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  • UDI (Unique Device ID) Compliance Systems By The Danby Group LLP

    The Danby Group, through its founding membership in the UDI Committee, a sub-committee of AIM, works diligently with policy makers, Congress, the FDA, and the medical device community to assist in the implementation and clarification of the new UDI program. Our clients consult with us regularly... Read More
  • ULM6-15 Hospital Grade Plug-In Outlet Center Unit By Legrand/Wiremold

    Plug-In Outlet Center Unit - Six outlets. Rugged white aluminum housing. 15' [4.6m] 14/3 SJT white cord with NEMA5-15 plug. Length 13 1/4" [337mm]. Receptacle center-to-center 1 1/2" [38mm]. Snap-on, slide-off mounting. cTUVus Listed as Medical Electrical Equipment. NOTE: Suitable for use where... Read More
  • Ultra Low Temperature Data Logging System By MadgeTech Inc

    MadgeTech's Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Validation System can measure and log data as low as -86 °C (-122.80 °F). It can be placed in small and large freezers of varying configurations. The system provides a complete stand-alone temperature mapping and validation solution for freezers to... Read More
  • ULTRA R/S Rubber Extruders By American Kuhne

    ULTRA R/S Rubber extruders are fixed horizontal extruders ranging from 0.075" to 6.0" diameter, any L/D, vented or non-vented. ULTRA R/S Rubber extruders come standard with electric heat and bolt-on cast aluminum double-pass water cooling. As an option, customers can provide their own... Read More
  • Ultraminiature Ball Screws By Steinmeyer Inc.

    Steinmeyer has an important addition to its standard line of miniature precision screws – the "world's smallest commercially available ball screw." New ULTRA MINIATURE ball screws are available in diameters as small as 3 millimeter with choice of two pitches – 1 millimeter or 0,5 millimeter,... Read More
  • UltraScan By BETA LaserMike Products (NDC Technologies)

    The UltraScan measurement system from Beta LaserMike enables medical tube manufacturers to measure the smallest tubes with ultra-thin walls with the highest accuracy and consistency. It uses multiple transducers to continuously monitor tube wall dimensions, such as wall thickness and... Read More
  • Ultrasonic Fabric & Film Processing By Dukane

    Ultrasonic probe systems for use with automation to handle thermoplastic film and fabric materials. Operating frequencies available from 15kHz to 70kHz. Also have a standard ultrasonic "sewing machine" and rotary ultrasonic head available. Read More
  • Ultrasonic Food Processing and Cutting By Dukane

    Ultrasonic generators and related ultrasonic cutting tools for cutting and slitting all types of foods from cheeses, to energy bars, to bakery items. Read More
  • Ultrasonic Industrial Heated Tank And Generator Systems By Ultrasonics Depot

    We carry a large variety of tank and generator systems in many sizes and power as well as a complete line of accessories. A generator, a transducer, and a tank make up an ultrasonic cleaning system. The generator supplies electrical power to the transducer in which the transducer converts to... Read More
  • Ultrasonic Metal Welders By Dukane

    A standard line of ultrasonic metal welding systems available in both press type models and rotary type models, with welding frequencies ranging from 20kHz to 50kHz. All units employ the patented Dual Support System on the Z-Axis to provide greater control of the welding process. These units... Read More
  • Ultrasonic Plastic Welders By Dukane

    Ultrasonic Plastic Welding equipment including both pneumatically actuated presses, and press systems with electric drives and servo control of the Z-axis motion. Welding frequencies from 15kHz to 70kHz are available. Units are also available as probe systems for use in automation. Welding... Read More
  • Ultrasonic Welders By Forward Technology Industries Inc.

    Ultrasonic welding remains one of the fastest techniques for welding smaller thermoplastic parts. In ultrasonic welding, one part is held stationary in a holding fixture while the other part is vibrated acoustically against it under pressure, creating frictional heat at their joining surfaces.... Read More
  • Ultrasonic Welding By T.A. Systems, Inc.

    Manufacturer and integrator of Utrasonic Welding equipment, including servo sonic welding. Read More
  • Unipole Multipole By LEMO

    This vast portfolio enables you to select the ideal connector configuration to suit almost any specific requirement in most markets, including medical devices, test and measurement instruments, machinery, audio video broadcast, telecommunications and military. Read More
  • Unit Dose Pouching By CAPCO Labs

    Compatability testing, many sizes available, pour spout available. Nitrogen flush available. We can attach to POS coding. Read More
  • Unitron By UNITRON Ltd.

    Unitron markets a full line of microscopes including Medical, Laboratory,Student,Stereo, Measuring and Metallurgical. Read More
  • Universal Flux Remover By MicroCare Corp

    The Universal Flux Remover is the newest circuit board cleaner from MicroCare. This benchtop cleaner will help medical device companies produce reliable electronics more quickly, at lower cost, more safely and with better environmental protections than any product on the market today. Introduced... Read More
  • Universal Multishot Systems Portable Injection Units By MGS Mfg. Group

    MADE IN THE USA - The MGS line of Universal Multishot Systems Portable Injection Units enable the conversion of a standard single shot injection molding machine into a MULTISHOT PRESS. Available in both SERVO and HYDRAULIC configurations, with shot sizes from one gram to over five pounds, these... Read More
  • Universal Multishot Systems Rotary Platens By MGS Mfg. Group

    MGS Rotary Platens and Rotary Stack Systems enable accuracy and repeatability in the multi-component molding process. Available in both SERVO and HYDRAULIC configurations. Features include: tapered locators, proximity switches, quick connects, isolated water lines and many more. Call MGS for... Read More
  • Universal Test Systems By ANDILOG

    ANDILOG produces single and dual column universal testers. The single column testers are tabletop models capable of making force measurements to 1,100 lb. Our dual column, floor mounted test systems have 10,000 lb capacities. All of our universal testers can, of course, test in both compression... Read More
  • Universal Testing Machines By TestResources Inc

    Universal electromechanical test machines are well known for their ability to perform a wide range of quasi-static tension and compression tests at test speeds up to 40 ipm (1000 mm/min). The modular 100 series low force universal test machines are configurable with multiple frame types at... Read More
  • Universal Valves By Hamilton Company

    The Microlab 600 Universal Valves are used on the Single Syringe Dispenser, Dual Syringe Diluter, Dual Syringe Dispenser and Continuous Dispenser. Adjust the Cross Tube and Valve Plugs to achieve the desired application. Read More
  • UPC Barcodes By is the world's largest and most trusted supplier of UPC barcodes. Founded in 1999, only sells unique, GS1-registered UPC barcodes that can be used anywhere in the world for any type of product. Once your barcodes are purchased they are emailed to you within... Read More
  • UPM Products for the Medical Industry By United Performance Metals

    United Performance Metals is a global distributor of titanium, stainless steel and cobalt chrome moly serving customers in the medical in the medical implant and instrumentation industry. Material is domestically melted and produced by a leading lgobal US manufacturer and is universally... Read More
  • Urethane Casting By Schmit Prototypes

    When multple parts are needed, RTV (room temperature vulcanized) tooling and Urethane casting can be used to fill the gap between prototype and production. Urethane prototypes can be of nearly any size and shape and can be color matched by either a pantone number or a color chip. Whether you... Read More
  • Urethane Casting Service By Fictiv

    Instant quotes & DFM feedback Production grade quality Parts as fast as 10 days Production Quality at Low Volumes This process is a quick, cost-effective way to produce 10-200 units with production-level quality. Typically, each silicone mold will produce 20 castings. Complex Elastomeric... Read More
  • USB or Wireless Displacement Sensors By Loadstar Sensors

    We offer displacement sensors to measure displacements, distances or lengths and offer interfaces with USB or Wireless Outputs and software to help you Display, Log and Plot the data easily on a PC or Tablet. Read More
  • USB or Wireless Load Cells for Force, Load or Weight measurement By Loadstar Sensors

    The iLoad Series Digital USB load cells enable users to measure forces, loads or weights via the USB port of a PC. No need for signal conditioners, data acquisition systems or special software. The integrated sensor offers a complete solution in a simple package with ease to mount features.... Read More
  • USB Thermometer By Quality Thermistor Inc

    Precision USB Thermometer Up to +/- 0.1°C Accuracy from 0-100C Looking for an easy to use and highly accurate temperature measurement system? QTI has developed a precision USB thermometer that's accurate to +/-0.1°C from freezing to boiling. Read More
  • USB Torque Sensors By Loadstar Sensors

    Our versatile digital torque sensor solutions allow you measure applied torques and output the results to a PC via USB or Wireless protocols or via an Analog 0-5 VDC output. Read More

    At Eastprint, we have been an industry leader in providing custom keyboard assemblies for over 35 years. Our expertise in membrane switch technology is unsurpassed in the industry, making us one of the most trusted suppliers of user interface contract manufacturing services. Providing high... Read More
  • User Interface Design By Winstim Physio

    We believe that well-designed UI can make device engaging and approachable. If UI/UX is not complex and difficult to use, user will never understand the device to use if effectively. We ensure that UI/UX development done at JDHL makes the devices very intuitive to use. Our team has expertise in... Read More
  • UV / Laboratory Products By UVP, LLC

    In addition to BioImaging Systems, UVP designs and manufactures a wide range of ultraviolet and laboratory products. These products include UV transilluminators, UV crosslinkers, UV cabinets, UV intensity meters, handheld and portable UV lamps, UV display and inspection lamps, hybridization... Read More
  • UV Adhesives By Electro-Lite Corp.

    Electro-Lite UV curable adhesives are solvent free, containing only reactive components. A highly cross-linked polymeric matrix initiates curing without evaporation or the elimination of volatiles. All UV adhesives are 100% reactive systems and were developed to sharpen and maintain the... Read More
  • UV and Solvent Bonding Assembly By Contech Medical Inc.

    At Contech Medical, we have the experience and capability to assemble a multitude of devices and sets through our UV and solvent bonding processes. From the standard to the most custom device, Contech Medical has an assembly solution that will fit your needs. Assembled in our Class 100,000/ISO... Read More
  • UV Emitters and Detectors By Marktech Optoelectronics

    UV LEDs with wavelengths ranging from 280nm to 400nm offer advantages in UV sensing applications, standard detection and UV curing processes. Marktech Optoelectronics offers a variety of standard and custom packaging to match application requirements. UV LEDs are widely used in general sensing... Read More