Eggenberger Automation LLC

1826 Naser Road
North Versailles, PA 15137-2516

About Eggenberger Automation LLC

Eggenberger Automation LLC is a beacon of innovation in product engineering and manufacturing services. Since 2003, we've been the go-to partner for businesses seeking to accelerate their market presence, providing end-to-end solutions from initial concept to validated prototype with minimal investment. Our state-of-the-art machine shop and assembly facilities stand ready to deliver machined parts and assembled units, ensuring products are market-ready with precision and efficiency. We pride ourselves on our versatility across a wide range of industries, evident in our portfolio of ambitious projects including laboratory mixers, live cell controllers, and precision sculpting devices. Eggenberger Automation is dedicated to propelling your product development journey forward, equipped with premium tools and technology, and backed by a history of satisfied customers valuing our comprehensive design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise.

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