Audemars Microtec (R. Audemars SA)

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About Audemars Microtec (R. Audemars SA)

Audemars is strategically focused on co-development/manufacture of the smallest, precision electro-magnetic micro-components and assemblies to support our global clients. Our processes and Quality System are specifically developed to support the requirements of our increasing business as a component supplier to many of the worlds largest medical device manufacturers (including active implantable devices).

Audemars continues to serve the Swiss watch industry in which we started 120+ years ago. However, the company has since expanded into the medical market producing components for implantable, interventional and wearable medical devices; the hearing aid market producing various telecoil and antenna products; the aerospace market for proprietary applications; industrial and consumer electronic markets producing various motor, actuator, sensor and inductor components; automotive market RFID components for key systems; while also supporting various scientific research organizations.

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Products by Audemars Microtec (R. Audemars SA)

By Audemars Microtec (R. Audemars SA)

Audemars is specialized in providing custom micro-coil solutions for a variety of applications. We have specialized equipment capable of winding ultra-fine wire as thin as 10 micron and producing coils as small as 0.5mm Ø. Coils can be designed with or without cores in a variety of materials... Read more »

By Audemars Microtec (R. Audemars SA)

Fitting the strongest force in the smallest, most precise dimensions – even smaller than 0.5mm! Audemars is highly specialized in the execution of permanent magnets of the smallest dimensions and tightest tolerances using the highest quality Neodymium (NdFeB) and Samarium-Cobalt (Sm1Co5 and... Read more »

By Audemars Microtec (R. Audemars SA)

With over a century of experience in micro-components, Audemars develops unique processes, techniques, tooling and equipment to manipulate and assemble the smallest electro-mechanical components. Please contact us to learn how we can realize your custom micro-component requirement utilizing our... Read more »