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  • Industrial Product Design

    Our five industrial designers take an engineering-oriented approach to Industrial Design and create medical and high-tech products that are functional, cost-effective, visually appealing, and manufacturable. Industrial Design teams are not created equal • Our industrial designers are involved... Read More
  • R&D and Advanced Technical Services

    Feasibility and technical problem solving are critical aspects of today's complex medical devices. New technologies are often inspiring, but they can also introduce a new set of challenges. Our Advanced Technical Services Group can help turn those challenges into opportunities by determining if... Read More
  • Documentation and Regulatory

    Omnica has used a proven process to efficiently turn concepts into medical devices for nearly three decades. Central to this method is the creation and maintenance of history files documenting design changes and iterations. Our model gives us the capability to comply with 21 CFR 820 and ISO... Read More

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    Multi-functional products can be complex, and far from user friendly. There are a number of basic ergonomic guidelines designers can follow which will eliminate confusion and reduce overall learning curve time and effort. Read more
  • Five Essentials Start-up Firms Require for Product Success By

    Regardless of high hopes it is a somber fact that nation-wide, fewer than 5% of new product ideas actually succeed. With those odds, how do we make a best guess regarding which prospects have the best chance of bringing their product to market? Read more
  • Do You Need to Hire a "ISO Registered" Contractor? By

    Whether or not a company is ISO registered, all medical device developers must follow the FDA Quality Systems Regulations. In many cases, ISO certification can add unnecessary overhead and cost burdens. Read more