ThermoSafe Brands

3930 Ventura Drive
Arlington Heights, IL 60004

About ThermoSafe Brands

Sonoco ThermoSafe is a pioneering force in temperature-controlled packaging, offering a comprehensive range of solutions designed to assure the safe and efficient transport of pharmaceuticals, biologics, vaccines, and other temperature-sensitive products across the globe. As a strategic packaging partner, we are deeply committed to sustainability, leveraging over 120 years of packaging experience to innovate products and services that not only meet but exceed the demands of our clients in terms of reliability and environmental responsibility. Our portfolio includes everything from cold shipping boxes, gel packs, and foam bricks to advanced custom engineering, cold chain consulting, and design qualification testing, making ThermoSafe the world's largest temperature-assured packaging provider. With ThermoSafe, clients gain peace of mind through intelligent service wrapped around innovative cold chain solutions, ensuring that every project meets strict quality standards from start to finish. As we continue to tackle cold chain challenges head-on, our mission remains steadfast: to improve people's lives by advancing how temperature-sensitive products are moved around the world.

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