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Due to the fact that many medical devices are used to treat individuals who are ill, or who are trying to prevent illness, sterile products represent the backbone of the medical device industry. Without the ability to ensure the sterility of an end product, whether it is a syringe or a bandage, there is a limit to the usefulness of a medical device.

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  • Dravon Medical Inc.

    Dravon is a full-service, FDA registered and ISO certified, contract manufacturer of medical devices. It operates a 21,000 sq. ft. facility equipped with Class 10,000 clean rooms and an EtO sterilizer. One of Dravon's expertise is making RF sealed medical grade bags ranging in use from simple... Read More
  • Plasma Etch Inc

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    Plasma Etch has satisfied customers since 1980 by designing and manufacturing high quality plasma cleaning and plasma etching systems. We sell to and have customers all over the world. Plasma Etch, Inc also provides a superior contract service for plasma cleaning and plasma etching your...
  • SP Scientific

  • Hospitech Manufacturing Services Sdn Bhd

  • Hawo Germany

  • Getinge USA, Inc.

    Three brands you know and trust – Getinge, La Calhene and Lancer – create a dynamic integrated solution for pharmaceutical applications. Getinge products include sterilizers, closure processing systems, washers and accessories, material handling systems, and water systems. La Calhene isolators...
  • Lot Quantum Design

    GaLa Instrumente sells preparation instruments into Labs with electron microscopies.
  • FTSI

  • Fontana Partners

  • Etigam B.V.

    Etigam B.V. is manufacturer and supplier of chemical sterilization indicators: self-adhesive dots and labels for gamma, E-beam, EO gas, and steam; and biological sterilization indicators: sporestrips, suspensions, and self-contained for EO gas, steam, plasma, and gamma.