Products by Comar
  • Total Dispensing Systems

    We manufacture plastic dispensing bottles, fitments, and dropper tip caps, in a wide variety of sizes, resins, and colors. Our Boston Round-style plastic dispensing bottles can accommodate capacities from 3-30 mL and are available with a number of colorful dispensing caps. Comar's dispensing... Read More
  • Oral Syringe Systems

    The Comar Oral Syringe is a two piece dispenser that uses a patented wiper design instead of a rubber grommet to form a complete seal between the plunger and the barrel. With no small siliconized rubber parts in the tip, the risk of choking and project contamination is greatly reduced. Comar... Read More
  • Canisters

    Comar is a specialty packaging company in the United States with a reputation for quality, service, and creativity since 1949. Our scalability, wide range of sustainable materials, and dynamic operational platform will help bring your product to market with innovative, industry-compliant... Read More