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Medical devices are comprised of a variety of materials. Different types of plastics, textiles, and metals are all employed during the production process. Each type of material has its own distinct qualities and thus, its own ideal application in the fabrication of medical devices.

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JBC Technologies

JBC Technologies

JBC Technologies is a leader in providing the highest-quality die-cutting and material converting solutions for the medical industry. From medical diagnostic kits to pulse oximetry bandages and health and beauty patches, we work with you to produce die-cut parts that match your high standards... Read More

Hydromer Inc

Hydromer Inc

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Hydromer® is a premier global provider of surface modification and coatings solutions, renowned for enhancing clients' products to ensure a competitive edge in the market. With over four decades of leadership in hydrophilic, thromboresistant, and antimicrobial coating technologies for medical... Read More

TESco Associates Incorporated

TESco Associates Incorporated

TESco Associates, Inc. has actively participated in the development of hundreds of bioabsorbable products, establishing a reputation as “The Strategic Quality Partner” for outsourced research and development and the manufacturing of challenging devices. TESco has developed proprietary polymer... Read More

Currier Plastics Inc.

Currier Plastics offers a full range of value-added capabilities including custom design, blow molding and injection molding, eliminating the need for multiple supply chain channels. Our medical molding specialty provides clients with 4 critical competencies: Design, Development, Clean Room... Read More

Confluent Medical

Confluent Medical Technologies applies materials science to MedTech innovation. Confluent specializes in expert design, development, and large-scale manufacturing of interventional catheter-based devices and implants. Our key capabilities include Nitinol components and tubing, balloon and... Read More


Vasodyn provides the highest quality custom glass anatomy models available. Glass anatomy models can be used for a variety of unique in vitro applications. Vasodyn has created models for developing, testing and marketing of medical devices for some of the largest medical device manufacturers... Read More

Altogen Biosystems

Altogen Biosystems is a pioneering biotechnology enterprise focused on enhancing life sciences research, drug discovery, and development through its innovative transfection technologies. Specialized in the development and manufacturing of highly efficient transfection kits, our product line is... Read More

Whalen Biomedical Inc.

Whalen Biomedical Inc., established in 1984, is a distinguished Massachusetts-based research and development corporation, known as Whalen Biomedical Laboratories. Specializing in medical devices and materials, we focus on groundbreaking R&D in cardiovascular, orthopedic, and urologic... Read More

Sciteck Diagnostics

Sciteck Diagnostics, leveraging over 30 years of specialized expertise, stands as an innovator in the field of diagnostic technology, offering a range of products that include SVT Reagents, Dry Chemistry strips, and AutoUA solutions, focused on revolutionizing urinalysis and specimen validity... Read More

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