White Papers for Medical Device Industry Suppliers


    Major developments in personal healthcare and diagnostic analysis, together with the ability to screen health issues early and deliver effective and personalized treatment options, is changing medical care as we know it. We combine thin-film or thick-film technology to manufacture a wide...
  • The Properties and Benefits of Hydrophilic Coatings: Why Hydrophilic Coatings?

    After much research, testing and experience with hydrophilic coatings, our subject-matter-expert team at Hydromer® have carefully put together an article to answer the most important questions in medical and industrial applications alike.
  • ERP solutions for the Plastics Industry

    The most profitable decision for your Plastics Business is to leverage an ERP engineered for your Process Type
  • Guide to Medical Adhesive Tape Carrier Selection

    This paper highlights the importance of tape carrier selection regarding the medical-grade adhesive tapes used for wearable medical devices. The carrier is essential for the performance of wearable medical devices, and it helps the device stay in place and protects the wearer's skin from irritation.
  • Dow Medical Grade Portfolio

    Looking for the right plastic for your next medical project? Then consider the broad offering of medical resins from DOW. They have products for all of your application needs including tubing, film, caps & closures, ampoules, vials, testing & diagnostics and more.
  • Packaging Verification Comparison Flyer

    Compares the Data Pro Lite, Data Pro 2, Data Pro 6, and 9900 Series to help understand which system is right for you.
  • Case Study: Infrared Lens Design

    At Avantier we offer Design for Manufacturing (DFM services), optimizing product design with our extensive knowledge of manufacturing constraints, costs, and methods. Measuring the relative concentrations of carbon monoxide, products of combustion and unburned hydrocarbons is the basis of...
  • Medical Implantable Grade and Healthcare Crystal Timing Solutions Portfolio

    Micro Crystal’s Medical Implantable product line consists of Real-Time Clock, Oscillators and Quartz crystals featuring low power, high and stable accuracy within Helium impervious ultra-small full ceramic package. The components are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards...

    And Spartech is making a world of difference in plastic solutions that are sustainable, diverse, reliable and helping bring innovative ideas to life. To us, plastics make life better. You see it, touch it and depend upon plastic for everything from food packaging to packaging for medical...
  • Miles Products Line Card

    Miles Products represents top United States manufacturing companies specializing in custom molded thermoplastics including insert molding, injection molding, structural foam, vacuum, forming, blow molding, & rotational molding.
  • New Plant

    35KW E-Beam Processing Plant
  • If You Race, You Need to Stay Cool

    Racers must keep a cool head - their cars should not overheat either. This applies equally to racing cars with combustion engines and electric motors. The difference: in fuel-fired racers the engine has to be tempered, in electric vehicles this must be considered in particular for the...
  • Human Factors Engineering: 5 Practical Tips for User-Centered Design

    Human factors engineering is a critical - and in some industries, mandated - part of the product development process. The data generated from human factors activities can help you to create products that are useful and can stand up to its competition. Here are five practical tips to help you...
  • Choosing the Right Cable for Your Servo Application

    This situation presents three primary challenges: running the servo cable from the drive to the equipment that is flexing, maintaining connectivity over the distance, and installing cable to code.
  • Pivot Bearing Design Guide

    This design guide is written with both the first time user and the experienced engineer in mind, as they are frequently the same person when it comes to pivot bearings. Due to their unique nature, pivot bearings have many distinct performance features that must be accounted for when compared to...