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  • Terminal and Distribution Blocks - MERSEN, BUSSMANN, LITTELFUSE By Fuses Unlimited, Inc.

    Terminal blocks, also known as a terminal strips, are a convenient way to connect wires to a single connection point. These blocks allow wires to be joined without the need to splice together, so wiring can easily be adjusted later if needed. Terminal blocks come in lengths of 2 to 30 poles,... Read More
  • T1 Ventilator/ Hamilton Medical By RKS

    A highly-portable respiratory ventilator specifically designed to support adult and pediatric patients’ when they’re unable to breathe independently with life-saving adaptive support during transport. The T1 benefits users with enhanced performance, operational safety, intuitive usability,... Read More
  • Table Top Plasma System for Cleaning and Surface Treatment (AL200 Gas Plasma System) By Plasmatech, inc

    The AL200 GAS PLASMA SYSTEM is clean room compatible and available in table-top or free-standing cabinetry versions. Plasma generation is via 2.45 GHz frequency resulting in low process temperatures so even very heat-sensitive materials can be treated. Other standard features include... Read More
  • Tablet Elevator By Palace Packaging Machines Inc.

    Bulk tablet and capsule elevator systems with small and large bin capacities. Units disassemble without tools and allow removal of bin, elevator guides, cleated belt, and chute. Once apart the unit is easy to clean and allows for product dedicate belting with easy reassembly. Read More
  • Tablet Inspection By RNA Automation Limited

    RNA alongside camera specialists Machine Vision Technology has developed a tablet inspection system to inspect and sort tablets up to and over 1000 parts per minute. Benefits * Prevents accidental product mixing * Prevents wrongly marked tablets reaching customers * Prevents... Read More
  • TAC Valve Series By Humphrey Products Corporation

    Based on their long life, small size, rugged construction and attractive appearance, the Humphrey (Total Air Control) TAC, TAC-2 and TAC-3 family of manual/mechanical air valves are popular choices by design automation engineers. The small stainless steel push button or plated-steel toggle are... Read More
  • Tacky Mats By Blue Thunder Technologies Inc

    Tackified Cleanroom Entrance Mats Our Tackified Cleanroom Entrance Mats, made from an incinerable polyethelyne film, remove foot borne particulates before entering the cleanroom area Seamless one-piece construction allows for full surface coverage Numbered tabs provide easy identification and... Read More
  • Tactilus By Sensor Products Inc.

    Tactilus® is a matrix-based tactile surface sensor – essentially an “electronic skin” that records and interprets pressure distribution and magnitude between any two contacting or mating surfaces and assimilates the collected data into a powerful Windows® based tool kit. Each Tactilus® sensor is... Read More
  • Tamper Evident Labels By DuraTech Industries

    DuraTech's tamper evident destructible void labels are a unique tamper proof security labels for excellent high bond adhesion and conformability to smooth or curved irregular surfaces. When the void labels are tampered against removal and are easily damaged, causing cracking and cause multiple... Read More
  • Tantalum Foil, Coil, Strip By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Ed Fagan Inc. stocks Tantalum in a variety of forms and dimensions. Tantalum is famous for its resistance to corrosion by acids; in fact, below 150˚C, tantalum is almost completely immune to corrosion by aqua regia. Due to its resistance to attack by body fluids, tantalum provides an excellent... Read More
  • Tantalum Rod By

    Medical Grade tantalum rods (0.5 mm to 1.5 mm) in according to ASTM F 560 / ISO 13782 from ISO 13485 certified supplier Compared to tantalum wire that often are is relative soft x-medics tantalum rods are harder and optimized for mechanical machining. Minimum order amounts: 3... Read More
  • Tantalum Rods By

    Medical Grade tantalum rods (0.5 mm to 1.5 mm) in according to ASTM F 560 / ISO 13782 from ISO 13485 certified supplier Compared to tantalum wire that often are is relative soft x-medics tantalum rods are harder and optimized for mechanical machining. Minimum order amounts: 3... Read More
  • Tantalum wire By

    Tantalum Wire ASTM F560 / ISO 13782 medical Grade metric sizes for instant shipping (select size for order) Wire on spool (coiled) - metric size Tantalum wire 0.20 mm diameter Tantalum wire 0.25 mm diameter Tantalum wire 0.50 mm diameter Tantalum wire 0.80 mm diameter Tantalum... Read More
  • Tantalun Beads By

    The beads are suitable as orthopedic markers and target beads as they are characterized by a good sphericity and a well-defined diameter. The beads have adequate mechanical properties to withstand the impact of insertion. Tantalum spheres, tantalum balls and tantalum beads are synonyms for... Read More
  • Tapered Tubing By Sunlite Plastics Inc.

    Sunlite's advacned extrusion technology allows us to offer tapered tubing with multi-lumens, stripes, and filled materials. Read More
  • Tattoo ID Enterprise By Integrated Software Design

    Design labels that comply with corporate branding requirements and meet all international standards from a central location. Print labels at all remote corporate locations. Powerful and cost effective solution allows you to meet changing requirements easily and effectively. Read More
  • TC Series Central Chillers By Thermal Care, Inc.

    Save up to 70% in energy costs. TC Series Central Chillers use revolutionary, frictionless, magnetic bearing compressors to deliver optimum chiller performance and part load efficiencies. Available from 60 tons to 180 tons with either single or completely independent dual refrigeration circuits.... Read More
  • T-cell Culture Device By MME group Inc

    Delivered: Complete control over design enhancements, design timeline, and production schedule; supply chain consolidation; significant cost reduction; qualified components in only 6 weeks. Complete validation of product throughout manufacture and assembly.Full assembly in clean room and in... Read More
  • T-Clamp By Dravon Medical Inc.

    This is the original, “True Blue” T-Clamp by Dravon. Hospital and other medical personnel use this clamp to secure towels, drapes and sponges. A special nylon formulation makes the Dravon clamp strong yet lightweight. This inexpensive clamp costs only a fraction of its metal counterparts. Read More
  • TCXO By Ascend Frequency Devices

    Ascend Frequency Devices offers a wide variety of TCXO products, including all the industry standard packages, through-hole or surface mount. This enables our products to be cross referenced into any application. Our precision engineering capabilities enable us to offer tight tolerances that... Read More
  • Team Training: Medical Devices By Educo Life Sciences

    We support life science leaders improve team performance by designing and delivering technical training programmes that are aligned to your teams learning requirements. Read More
  • TEAM™ EDS Analysis System for SEM By EDAX Inc.

    The TEAM™ EDS Analysis System for the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is offered with Octane Elect and Octane Elite EDS Systems for a wide range of applications. The TEAM™ EDS Analysis System coupled with Smart Features is the most intuitive and easy to use analytical tool available for the... Read More
  • Tecan Cavro® valves By Tecan Group Ltd

    Tecan's wide assortment of Tecan Cavro valves helps to configure the pumping system to meet your needs. The most common valve configuration is a rotary valve made of FEP and KEL-F®. For applications requiring longer life, higher pressures, or to provide the necessary chemical compatibility for... Read More
  • Technologies-Digital Motor Control By Pentad Design

    Pentad Design has been working with digital motor drive applications for over 30 years. Our development engineers are up-to-date on the latest hardware, software and embedded technologies as well as compliance, safety, quality and regulatory requirements in order to ensure the most time... Read More
  • Technologies-Embedded Electronics By Pentad Design

    Pentad Design excels at Embedded Systems solutions. Our innovative engineering team can transform your imagination into reality. We can work with your existing design and create an engineering package including the hardware or firmware or mechanical elements of your system design or we can... Read More
  • Technologies-Power Electronics By Pentad Design

    Pentad Design has many successful designs incorporating innovative solutions to power management challenges. End users increasingly prefer portable and hand held products, and they demand ever longer battery runtime, without a size or weight penalty. We can create these optimized solutions for... Read More
  • Technologies-Wireless Communication By Pentad Design

    Pentad Design has a proven track record for integrating wireless into our customer’s design. We understand the challenges with bringing a wireless product to the marketplace in different geographical regions and we can provide you with the knowledge and expertise to overcome that challenge.... Read More
  • TechTeam® Technical Support By STERIS Corporation

    Our TechTeam professionals provide vital technical support in all phases of the sterilization design process including product development, materials testing, protocol generation and sterilization validation. If you have a specialty product, we'll develop a specialty solution. Whether you're... Read More
  • Tectri SA Precision Machining By RepExact, LLC

    Tectri SA of Switzerland offers unique expertise in multi-spindle Swiss style CNC machining to single micron tolerances. Challenging custom orthopaedic and other precision components, palm of hand size and smaller. Turned/milled/(gun)drilled/tapped and de-burred on one machine. All objective... Read More
  • TE-DPV® Asphalt Thermoelectric Rotational Paddle Viscometer By Cannon Instrument Company

    ASTM D7226, ASTM D2397, ASTM D977 and AASHTO TP 121 (T 382) For Dynamic Viscosity of Non-Homogenous Materials Including Emulsified Asphalts TE-DPV® is an automated, thermoelectrically cooled rotational digital paddle viscometer for measuring the dynamic viscosity of emulsified asphalts, marine... Read More
  • Teflon® Conveyor Belts By Andrew Roberts Inc

    Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics developed its belting materials for applications that require superior release characteristics, permeability for rapid drying, dimensional and thermal stability, and the dynamic strength to stand up to the most rigorous operating conditions. The unique behavior... Read More
  • Teflon® Tubing (PTFE) By ACF Components & Fasteners , Inc.

    Carries the low coefficient of friction found in Teflon and allows the highest service temperature of any other plastic tubing offered. Also allows for the transport of viscous, sticky materials without line clogging. Read More
  • Temp°Alert® By Winland Electronics Inc.

    Reliable, Economical Temperature Monitoring Devices to Protect Controlled Climates through Your Security System Where climate control is essential—in computer rooms, residential/vacation homes, greenhouses, animal/livestock buildings or any unattended building—four Temp°Alert® models protect... Read More
  • Temperature and Process Controllers By Watlow

    Watlow's temperature and process controllers offer easy-to-use, accurate and reliable solutions for applications requiring single and multiple loops of control. Temperature and process controllers include one or more sensor inputs with open-loop break detection and multiple outputs for... Read More
  • Temperature Chambers By Cincinnati Sub-Zero

    CSZ offers a full selection of environmental temperature and humidity test chambers to suit any type of testing need. These test chambers are available for steady-state stability testing, basic temperature cycling to accelerated stress testing in a variety of sizes to choose from. Read More
  • Temperature Control Units By Regloplas Corporation

    Regloplas provides a wide range of temperature-control units, including high-performance temperature control units for use with water or thermal oil, numerous optional features, custom-made units tailored to a specific application, a variety of control systems and a wide range of accessories. Read More
  • Temperature Sensor IC By Innovative Sensor Technology, USA Division

    The TSic™ product family consists of chip-integrated and calibrated temperature sensors with an integrated signal converter for analog or digital signal output. It offers measurement accuracy from ±0.5°C to far below ±0.1°C and also medium (0.1°C) to high (0.034°C, 0.004°C) signal resolution for... Read More
  • Temperature Sensors By Weed Instrument

    Ultra Electronics, Nuclear Sensors & Process Instrumentation (NSPI) is a leading supplier of sanitary temperature sensors, thermowells and transmitters to end users, OEMs and process skid suppliers. We have over 30 years of experience in providing accurate and robust solutions for sanitary... Read More
  • Temporal Bone Vice By Renshaw Precision

    The temporal bone vice is made for medical bio-skills courses. It rotates 360 degress in two axis' and easily adusts to any desired position. It is available with either an anodize aluminum base or a polymer base. It is available in your choice of color and the name of your company or... Read More
  • Temporal Scanner - TAT 5000 By Exergen Corp.

    Ensuring superior functionality in the most demanding of hospital environments, the TAT-5000 easily stands up to the heavy duty demands of a high-performance hospital workplace, including intensive care units and emergency departments, and all inpatient units. Depending on patient care... Read More
  • Tensile Testers By Mecmesin Corporation

    Tensile Testing Machines: Tensile testers for tensile, lap shear, pull off, pull out, tear strength, tear resistance and adhesion/peel strength testing. Our top-of-the-range MultiTest-i tensile testers provide optimum testing performance and evaluation options, enabling you to get the most... Read More
  • Tergo™ Metal Cleaning Fluid By MicroCare Corp

    MicroCare Medical is the world’s leading expert in solvent cleaning, particularly using vapor degreasers. By avoiding aqueous cleaning, medical device makers can be confident their components are consistently clean and free of pyrogens. Solvent cleaning also is extremely fast, reliable,... Read More
  • Termination Finish Conversion / Tin Whisker Mitigation By AEM Inc.

    The AEM tin / lead conversion process is effective for most chip size passive components including capacitors, inductors, resistors, ferrite chip beads, fuses, resistor arrays, capacitor arrays, bead arrays, and many molded body passive and active surface mount component types. Read More
  • Test Services for EMC Compliance & Safety By Parker Chomerics

    CSA International, a leading provider of product testing and certification services, has granted approval for Chomerics to participate in the CSA Agent Program-Testing Agreement (APT). This program allows Chomerics to test laboratory instrumentation, medical equipment and Information Technology... Read More
  • Test Strip Cutter By AZCO Corp.

    AZCO Corp.'s test strip cutter is an automated, two step process in which a diagnostic sheet is cut into individual pieces. First, the sheet is fed into a cutting station where it will be cut into individual cards. Then, the individual cards will be moved and indexed into the second... Read More
  • Test Tray Seals By Strouse

    The Strouse Corporation die cuts engineered, multi-cell, array assembly foil seals. Used while conducting analysis and research of pharmaceutical, medical, chemical and bioanalytical compunds & materials. These components are manufactured in Strouse's Class 10,000 Clean Rooms. Substrate... Read More
  • Test tube labels By ID Solutions

    Heavy coat weight, can withstand extreme temperatures (optional). Read More
  • Testing Services By Accolade Engineering Solutions

    Accolade Engineering provides testing services including DSC, DMA, TMA, TGA, TGA-MS, Microsections, SEM, SEM/EDS, C-SAM (accoustic microscope), Microhardness, Tensile Testing, GCMS, HPLC, Ion Chromatography, XRF, FTIR, microFTIR, ICP-MS, Thermal Cycling, Thermal Shock, Temperature/Humidity, HAST... Read More
  • Testing Systems By Preh IMA Automation

    Evana builds automated test systems designed to help you solve your most difficult testing challenges, such as component performance testing, functional testing, conformance testing, destructive testing, dimensional testing, leak and flow testing, and more. We specialize in testing... Read More
  • Tevdek® Sutures By Teleflex Medical OEM

    A heavy PTFE coating and the proprietary Deknatel® braid provide minimum friction, allowing the suture to pass easily through most friable tissue. Coating: A heavy PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coating helps reduce the “dead space” in the braid rendering the suture material virtually insert,... Read More
  • The ARP 2200 Series Fanless Panel PC's By Arista Corporation

    The energy efficient ARP-2200AP panel PC combines industry leading connectivity with cutting-edge functionality. Designed as a high reliability, extreme environment control solution, this system is ideally suited for demanding industrial environments. The ARP-2200AP was designed as a rugged... Read More
  • The Cartridge Valve By Parker Fluid Control Division

    Parker Fluid Control Division, manufacturers of the Skinner and Gold Ring lines of solenoid valves and the Sinclair Collins line of process control valves, offers a line of manifold mount Cartridge Valves, an innovative and simplified alternative to solenoid operators and stud mount valves.... Read More
  • The MicroCare Medical Family of Non-aqueous Precision Cleaners By MicroCare Corp

    When it comes to cleaning electronics during manufacturing, rework or repair, MicroCare is the undisputed industry leader. The MicroCare family of PCB cleaners offers the widest array of chemical choices, plus money-saving tools that improve cleaning while eliminating waste. These quality... Read More
  • Thermal & Environmental Testing By Compliance Management Group

    We provide thermal & environmental testing laboratories for consultation; testing and certification services to help manufacturers comply with domestic emissions requirements (FCC) and the EMC requirements of the European EMC Directive 2004/108/EC. Read More
  • Thermal Barrier Coatings By TST Engineered Coating Solutions

    The use of thermal barrier coatings enables the use of metallics, alloys and composite materials at higher temperatures, by reducing the temperature to which the parts are exposed. Read More
  • Thermal Bonded Tubing By Sunlite Plastics Inc.

    We are able to fuse two or more tubes of different sizes or color (including wire to tubing). The result is a clean, simple configuration to prevent confusion. Using heat rather than solvents allows for a clean, strong bond that is consistent throughout the entire length of the tube. Thermal... Read More
  • Thermal Cooling Devices By Jaro Thermal

    Since 1976, Jaro Thermal has developed a broad range of thermal cooling products specifically designed to extend the life of electronic components - in a large number of industries and applications. Specifically, Jaro Thermal offer a full line of CPU cooler modules, blower fans, DC axial flow... Read More
  • Thermal Interface Material By Fralock

    Thermally conductive materials and thermal management systems are designed to remove the heat generated by an electronic devices (such as a power transistor or microprocessors) to the ambient environment in order to ensure the reliable operation of the system. Fralock provides product solutions... Read More
  • Thermal Oxidizers By Glenro, Inc.

    Glenro has developed and integrated green technologies into its equipment designs to help reduce global warming and total green house gas emissions. When a thermal oxidizer is required to prevent the emission of hydrocarbon solvent vapors (VOCs) into the atmosphere, we also look for ways to... Read More
  • Thermal Printer Mechanisms By Seiko Instruments USA,

    Choose from a complete lineup of embedded printing options, including rugged, high-performance 24V printer mechanisms, and reliable, small footprint low voltage mechanisms for portable applications. Read More
  • Thermal printers By ID Solutions

    We sell, service and repair thermal label printers- Zebra, Honeywell, Intermec, Datamax, Sato and more! We are a Zebra and Honeywell Certified Repair Facility; however, we repair all types of thermal printers- Zebra, Honeywell, Intermec, Datamax, and Sato. We also offer remote technical support... Read More
  • Thermal Shock Test Chambers By Cincinnati Sub-Zero

    We provides a large selection of thermal shock chambers to accommodate various product testing. Thermal Shock Chambers perform tailored environmental stress screening of component and board electronic assemblies. Our unique chamber designs transfers product between two extreme... Read More
  • Therm-A-Lert Data Logger By MadgeTech Inc

    The MadgeTech Therm•A•Lert is a temperature monitoring and alarming system, designed specifically for laboratories, warehouses and other environments where temperature monitoring is critical. The system can be used to monitor a single location, or expanded to monitor hundreds of locations over a... Read More
  • Thermo Plastic Molding By ProMed Molded Products Inc.

    ProMed offers medical, thermo-plastic molding, which is the injection molding of high end, "exotic" plastics. Our competitive advantage is having the right equipment and processes in place that helps to minimize material waste. We provide a custom molding technology which allows cost effective... Read More
  • Thermobarb® FDA Polypropylene Barbed Y Connectors By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    Precision molded of FDA-approved polypropylene copolymer Meets USP Class VI standards; compliant with FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 Smooth interior for unrestricted, uniform flow No mold parting lines or flashing Longer, more tapered lead barb slides easily into tubing and provides a secure... Read More
  • Thermocouple By Positronic Industries

    Positronic offers a variety of connector types with thermocouple contact options. Standard Density D-subminiature - Connectors with 9 to 50 contacts in six package sizes. Signal and thermocouple contacts in a single package. Crimp and printed circuit board mount thermocouple contact... Read More
  • Thermocouple Wire By MWS Wire Industries

    Medical grade thermocouple (TC) wires are used in treatment of tachycardia and atrial fibrillation where there is a need for measurement of tissue temperature at the ablation site. Medical Grade Thermocouple wire is typically used in catheter applications and supplied to customer specified... Read More
  • Thermocouples By Watlow

    Watlow provides over 85 years of manufacturing, research and product development for your temperature sensing needs. Watlow manufacturers a tremendous selection of general application, mineral insulated metal sheathed, base metal, high temperature, surface temperature and multipoint... Read More
  • Thermoelectric Recirculating Chiller By CustomChill Inc.

    Thermoelectric chillers rated 300 and 400 Watts cooling capacity, equipped with pump, temperature controller, with accuracy of +/-0.1 deg.C, 500 mL reservoir, included in powder painted aluminum enclosure, widely use in Medical, Laser and Laboratory fields, where fluids cooling and / or heating... Read More
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers By Avient Corporation Specialty Inks

    We’ve developed the GLS™ line of thermoplastic elastomers from a wide range of technologies to suit an even wider variety of purposes. Our distinct product families cover performance features desired in markets as different as consumer packaged goods and industrial equipment – and everything in... Read More
  • Thin Film Deposition System By KDI Manufacturing

    A high vacuum, thin film deposition system for coating eyeglass lenses. KDI re-designed an existing machine to be: Easier to manufacture Easier to service and maintain More reliable Able to meet FCC and safety agency requirements KDI currently manufactures the complete... Read More
  • Thin Film Nickel RTD Temperature Sensor By Innovative Sensor Technology, USA Division

    IST nickel temperature sensors provide solutions for precise temperature measurement applications and are a direct replacement for nickel-balco temperature sensors. IST nickel temperature sensors operate within a temperature range of -60°C to +300°C. Standard DIN 43760, ½ DIN 43760, and 2x DIN... Read More
  • Thin Film Platinum RTD Temperature Sensor By Innovative Sensor Technology, USA Division

    IST thin film platinum temperature sensors provide solutions for extreme temperature applications. IST thin film products are designed with the highest quality materials, allowing them to operate within a temperature range of -200°C to +1000°C. Standard DIN 60751 sensors are offered in class B... Read More
  • Thin Film Platinum Temperature Sensor DIN Class A at 600C By Innovative Sensor Technology, USA Division

    IST offers a series of thin film platinum temperature sensors that directly replace wire wound platinum temperature sensors. IST’s PW and PG thin film sensors offer the same high temperature performance as wire wound technology, featuring DIN 60751 class A accuracy from -200 to 600 °C with... Read More
  • Thin Film Thermal Mass Flow Sensor For Liquid and Gas By Innovative Sensor Technology, USA Division

    IST thin film mass flow sensors offer solutions for a wide variety of flow applications. The thin film and membrane technologies incorporate highly accurate temperature sensors and heaters as core elements of the sensors. IST flow sensors are applicable in both liquid and gas, have an... Read More
  • Threaded Fittings and Threaded Connectors By Nordson MEDICAL

    Nordson Medical manufactures plastic tubing fittings and connectors to join tubing to commonly-used threaded ports. Products are available in over 100 configurations in nylon, polypropylene and PVDF resins, with straight, elbow and tee connections for tubing. Available thread styles include... Read More
  • Threaded Plugs By CPC (Colder Products Company)

    Colder Products Company offers a wide variety of quality threaded plugs. Polypropylene and Nylon plugs. Tapered 10-32 threaded plugs, threaded plug, 1/16", 1/8" and 1/4" NPT. Colors include white, black, natural. Read More
  • Three-Phase Power Line Filters By Curtis Industries / Tri-Mag

    Features: - EMC solutions up to 600A at 600VAC and power applications up to 360kVA - 2-stage filter line supports both Delta and Wye connected loads - Effective noise suppression in the critical 150kHz-30MHz range Applications include: - Motors - Food preparation equipment &... Read More
  • THY Precision - High Precision CNC Parts Manufacturing, Precision CNC Machining, By THY Hong Yang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

    We are involved in manufacturing and supplying a quality range of CNC Precision Parts which are fabricated from strong metal to cover different kind of products and provide safety from dust. In order to assure the quality of our range, THY Precision manufacture this product utilizing high grade... Read More
  • THY Precision - Medical Parts, Medical Part Mold OEM/ODM, Medical Injection Micro Molding By THY Hong Yang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

    Medical Grade Titanium Instruments / Micromolded Injection Medical Parts ​For the sake of clients' demands for products cleaning, THY Precision especially spent large amount of assets to establish clean room to improve the quality of our injection products. Moreover, we use medical grade... Read More
  • Tiodize Composite Materials By Tiodize Co., Inc.

    TIODIZE has developed a full range of FIBER/LITE fasteners and fastening devices made of state of the art composites as well as new and unique self-lubricating composite materials called TRIBO/COMP. FIBER/LITE fasteners and fastening devices maintain high tensile, shear and fatigue strength at... Read More
  • Titanium and HA porous coatings By Medicoat AG

    Osteoconductive porous coatings made of Titanium and Hydroxyapatite applied to metallic and non-metallic (ceramics, polymers) implants like femoral stems, spine cages, intervertebral disc prosthesis Read More
  • Titanium Anodizing By Tiodize Co., Inc.

    For over 50 years The Tiodize Process has been used for biocompatibility, increased fatigue strength, anti-galling, and increased lubricity. Color Anodizing to easily identify parts. Read More
  • Titanium Etching By Photofabrication Engineering

    Several years ago, PEI became involved with the etching of pure titanium to create anodes and cathodes for the domestic and international fuel cell market. Since then, using the experience gathered over the years, PEI has become the leading expert in etching titanium and other exotic materials... Read More
  • TLC™ Top Load Cartoner By MGS Machine Corp

    An adaptable top load cartoning modular solution, the TLC™ features a modular design that can be expanded as needed in order to meet future production needs. This system offers a variety of carton-loading options as well as carton closing. Handles either auto lock carton or from carton blank.... Read More
  • TME Pressure Bubble Tester By TM ELECTRONICS INC

    The TM Electronics TME Pressure Bubble Tester provides low pressure and controlled flow to a pouch to meet the requirements of ASTM International F-2096 test method “Standard Test Method for Detecting Gross Leaks in Packaging by Internal Pressurization Bubble Test”. Read More

    The TME Solution™ has proven throughout the years to be one of the most reliable long lasting custom and standard leak test instruments in the medical, pharmaceutical and automotive industries. Read More
  • TMSWeb Quality Compliance Management System By Quality Systems Integrators Inc

    TMSWeb Quality Compliance Management System is specifically designed for companies who realize the value of complying with quality standards. An affordable, web-based system that manages your documents and controls revisions; tracks employee training; provides on-line quizzing; electronic... Read More
  • Tool Design & Fabrication By Custom Mold & Design

    Whatever your tooling application requires – at Custom Mold & Design we do it all . . . and we do it better. We combine an experienced design and engineering team with highly advanced technology along with the best-in-class equipment in the industry. At every step you can expect careful... Read More
  • Tool Design & Manufacturing By Polymer Conversions, Inc. - Plastics Technology Center

    Need a brand new prototype or production tool built? Convert from Metal to Plastic part designs and reduce your project's cost! Our Certified Mold Makers and Tool Room teammates are qualified to handle even the most delicate tools. After every run our molds are cleaned and examined to assure... Read More
  • Tool Transfer Program By Diversified Plastics, Inc.

    DPI’s Transfer Tool Program provides a full review of each tool upon receipt. It incorporates a complete cleaning of the transferred tool and allowance for basic modifications. The activities below are included for each tool transferred. Establish a transfer tool team that includes a project... Read More
  • Tooling By Nelipak

    Tooling is all about flawless precision. What other thermoformers consider to be a finished tool does not meet our standards. Our molds are polished to produce finishes that are attractive as they are functional. This facilitates the flow of the materials to achieve proper wall thickness and... Read More
  • Tooling Trials and Process Development By Custom Mold & Design

    Custom Mold & Design Provides: Turnkey tooling programs Design for manufacturability assistance Consultation for moldability or manufacturability concerns Prototyping Tooling trials - injection molding of thermoplastic, elastomeric and liquid silicone rubber through its sister company... Read More
  • Toolmaking By Precision Associates Inc.

    Precision Associates’ in-house tools shop builds all the molds we use to produce high quality rubber products. Utilizing the most recent machining technology, our expert mold designers work with our rubber chemists and manufacturing engineers to create the best tool for production yield and part... Read More
  • Top-load Testers By Mecmesin Corporation

    Top-load and crush resistance testing ensures containers do not deform or fail when filled, closed, stacked or transported. There are many industry standards for filled and empty containers and for the rigidity of materials themselves. Mecmesin universal testers are a reliable and accurate... Read More
  • TOPLOADING Packaging Solutions By Dividella AG, a Körber Group company

    TOPLoading solutions by Dividella for the packaging of pharmaceutical products are characterized by: Flat blanks for carton and partition - printable on all sides Safe automated erecting of pack Safe loading process (100% verification after loading) This offers a variety of advantages for... Read More
  • Torqo II By Mesa Laboratories, Inc.

    The Torqo is a durable and reliable computerized cap torque analyzer, which is setting a new standard for torque measurement throughout the packaging industry. With its on-board microprocessor, the Torqo makes torque testing simple, accurate and affordable. It is easy to use, easy to set up,... Read More
  • Torque Sensor By Sensor Developments Inc.

    Non-contact digital torque sensor featuring high speed and high frequency response. ISO-17025 accredited calibration included. Read More
  • Torque Sensors By HITEC Sensor Developments

    A torque sensor translates a torsional mechanical output into an electrical output signal. Our Engineering and manufacturing teams can design and assemble a turn‐key, ready to install torque transducer solution. Torque measurement characteristic considerations include: - Measurement range -... Read More
  • Torque Testers By ANDILOG

    ANDILOG manufactures torque gauges, torque wrenches, reaction torque testers and dynamic torque testers. We produce precision torque test instruments and torque test stands too. We supply both manual and motorized torque test stands. We make torque test instruments, and systems, that measure... Read More
  • Touch Screens By Epec Engineered Technologies

    Epec Engineered Technologies offers a full range of high quality touch panel technologies and sizes designed to fit a wide range of applications and LCD sizes. Our product range consists of 4-wire, 5-wire, 8-wire and capacitive touch panels. As a full service touch screen provider, we offer... Read More
  • Touch screens Membrane switch Rubber Keypads By PGI Technologies

    Contact Carlos or Mike at 858-560-8213 for your Medical Device discount or E-mail or PGI is ISO a certified supplier of Touch Screens, Membranes Switches and Rubber keypads. PGI produces 100% custom parts to your design or our 35 engineers and help from... Read More
  • Touhy Borst Adapter and Guide Wire Holder By MedMolds

    This is a unique Touhy Borst Adapter with distinct features like Large bore, Side port and large torquer that enables perfect grip of silicone gasket on the catheter. Comes in two sizes 0~13 Fr and 6~18 Fr. Read More
  • Toxicology / Biocompatibility Testing By Geneva Laboratories

    Plastics and other polymers intended for use in medical devices, implants or other systems associated with a medical process, must be shown to be suitable for use in the intended applications. USP <88> Biological Reactivity Tests, in Vivo offers guidance to the testing required to meet the... Read More
  • TPE Thermoplastics Elastomer Specialty Compounds By RTP Company

    Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) materials combine the functional performance and properties of thermoset rubbers with the processability of thermoplastics. TPEs permit fabrication of "rubber-like" articles with the speed, efficiency, and economy of injection molding. RTP Company offers a broad... Read More
  • Track, Trace and Control Solutions By Omron Automation Americas

    A Track, Trace and Control (TTC) solution is an essential element of successful assembly of high quality products at the lowest possible cost. Microscan TTC Solutions were developed by experts in the electronics industry to ensure that the right material is in the right place at the right time,... Read More
  • TrackWise By Sparta Systems, Inc

    TrackWise software by Sparta Systems is an enterprise quality management solution (EQMS) that optimizes quality, ensures compliance, reduces risk, and lowers costs for world-class clients across a range of industries. Commonly known as QMS software, TrackWise software is the only enterprise... Read More
  • Trade Printing Services By Graphic Communications Inc.

    Throughout our history, Graphic Communications, Inc. has been a trusted partner to the printing trade. We will confidentially process your job, offer press time/services and provide printing plates with the same level of attention to detail and service we provide all our clients. You can be... Read More
  • Training and Consulting By The QC Group, Inc.

    The QC Group Training Division draws on the vast industry experience of its instructors to bring you the best quality-related training found anywhere. Everyone in the business of producing a product or providing a service must be competent in the quality disciplines. It is with that perspective... Read More
  • Training Management By Pilgrim Quality Solutions

    Manage personnel skill sets and certification requirements, and streamline course activities Read More
  • Transducers By PUI AUDIO INC

    A transducer is an electronic device that converts energy from one form to another. Common examples include microphones, loudspeakers, and pressure sensors. There are two types of transducers, piezoelectric and electro-mechanical. Piezoelectric transducers react in the same way of Piezoelectric... Read More
  • Translation and Localization Services By OmniLingua Worldwide LLC

    Until there is a common language, there is OmniLingua. At OmniLingua, we know that when we speak the language of your business as well as we speak the language of your customers, when we us our experience to continually optimize quality, and when we turn the most innovative technologies into the... Read More
  • Translation Services By DTS Language Services Inc.

    For more than 30 years DTS Language Services, Inc. has been providing superior professional translation services. Our reputation for accuracy, language quality, and expediency is why leading Contract Research Organizations (CROs), Independent Review Boards (IRBs), Biotechnology firms, and... Read More
  • Transmission & Clutch Parts By AmTech International

    AmTech International has produced many clutch and transmission components including: clutch baskets, inner hubs, axles, housings and pressure plates. Our clutch components start as dedicated forgings built specifically to take advantage of features that can only be made through the precision... Read More

    We have produced membrane switch assemblies for over 35 years at Eastprint. Our deep level of experience, engineering expertise, and use of the latest industry innovations has made us experts in leading edge electronics technology. One of the most widely used electronic applications today is... Read More
  • Tray Sealer Machines By MDC Engineering, Inc.

    For packaging applications that require precisely registered, pre-printed top web materials (no overhang) sealed to a blister tray. Our automated tray sealing machine less than 10 feet long and capable of 12 cycles per minute. The system will then register the materials and die cut the sealed... Read More
  • Tropical Assemblies, Inc. By Tropical Assemblies

    Tropical Assemblies is a Electronic Contract Manufacturer supplying a wide range of High Tech and Complex Electronic Products for a variety of industries. Tropical Assemblies specializes in surface mount technology and through-hole manufacturing of printed circuit boards assemblies. We offer... Read More
  • Trotec CO2 Laser Printers and Etchers By The Danby Group LLP

    For our device manufacturers who must mark their products with a traceable, unique identifying symbology such as a 2D UID or UDI mark, we can offer no better recommendation than the Trotec line of CO2 Laser printers and engravers. For those devices where the product itself must be marked... Read More
  • TRUFLEX-UV By Griffin-Rutgers Co

    A True UV Flexo Press for the In-Line or Off-Line printing of various width Webs, including Blister Lid Stocks. Read More
  • TSC Series - Tapered Seal (non luer) Connectors By Nordson MEDICAL

    With TSC Series conical seal fittings, Nordson Medical expands its range of products for small-bore connector applications in medical devices. TSC Series products offer the reliability, convenience and ease of use of luer fittings in a design that cannot be interconnected with conventional... Read More
  • TT-1 | Turn Table Plasma Etcher By Plasma Etch Inc

    TT-1 is a Surface Modification System having a rotating electrode designed to meet the needs of the wire bonding industry having the capacity to evenly process multiple slotted lead frame magazines. Read More
  • TTR By Moog Animatics

    Animatics Table Top Robots consist of an X Y Z ball screw driven Cartesian system controlled exclusively by Animatics SmartMotor servos. Read More
  • Tube & Profile Cutters By Boston Matthews

    A wide range of cutters to cut various sizes of tube & profile: Servo Fly Knife Cutters Planetary Cutters Fly Wheel Cutters Cutter/Puller Combination Read More
  • Tube & Profile Saws By Boston Matthews

    Boston Matthews design and manufacture a complete range of Saws to ensure that whatever shape or size of profile or tube a clean, accurate and consistent cut length is guaranteed. Boston Matthews’ range of Saws are designed using the latest 3D Computer Design Software and incorporate the latest... Read More
  • Tube Routing Accessories By Ark-Plas Products Inc.

    Manufactured in durable Nylon. Most can be color coded. Simple & Easy to Use. Variety of sizes and styles. Read More
  • TubeDyne™ Corona Treating System By 3DT LLC

    TubeDyne, from 3DT, is a high-performance system for tubing. Catheter material, medical tubing, and other tubing including Pebax, PP, PE and nylon lack sufficient surface tension to create strong bonding with adhesives and printing inks. TubeDyne overcomes these problems utilizing corona... Read More
  • Tube-To-Tube Fittings By Nordson MEDICAL

    Nordson Medical offers tubing connectors and fittings in sizes ranging from 1/16" (1.6 mm) to 1" (25.4 mm) ID in over 100 separate configurations, in nylon, polypropylene, polycarbonate and PVDF, with other engineering resins available on special order. Available styles include straight... Read More
  • Tubing By Contech Medical Inc.

    Contech Medical offers the following standard tubing sizes: .110”OD X .079”ID+/-.003”, HDPE .152”OD X .100”ID+/-.003”, HDPE .152”OD X .110”ID+/-.003”, HDPE .152”OD X .122”ID+/-.003”, HDPE .152”OD X .122”ID+/-.003”, Polypropylene .197”OD X.157”ID+/-.005″, HDPE... Read More
  • Tubing (medical-grade) By Raumedic Inc.

    For more than 60 years, RAUMEDIC has manufactured tubes and profiles for the medical technology and pharmaceutical sectors from all known thermoplastic materials and silicone rubber. The product range comprises all conceivable dimensions. Amongst these are tubes with the narrowest tolerances and... Read More
  • Tubing and Fittings By Hamilton Company

    Hamilton Company offers a wide variety of chemically inert fittings for fluid handling valves. The fittings are made to connect to ¼-28 and M6 threaded valve ports. In addition there is a wide variety of quick connect luer and luer lock adapters Read More
  • Tubing Cutter By AZCO Corp.

    This bench top unit is ideal for your tube processing. The tubing is indexed by a dual driver tractor belt system for high accuracy. For easy operator use, the stepper drive is controlled by the color touch screen. Simply enter the length and number of pieces. Ideal for all flexible... Read More
  • Tubing Technology By Kahle Automation

    Kahle is a worldwide supplier of automation and process equipment for the Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Industries. Dedicated to designing solutions for only one Industry allows us the opportunity to develop the expertise required to build production systems with an understanding of the... Read More
  • Tubing, Wire and Fiber Optics By Glenro, Inc.

    When your wire, cable or fiber optic processing operation requires intense, precisely controlled heat, we can design a system around a member of our Radround® family of infrared heaters. These versatile building blocks have formed the basis for many Proven Solutions®; some of which are... Read More
  • Tubular & Finned Tubular Heaters By Backer Hotwatt , Inc.

    Features: • The Hotwatt Tubular Heater has built-in resistance to shock, vibration, corrosion and temperature extremes. • The heater is swaged, reducing the diameter of the metal sheath and compacting the insulation. This insures rapid heat transfer and holds the coil in position for... Read More
  • Tubular Heaters By Watlow

    Single- and double-ended tubular heaters lend themselves to virtually the entire range of immersion and air heating applications. They have a variety of mounting and termination options that make them ideal for industrial applications. Watlow® tubular heaters are UL® and CSA component recognized... Read More
  • TUFRAM By General Magnaplate Corp.

    TUFRAM Surface Enhancement Coatings Protect Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys Against Wear, Corrosion, Sticking and Galling Dramatically increase surface hardness - between Rc 40 and Rc 65 Permanently self-lubricating for extended wear Superior resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and acids and... Read More
  • Tungsten Alloy By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Tungsten Alloys (also known as Mallory 1000, Densalloy, Fansteel 77, Densimet) which contain elements such as nickel, copper and iron, produce a host of alloys which have engineering properties similar to steel, are relatively easy to machine, and can be plated or painted to enhance their... Read More
  • Tungsten Precision Cut Wire and Pins By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Ed Fagan Inc. stocks Tungsten wire in a range of diameters from 0.001” to 0.125” and can be cut to your length, tolerance, concentricity, and straightness requirements. Tungsten wire has a number of applications in the manufacture of medical devices due to its ability to retain its... Read More
  • TURNKEY AUTOMATION By Arthur G. Russell Co., Inc.

    AGR has experience in providing you with the correct automation platform to suit your specific product assembly needs. We can provide a turnkey assembly automation solution that fits your specific manufacturing process and delivers benefits including: • Maximizing efficiency • Reducing costs •... Read More
  • Turnkey Molding Systems By Aberdeen Technologies Inc.

    ABERDEEN. designs and offers turnkey molding systems for customers worldwide, offering a one-stop source at competitive prices. Our approach begins with a thorough understanding and knowledge of what it takes to make our customers leaders in insert medical molding technology. We have supplied... Read More
  • Turnkey Product Development By Sunrise Labs

    New product development efforts, by nature, are not completely predictable. This is what we love about developing new products; there is always a new challenge. At Sunrise, we value the hundreds of product development challenges we have conquered and are pleased to share the lessons we have... Read More
  • Twist-Tip Unit Dose Dispenser By Unicep

    Single use Twist-Tip™ Blow-Fill-Seal dispensers provide cost-efficient packaging systems without any loss of product integrity. Contents can be easily dispensed and controlled by the user. The size ranges allow for very precise dispense needs or a container that resembles a small bottle. This... Read More
  • Tygon® Medical/Surgical Tubing S-50-HL By Applied Tubing, LLC

    Developed for use in cardiac surgery and ideal for contact with blood. Flexible and resilient with established performance in peristaltic pump applications. Meets ISO 10993 and meets FDA standards for biocompatibility, and meets USP Class VI criteria. Priced per foot; sold in 10 ft. intervals... Read More
  • Tygon® Teflon PTFE, FEP, and PFA Tubing By Applied Tubing, LLC

    In chemistry, PTFE is a synthetic fluoropolymer which finds numerous applications. PTFE is most well known by the DuPont brand name Teflon and has the lowest coefficient of friction of any polymer Because of its molecular structure, traditional PTFE cannot be processed by melting, but must... Read More
  • Type-100 Precision Air Pressure Regulator By ControlAir LLC

    The Type-100 is a high precision, multi-stage pressure regulator. This pressure controller provides the highest level of regulation accuracy and repeatability available. The Type-100 is ideal for applications that call for the utmost of control and maximum stability under variable operating... Read More
  • Type-700 Precision High Flow Pressure Regulator By ControlAir LLC

    The Type 700 is designed for applications that require high flow capacity and accurate process control. A poppet valve which is balanced by utilizing a rolling diaphragm insures a constant output pressure even during wide supply pressure variations. Stability of regulated pressure is maintained... Read More
  • Type-800 Subminiature Precision Pressure Regulator By ControlAir LLC

    The Type-800 is a compact air regulator that supplies precise air pressure control for applications where space is limited. This high quality unit, available in five pressure ranges up to 100 psig (700 kPa), offers the same dependable performance as ControlAir's larger precision air pressure... Read More
  • Type-900X Miniature I/P Transducer By ControlAir LLC

    The Type-9OOX l/P, E/P transducers are a series of compact electronic pressure regulators that convert an electrical signal (current or voltage) to a proportional pneumatic output. Utilizing internal solid-state feedback circuitry, the Type-9OOX provides precise, stable pressure outputs to final... Read More
  • TZM Molybdenum Alloy By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Ed Fagan Inc. stocks TZM Molybdenum in a variety of forms and dimensions. TZM Molybdenum is an alloy of 0.50% Titanium, 0.08% Zirconium and 0.02% Carbon with the balance Molybdenum. TZM Molybdenum is manufactured by either P/M or Arc Cast technologies and is of great utility due to its high... Read More