FBK Medical Tubing Inc

511 Cobb Street
Birmingham, AL 35209

About FBK Medical Tubing Inc

FBK Medical Tubing, Inc. offers a comprehensive array of specialized tubing services tailored to meet the intricate needs of the medical industry. With an exceptional ability to work with a wide range of materials including Polyurethane, Polypropylene, PVC, Nylon, and more, we cater to diverse product specifications, ensuring versatility and innovation in every project. Our expertise extends to delivering high-quality extruded products such as Multi-Lumen, Single Lumen, and Profile Tubing, alongside advanced finishing services like Thermoforming, Tipping, Sealing, and Support Beading. Our commitment to providing a diverse set of extrusion processes including co-extrusion, color striping, and precision cutting, enables us to meet the exacting standards and bespoke requirements of our clients. Located in Georgetown, DE, FBK Medical Tubing is your go-to source for medical tubing solutions, where every project is approached with the utmost dedication to quality, service, and customer satisfaction.

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