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  • Reverse Engineering File FormatsBy

    Reverse engineering using scan data involves collecting scan data and using it to create computer-aided design (CAD) data. There are several outputs for reverse engineering when using scan data. This white paper explains the differences and benefits/deficiencies of those outputs.
  • Challenges with MEMS Pressure Sensor Integration in Medical DevicesBy

    Today more value is being placed on the enhancement of medical devices through miniaturization and added capabilities such as pressure sensing components. Proper integration of a MEMS pressure sensor in a medical device requires in-depth knowledge of sensor types, capabilities, validation and...
  • Three Advantages of Urethane CastingBy

    Urethane casting can be ideal for quantities up to about 25 parts, and it has several advantages over other plastic manufacturing processes like injection molding and additive manufacturing (3D printing).
  • Tackling Tough Fluid Sensing ChallengesBy

    If an application calls for the accurate fluid sensing of liquid level, pressure or flow, Gems Sensors & Controls can help. Their extensive fluid sensing portfolio has evolved from nearly 60 years of field-proven successes in a variety of markets. Common customer fluid sensing challenges can...
  • Top 5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Contract Manufacturer...Are You Headed in the Right DirectionBy

    Hiring the right Contract Manufacturer to help meet your goals, grow your company, and get your new or next generation products to market is not an easy process, and requires careful consideration and extensive due diligence. Finding the right CM ‘partner’ could prove especially challenging...
  • The Thick & Thin of Plastic BagsBy

    An article describing the unit of measure "mil" as it relates to polyethylene film and bag production. Also, a table providing examples of probable uses for polyethylene bags of various mil thicknesses.
  • A Computing Platform Based on 4th Gen Intel® Core™ CPU for In Vitro Diagnostics Instruments DesignBy

    IVD instruments are designed for various qualitative or quantitative diagnostic procedures, commonly called assays, in assessing or measuring the target entity out of the samples. For different assays, IVD instruments are designed with the goal to automate the process, combining and streamlining...
  • Polyurethane Film on Paper With Controlled ReleaseBy

    A white paper describing the technical challenges in the development of Argotec's ArgoMedPLUS 18411 TPU Film-on-Paper product for use in kiss-cut frame dressing and surgical drape applications.

    Our computer-aided diagnostic (CADx) tool uses advanced image processing and artificial intelligence to analyze findings on breast sonography images. The goal is to standardize reporting of such findings using well-defined descriptors and to improve accuracy and reproducibility of interpretation...