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  • Quniton® Reducing Friction, Enhancing Product Lifespan

    Quniton® serves as a highly lubricious material compound with performance capabilities uniquely designed to improve + withstand application needs.
  • Choose the Right Rubber Material & Process for Your Medical Parts

    When it’s time to design and develop a new medical device that calls for an elastomer component, there are a number of material options and manufacturing processes to consider. The long list of material properties impacting performance includes your prospective polymer’s end-use environment,...
  • A New Material and Design for Rubber Umbrella and Bell Valves with Excellent Elongation at Break

    Our client wanted us to create a custom rubber material for umbrella and bell valves leading to a more robust version of existing critical pump sealing components. At the same time, we would develop the material and manufacture the valves from our design facility in China, close to our client’s...
  • Developing a Custom Material for Trocar Seal Surgical Applications

    New custom materials help lead to the latest advances in minimally invasive surgery.