinical trial materials through all phases, from preclinical through to commercial launch, fulfilling global trials with precision and compliance. Through our advanced serialization and aggregation technologies boasting capabilities like serialization, multi-lingual labeling, and temperature-controlled storage, we ensure full traceability for drug products, enhancing safety and regulatory compliance. Our core capabilities extend to first-in-human (FIH) trials, solid dose bottling, cold form and thermoform blistering lines, vials, and prefilled syringe labeling, with a proven regulatory track record supporting a broad spectrum of requirements, including DEA schedule I-V controlled substances.

KP Pharmaceutical Technology Inc. provides comprehensive CGMP-compliant packaging services tailored to the unique needs of clinical trial materials, ensuring the highest standards of safety, efficacy, and regulatory compliance for medical devices. From specialized packaging and labeling of single and double-blinded study kits, to a complete suite of services encompassing storage, distribution, and documentation support, we stand as a pivotal support to clinical trials worldwide. Our dedication to scientific excellence is further demonstrated through our advanced capabilities in handling potentcytotoxic and DEA scheduled API, alongside a robust offering in analytical method development and stability assessment, ensuring your clinical materials are delivered with precision and care.

Wexler Packaging Products, Inc. offers innovative, sustainable packaging solutions specifically designed to meet the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical industry. Our advanced banding machines provide a secure, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional packaging, reducing material costs and increasing production efficiencies without compromising the integrity of medical devices. With around-the-clock support and a commitment to reducing labor through automated bundling and labeling, we empower the pharmaceutical industry with packaging solutions that are not only cost-effective but also environmentally conscious, aligning with the evolving needs of global healthcare.

Jay Visual Packaging Inc. specializes in custom thermoformed plastic packaging solutions, offering an extensive range of precision-engineered blisters, clamshells, and trays designed to meet the intricate needs of the medical device sector. With a comprehensive in-house capability that spans design engineering, tooling, and the deployment of advanced thermoforming machines, we ensure products are protected, presented, and preserved in compliance with the highest industry standards. With our dedication to quality, robust design and engineering team and state-of-the-art tool shop, we can be the go-to partner for medical device manufacturers seeking reliable, high-quality packaging solutions.

UPM Pharmaceuticals Inc. provides comprehensive pharmaceutical packaging and warehousing services designed to ensure the utmost integrity and stability of medical device products throughout the supply chain. Our expertise includes a full range of packaging capabilities, from high-speed solid-dose bottle lines with nitrogen blanketing to advanced serialization strategies for maximum flexibility and efficiency. Our nearly 300,000 square feet of dedicated, temperature-controlled pharma warehousing space supports our commitment to preserving the quality of your medical device products from production to delivery, reflecting our dedication to advancing patient care. At UPM, the safe, reliable, and long-term supply of your product is our top priority!

Packsize International Inc. provides intelligent and efficient packaging solutions driven by eco-friendly and sustainable technologies for optimum safety and efficiency of medical devices. With a major focus on sustainability, our 'right-size' packaging approach helps businesses streamline operations while reducing their environmental footprint and enhancing customer experiences. Our comprehensive solutions exceed packaging issues; we reinvent the entire packaging process, backed up by automated technology, a suite of 'easy-close' solutions, and a dedicated team ready to assist, aiming for sustainable, industry-leading tailored packaging services to ensure a safer delivery of medical devices to improve patient lives. We Fit What Your World Needs!

Just Packaging Inc. offers a suite of packaging services designed to address the specific requirements and rigorous standards of the medical device industry. Our diverse capabilities range from providing full-service contract packaging and expert assembly to meticulous product inspection, as well as comprehensive distribution and fulfillment solutions fortified by high-speed shrink wrapping, automated labeling, bundling, embossing, UV application, and heat-and-seal capabilities. We embody innovation and commitment to quality in our services, from handling high-volume projects with an output of more than 100,000 gift sets a day to managing intricate hand-operated assemblies, promising precision, speed, accuracy, and compliance.

At Independent Packing Services Inc. (IPSI), we bring over 80 years of combined industry experience to devise custom packing and crating solutions for sensitive and substantial medical devices. Our meticulous design and drafting services are backed by professional crews who specialize in on-site and in-house loading, preservation, and securement for both domestic and international shipments. Our robust online inventory management system complements a 100,000 square foot warehousing facility, ensuring the safe, efficient, and streamlined distribution of medical equipment tailored to stringent quality and safety standards with the overall aim of enhancing patient safety and product effectiveness.

Legacy Packaging is a comprehensive full-service provider offering a suite of multifaceted packaging solutions, from high-speed bottling for 30- to 1500-cc-sized containers to advanced blistering capabilities for products demanding the highest standards. Our expertise extends to specialized solutions, including unit-of-use bottling tailored for seamless transitions, the Ecoslide compliance package for enhanced user safety and dosing accuracy, and a robust 3PL distribution system facilitated by our expansive 110,000-square-foot warehouse. As a Total Pharma Solution Provider, Legacy Packaging combines serialization support, secondary packaging services, and a commitment to excellence, ensuring your medical devices are packaged, stored, and distributed with unparalleled efficiency and compliance.

Placon provides custom medical packaging solutions, blending deeper expertise and state-of-the-art technology to maintain the safety and integrity of your medical devices from production to patient use. Our ISO-certified cleanrooms, rapid prototyping with a standard turnaround time of 4-5 days, and comprehensive array of offerings, from thermoformed trays to our unique BargerGard® protective polyurethane (TPU) packaging, sturdily support the life-saving work of medical device manufacturers—crafted for delicate instruments, orthopedic implants, surgical tools, and other medical products. Committed to quality and continually aiming for perfection, we help you navigate the complexities of the healthcare market, ensuring not only compliance but also a competitive advantage and delivering excellence in highly-regulated packaging.

Ruspak Contract Packaging Services delivers adaptable packaging solutions tailored to suit unique project requirements, including specific needs within the medical device sector. Our offerings span packing pouches, bottles, blisters, and strip packages, supported by a cost-effective in-house tooling system designed and manufactured by our expert engineering team to meet your project's unique specifications while upholding economic viability. Complementing our primary packaging services, we further offer secondary support like shrink wrapping, labeling, cartoning, and in-store display building. We are dedicated to our commitment to comprehensive, versatile, and efficient packaging solutions, maintaining the integrity essential for your success.

Dry Pak Industries Inc. specializes in providing comprehensive packaging solutions with a focus on innovative moisture barrier and static shielding bag techniques. We contribute widely to the medical field with specially designed pouches for diagnostics and other medical parts, keeping a stern focus on industry compliance and product quality. Our extensive product range—which includes standard and custom-sized barrier bags, anti-static reclosable bags, bubble bags, and printed pouches for a diverse range of applications—ensures the optimal protection and preservation of electronic components, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. You can trust us to provide packaging that not only guards against moisture and static but also aligns with regulatory demands for safe and secure delivery to the healthcare market.

Custom Pack Inc. delivers a seamless bridge from packaging service design to delivery, providing medical device industry leaders with innovative packaging solutions such as thermoforming and foam fabrication, all within an ISO 9001:2008-Certified quality management system. Our dedicated 3,000-square-foot White Room ensures pristine conditions for specialized clean room applications, while our all-encompassing service features in-house design, manufacturing, kit assembly, and fulfillment capabilities. Offering a wealth of experience and a robust infrastructure, Custom Pack Inc. stands as a one-stop shop for your bespoke medical packaging solutions that promise to maintain product integrity and compliance with industry standards, leveraging our advanced capabilities to enhance market readiness and patient safety.

Fill It Pack It Inc. is your go-to expert for specialized packaging solutions tailored to the medical device industry, where precision, safety, and compliance are of paramount importance. We pride ourselves on a full spectrum service—from initial concept to full-scale production. Our state-of-the-art methodologies and clean-room processes ensure that every medical device we handle is meticulously packaged in alignment with FDA regulations. Offering an unparalleled combination of reliability, scalability, and quality control, Fill It Pack It Inc. is dedicated to delivering exceptional packaging services that protect your products and enhance patient safety.

Tek Pak Inc. advances innovation in healthcare packaging services, offering exceptional cleanroom manufacturing services tailored to the healthcare sector, leveraging advanced materials such as PETG, polystyrene, and innovative multi-layer thin gauge and barrier films to meet the exacting standards of the medical device industry. Certified under ISO 13485, our capabilities extend to meticulous thermoforming and laser trimming of medical packaging solutions, encompassing everything from soft-touch products for wearable technology to cutting-edge drug delivery systems, all underpinned by a robust quality management system ensuring unrivaled traceability and quality assurance. Our Class 8 cleanroom facilities underscore our commitment to producing thermoformed trays and packaging solutions that facilitate secure and sterile delivery of medical devices from production to patient delivery.


SteriPack USA is a specialist in providing comprehensive medical device packaging services, tailored from the initial stages of design and development to final production, ensuring alignment with all US FDA and EU MDR regulatory standards. Our extensive portfolio encompasses cutting-edge packaging designs, prototyping, 3D printing, molding, regulatory support, and packaging validation, all while maintaining the integrity and sterility of medical devices through innovative pouching, blistering, and customized packaging solutions. We commit to delivering supreme product quality and safety, employing rigorous process validation, testing, and control systems, ensuring packaging sterility from design to delivery, and bolstering customer focus on core device development.

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