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  • Power Fuses - BUSSMANN, LITTELFUSE, MERSEN, SIBA By Fuses Unlimited, Inc.

    Power fuses are typically rated between 250 and 600 volts and are designed to provide circuit protection in various types of industrial equipment used in industrial and commercial buildings. Midget fuses are built in a 13/32” x 1-1/2” (10x38mm or 5AG) case size. Midget fuses have ampere ratings... Read More
  • Power Entry Modules - SCHURTER, PDI By Fuses Unlimited, Inc.

    Power entry modules integrate several component functions in reducing panel space, parts count and assembly time. IEC AC inlet with or without the following options: on/off line switch, fuse holder, voltage selector, AC outlet and a RFI filter. Read More
  • Prodigy Motion Control Boards By Performance Motion Devices

    Prodigy® Motion Control Boards provide high performance board-level motion control for scientific, automation, industrial, and robotic applications. Available in PC/104, standalone, and standalone with built-in amplifiers (machine controller) configurations, these boards support Brushless DC,... Read More
  • PTC Devices - LITTELFUSE, SCHURTER, BUSSMANN By Fuses Unlimited, Inc.

    PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) device commonly known as a resettable fuse, polyfuse or polyswitch is used to protect against overcurrent faults in electronic circuits. Like traditional fuses, these PTC devices limit the flow of dangerously high current during fault conditions and resets... Read More
  • Package Testing By Cincinnati Sub-Zero

    CSZ Testing Laboratory provides package testing services for a variety of package test standards including ISTA, ASTM, and FedEx. When you need to simulate shipment or transport of product, we can help. Refer to the list below for a few of the more common package testing specifications. Read More
  • Package Testing By Keystone Compliance, LLC

    Keystone Compliance is an ISTA-certified package testing lab that has the experience and equipment to meet virtually every package test need. Keystone Compliance’s package testing experience includes testing enclosures, shipping containers, packaging materials, packaging components, and unit... Read More
  • Packaging By Advanced Scientifics, Inc.

    Advanced Scientifics provides a variety of packaging options. From bulk non-sterile to individually sterile packaged products, Advanced Scientifics can design a package to fit your requirements. Options include: flexible pouches, polybags, foil, thermo-formed trays and Tyvec Easy-peal... Read More
  • Packaging Design By SONIC Design

    Design and development of a new prescription drug bottle for pharmacy. Our design services included, research, development, prototyping and testing. Standing on its cap, the slim shape of this prescription drug bottle allows for a single all-inclusive label wrapped over its top spine. This... Read More
  • Packaging Services - Bagging/Pouching By NextPhase Medical Devices LLC

    We complete manufacturing in modern, environmentally controlled ISO Class 8 (100,000) clean rooms. We provide a host of manual and automated medical device contract manufacturing processes tailored to customers' products, including packaging services into rigid trays and pouches. Our packaging... Read More
  • Packaging Testing By EAG Laboratories

    Packaging systems can pose challenging problems for manufacturers. We solve complex problems with cartons, cans, bottles, pouches, vials, bags, and more. We've helped manufacturers in the research and development phases, as well as trouble-shooting finished products. Our comprehensive... Read More
  • Pad Print By ITW Trans Tech

    Industrial Decorating Solutions (IDS) offers both single color and multiple color pad printers to meet a wide variety of customer needs. The equipment offerings range from manual to automated pad printing equipment, engineered by IDS division's top of the line pad print brands - ITW Morlock GmbH... Read More
  • Pad Print Equipment By ITW IDS Division (ITW CER, ITW Morlock, Trans Tech, United Silicone)

    Industrial Decorating Solutions offers both single color and multiple color pad printers to meet a wide variety of customer needs. The equipment offerings range from manual to automated pad printing equipment, engineered by IDS division's top of the line pad print brands - ITW Morlock GmbH and... Read More
  • Pad Print Supplies By ITW IDS Division (ITW CER, ITW Morlock, Trans Tech, United Silicone)

    The IDS division offers a wide range of the highest quality supplies and accessories including inks, pads, plates / cliches, laser etching supplies, and cleaning supplies. Our top of the line brands, ITW Morlock and Trans Tech also provide customers with spare parts and tooling solutions for... Read More
  • Pad Printing Systems By AMTEC

    Pad Printing is a wet process in which two or three-dimensional plastic, glass, metal, rubber, or wooden parts can be decorated or printed for desired artwork. It provides versatility for industrial, medical, electronic, & specialty products regardless of shape, size, material, or surface.... Read More
  • Palletizing By Robovic Inc.

    Our systems have been used in several fields of activity. We currently offer 4 different palletizers: Box Palletizer, Bag Palletizer, Milk Crate Palletizer and Sheet Stacking Palletizer. We’ve worked for over 30 years in various activity sectors such as: food, industrial, chemical, consumer... Read More
  • PAM150/250 power supplies By Tamura Corp. of America

    150 and 250 watt Medical power supplies in 1U height packages. Meet IEC/EN/UL60601-1 safety standards. HALT and DVT tested. Read More
  • Parlay By Promenade Software Inc.

    Parlay is a powerful software development framework that exposes the internal workings of embedded devices and provides interconnectivity between the device, mobile and cloud. With the Parlay eco-system you are up and running quickly, leaving only your unique, project specific software to write.... Read More
  • Particle Counters By Hach - Particle Counting Division

    MET ONE for all of your portable, remote and hand held particle counting needs! Read More
  • Particle Size Analysis By Micro Measurement Labs Inc

    AccuSizer 780 a fully automated, high resolution particle sizing instrument that uses the principle of light obscuration to count and size particles one at a time from 0.5 - 2500 microns. The 780 provides the true particle size distribution, clearly showing the details of the distribution that... Read More
  • Particulate Matter Testing By Micro Measurement Labs Inc

    Particulate Matter testing of all types (USP, EMEA, JP) for injectable parenterals and Medical Devices. Protein Aggregation analysis studies using MFI and other methods, including sub-micron counts to 30nm. Particle Identification (FTIR photomicroscopy) & Polarized light optical microscope.... Read More
  • Parts Feeding Equipment By Service Engineering Inc.

    Needle and syringe parts feeding equipment. High output parts handling systems. Read More
  • PARYLENE KNOWLEDGE By Specialty Coating Systems, Inc.

    At Specialty Coating Systems we consider the knowledge of Parylene coatings as important to as the coatings themselves. Having amassed decades of expertise, application experience, and engineering performance, our history with Parylene conformal coatings is what makes so much of the future... Read More
  • Passive Component Testing By Chroma Systems Solutions

    Besides testing capacitors, inductors and resistors individually, the passive component test devices are also able to measure assorted electronic components composed of them. Individual components include wound components and communication and power filters; Composites include switches,... Read More
  • Passive Two-Phase Heat Transfer Devices By Boyd Corporation

    Passive two-phase heat transfer devices from Thermacore come in many varieties: heat pipes, loop heat pipes, cold plates, vapor chambers and many more. But every one of them is backed by the same engineering expertise and commitment to excellence. Read More
  • Pc-Check Diagnostic Software By Eurosoft (UK) Ltd

    Pc-Check® Computer Hardware Diagnostic Software Eurosoft Pc-Check® saves time, money and resources by reducing assembly, upgrade and repair testing workloads. Independent of operating systems, Eurosoft Pc-Check® tests core components (including memory, motherboard, CPU and hard drive),... Read More
  • PCOM-B215VG By American Portwell Technology, Inc.

    PCOM-B215VG Intel Dual-core Atom Processor based COM Express Module Based on Intel Atom processor N450 (single core), D410 (single core) and D510 (dual core), Portwell’s PCOM-B215VG features Intel 82801HM I/O controller, up to 4GB DDR2 SDRAM, onboard 4GB NAND Flash upgradable to 8GB, one... Read More
  • PCOM-B216VG-VI By American Portwell Technology, Inc.

    PCOM-B216VG-VI Intel Core i7 processor based COM Express module Portwell’s PCOM-B216VG-VI is a COM Express module in a portfolio of Type VI COM Express Basic (small footprint) modules. The Type VI COM Express Basic is becoming a new standard in 2010. Portwell’s compact (125mm x 95mm or 4.92˝... Read More
  • PE-100 | Plasma Etch Benchtop System By Plasma Etch Inc

    The PE-100 is a complete system with vacuum pump designed to be reliable yet inexpensive enough to allow startup companies, medical labs and R&D facilities the opportunity to experience Plasma Etch technology. Read More
  • PE-200 | Plasma Etching Benchtop System By Plasma Etch Inc

    The PE-200 is our industrial strength bench top plasma etching system and supplied with an oxygen service vacuum pump. This robust, reliable and yet quite affordable system was developed for the busy 24/7 manufacturing firm that cannot have downtime. Read More
  • PE-2000R | Reel to Reel Plasma Etcher By Plasma Etch Inc

    The PE-2000R Roll to Roll plasma system is specially fitted with a continuous feed drive and take up system to accommodate continuous flexible substrates and roll/reel mounted materials. Our Reel-to-Reel plasma system can accept web widths of 2” to 24” with spindle diameters of 10”. Read More
  • PEB-2771VG2A By American Portwell Technology, Inc.

    PEB-2771VG2A Dual-core Intel Atom Processor D525 based 3.5” ECX Board Customers seeking increased performance while keeping power consumption in check will be pleased to hear that American Portwell Technology, Inc., ( has released a 3.5˝ ECX compact embedded system... Read More
  • Pebax® Heat Shrink Tubing By Applied Tubing, LLC

    Pebax® Heat Shrink Tubing Available in Pebax® grades 7233, 7033, 6333, 5533, 4033, and 3533 The remarkable processing performance of Pebax® makes this an ideal material for components requiring: -Light weight -Bonds to regular Pebax Tubing -Resiliency -Full range of Durometers... Read More
  • PECL & LVDS TCXO & VCTCXO By Mercury United Electronics

    TCXO’s bridge the gap between oven compensated OCXO’s & non-compensated Crystal Oscillators for ADSL, SDH, SONET, ATM, 4G & many more applications using frequencies from 12.000MHz to 800.000MHz. Now they are available with either a PECL or LVDS Square Wave output. Read More
  • PEEK Extrusion By Teleflex Medical OEM

    Applications: Components in catheters used for coronary valve, stent, or graft delivery • Bone cement delivery during orthopedic procedures • Ablation, endoscopy, spinal, and vascular applications • Potential as replacement for steel components used during many minimally invasive... Read More
  • PEEKshrink® By Zeus

    Providing a “shrink to fit” layer of protection for sensitive critical components, PEEKshrink® tubing is used in a variety of applications such as wire coating for electronics, telecom hardware, medical devices and oil exploration equipment. This Zeus product has inherent purity and lubricity,... Read More
  • PEEK™ Insulated Wire By Zeus

    High continuous operating temperature, excellent abrasion and chemical resistance and dielectric strength make Zeus’ PEEK™ Insulated Wire an ideal product for challenging environments. Typical applications of this Zeus product include magnet and winding wire for motors, generators and... Read More
  • Peel Adhesion Testers By Mecmesin Corporation

    Packaging is mainly for the protection or preservation of contents—from physical damage or contamination and may experience wide variations in temperature from manufacturer to end user. Increasingly, it is designed to open easily by peeling rather than tearing. However, when peelable seals are... Read More
  • Peel Testers By Imada Inc.

    Imada offers motorized peel testers in vertical or horizontal configurations. The motorized test stand, digital force gauge and peel fixture apply tension to a safety seals, tapes and laminates. Special attachments and fixtures facilitate 45°, 90°, 180°, ‘T’ and rotary peel tests. Motorized peel... Read More
  • Pentamed By Klöckner Pentaplast

    When a physician reaches for a medical device, it must be safely packaged. That’s why kp offers the medical device industry Pentamed®: an extensive line of specially formulated rigid films, all manufactured to the highest standards. Read More
  • Perforated Sunshade By Accurate Perforating

    Perforated metal sunscreens and sunshades can be an integral part of a building. You can control the privacy and the amount of light coming into the interior of the building with thousands of pattern options. Read More
  • Permanent Magnets By Dexter Magnetic Technologies, Inc.

    Understanding permanent magnets / rare earth magnets and how their application can play into the innovative devices of today’s markets is the foundation of our business. Dexter’s long history of magnetic expertise – including supporting all patent, trademark and license requirements of magnets –... Read More

    The PF900 ramp soak ¼ DIN process controller stores up to 1024 segments (32 patterns by 32 segments). A new RSS (ramp soak stabilizer) algorithm suppresses overshoot at the transition time from ramp to soak. Select from a sampling speed of 0.05 sec. for better control resolution or 1/0.25 a... Read More
  • PFA Tubing By Fluorotherm Polymers Inc

    While slightly more expensive, PFA tubing carries a number of improvements over other types of fluoropolymer tubing. The modifier used in PFA resins results in the same maximum use temperature and chemical inertness as PTFE (500 F). PFA tubing also has higher working pressures than FEP and PTFE. Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Data Loggers By MadgeTech Inc

    MadgeTech’s pharmaceutical data loggers are precision instruments designed to monitor and record the manufacturing, shipping and storage of pharmaceuticals. The product line includes both standalone and wireless models for measuring temperature, humidity and pH. The devices are easy to use,... Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Software By Deacom, Inc.

    The DEACOM Integrated Accounting and ERP Software System is fully-integrated pharmaceutical software that seamlessly links your inventory control, accounting, and manufacturing processes in one system. As a security-specialized system, DEACOM ERP Software for pharmaceutical manufacturing... Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Sterilization By Sterigenics International, Inc.

    Sterigenics’ expertise in Radiation and Ethylene Oxide technologies has enabled us to develop a number of sterilization services for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Drug Device Combinations With the development of devices, such as stents, which have been coated with a pharmaceutical... Read More
  • PHOENIX CPP By Phoenix Films, Inc.

    Phoenix "CPP" is an extrusion cast polypropylene film with corona treatment on one side. This film is particularly well suited for coating, lamination, form-fill-seal and side weld bag manufacture. It offers improved seal strength and excellent sheet flatness for superior performance on high... Read More
  • PHOENIX FOIL AL By Phoenix Films, Inc.

    Phoenix “Foil-Al” is an extraordinary high quality aluminum foil intended for use in converter and end user markets either as a lamination component or as a non-converted material. The ultra thin gauges between .0002” (5 micron) and .00028” (7.1 micron) and wider widths (56” – 74”) provide new... Read More
  • PHOENIX OPA By Phoenix Films, Inc.

    Phoenix "OPA-OA" is a high durability, biaxially oriented nylon film with improved surface treatment for inks, adhesives and metallization. It offers excellent clarity, toughness and good gas barrier properties. "OA" is made with the uniformity of thickness and gauge control required for cost... Read More
  • PHOENIX OPP Matte By Phoenix Films, Inc.

    PHOENIX OPP® Matte Matte Surface Oriented Polypropylene Film Description: • PHOENIX OPP® Matte is a non shiny heat-sealable, oriented polypropylene film. OPP-Matte is designed for improving the old fashioned and non glare appearance of laminated food pouches and wraps. It is also... Read More
  • PHOENIX PET SL By Phoenix Films, Inc.

    2.PHOENIX PET® SL This is our improved optics polyester shrink label film. This consistent, high quality MDO polyester film meets customers’ requirements for uniform application on contoured container applications. PET SL offers shrink properties from 50-78% depending on contour and coverage... Read More
  • PHOENIX PVDC By Phoenix Films, Inc.

    Phoenix "PVDC UHB" is a biaxially oriented polyvinylidene chloride film with superior oxygen and moisture barrier properties. It offers aluminum foil-like barrier in a clear, low stretch, retortable plastic film. Additionally, "UHB" is microwavable as lidding stock and thermoformable in vacuum... Read More
  • PHS SideSert Outserter By MGS Machine Corp

    Displaying its industry-leading ability to meet its clients' unique packaging needs, MGS Machine recently created a first-of-its kind application, the PHS SideSert Outserter. The SideSert is especially effective for those in the pharmaceutical bottling and labeling industry who need to amend... Read More
  • Phymetrix PPMa By Phymetrix inc.

    Phymetrix is a manufacturer of dewpoint measurement instruments which are designed with the latest nanopore ceramic oxide technology to produce the fastest most accurate portable and on-line analyzers on the market for both lab and field applications. Read More
  • Physical Testing By EAG Laboratories

    Chemir Analytical Services tests the physical properties of materials in order to solve difficult problems. Core capabilities of physical testing include: •Elongation • Izod impact • Melt flow rate • Tensile testing • Density •Compression •Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) Chemir offers... Read More
  • piD-TECH® eVx Photoionization Detector By AMETEK MOCON - Baseline

    The piD-TECH® eVx family of photoionization detectors offers the latest in technology and upgrades without compromising the award winning features that make the piD-TECH line of sensors the best choice for OEM Manufacturers. Providing better value, design flexibility and lower detection limits.... Read More
  • PiezoLEGS Linear 10N By PiezoMotor AB

    The Piezo LEGS® 10N linear motor is intended for a very large range of applications. The motor is ideally suited for move and hold applications or for automatic adjustments. This is due to the fact that the motor does not require any power in hold position as well as that the motor has no... Read More
  • Pilot Coating Production Services By Chemsultants International Inc.

    Pilot Coating Technologies from Industrial Coatings to Demanding Medical Adhesives And Materials All Under One Roof Chemsultants' unique blend of new product development expertise and custom coating capabilities can streamline your development efforts to help take products to market faster as... Read More
  • Pinch Tube Valve By Integrated Dispensing Solutions Inc.

    Pinch Tube Valve for very thin materials for micro to small Shots, the pinch tube valve is engineered for precise control of semi-viscous liquids including mixed two-part component fluids and Cyanoacrylates. The only part of the valve making contact with the fluid is the disposable pinch tube... Read More
  • Pipettes By Eppendorf North America

    Eppendorf offers a full range of liquid handling instruments and consumables ranging from manual pipettes to electronic pipettes, dispensers, and burettes to automated pipetting systems. The Eppendorf Research® plus and Reference® 2 pipettes are manual single, 8 and 12 channel air cushion... Read More
  • Pivot Bearings By C-Flex Bearing Co., Inc.

    The C-Flex bearing or pivot is a cylindrical, limited rotational bearing, with a high relative radial and axial stiffness which is available in low, medium, or high torsional spring rates. It is typically available for maximum deflection angles of +/-30°, but various configurations are supplied... Read More
  • Plasma Cleaner | PE-50 Benchtop By Plasma Etch Inc

    The Plasma Etch, Inc. PE-50 is our lowest priced plasma cleaner though it offers many features not found in competitive units. This plasma cleaner is made for smaller production facilities, research and development labs, testing facilities, universities and is great for plasma sterilization and... Read More
  • Plasma Coating By RD-Support

    RD Support are experts in surface chemistry and can custom-tailor surfaces specific to your needs. The RD Support offerings include: Plasma Surface activation and functionalization, Thin film formulation and deposition (hydrophobic, hydrophilic, antifouling), and Plasma deposition (process... Read More
  • Plasma Etch PE-50 XL | Benchtop Plasma Cleaner By Plasma Etch Inc

    This system is made for smaller production facilities, R&D facilities and universities. The system features an implosion proof 8” w x 8” d x 4” h Rectangular welded Aluminum Vacuum Chamber and a direct powered RF electrode. Applications include medical devices, solar cells, printed circuit... Read More
  • Plasma Surface Modification Services By TriStar Plastics Corp.

    Vacuum plasma treatments are used to clean and functinalize polymer materials and/or devices to dramatically increase the bond-strength of adhesives, paint, ink, and coatings. Plasma treatments are also effective at cleaning and detacking elastomer devices. Parts can be made more or less... Read More
  • Plasma Surface Treater - Dyne-A-Mite™ HP By Enercon Industries Corp.

    Enercon's Dyne-A-Mite™ HP delivers a highly effective and uniform air plasma arc onto three dimensional surfaces. Its unique design generates an aggressive blown arc discharge that is ideal for higher line speeds and demanding applications. Read More
  • Plasma Surface Treater - Dyne-A-Mite™ IT By Enercon Industries Corp.

    The Dyne-A-Mite™ IT atmospheric plasma surface treating system effectively cleans surfaces and promotes adhesion on both conductive and non-conductive surfaces. Read More
  • Plasma Surface Treater - Dyne-A-Mite™ VCP By Enercon Industries Corp.

    The Dyne-A-Mite VCP plasma treater efficiently cleans surfaces by blending air with other gases to promote high levels of adhesion even with difficult to treat surfaces. Read More
  • Plasma Systems By Anatech USA

    A Gas Plasma may form whenever gas is exposed to an electric field. If the field is sufficiently strong, a high percentage of gas atoms will surrender an electron or two and become ionized. The resultant ionized gas and liberated energetic electrons comprise the gas plasma or plasma. The ionized... Read More
  • Plasma Treatment System | MK-II By Plasma Etch Inc

    The MK-II is the choice of discerning PCB manufacturers; offering repeatability, reliability, long life and low maintenance costs. We can also modify or custom build a system to meet your specific needs including RIE (Reactive Ion Etching). Read More
  • PLASMADIZE By General Magnaplate Corp.

    PLASMADIZE - For Superior Restoration of Worn Surfaces Features unsurpassed resistance to corrosion and wear Enhanced thermal spraying technique produces a coating more ductile than chromeplate Can be applied in thick or thin layers Available with a release (non-stick) or gripping... Read More
  • PlasmaDyne~ Microclean and Activate Unresponsive Surfaces For Long-lasting Bonds By 3DT LLC

    You may never need espensive and toxic solvents again. Now, you can easily and safely create quality, long-lasting bonding on difficult-to-bond materials such as plastics, rubber, glass, metals and composites. 3DT's PlasmaDyne technology uses an innovative in-air, schockproof plasma beam that... Read More
  • Plastic Bonding Adhesive By Cotronics Corp

    Bond-IT 7050 Activated Epoxies adhere to most plastic surfaces producing bonds in many cases stronger than the plastic substrates. Easy to use. Just mix, apply and cure at room temp. for use from -45ºF to + 400ºF. Read More
  • Plastic Condensation Trays, Containment Trays, Drip Trays and Pans By ShapeMaster Inc.

    We use the vacuum thermoforming to make condensation, containment trays. We begin with a flat sheet of plastic and form it either into or over a mold. This process stretches and thins the material while creating the Three Dimensional shape. This is why we state the “Beginning Gauge” of a... Read More
  • Plastic Contract Manufacturing By C&J Industries

    C&J Industries offers a complete range of plastic contract manufacturing services, including assembly. We have developed considerable expertise in Pad Printing, Sonic Welding, Heat Staking, Laser-Etching, and Semi & Fully Automatic Assembly. For many of our plastic contract manufacturing... Read More
  • Plastic Electronic Enclosures By ShapeMaster Inc.

    ShapeMaster stocks 2 production electronic cases (enclosures) that are perfect for hobby or production applications. The small card box size is just right for holding business cards. It was originally developed as a hand-held joy-stick type enclosure. Many companies are using this box for... Read More
  • Plastic Fittings By Air Logic

    Air Logic is a manufacturer of plastic fittings and quick disconnects. The plastic fittings include Bulkhead Connectors, Miniature Unions, Reducing Connectors, Barbed Fittings, Tees, Elbows, Crosses, 10-32 Plugs, 10-32 Nipples, Straight Swivels, Swivel Elbows and Tees (Patent # 4,946,204). Read More
  • Plastic Injection Molding By TechNH, Inc.

    TECH NH’s 58,000 sq. ft. North American facilities are home to our primary injection molding plant which currently houses 21 presses, ranging from 16T, .5 ounce to 780T, 135 oz machines that run 24 hours a day producing high-quality, cost-effective parts and dramatically reducing your time to... Read More
  • Plastic Injection Molding By Da/Pro Rubber, Inc.

    Da/Pro Northeast is a 30,000 sq foot plastic injection molding facility manufacturing plastic components ranging from plastic housings for medical devices to electronic plastic molding components. We specialize in high quality, tight tolerance plastic injection molding services for the medical,... Read More
  • Plastic Polishing Services Including Vapor Polishing By Connecticut Plastics Inc.

    Flame polishing uses a hot flame to flow a plastic surface. Operator skill is critical with this method. When done properly, flame plastic polishing produces the clearest finish, especially when polishing acrylic. Flat external surfaces are the most applicable configuration for this... Read More
  • Plastic Recycling Machines By Boston Matthews

    For more than 25 years the name MUNCHY has been synonymous with recycling scrap material into 1st Grade Pellets. As one of the originators of the recycling concept and with over 2,550 complete installations in more than 50 countries worldwide MUNCHY remains at the forefront of recycling... Read More
  • Plastic Trays By ShapeMaster Inc.

    Trays in all shapes and sizes are a specialty at ShapeMaster. Thermoformed or fabricated, stock or custom, single or multicavity; clear or opaque--a tray can be produced for any industry and as a solution for any problem. Take a look at our gallery and see the vast array of products we have... Read More
  • Plastic Welding By Leister Technologies LLC

    Leister delivers performance. We know how. Wherever you need to apply heat, Leister provides the ideal solution. We have been the worldwide leader in the field of plastic welding and hot air blowers for over 50 years. Plastic Welding - We have remained the worldwide market leader in this... Read More
  • Plastic/Thermoformed Medical Device Prototyping By McNeal Enterprises, Inc.

    Plastic/thermoformed medical device prototyping services from McNeal include the engineering assistance of some of the most knowledgeable engineers in plastics, plastic machining, plastic fabrication, and thermoforming in the country. McNeal works with its customers to specify the appropriate... Read More
  • Plastics Molding By Medco Molds Inc.

    Medco Products is known for technically complicated plastic molding components. Our plastic manufacturing facilities are in-house and reliable products constructed for your needs. We pride ourselves on the materials we select, and develop only the best custom plastic injection molding products.... Read More
  • Plastics Specific ERP Solution By DELMIAworks (formerly IQMS)

    Decades of industry experience are behind DELMIAworks’s powerful ERP software solution, relied upon by thousands of users at plastics processors worldwide. From injection molding and extrusion, to compounding and thermoforming, DELMIAworks addresses the demanding standards for on-time delivery,... Read More
  • Plastics Testing By IMR Test Labs

    Exceptional polymer analysis and non-metallic testing with your requirements in mind. The Polymer Analysis Department, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for polymer analysis and characterization, is supported by numerous resources, capable of evaluating routine materials to complex... Read More
  • Plate - Special Purpose Metals and Alloys By Ed Fagan Inc.

    If you need specialty metals or alloys plate for electronics, magnetic, electrical, or other industrial applications, call Ed Fagan Inc. We stock a variety of plate products in various metals and alloys in a range of sizes and conditions. Let them be your warehouse so you can cut back on your... Read More
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Separation Device By KDI Manufacturing

    The Magellan is a device that separates PRP (platelet rich plasma) from whole blood. KDI provided DFM and manufacturing for these sub-assemblies: Custom centrifuge Syringe pumps – 2 sizes Auto – locking latch Guide for blood flow tubing After one year, KDI took over... Read More
  • Platinum Resistance Temperature Probe By Innovative Sensor Technology, USA Division

    IST’s RealProbeTemp is a pre-assembled stainless steel probe containing a 100 Ω platinum thin film RTD temperature element with an operating range from -50°C to +200°C. The probe sheath is tip sensitive, providing superb response times (T90 < 1.5s in water at 0.4m/s) and the ability to measure... Read More
  • Platinum Temperature Sensor By Innovative Sensor Technology, USA Division

    IST platinum temperature sensors provide solutions for extreme temperature applications. IST products are designed with the highest quality materials, allowing them to operate within a temperature range of -200°C to +1000°C. Standard DIN 60751 sensors are offered in class B (0.12%), class A... Read More
  • Plexiglas® acrylic resins By Altuglas International Arkema Group

    We offer a variety of resins including: - Plexiglas® V Grade exceptional clarity & resistance to UV light degradation and discoloration - Plexiglas® Impact modified toughness, heat resistance and processability - Plexiglas® Frosted minimize visual defects... Read More
  • Plexiglas® Cell Cast Sheet By Altuglas International Arkema Group

    Plexiglas® cell cast sheet is a premium cell cast sheet that can be used in a variety of applications such a POP displays, signage, framing, incubators and aerospace applications. The materials allow for a broad range of design considerations that allow you the flexibility needed in your... Read More
  • Plexiglas® Extruded Sheet By Altuglas International Arkema Group

    Plexiglas® extruded sheet is a premium melt calendared sheet that can be used in a variety of applications such a POP displays, signage, framing, rear projection screen, and skylight applications, among others. The materials allow for a broad range of design considerations that allow you... Read More
  • Plexiglas® V-grade acrylic resins By Altuglas International Arkema Group

    Plexiglas® V-grade acrylic resins afford exceptional optical clarity and resistance to UV light degradation and discoloration making them the industry standard for applications where outdoor and indoor weatherability is paramount. The resins are characterized by superior thermal stability,... Read More
  • PM100 By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    Compact, open PCB constructed AC-DC switching power supplies capable of delivering 100 watts of continuous output power at convection cooling. They are suited for medical, information technology and industrial applications, but not for life-supporting medical equipment. Approval to both... Read More
  • PM1000 - PouchMan Automatic Pouch Systems By Modular Packaging Technologies, LLC

    The PouchMan PM1000 is an automatic pouching system that opens a pre-made pouch, presents it for product loading, seals it, and discharges it for further process. It is ideal for pouching medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and much more.. Read More
  • PM110 By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    These compact, open PCB constructed, AC-DC switching power supplies are specially designed for medical applications. They are capable of delivering 72 to 110 watts of continuous power at 25 CFM forced air cooling or 80 watts at convection cooling. They operate at 85 to 264 VAC input voltage... Read More
  • PM201 By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    The PM201 series comprising single and multiple output models for 150 to 200 watts of continuous output power is specially designed for medical applications not for life support. They operate at 90-264VAC input voltage without the need of a selector strap. All auxiliary outputs are with magnetic... Read More
  • PM202 By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    The PM202 series of AC-DC switching power supplies in a pacakge of 3x5x1.5" are capable of delivering 200 watts of continuous power at 5.3 CFM forced air cooling or 150 watts at convection cooling. The units are constructed on a printed circuit board with a U-bracket for mechanical support and... Read More
  • PM25 By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    Compact, PCB constructed AC-DC switching power supplies are capable of delivering 25 to 28 watts of continuous output power. Ideally suited for use in medical equipment, safety systems and monitoring equipment, not for life support. Read More
  • PM300 By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    The PM300 series comprising single and multiple output models for 200 to 300 watts of continuous output power is specially designed for medical applications not for life support. They operate at 90 to 240VAC input voltage without the need of a selector strap. All auxiliary outputs are with... Read More
  • PM42 By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    The PM42 series of compact, open PCB constructed, AC-DC switching power supplies are capable of delivering 30-48 watts of continuous output power at convection cooling. They operate at 90-264 VAC input voltage without the need of voltage selection, and are suited for medical,... Read More
  • PM450 By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    The PM450 series comprising single and multiple output models for 450-480 nwatts of continuous output power is specially designed for medical applications not for life support. They operate at 90 to 264VAC input voltage without the need of a selector strap. The units are constructed on a printed... Read More
  • PM60 By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    The PM60 series of compact, open PCB constructed, AC-DC switching power supplies are capable of delivering 37.5-64 watts of continuous output power at convection cooling. They operate at 90-264 VAC input voltage without the need of voltage selection, and are suited for medical,... Read More
  • PM650 By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    The PM650 Series have a power factor corrected universal input and single, dual and triple output models with versatile attributes of floating and adjustable output voltages. Either U-bracket or enclosed (with recessed internal fan) mechanical configurations are packaged in a 10.5" x 5" x 2.5"... Read More
  • PMP120 By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    The PMP120 series of AC/DC switching power supplies are for 96-120 watts of continuous output power. They are enclosed in a 94V-1 rated polyphenylene-oxide case with an IEC320/C14 or IEC320/C18 inlet to mate with an interchangeable cord for world-wide use. All models meet EN55011, EN55022 and... Read More
  • PMP135 By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    The PMP135 series of AC/DC switching power supplies are for 120-135 watts of continuous output power. They are enclosed in a 94V-1 rated polyphenylene-oxide case with an IEC320/C14 or IEC320/C18 inlet to mate with an interchangeable cord for world-wide use. All models meet EN55011, EN55022 and... Read More
  • PMP15 By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    The PMP15 series of AC/DC wallmount switching power supplies are for 15 watts of continuous output power. They are enclosed in a 94V-1 rated polyphenylene-oxide case with four types of interchangeable AC plugs: European plug, UK plug and North American plugs. All models meet EN55011 and FCC... Read More
  • PMP150 By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    The PMP150 series of AC/DC switching power supplies are for 132-150 watts of continuous output power. They are enclosed in a 94V-1 rated polyphenylene-oxide case with an IEC320/C14 or IEC320/C18 inlet to mate with an interchangeable cord for world-wide use. All models meet EN55011, EN55022 and... Read More
  • PMP180 By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    The PMP180 series of AC/DC switching power supplies are for 180 watts of continuous output power. They are enclosed in a 94V-1 rated polyphenylene-oxide case with an IEC320/C14 or IEC320/C8 inlet to mate with an interchangeable cord for world-wide use. All models meet EN55011, EN55022 and FCC... Read More
  • PMP31 By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    The PMP31 Series of AC/DC switching power supplies provide 25-30 watts of continuous output power. They are enclosed in a a 94V-1 rated polyphenylene-oxide case with an inlet of the IEC320/C14 to mate with interchangeable cord for world-wide use. All models meet EN55011 and FCC class B emission... Read More
  • PMP60 By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    The PMP60 series of AC/DC switching power supplies are for 30-60 watts of continuous output power. They are enclosed in a 94V-1 rated polyphenylene-oxide case with an IEC320/C14 inlet to mate with an interchangeable cord for world-wide use. All models meet EN55011, EN55022 and FCC class B... Read More
  • PMP90 By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    The PMP90 series of AC/DC switching power supplies are for 60-90 watts of continuous output power. They are enclosed in a 94V-1 rated polyphenylene-oxide case with an IEC320/C14 or IEC320/C18 inlet to mate with an interchangeable cord for world-wide use. All models meet EN55011, EN55022 and FCC... Read More
  • Pneumatic Grippers By AGI Automation Components

    AGI pneumatic grippers have a wide range of sizes, jaw styles, and gripping forces for most any industrial application. Robotic grippers range from miniature series to units that have 1500 lbs. of gripping force. The three major types of pneumatic grippers are parallel gripper, angular gripper... Read More
  • Pneumatic Linear Actuators By AGI Automation Components

    AGI has a full line of pneumatic linear actuators that are internally powered. The three styles are base slides, magnetically coupled rodless slides, thrusters and pneumatic actuators. The units provide smooth linear motion due to the precision ball bearings riding on hardened ground shafts. The... Read More
  • Pneumatic Solutions for Medical Devices By Pneumadyne, Inc.

    Standard and custom Pneumadyne products are used in pneumatic control systems throughout the medical industry. From small hand-held tools to larger operatory circuits, medical device manufacturers rely on our experience and expertise when integrating pneumatics into their equipment. Our... Read More
  • PNR 12 Penetrometer By Petrolab Company

    Petrolab Company offers the Petrotest® PNR 12 Penetrometer that utilizes a fully automatic surface detection system. The instrument offers two surface detection technologies—force measurement and conductivity—that can be used together or independently to precisely position the test probe,... Read More
  • Point Source Emitters By Marktech Optoelectronics

    The Marktech Point Source Emitter series incorporates a specially designed LED die and aperture window to create a precise, unobstructed light output pattern. The key design feature of the Point Source LED die is a wire bond which attaches next to the emission window as opposed to the center of... Read More
  • Polarising Box By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The Polarising Box is used to view the stress points created during manufacture of clear plastic and glass products.The samples can also be extruded film. The Polarising Box has two open sides so long items can be passed through. • Polarising Filter mounted at the top for viewing • Light... Read More
  • Poly Tubing By Multi-Pak USA Inc.

    2 Mil Tubing Make bags of any length in just seconds! Simply cut to desired length, insert product, and heat seal, staple, or tape closed. Sizes range from 3" - 48" in gauges 1mil - 4mil. Don't see what you're looking for? We'll make it to your exact specification. We love custom orders!! Read More
  • Polydek® Sutures By Teleflex Medical OEM

    A light coating of PTFE gives this tightly-braided, polyester suture handling and knotting characteristics similar to silk. Characteristics: Polydek® exhibits easy handling, outstanding tensile strength, lubricity, and a reduced risk of wicking and tissue reactivity. Material: Polyester... Read More
  • PolyDyne™ Corona Treating System By 3DT LLC

    PolyDyne™ is the most versatile and efficient system in 3DT’s product line. It is specifically suited for use in high-speed printing, assembly, extrusion and coating lines. PolyDyne applies corona discharge to the exact part needed and thereby increases adhesive properties. PolyDyne can be... Read More
  • Polyethylene-lined EVA By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    PE-LINED EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is designed for use where high purity is required. It offers excellent chemical resistance and non-toxicity, while maintaining good flexibility. A co-extruded product, POLYETHYLENE-LINED EVA is made of a low density polyethylene liner with an EVA outer... Read More
  • Polymer Distribution By Avient Corporation Specialty Inks

    Avient Distribution delivers world-class product, process, and supply chain services. We have created an experienced team dedicated to assisting you with design, material selection, processing, manufacturing and supply chain challenges. Together with our comprehensive portfolio of materials and... Read More
  • Polymer Lab Services By NSL Analytical Services, Inc.

    NSL’s experience with polymeric materials includes analysis and testing of catalysts, thermal stabilizers, fillers, and pigments in polymers and composite materials. NSL polymer testing lab offers its customers the expertise required to help solve a wide variety of polymer and composite... Read More
  • Polymer-to-Metal Bonding By Plasmatech, inc

    Plasmatech’s MicroTIE plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) coating provides a “green” alternative for bonding or over molding metal components. Surface preparation of metal components prior to bonding incompatible materials may require caustic chemical etchants or other costly... Read More
  • Polyurethanes for Bonding, Sealing, Coating & Potting By Master Bond, Inc.

    Polyurethane compounds were developed by Master Bond to solve design, manufacturing and repair/maintenance applications across a broad range of industries. They are especially useful when strength, flexibility, abrasion resistance, fast curing and chemical resistance properties are needed. Read More
  • Poremaster By Quantachrome Instruments

    The PoreMaster series consists of three automatic mercury intrusion porosimeters offering new concepts in automated pore size analysis.The PoreMaster 33 porosimeter achieves a maximum pressure of 33,000 psia for pore size measurements in the range from over 950 micron to 0.0064 micron pore... Read More
  • Porometer 3G By Quantachrome Instruments

    The POROMETERS 3G micro, 3G macro, 3Gz and 3Gzh are latest generation capillary flow porometers. Using the technique known as liquid expulsion, they measure pore size distributions and other related information of through-pores. In this technique, an increasing pressure is applied to one side of... Read More
  • Portable process calibrator By MENSOR

    The model CPH7000 process calibrator is a precise, portable calibrator for calibration and testing pressure gauges, transmitters and switches. In addition, external analog transmitters can be powered and read. With the optional Environmental module, barometric pressure, temperature and humidity... Read More
  • Positioning Systems & Actuators By Ltd.

    >Linear Slides >Rotary Stages >Linear Actuators >Tilt Stages >Electromechanical Cylinders >Screw Driven Stages Read More
  • Pouching and Sealing By Contech Medical Inc.

    Contech Medical offers a variety of packaging and sealing solutions for a wide range of medical devices. Produced and assembled in our Class 100,000/ISO Class 8 clean room environment- you never have to worry about quality or value. Packaging services include: Pouching and Sealing Tray... Read More
  • Powder Treatment System By Plasmatech, inc

    The AL200-D Gas Plasma System is designed for treatment of powder, pellet and crystalline materials. A specially designed 5 liter rotating chamber ensures treatment consistency, even when processing very fine powders and compounds. Production systems with larger chambers are also available to... Read More
  • Power By Positronic Industries

    • High reliability • Power density • Low contact resistance / low voltage drop saves energy • Hot swap capability • AC/DC operation in a single connector • Signal contacts for hardware management • Blind mating • Sequential mating • Customer designed contact arrangements • Scorpion series... Read More
  • POWER AND FREE SYSTEMS By Arthur G. Russell Co., Inc.

    Power and free conveyor systems are often used for larger or more complex assemblies that require products to be transported between manufacturing processes or stations. With a power and free conveyor system, products are mounted on pallets, which ride on belt conveyors (either on a continuous... Read More
  • Power Crimper, pneumatic vial crimper By Kebby Industries

    The Kebby Power Crimper is a pneumatic vial crimper used to crimp seals on vials and bottles. The unit is available with a variety of accessories, including a stand, and foot pedal. The unit uses interchangeable crimper and decapper heads for use with a variety of sizes and types of seals... Read More
  • Power Electronics Testing By Chroma Systems Solutions

    Chroma Systems Solutions is a single source solution and preferred instrument and systems supplier to IT, network, computing and data center product manufacturers. Chroma’s test instruments and systems are used to help achieve power efficiency requirements for global markets including ENERGY... Read More
  • Power Inductors - Surface Mount & Thru-Hole By Gowanda Electronics

    Gowanda offers a broad range of standard power inductors in both surface mount and thru-hole designs. Standard SMT wirewound configurations include common mode, molded, open construction, low profile, shielded, toroidal, dual wound, and vertical mount. SMT specifications are series-dependent but... Read More
  • Power Supplies By AlfaMag Electronics LLC

    AlfaMag offers a wide range of standard and custom desktop, open frame, and wall-mount power supplies. Utilizing switching technology to increase power density and improve efficiency, all models meet Energy Star Level IV efficiency requirements and comply with FCC Class B EMI standards. CEC... Read More
  • Power Transformers By Premier Magnetics

    Premier Magnetics is a world leader in the design and manufacture of power transformers, chokes and inductors. The standard product line has hundreds of UL/CSA recognized products and modifications of these can be easily accomadated along with full custom design capability. Premier can if... Read More
  • PowerINSPECT By Autodesk

    PowerINSPECT is Delcam’s software for the inspection of prototypes, tooling and production samples against CAD data. It works with a wide range of inspection devices, including static coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), and optical and laser-based systems, but is best known as the preferred... Read More
  • PowerLine E Laser Marker By Rofin-Baasel, Inc.

    PowerLine E Series; End-pumped Solid-State Lasers with a Wide Range of Applications. Biocompatible and Durable. Laser marking by modifying the material color, annealing on metal, carbonization or foaming in polymers - provide corrosion-free marking without creating burrs or debris or inserting... Read More
  • PowerLine F By Rofin-Baasel, Inc.

    Fiber Laser optimized for micro and marking applications. The PowerLine F series is available in different configuration levels: as pure OEM beam source, in combination with a supply unit including a main supply unit and a safety shutter, as well as a laser beam source and ready-to-use marking... Read More
  • Powersonic Accessories By Ultrasonics Depot

    Powersonic Table-top/Bench-top Ultrasonic Equipment Accessories Read More
  • Powersonics (Benchtop ultrasonic cleaners) By Ultrasonics Depot

    Although the industrial stack transducer has been acknowledged as superior in terms of reliability and performance, benchtop cleaners have always relied on wafer-thin discs to produce ultrasonic energy. Crest has brought the superior performance of full-wave 45 kHz Ceramically Enhanced... Read More
  • PR2000 By SolveTech Inc.

    The PR2000 creates a thickness profile of a strip of plastic film. It is for lab use and can measure thickness with an accuracy of 0.001 Mils. Read More
  • Precision CNC Milling Services By Cox Manufacturing Company Inc

    Our precision CNC milling services customers have confidence in and enjoy the trusted delivery Cox Manufacturing offers. The commitment to superior milling manufacturing equipment, backed by the dedication of experienced, committed production professionals is what sets Cox apart from the... Read More
  • Precision Deep Drawn Components By Gasser & Sons Inc

    Precision deep drawn components start out as a sheet metal “blank” and are sequentially pressed into a cup shaped die. The presses and dies get subsequently deeper and narrower, producing the desired depth and diameter cup. From this point, secondary operations such as machining are performed to... Read More
  • Precision Die Cutting By JBC Technologies

    From high-speed kiss cutting, to intricate island placements, custom pull tabs, split liner design, in-line slug removal, and more, the experts at JBC Technologies have exactly what you are looking for. ROTARY DIE CUTTING High-speed, rotary presses are ideal for high volume, multi-step parts,... Read More
  • Precision Electronic Components By American Swiss Products Co., Inc

    American Swiss Products has been specializing in high precision, Swiss screw machined parts for over 60 years. Equipment includes Swiss CNC, Multi-spindle, Escomatics as well as high speed Swiss Automatics. Micro miniature components with diameters down to .0025 in. High precision components... Read More
  • Precision Fluid Dispensers By Nordson EFD

    Nordson EFD precision fluid dispensers provide much greater control than the squeeze bottles, swabs and hand syringes often used in manual assembly processes. Nordson EFD offers a wide range of fluid dispensing equipment that can help you dispense glue and virtually any other assembly fluid... Read More
  • Precision Injection Molded Parts By Accent Plastics Inc.

    Accent Plastics’ mission is service. We take pride in knowing our service is second to none and we appreciate that our customers not only expect quality service, but more so, they deserve it. Accent Plastics specializes in customizing services to create successes by using forward thinking in... Read More
  • Precision Injection Molding of Critical Plastic Parts By Harbec, Inc.

    Our plastic injection molding expertise is the result of our skill and experience in tackling the hard jobs. Technical know-how and problem-solving is our foundation. We specialize in highly featured, tightly toleranced component parts, usually molded from engineering resins and with inserts.... Read More
  • Precision Injection Molds By Tech Mold Inc.

    Tech Mold is a recognized leader in the field of custom injection molds. We specialize in high cavitation, runnerless, ultra precision injection molds with guaranteed total component interchangeability. We focus on serving medical, packaging, closure, technology and consumer markets. Our... Read More
  • Precision Linear Shafting By Lintech Motion

    Lintech provides precision 60 case hardened Class L, Class S, and Class N linear shafting in inch diameters from 0.25 to 2.0 inches. We cut to any length desired, up to the maximum length of any given shaft diameter. These precision ground 1060 steel shafts are manufactured to 0.001/0.002 in/ft.... Read More
  • Precision Machined Components By Graham Research

    We're skilled at machining delicate and complicated parts from a variety of metals, alloys and space age synthetics, including: All grades of stainless and tool steels Titanium alloys, including implantables Hastelloy Inconel Haynes 188 L-605 Kovar Nickel 200... Read More
  • Precision Machining Services By RevZero Inc

    Core technologies include Wire EDM, Swiss style screw machines, multi-axis turning, EDM hole-drilling, vertical milling, finishing, and automated CNC tube bending. Read More
  • Precision Magnetic Assemblies By Integrated Magnetics Inc.

    Integrated Magnetics has been designing and manufacturing custom magnets and complex magnetic assemblies for more than 60 years. We have the experience and the expertise to develop specialized magnetic assembly solutions to meet any performance and application requirements. Our core business is... Read More
  • Precision Medical Components By American Swiss Products Co., Inc

    American Swiss Products has been specializing in high precision, Swiss screw machined parts for over 60 years. Equipment includes Swiss CNC, Multi-spindle, Escomatics as well as high speed Swiss Automatics. Micro miniature components with diameters down to .0025 in. High precision components... Read More
  • Precision Medical Wire, Precision Coated Fine Wire By Sandvik Palm Coast

    As part of the Sandvik Bioline family, Kanthal Palm Coast offers stainless steels, specialty alloys, and precious metals along with standard and custom coatings, according to internationally recognized standards and customer specific requirements. Read More
  • Precision Molding and Automatic Assembly By Elcam Medical Inc.

    Elcam Medical's precision molding and automated assembly expertise is the foundation of a market leading position in the OEM industry. Many prominent medical device manufacturers benefit from their association with Elcam Medical. Read More
  • Precision Plastic Machined Parts By Dalau limited

    Dalau specialises in the precision machining of plastic components in all engineering plastics to the medical, electronic, and aerospace industries most stringent technical specifications. We turn PTFE, PEEK, PA, PE, ETFE, and numerous engineering plastics for prototyping, small batches, and... Read More
  • Precision Prototype Machining/Fabrication By Gener8

    In order to provide superior product development services it is absolutely necessary that prototype fabrication be performed on site. There are a few key reasons why on site prototype fabrication is necessary. First, we have complete control over the quality and lead time for prototype... Read More
  • precision stainless steel strip By THEIS PRECISION STEEL CORPORATION

    precision stainless steel strip for medicaal devices: austenitic: 301, 302, 304, 305 DDQ, martensitic: 410, 420, 440-A, Wkstf 1.4037 PH grades: 17-4, 17-7, 15-7 ferritic: 430, 430-Li, 439 Others on request Read More
  • Precision Syringe Pump Modules By Hamilton Company

    The Hamilton syringe pumps are typically used in liquid-filled sub-system applications to precisely transfer samples and reagents, do bulk dispensing and enable processes where accurate dispenses are a must. Two important qualities of syringe pumps are that they positively displace liquid and... Read More
  • Precision Turned and Machined Components By Fine Logistics Enterprise Company, Ltd.

    We specialized in production of precision turned and machined components. We are able to work on S.S.304L, S.S.420, S.S.630, 6/4 Titanium Alloy, and PEEK material. The best tolerance we are able to hold will be at +/-0.0001" on CNC machine without secodary process. Smallest hole we are able... Read More
  • Precision Wire EDM Machining By American Wire EDM

    American Wire EDM, Inc., provides first-class wire EDM (wire electrical discharge machining) services, producing precision parts that match the dimensional tolerances of your designs within ± 0.0001”. With state-of-the-art wire EDM machining equipment and advanced programming, we can manufacture... Read More
  • Precison Positioning Systems By Steinmeyer Inc.

    Steinmeyer manufactures a complete line of precision linear and rotary stages including multi-axis configurations, with or without controls. Drive systems include ball screws, linear motors or piezo motors. Our greatest strength and one that frankly sets us apart from the “rest of the pack” is... Read More
  • Preclinical Animal CRO Services By DaVinci Biomedical Research Products Inc.

    DaVINCI Biomedical Research brings art and innovation together through scientific excellence in our preclinical animal research services. We are an AAALAC accredited CRO performing product safety, efficacy, and biocompatibility studies (GLP, Non-GLP, chronic and acute) in small animals to... Read More
  • Preclinical Product Development and Proof-of-Concept Testing By Surpass Inc.

    Whether your innovation is a medical device, gene or cell therapy, or pharmacological agent, we understand the importance of well-run studies in developing and refining your product and demonstrating its safety for clinical trials and ultimate market release. That's why we support you through... Read More
  • Premium Grade Fittings By Ark-Plas Products Inc.

    Barbs molded without parting line. 100% Virgin Materials. 100% Quality Inspection. Application Range: 125 PSI, w/o clamps. Standard, Reducing, & Enlarging. Leak resistant "Sharp Barb" design. Read More
  • Pressure Roller Bearings By Boca Bearing Co.

    Pressure Roller Bearings are coated with urethane rubber and fixed by special processing on its outer ring to keep its rotation accuracy. Under the proper radial loading, the coefficient of friction and hardness of rubber are useful for handling paper or for carrying mechanisms, guide bearings... Read More
  • Pressure Sensitive Labelers By Dalemark Industries Inc

    Dalemark products include various Thermal Transfer Printing Systems, including the Coditherm, 2000WP, EPD, "PTA", and Xxtreme. These machines are designed to provide high resolution copy (including text, bar codes and graphics) on an assortment of cartons, cases, paper boards, films, laminates,... Read More
  • Pressure Sensors By Strain Measurement Devices, Inc.

    SMD Sensors miniature technology provides medical devices with precise non invasive measurement of pressure and flow, while offering control and validation of fluid deliveries in disposable sets. The extreme accuracy and repeatability in our OEM solutions provide key advantages for a variety of... Read More
  • Pressure Sensors By HITEC Sensor Developments

    Pressure transducers provide an electrical output proportional to applied pressure and are used in a wide variety of industries for controlling and monitoring. Pressure transducers can also indirectly generate electrical signals for measuring altitude, flow, level and leak testing. Important... Read More
  • Pressure Switches and Vacuum Switches By Air Logic

    Air Logic is a manufacturer of miniature precision snap-acting switches that interface from pressure signals to electrical control circuits and from vacuum signals to electrical systems. The snap-action electrical switch provides a positive and reliable response. The switch operation is based on... Read More
  • Pressure Transducers By MENSOR

    Precision Pressure Transducers are used to test calibrate or monitor Pressure in process or laboratory environments. Pressure ranges vary from a full scale value of as low as 10 inches of water up to 15,000 psi. Accuracy can be from 0.02% or full scale to 0.008% of reading. Communication can be... Read More
  • Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Components By Adhesives Research, Inc.

    Adhesives Research offers a number of ARcare® PSA-coated films, non-wovens, foams and laminating systems designed for a variety of medical device applications including: Electrode & Electrode Labeling, Medical Instrumentation, General Device Assembly. Enhance the functionality of your product... Read More
  • Pressurex By Sensor Products Inc.

    Pressurex® is a unique, affordable and easy to use tool that reveals the distribution and magnitude of pressure between any two contacting, mating or impacting surfaces. pressure indicating sensor film is extremely thin (4 to 8 mils) which enables it to conform to curved surfaces. It is ideal... Read More
  • Primus F620 Leak Tester By ATEQ Corp.

    The ATEQ® Primus is the state of the art color screen compact air/air leak detector designed to test the air-tightness of parts on production lines. It is specially adapted for automatic and semi-automatic workbenches. The method used is based on the measurement of a small variation or drop in... Read More
  • PRIMUS Steam Sterilizers By Primus Sterilizer Company, LLC

    PRIMUS manufactures steam sterilizers Made in the USA. Since our inception, over 25 years, PRIMUS has met the ever changing challenges faced by the industry and our customers; incorporating environmentally green products and services. Our comprehensive portfolio of products and services ensure... Read More
  • Printed 2-sided printing By Topflight Corp.

    Two color sample printed to demonstrate an expanded content solution. The label design is actually a larger version of our flag labels, with a designed overlap over a silicon varnish to form a liftable flap. These samples are not die-cut on the roll, but still feature printing on both sides of... Read More
  • Printed Circuit Boards By PVA TePla America Inc

    Plasma treated PCBs increases the surface energy of advanced materials, including fluoropolymer, providing excellent lamination, wettability and metalization through-holes without the use of wet chemicals. Desmear Plasma desmear and etch-back by plasma is an established practice in the PCB... Read More
  • Printed Folding Carton Packaging By Thoro Packaging

    Thoro Packaging’s impressive list of value added services such as creative structural design engineering, sophisticated printing solutions and superior customer service give you all the resources necessary for successful folding carton production. Thoro Packaging is ISO 9001:2008 certified, cGMP... Read More
  • Printed Tubing By Sunlite Plastics Inc.

    Sometimes a color just isn't enough. You may need to be more informative. Selective printing can be used to make internal manufacturing easier. It can be used to ensure that the end user follows instructions for use. Or creative and colorful printing can help establish brand equity in the... Read More
  • Pro 1911 By Pro Ultrasonics

    The ideal tabletop ultrasonic unit, great for mobile or compact cleaning. Dimensions: 40” (with lid open) long x 18” wide x 16” high Cleaning Tank: 19” long x 11” wide x 10” deep Total Liquid Capacity: 9 Gallons Ultrasonic Power: 1200 watts peak / 600 watts avg Heat Power: 1000 watts Electrical... Read More
  • Pro 2013D By Pro Ultrasonics

    Most popular, mid-size stand-alone ultrasonic cleaner with filtration - Ideal for most cleaning jobs! Dimensions: 52” (with lid open) long x 30” wide x 36” high Cleaning Tank: 20” long x 13” wide x 14” deep Total Liquid Capacity: 23 Gallons Ultrasonic Power: 2400 watts peak / 1200 watts avg Heat... Read More
  • Pro 2013DT3 By Pro Ultrasonics

    3-Tank ultrasonic cleaning system for wash-rinse-dry! Dimensions: 89” long x 29” wide x 42” high Cleaning Tanks (each): 20” long x 13” wide x 14” deep Total Liquid Capacity: 23 Gallons Ultrasonic Power: 2400 watts peak / 1200 watts avg Heat Power: 2000 watts Surface Skimming + Dual... Read More
  • Pro 3624 By Pro Ultrasonics

    Larger unit for larger parts - also available with a lift table. Dimensions: 50” long (add 18” with drain shelf) x 40” wide x 36” high Cleaning Tank: 36” long x 24” wide x 14” deep Total Liquid Capacity: 65 Gallons Ultrasonic Power: 7200 watts peak / 3600 watts avg Heat Power: 4000 watts Surface... Read More
  • PRO Pressure-Occlusion Detector By Introtek International

    The INTROTEK® Pressure-Occlusion Detector (PRO) was developed as a result of the steadily growing interest from the global community of medical device manufacturers. The PRO Detector presents customers a solution to accurately monitor tubing occlusion in the form of a non-invasive, free-entry,... Read More
  • Process and Test Method Validation By Boyce Consulting Inc.

    We work with FDA as an outside QSR expert witness on a periodic basis and are involved with FDA/Industry coalitions, workshops and alliances. We have provided QSR and process validation training to FDA and the Texas State Department of Health. Our involvement insures that your company has the... Read More
  • Process Consulting By MasterControl Inc.

    This service focuses on investigating requirements for a GxP or business process and then creating a design based on best practices which includes the form(s) and other elements necessary to enable the defined process. The deliverable of this service is a design document that provides clear... Read More
  • Process Cooling Equipment By Sterling Inc.

    Sterling provides a wide range of cooling solutions for multiple industries including plastics, food & pharmaceutical, packaging, chemical, printing, and machine tool markets. With a full offering of chilling equipment, pump tanks, blown film coolers, cooling towers, and full chilling systems,... Read More
  • Process Engineering R&D for Solutions in Medical Applications By Converting/Biophile Labs Inc.

    Research and development in the medical applications, packaging and assembly industry is an extremely important part of Converting Biophile Laboratories. Not only do we seek to find more efficient, safe and reliable procedures for our customers and ourselves, but for the ultimate end-users of... Read More
  • Process Heat By Leister Technologies LLC

    Leister delivers performance. Wherever you need to apply heat, Leister provides the ideal solution. We have been the worldwide leader in the field of plastic welding and hot air blowers for over 50 years. Process Heat - Hot air is increasingly deployed within industrial processes, whether... Read More
  • Process Technology By Process Technology

    Lufran high purity water heaters: Proven technology for UPDI heating applications. Suitable for the most stringent high purity specifications. All PTFE and PVDF wetted parts. Patented “purged” resistive element design offers exceptional MTBF of ten years. Third party certified to SEMI and UL... Read More
  • ProControl Proportional Valve Series By Humphrey Products Corporation

    The ProControl Proportional Valves provide outstanding performance, versatility and value. The inert construction makes this an ideal choice for many types of mulit-media use. The patented frictionless flat-spring armature design results in long, trouble-free and excellent flow characteristics.... Read More
  • Product Design By Winstim Physio

    We offer end-to-end product design services for medical device development. Our team is experienced in bringing product concepts to volume manufacturing. We constantly engage customers during the product lifecycle for design validation. Whether itis forging novel technological concepts into... Read More
  • Product Design By Stratos Product Development

    Interaction Designers work side by side with Industrial Designers, Quality Engineers and Software Engineers to turn advanced technology into intuitive user experiences. Interaction design and usability engineering is accomplished using user-centered design practices and with a deep understanding... Read More
  • Product Design By GenesisTEK, LLC

    Our main focus here at GenesisTEK, LLC is product design. We use Solidworks as our tool of choice. As you can see from our website, we cross all boundaries of industry. From consumer products, electronics cases, specialty equipment, and medical devices. We specialize in products that will... Read More

    Compelling Design, Robust Form, Optimum User Experience. We produce award winning innovative designs by challenging the status quo, blending the finesse of industrial design with the complexities of engineering. Read More
  • Product Design & Development By Cirtec Medical

    Cirtec has Engineering and R&D capabilities to support your product design and medical component manufacturing of mechanical and electro-mechanical devices. Regardless of how complex your product may be, our engineers collaboration with you can maximize the performance and manufacturability of... Read More
  • Product Design and Development Strategy By Stratos Product Development

    Product strategy originates from a vision of where you want to take your company. The products your organization ultimately offers are that vision made real through execution of the product strategy. Establishing a well thought-out strategy is the key to maximizing return on your product... Read More
  • Product Design, Development and Manufacturing By Quest Corporation

    Quest Product Development and Quest Manufacturing are focused on the medical device community by providing outsource engineering and manufacturing services. Areas of expertise include in vitro diagnostic systems, electrocautery, infusion pumps, drug deliver pumps, endoscopy, and all forms of... Read More
  • Product Development By Silcotech North America Inc.

    The measure of a company that consistently delivers exceptional value is its ability to develop repeat customers. That's where an efficient NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT process plays a key role. After all, a repeat customer means met or exceeded expectations. And that's not always easy to do when... Read More
  • Product Development By Chemsultants International Inc.

    New Products Get To Market Faster With Chemsultants Chemsultants International is a full-service adhesive consultant for product development, testing, and process scale up. Our comprehensive product development services are proven to reduce the time needed for development... Read More
  • Product Development - Custom OEM Endoscopes By Instrument Technology Inc.

    Medical OEM customers often approach ITI for help in developing and manufacturing their medical device. Most of the time, their inquiries can be classified as one of the following tasks: Design and manufacture a scope to the customer's unique specifications Add visualization capability to the... Read More

    Whether you are developing a new product or improving an existing product, FTT partners with your engineering and production personnel seamlessly. We have the capability to work with our customers at all levels. FTT has collaborated successfully from simple prototype to complete machine... Read More
  • Product Engineering Service By G-M-I, Inc.

    G-M-I's product engineering service for medical devices includes material selection assistance, product design assistance and prototypes and samples. Click on the 'click for phone' or 'send an email' link to contact G-M-I to learn more about its medical device prototyping capabilities. Read More
  • Product Handling - Feeding - Inserting Systems By Dividella AG, a Körber Group company

    Dividella feeding systems guarantee gentle product handling combined with high output. A range of additional components are adapted to a broad spectrum of applications and meet the requirements which often arise in the industry. You have a wide range of options for extending the functionality... Read More
  • Product Inspections By Pro QC International

    By performing inspections, companies are able to identify problems early with the goal of eliminating the causes. Utilized correctly, inspections save money by eliminating process problems and ensuring that the end product meets customers' requirements and expectations. Read More
  • Product Labeling By The Danby Group LLP

    If it moves, you need to label or tag it and we can show you how... The Danby Group is your single source for direct thermal and thermal transfer consumables. We maintain a large and varied inventory of the most innovative labeling materials. We know your marking needs are mission critical - we... Read More
  • Product Safety Testing By Tuv Sud

    Trust. It’s what defines our product safety testing services. It’s the trust that our customers as well as organizations such as UL® (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.) and TUV (TÜV Rheinland®) place in us that enables us to complete your product testing project with efficiency. ACS Product Safety... Read More
  • Product Safety/Performance Testing By Element

    With over 80 axial and torsional fatigue frames, we have the capacity to meet all your testing needs. Our attention to detail and dedication to quality throughout your project produces quantifiable results in a timely manner. We work hard to understand your needs before embarking on a... Read More
  • Product Specific Automation By Technimark

    Classic Industries designs and builds product-specific automation equipment to perform a wide variety of functions, including value-added operations. Automation equipment is also used to complete complex assembly requirements utilizing technologies such as vision detection systems, which verify... Read More
  • Product Testing By SHL Healthcare AB

    We understand the importance of product performance verification and documentation for the home & hospital care industry. To ensure our end-products can help and enhance patient comfort and functionality. We have developed a range of comprehensive in-house testing capabilities required for... Read More
  • Product Testing By Pro QC International

    Pro QC conducts properties, performance and lifecycle testing at our labs in Ningbo, China and Chicago, USA. Custom fixtures and test methods are crafted in-house. For testing that is not performed at Pro QC, we have alliances with accredited labs in many locations worldwide to offer you... Read More
  • Product Testing and Test Method Development By Gener8

    Testing is a skill that often is overlooked but is crucial for a successful project. Our engineers have many years of experience in testing. First, we need to identify which test methods are appropriate for the product and how we will challenge the product in ways that will replicate user... Read More
  • Production Design By Cortex Design

    Art meets engineering. We determine how to produce your groundbreaking product at scale. Design for manufacturing (DFM) principles guide our analysis of each part for material selection, manufacturing technique, and finish. Design for assembly (DFA) principles guide our detailing of... Read More
  • Production Intent Prototypes in Days - Medical Innovation Center By Minnesota Rubber and Plastics

    Innovators are looking to accelerate development of higher performing products. By engaging with R&D engineers early in the development process, we can shorten design time, create better components and significantly enhance the value of our customers’ products. Our customers have told us that... Read More
  • Production Liaison By Cortex Design

    Boots on the ground. We work on location with our injection molding, die casting, metal stamping and forming, PCB and PCBA partners to ensure production vision and quality are maintained. Quality audits and close communication help ensure our partners meet the Product Requirements Document... Read More
  • Production Machining By Crescent Industries Inc.

    Precision production machining is a highly competitive industry requiring high-accuracy and high-quality components. Crescent Industries utilizes CNC automated equipment and highly skilled labor to produce custom and complex precision components. Our equipment includes several horizontal and... Read More
  • Production Molding & Finishing By New Star Mold

    New Star Mold processes a full range of commodity and engineering grade thermoplastics on modern injection equipment. Closed-loop controls and robotics guarantee part to part consistency. Industries served are, but are not limited to, consumer electronics, automotive, medical appliances,... Read More
  • ProFicient 4 By InfinityQS

    ProFicient 4 focuses on compliance reporting (useful for companies in regulated industries or companies who need to meet customer specifications), an enhanced user experience, and integration with enterprise-wide systems for greater visibility of product quality. InfinityQS ProFicient provides... Read More
  • ProFicient On Demand By InfinityQS

    ProFicient On Demand is a hosted software package that provides a centralized quality system for manufacturers. The package includes the industry leading SPC application, ProFicient, as well as the supporting software tools, Dynamic Scheduler, Quality Monitor, and Net Process Monitor. This... Read More
  • Programmable Automation Controllers By Industrial Indexing Systems Inc.

    The heart of a multi-axis automation system is the ability to synchronize the motion of multiple motors to a designated “master” source device. Depending on the machine application, a source device may be an encoder measuring web travel, position feedback from another motor that is driving a... Read More
  • Project Management By Technimark

    To ensure that every project follows the established timeline, remains on budget and meets all quality objectives, a dedicated project manager serves as the key communication liaison between customers and the Classic Industries team. Read More
  • Project Management By GenesisTEK, LLC

    GenesisTEK, LLC will manage your injection molding project. If you need assistance in locating a molding company, then you need to look no further. We have built strong relationships with many manufacturing molders in the US. Our relationships, expertise, and assistance will be yours to... Read More
  • Project Management By Plastikos , Inc.

    At Plastikos and Micro Mold every mold begins with a designer translating a physical or CAD model into a set of blueprints that meet all dimensional, aesthetic, and inspection requirements. Our mold designers are knowledgeable in the unique properties of injection molding. Whether the... Read More
  • Project Management By Micro Mold Co

    At Plastikos and Micro Mold every mold begins with a designer translating a physical or CAD model into a set of blueprints that meet all dimensional, aesthetic, and inspection requirements. Our mold designers are knowledgeable in the unique properties of injection molding. Whether the... Read More
  • Proligent, Test Data Business Intelligence By Averna

    Proligent Enterprise is a test lifecycle management system that helps OEMs react quickly and strategically to improve time-to-market and time-to-quality. A ready-to-use solution, Proligent integrates test data management, process and quality control, and extensive reporting capability into a... Read More
  • Proquis Enterprise By Proquis Limited

    Ensure regulatory compliance with automation of your documents and quality processes using our Proquis Enterprise suite. Organizations with multiple sites and departments can achieve substantial benefits from using Proquis Enterprise, a 100% web-based and modular solution for all quality-related... Read More
  • Proquis On Demand By Proquis Limited

    Proquis On Demand offers much of the same robust functionality of our Proquis Enterprise Suite, but is available through a monthly subscription as a Software as a Service (SaaS) which will provide you quick implementation, easy scalability, and continuous IT support. Proquis On Demand is an... Read More
  • ProScan™III Motorized Microscope Stage Systems By Prior Scientific, Inc.

    Experience the ultimate advancement in microscope automation with the new compact and modular designed ProScan™III system from Prior Scientific. The ProScan™III system is capable of controlling up to 16 individual stepper motor axes including a motorized stage, focus motor, three filter wheels... Read More
  • ProtoMat S63 By LPKF Laser & Electronics

    The ProtoMat S63 circuit board plotter is a bench top system ideal for virtually all in-house PCB prototyping. Features such as automatic tool change, solder paste dispenser, and automatic milling depth adjustment creates ease of use for anyone in the electronics lab. With high speed and... Read More
  • Prototype Design By Cortex Design

    Learning through building. Concept exploration gives you a sense of a product’s look and feel, but nothing is more impactful than a physical prototype you can hold in your hand. Additive prototyping using in-house 3D printing allows us to quickly test forms and ideas. Subtractive (CNC)... Read More
  • Prototype Development By CES Medical Systems

    CES has been providing support services to the medical industry for over 30 years. CES is a FDA registered medical device outsourcing company that provides high-quality services to medical device companies, helping to reduce capital costs and increase the product’s speed to market. Services... Read More
  • Prototype Machining By 3-D CNC Inc

    3-D CNC, Inc. offers complete economical manufacturing solutions for medical device prototypes and other industrial prototype development. From concept design through production, we can optimize our capabilities to produce parts and assemblies with minimal lead times. Our prototype development... Read More
  • Prototypes & Models By Harbec, Inc.

    We deliver functionally correct, dimensionally accurate prototypes in 1-2 weeks. Unlike prototypes from other firms, HARBEC prototypes are production-intent (i.e., not just conceptual). Prototypes and models from HARBEC are working, engineered components that demonstrate all of your... Read More
  • Prototyping By Definitive Design

    Prototypes provide the development team with a tangible model of exactly how a product will function and look before it is manufactured. We see prototypes as a tool for learning, validating design intent, mitigating risk, and assessing design for manufacturability (DFM) throughout the... Read More
  • Prototyping By PTI Engineered Plastics Inc.

    PTIs production prototyping — a proprietary capability known as P3 — is a central element in the company's ability to leverage the power of imagination and deliver competitive assurance to its customers. P3 is an innovative approach to prototyping that delivers benefits most customers are not... Read More
  • Prototyping By Silcotech North America Inc.

    There are several benefits to producing a PROTOTYPE of your product before going on to the production stage. The most obvious is that having prototype allows you to see what the actual product looks like. You can check design, touch it and generally, see how the product fits into your plan. If... Read More
  • Prototyping By Infinity Molding and Assembly, Inc.

    The medical device engineering and design support capabilities of Infinity include: CAD, Mold Flow and Mold Cool, in addition to Prototyping. Infinity has found that involvement with the customer at the earliest design stage has proven to be the most cost effective approach to medical device... Read More
  • Prototyping By HS Design

    We recognize Rapid Prototyping comes in a host of flavors…that is why we offer our clients a full range of prototype services. Whether you are in early stages of concept development and need to bring new alternative 3D concepts for user evaluation or in final production that needs final... Read More
  • Prototyping By Diversified Plastics, Inc.

    Stop prototyping and start producing. DPI’s Acceleration Station services help you get to marketing faster. These services include Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) additive manufacturing, delivering prototypes and production parts in days, not weeks, without tooling. Carbon DLS is 100... Read More
  • Prototyping and Testing By Eclipse Product Development

    Modeling physical appearances Prototyping user interactions Fabricating functional units Performing simulated testing Submitting for agency testing Read More
  • Prototyping Services By Flexible Circuit Technologies

    In most every case our first builds for a new customer or new program are prototype builds. Dependent upon your program need and circuit design, FCT can offer quick turn prototyping for fit, form, and function through the use of our California, USA based prototyping facility. We do prefer... Read More
  • Prototyping Services and Rapid Prototyping By Quality Innovations LLC

    Quality Innovations LLC is a full service rapid prototyping service bureau that provides a wide range of prototypes to consumers in many industries. We offer rapid prototyping design services to produce 3D CAD Model's of your rapid prototype concept. If you have an existing design, we can use a... Read More
  • Prototyping/Rapid Prototyping By Omnica Corporation

    Omnica's medical device rapid prototyping capabilities include: fully-equipped machine, sheet metal, wood, urethane casting/molding shops; electronics assembly and testing; a process development lab; injection molding; FDM rapid modelmaking; PolyJet printing; and, professional paint spraying for... Read More
  • Protytype responsiveness By Racine Metal-Fab Ltd.

    Our prototype specialists have many years of sheet metal fabrication experience to create a seamless process from prototype to production. • In-house capabilities offer quick project turnaround • Dedicated prototype cell eliminates production interruptions Send us your preliminary designs or... Read More
  • Providing Distribution Solutions By Gopher Electronics Co

    It not just about the parts! We work as a partner in your supply chain to reduce costs, improve turns, eliminate waste and minimize liabilities. With our programs and services you are able to reallocate precious resources to tasks that bring money to the bottom line. Read More
  • ProWeld By Precision Automated Laser Systems

    Precision Automated Laser Systems Inc. has developed the next generation in glovebox welding systems. The LaserWeld was designed to meet the demanding needs of the medical and electronic industries. The user-friendly design and software coupled with the latest innovations in laser welding... Read More
  • PS-100-VIDEO By Strainoptics Inc.

    The PS-100-VIDEO from Strainoptics is a laboratory-quality Senarmont polarimeter equipped with a video camera, macro-video zoom lens, and 17" color LCD monitor. Applications include observation and visual measurement of residual stress (birefringence) in small glass or plastic parts, such as... Read More
  • PT MED By Clamco

    The PT MED is a tabletop impulse sealer for the medical industry. It is designed for applications with limited space, budget, or production requirements. It has ported exhaust for use in clean room applications. The machine also has guaranteed seal integrity. An alarm activates if the... Read More
  • PTCS-12F By Precision Automated Laser Systems

    We are very excited to introduce our new PTCS-12F tube cutting system. Utilizing the latest in fiber laser technology and motion systems we have been able to produce one of the most accurate, fastest, user friendly, and economical tube cutting laser systems. With an accuracy of +/- 7 microns and... Read More
  • PTFE Coated Stainless Steel Wire By Sandvik Palm Coast

    Sandvik Palm Coast produces a range of medical wire for guidewire in sizes from 0.001" to 0.030" in PTFE coated, and/or in brite form. The new PTFE coating is a result of Sandvik’s continuous, wire coating process. This coating is a complete coating over the wire surface, which is both... Read More
  • PTFE Rod & Tube By Dalau limited

    Dalau specializes in offering a wide range of high quality extruded rod that is produced to a high standard of uniform density levels and physical properties. Ideal for machining tight toleranced component parts for the connector, electronics, medical and semi-conductor industries. We hold... Read More
  • PTFE Spiral Heat-Shrink Tubing By Teleflex Medical OEM

    PTFE (Polytetraflouroethylene) spiral heat-shrink tubing provides a protective covering that resists heat, shock, corrosion, moisture, and other extremes. The tubing is water resistant, chemically inert, and is produced in a variety of custom sizes with a range of shrink ratios. Spiral... Read More
  • PTFE Sub-Lite-Wall® By Zeus

    Zeus Sub-Lite-Wall® tubing is PTFE tubing with wall thicknesses down to 0.001" and tolerances of +/- 0.0005". It’s available in regular and extended micro miniature dimensions and in heat shrink versions. Read More
  • PTFE Tubing By Fluorotherm Polymers Inc

    PTFE is the classic, original, and gold standard of fluoropolymer tubing. PTFE was the "miracle" fluoropolymer invented in the 1940's by DuPont - a product originally without a market and hard to process. Most other materials continue to use PTFE as a reference for chemical resistance. Read More
  • PU66 By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    The PU66 series of compact, open PCB constructed, AC-DC switching power supplies are capable of delivering 45 to 65 watts of continuous output power. They operate at 90 to 264VAC input voltage without the need of voltage selection. They are ideally suited for use in data networking, computing... Read More
  • Pulleys and Belts By Nordex Inc.

    Nordex Manufactures Timing Belt Pulleys to Industry Standards as well as Custom Pulleys. The improvements in timing belt technology allow close manufacturing tolerances of the profiles which helps create the smooth entry into and out of the mating pulley. This both reduces wear and provides... Read More
  • Pump worm gears By AmTech International

    AmTech International specializes in mid to high volume gear pump component manufacturing services. Read More
  • Puncture Testers By Imada Inc.

    Mechanical puncture testers check the puncture resistance or hardness of materials like dry wall, foam boards, cardboard, etc. They are ideal for handheld penetration tests or mounting to a test stand and intrinsically safe in hazardous environments. An optional handle is available. Imada... Read More
  • PUP120 By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    The PUP120 series of AC/DC switching power supplies are for 96 to 120 watts of continuous output power. They are enclosed in a 94V-1 rated polyphenylene-oxide case with an IEC 320/C6 inlet to mate with interchangeable cord for world-wide use. All models meet CISPR 22 and FCC class B emission... Read More
  • PUP150N By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    The PUP150N/PUP150NS Series of AC/DC switching power supplies provide 150 watts of continuous output power. They are enclosed in a 94V-1 rated polyphenylene-oxide case with an IEC 320/C14 or IEC320/C6 inlet to mate with an interchangeable cord for world-wide use. All models meet CISPR 22... Read More
  • PUP180 By TT Electronics - Power Partners, Inc.

    The PUP180 series of AC/DC switching power supplies are for 180 watts of continuous output power. They are enclosed in a 94V-1 rated polyphenylene-oxide case with an IEC 320/C14 or C6 inlet t o mate with interchangeable cord for world-wide use. All model meet CISPR 22 and FCC class B... Read More
  • PURE DROPS OF COD LIVER OIL 1000mg CAPSULES By Drugdu Technology Co., Ltd

    It’s easy to take your daily Omega 3 with Pure Drops on a busy schedule. Same great oil, more convenient. •No GMO or additives •Vitamin A •EPA - 110 mg per serving •DHA - 160 mg per serving •Omega 3 - 350 mg per serving •Natural product Ingredients: Purified oil derived from Atlantic Cod, soft... Read More
  • PureTemp Phase Change Material By PureTemp

    Imagine a technology so unique it continually regulates the temperature of a product, or structure, by using the surrounding ambient energy. That technology is PureTemp™ - a patented, proprietary formulation of renewable plant-based phase change materials used to maintain and control... Read More
  • Push Button (1/8 NPT (F) Input, 2-Way Valves, Normally Closed) By Pneumadyne, Inc.

    Pneumadyne manufactures a variety of 2-way valves with 1/8 NPT (F) ports to fit your application requirements. Our highly reliable “0” Series valve, part number A0-20-4, features a swivel 1/8 NPT (F) input port for valve alignment purposes. The “11” Series valves (part numbers start with A11)... Read More
  • Push Button (Stainless Steel 3-Way Valves) By Pneumadyne, Inc.

    Pneumadyne manufactures two styles of stainless steel 3-way control valves to accommodate application requirements. The fully ported design features a 10-32 (F) exhaust port to capture and remove exhaust flow from liquid, cleanroom or lubricated air applications. Read More
  • Push-Pull Transducers By Ultrasonics Depot

    A resonating tubular immersible system for ultrasonic cleaning in a number of areas. The ultrasonic driverheads mounted at both ends of the resonator rod induce longitudinal pulses in the resonator at the points of attachment. Even while increasing the length of the resonator; the... Read More
  • PVD vacuum coating machine By Aurora Scientific Corp.

    Aurora Scientific Corp. provides advanced vacuum coaters based on PVD technology to protect cutting tools, metal components, molds and dies, from wear and corrosion attack. A turnkey solution including the PVD coater, surface treatment equipment, and quality control instrument along with updated... Read More
  • PVDF Tubing By Fluorotherm Polymers Inc

    PVDF, or Polyvinylidene Fluoride Fluoropolymer, provides good abrasion and wear properties with low permeability. PVDF tubing is used in a variety of industries such as aerospace, semiconductor, medical, automotive, fiber optics and marine tanks. Read More
  • PVT MED By Clamco

    The PVT MED validatable tabletop vacuum pouch sealer is ideal for those medical packagers with limited space, budget or production requirements, or where the security of a medical vacuum sealer is needed. Available in three sealbar lengths, the PVT MED comes with a Temperature controller... Read More