1-Source Electronic Components, Corp

12218 Bradford Green SQ #411
Cary, NC 11935

About 1-Source Electronic Components, Corp

Types of Products:
Connectors, ICS,
Semiconductors, Relays,
Switches, Displays,
Capacitors, Resistors,
Hardware, Circuits Breakers,
Aero-Spares, Wire and
Cables, More…
Top Brands:
Motorola, Analog Devices,
Xilinx, TI, Maxim-Dallas,
NSC, Philips, Intel, AVX,
Molex, TE, ITT, Amphenol,
Kemet, Nichicon, Microchip,
Yazaki, Allegro, More..

“Don’t just source it… 1-Source it!”
Personalized Service / Millions of parts available / Diverse Lines / Quality Parts
About us: 1-Source has been distributing Electronic Components worldwide for 2 decades.
Our customers come to us for Franchised stock as well as Obsolete and Hard-to-find parts.

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