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About Cotronics Corp

Cotronics offers high temperature solutions to satisfy the most difficult electrical, structural and industrial applications with the following proven Cotronics brand products:

Duralco™ High Temp Epoxies: Cotronics’ unique cross-linked, organic/inorganic, polymer systems have excellent adhesion, high temperature stability, dielectric properties, superior chemical, and corrosion and moisture resistance.

Resbond™ High Temp Structural and Electrical Ceramics: 4000ºF Machinable and Castable Ceramics, Adhesives, Potting and Encapsulating Compounds are available in a wide range of viscosities, conductivities, strengths, expansion rates and dielectric properties.

Rescor™ Insulation Products: Tapes, Cloths, Blankets, Castable Ceramics, Putties.

Thermeez™ Maintenance and Repair Products: High Temp Repair Putties, Gasket Formers, Thread Locking Compounds and Mold Releases are ideal for repairs, corrosion control, surfacing rebuilding.

Products by Cotronics Corp

By Cotronics Corp

Electrically Resistant Epoxy

Our electrically resistant epoxy adhesives are flexible, easy to use, adhere to most surfaces, and maintain their high electrical resistance over long periods of time. Read more »

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Conductive Epoxy

Duralco™ electrically and thermally conductive epoxies and potting compounds are specially formulated to provide high electrical and thermal conductivity while maintaining their strength, durability, resistance to chemicals, and ability to bond to most surfaces. Read more »

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By Cotronics Corp

Machinable Epoxy

When set, these epoxies were designed to maintain their high strength when being machined. Our machinable epoxies are ideal for repairs, patching, filling, and sealing. Also available as a putty. Read more »

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