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  • NANO-8050 By American Portwell Technology, Inc.

    NANO-8050 Intel Core 2 Duo Processor based Compact Nano-ITX Embedded Board Portwell NANO-8050 features Intel GS45 Express chipset integrated with a built-in GMA 4500MHD graphic engine to provide excellent 3D graphics performance and supports Intel Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Core™ 2 Duo and... Read More

    OAI's nanoimprint system uses HP technology, is 20 nm, and is a perfect tool for R&D. It has high yeild, is economical and fits any mask aligner. OAi's package comes with the module and start up materials. Read More
  • Natron™ DC™ Silicone Inks By Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.

    The DC Silicone inks are two component inks. The Natron™ DC™ Silicone inks are formulated with Bostons proprietary Dual Cure™ Technology. This enables them to dry and cure at room temperature. This silicone ink line is ideal for pad printing or screen printing on silicone products that cannot... Read More
  • Natron™ SE Silicone inks By Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.

    Natron™ SE Silicone ink is ideal for pad printing and screen printing on any item made of silicone rubber. The SE ink is used in promotional, medical, toys, drink-ware, and industrial applications. Typical silicone application include, silicone wristbands, swim caps, and silicone phone cases.... Read More
  • NDL-Q/NDL-T By Smiths Interconnect

    Ultraminiature Triax Connectors --Ultraminiature triax connectors in threaded and quick disconnect formats --Offered in straight, right angle, cable and PCB mount configurations --Designed for numerous low loss twinaxial cables and concentric triax cables The triax connector line features our... Read More
  • NEDOX By General Magnaplate Corp.

    NEDOX Protects Most Metals - Including Aluminum - Against Wear, Friction, Corrosion, Sticking and Galling NASA material #20386* Dramatically increase surface hardness - up to Rc 68 (940 Vickers scale) Resist corrosion, chemicals and acids Prevent abrasive wear and galling and seizing... Read More
  • Needle Technology By Kahle Automation

    Kahle is a worldwide supplier of automation and process equipment for the Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Industries. Dedicated to designing solutions for only one Industry allows us the opportunity to develop the expertise required to build production systems with an understanding of the... Read More
  • Needles By Qosina Corp.

    Qosina offers non-sterile angiographic surgical medical needles in 18, 19, 20, and 21 gauge sizes. These medical needles have several hub designs and vary in lengths from 1 inch (25 mm) - 3.5 inch (89 mm). The surgical needles feature a refined bevel and provide a special cannula coating to... Read More
  • NEHCP-36 Compact Unscrambler By New England Machinery Inc

    The New England Machinery, Inc. NEHCP-36 is a compact bottle unscrambling system. This model offers a compact, space saving footprint due to an integrated hopper elevator. The NEHCP-36 is designed for high efficiency and high outpu Read More
  • Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets By Integrated Magnetics Inc.

    Integrated Magnetics stocks both high remanance and high coercivity grades of NdFeB magnet materials, up to 55MGOe. We are able to produce custom magnets with short lead times, as well as custom engineered magnet assemblies. Examples of assemblies we produce: high speed (up to 150k RPM) rotors,... Read More
  • NeoTOP 804 By Dividella AG, a Körber Group company

    High Performance. High Flexibility Within the NeoTOP family, the NeoTOP 804 offers the perfect combination of high format flexbility and superior performance. Up to 800 objects per minute can be processed in triple-mode. Read More
  • NeoTOP x Cartoners By Dividella AG, a Körber Group company

    Cartoners for Toploading Packaging Solutions Virtually no other packaging solution offers such optimal product protection combined with compact outer dimensions, ease of access and flexible pack design. No other company has been offering such brilliantly designed packaging solutions for 20... Read More
  • NeoTRAY By Dividella AG, a Körber Group company

    NeoTRAY: High volume cartoner for pharmaceutical and biotech products, using toploading and sideloading NeoTRAY from Dividella offers both: sideloading and toploading solutions, from one single source. The high-speed system allows for a broad range of applications for high volumes. It is... Read More
  • NERCCE Rotary Chuck Capper By New England Machinery Inc

    The NERCC Rotary Servo Chuck Capping system is designed to be installed over the customer's existing conveyor. This model can be configured from 3 to 30 heads. The pneumatic chuck offers a quick change collet pull pin. This capper is adaptable to a wide range of caps and containers. Read More
  • NERLITE® Machine Vision Lighting By Omron Automation Americas

    Microscan has over 20 years of reliable performance in machine vision lighting. Microscan's NERLITE products are designed to meet the demands of industrial automation environments, and enable machine vision and auto ID systems to perform reliably in thousands of diverse applications... Read More
  • New Cartridge/Syringe Processing: Development through Clinical Phase II By Lyophilization Technology, Inc.

    As a leading provider of product development and clinical manufacturing to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, Lyophilization Technology, Inc. has added prefilled cartridge capabilities to our repertoire. Our broad experience and expertise in the development, optimization, and... Read More
  • New Kynar® Connectors from Qosina By Qosina Corp.

    Qosina is pleased to announce the addition of an extensive line of Kynar® Connectors (#11390-#11404), in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Configurations include female luer lock to barb, non-vented female luer lock cap, female luer lock to female luer lock, male luer lock to barb, and... Read More
  • New Multi-Cavity Channel Clips with Guide Wire Slit By Qosina Corp.

    Qosina is pleased to announce the addition of four new multi-cavity channel clips (#12536 - #12539) to their line, in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Equipped with a unique slit which is designed to retain guide wires, these channel clips help to hold a wire in place when not in use.... Read More
  • New Qosina Needleless Swabbable One-Way Sampling Valve By Qosina Corp.

    Qosina is pleased to announce the addition of a new needleless swabbable one-way sampling valve (#90403); a component ideal for procedures involving liquid sampling. Materials consist of an ABS red male luer lock body, a polycarbonate female luer lock body and silicone valves. When the... Read More
  • New Sanitary Flanges with Barbs from Qosina By Qosina Corp.

    Qosina is pleased to announce the addition of seven new sanitary flanges with barbs, in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Available in two sizes, 0.5 inch/0.75 mini (#51617 - #51619) and 1 inch/1.5 inch standard (#51620 - #51623). Sanitary flanges have an oversized hose barb design that... Read More
  • New TAM Air - Isothermal Calorimeter By TA Instruments - Waters LLC

    The new TAM Air from TA Instruments is a powerful isothermal calorimeter with heat flow sensitivity in the microwatt range and unmatched baseline drift performance. New TAM Air Advantages include: - Operating temperature range: 5 °C – 90 °C - Circulating air thermostat with temperature... Read More
  • New Vented Dust Caps from Qosina By Qosina Corp.

    Qosina is pleased to announce the addition of eleven new soft TPE vented dust caps (#11300, #11301, #11320, #11330, #11331, #11340, #11341, #11350, #11360, #11361, #11380) in stock and ready for immediate delivery. These components are available in a variety of colors including blue, green,... Read More
  • New Winged Female Luer Lock to Barb Connectors from Qosina By Qosina Corp.

    Qosina is pleased to announce the addition of four new winged female luer lock to barb connectors (#11760-#11763), in stock and ready for immediate delivery. These components are offered in either a natural polypropylene (#11760, #11762) or a clear polycarbonate (#11761, #11763), and the female... Read More
  • New Y Connector Hemostasis Valves By Qosina Corp.

    Qosina is pleased to announce the addition of four new Y connector hemostasis valves (#80300-#80303) to its product line. Each hemostasis valve is equipped with a rotating male luer lock or male luer slip, and a female luer lock sideport. The Y connector gives the valve an ergonomic design for... Read More
  • Nimbus/ XRP (Hamilton Company) By RKS

    RKS has worked with Hamilton Company to develop platforms capable of boosting efficiency and empowering clinicians - to better facilitate medical analysis and scientific discovery in both small and commercial laboratories. Instrument component combinations typically leave labs looking like... Read More
  • Niobium Foil, Coil, Strip By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Ed Fagan Inc. stocks Niobium Foil/Coil in a variety of sizes. Niobium, also termed Columbium, is a shiny grey metal that takes on a bluish tinge when exposed to air at room temperature. Due to its low capture cross section for thermal neutrons, Niobium has application in the nuclear industry.... Read More
  • Nitinol Applications By Motion Dynamics Corp.

    Motion Dynamics has dedicated an engineering staff to the development of new capabilities and manufacturing processes with an emphasis on producing Nitinol wire components. We use conventional fixtures as well as our new innovative automation processes to provide high quality Nitinol wire... Read More
  • NitraCare Nitrile Exam By Medgluv Inc.

    Our New Latex-Free NitraCare glove will offer you the protection of Nitrile and feeling of latex sensitivity. It is a high-performing, latex-free exam glove for use in every application in a healthcare environment. Featuring an advanced stretch formulation providing you with comfort for extended... Read More
  • Nitrile Gloves By Blue Thunder Technologies Inc

    Made from a synthetic polymer, these gloves are less likely to cause irritation and allergic reactions. They also provide a high degree of softness, sensitivity, feel and flexibility. The nitrile material reacts to your body temperature and conforms to the shape of your hand, making them... Read More
  • Nomenclature By EFC/WESCO

    EFC Catalog Nomenclature Read More
  • Nonconformance Management By Pilgrim Quality Solutions

    Drive to the root cause of problems to quickly focus on prevention and correction. Read More
  • Nondestructive Testing By Laboratory Testing Inc.

    Certified nondestructive testing (NDT) specialists perform tests that provides information about surface and subsurface inconsistencies, flaws and weaknesses without damaging their test material: * X-ray Inspection * Ultrasonic Testing * Hydrostatic Pressure Testing * Liquid Penetrant... Read More
  • Non-Destructive Testing By Massachusetts Materials Research, Inc.

    Non Destructive inspection is a reliable and convenient method used to inspect a wide range of parts, components and materials. These techniques are employed to detect surface, subsurface and internal defects. NDT is an essential tool to insure product quality, safety and reliability. Read More
  • Non-Ferrous and Nickel Alloy Wire By Interwire Group

    InterWire is your non-ferrous metal source. When your wire needs include aluminum, copper, nickel, beryllium or silver, contact your local InterWire Products location. Non-ferrous metals, provide specific properties or combinations of properties that make them ideal for tasks where ferrous... Read More
  • NOVA By Quantachrome Instruments

    The NOVA e-Series of surface area analyzers offers a full line of rapid, high throughput B.E.T. surface area and pore size analyzers. Eight fully automatic models meet the needs of any research or quality assurance laboratory. All NOVA models can produce BET surface area results using the... Read More
  • NovaSync™ Dual 2-1 By Car-May

    The NovaSync™ Dual channel pump is the newest addition to the Car-May pump line made by Car-May LLC. The exceptionally accurate NovaSync™ is housed in a durable chemically resistant enclosure with a power supply, touch screen controller and back-lit display. The simple user interfaces guides... Read More
  • Nova-Tech – Lint Free Wipes By Blue Thunder Technologies Inc

    NOVA-TECH™ 1000 is an especially effective wipe. It is tough, abrasion resistant, absorbent, and virtually free of particle generation. It is comprised of a synergistic blend of virgin polyester and cellulose that is hydroentangled into a uniform, super-tough fabric. These unique features give... Read More
  • Nozzle/Slip-on Heaters By Watlow

    Watlow offers a full line of hot runner nozzle heaters for the plastics industry as well as slip-on heaters for the medical and analytical industries. While every heater has a unique set of capabilities, each nozzle heater is designed to meet specific application requirements. Whether an... Read More
  • NRD Series Direct Drive Pumps By Iwaki America Inc.

    Our NRD series design features small canned motor centrifugal pumps powered by brushless DC motors. They are incredibly compact, lightweight and quiet. A variety of features, including a seal-less design to prevent leakage, enable the pumps to meet a full spectrum of user needs, with emphasis on... Read More
  • Nuance (Discus Dental/Philips) By RKS

    Nuance is a composite delivery system designed for use by dentists and dental assistants when performing tooth restorations or filling cavities in the fast-paced dental operatory. It's a simple way to provide precise and measured extrusion, and track material usage, of Discus' valuable... Read More
  • Nylobrade® By NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure

    Clear NYLOBRADE is made from non-toxic ingredients selected from those sanctioned by the Food and Drug Administration for use in food contact applications. NYLOBRADE is generally unaffected by most oxidizing and reducing agents. Diluted acids and alkalies have little effect, though if highly... Read More
  • Nylon 6/6, 11, and 12 Tubing By Applied Tubing, LLC

    Applied Medical Tubing offers Nylon tubing in a variety of colours. Nylon has become an Industry standard. Today Nylon is used in a variety of Industries to include automotive, aerospace, and the medical device industry as well. Our nylon tubing solutions are available in a wide range of... Read More