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In order to certify that the sterilization process is performed correctly and efficiently, medical device manufacturers will sometimes outsource their sterilization needs to a company that specializes in the process.

  • Avantti Medi Clear

    E-Beam Technology for Medical Device Sterilization
    E-Beam Sterilization : E-Beam sterilization is based on the use of high energy electrons to shred the nucleic acids of microbial contaminants on medical devices and packaging. Commercial electricity is used to power up a linear accelerator that generates the electrons which makes multiple breaks in the DNA backbone of...
  • Dravon Medical Inc.

    Custom Medical Bags, Tubing Occluding and Towel Clamps
    Dravon is a full-service, FDA registered and ISO certified, contract manufacturer of medical devices. It operates a 21,000 sq. ft. facility equipped with two Class 10,000 clean rooms One of Dravon's expertise is making RF sealed medical grade bags ranging in use from simple drainage collection...
  • Steri-Tek

    Steri-Tek provides medical device companies with contract E-beam irradiation services for sterilization and cross-linking purposes. This plant incorporates system designs that capitalize on MEVEX 10 MeV, 20 KW machines that are monitored online by the manufacturer. The processing facility uses...
  • Surgiform Technology, Ltd

    Contract EO Sterilization Services: Surgiform is an ISO13485 and ISO11135 certified medical device manufacturer, packager, and sterilization service provider. We offer EO cycle development, cycle validation, and routine EO sterilization services for product design/development and small manufacturing runs. Surgiform can assist...
  • Steri-Tek

  • LEONI Studer AG

    LEONI Studer AG is offering electron beam irradiation services for sterilization, crosslinking and material modifications. 7 accelerators from 0.5 - 10 MeV energy are available for treatment of medical devices, packaging materials, labware, raw material sterilization and for crosslinking of...
  • Cosmed Group, Inc.

    Cosmed offers a complete line of contract ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization services, as well as world-class EO sterilization equipment. Whether you want to sterilize your products at a contract sterilizer, or yourself in-house, Cosmed can fulfill all of your EO sterilization needs.
  • Plasma Etch Inc

    Rating: 5 - 1 review
    Plasma Etch has has been a leading plasma innovator since 1980. The company designs and manufactures high quality plasma cleaning and plasma etching systems. We sell to customers all over the world. Plasma Etch, Inc also provides a superior contract service for plasma cleaning and plasma...
  • Harmac Medical Products Inc.

  • Bioseal Inc

    Bioseal delivers custom sterilization services and packaging for single use items in operating and emergency rooms as well as other sterile hospital environments. Our mission is to assist SPD and OR managers meet the constantly changing demands of regulating agencies, hospital budgets and...