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  • Goddard: Our Process

    -Product Definition -Ideation and Conceptualization -Design Development -Refinement and Validation -Verification and Manufacturing Transfer -Production Read More
  • Goddard: Our Capabilities

    You need a product development partner with a wide array of capabilities. Goddard can help guide you through the entire product development process - from conceptualization to the hand-off to manufacturing - or simply plug in wherever you need us. Some of Goddard's core capabilities... Read More
  • Goddard: Our Projects

    Our innovation experts can help you deliver new products on time and under budget. Goddard's unique approach to product development enables us to provide technical precision while producing unique user experiences. Visit our website to explore our featured projects. Read More

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  • Human Factors Engineering: 5 Practical Tips for User-Centered Design By

    Human factors engineering is a critical - and in some industries, mandated - part of the product development process. The data generated from human factors activities can help you to create products that are useful and can stand up to its competition. Here are five practical tips to help you... Read more