Altogen Biosystems

848 Rainbow Boulevard
Austin, TX 78744

About Altogen Biosystems

Altogen Biosystems is a pioneering biotechnology enterprise focused on enhancing life sciences research, drug discovery, and development through its innovative transfection technologies. Specialized in the development and manufacturing of highly efficient transfection kits, our product line is optimized for both in vitro and in vivo applications, including targeted delivery systems for cancer cell lines and primary cells. By leveraging advanced polymer-stabilized liposome technology and deep expertise in molecular and cell biology, we enable precise delivery of DNA, RNA, and proteins into specific tissues. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our tissue-targeted in vivo transfection reagents, designed for research in rodent models and featuring prominently in esteemed publications such as Science magazine. Altogen Biosystems continues to lead the way in transfection efficiency and cellular delivery, providing researchers with the tools needed to advance scientific discovery and therapeutic development.

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