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  • Medium Voltage Fuses - MERSEN, BUSSMANN, LITTELFUSE, SIBA By Fuses Unlimited, Inc.

    Medium voltage fuses are current-limiting power fuses manufactured in ratings ranging from 0.6 kV through 38 kV and in continuous current ratings from 0.5 amperes through 1200 amperes. These fuses are for protecting electrical power systems designed for motors, transformers, capacitors and in... Read More
  • MasterControl™ GxP Process Management Suite By MasterControl Inc.

    With more than a decade of experience in the rigorous FDA and ISO environments, MasterControl has developed an integrated software solution that combines industry best practices with the flexibility to meet every customer's unique needs. The MasterControl™ GxP process management suite... Read More
  • Medical Device Coating Types By Formacoat LLC

    Because Formacoat is independent, we can work with a wide variety of coating types. These include: Traditional Hydrogels: The main class of hydrophilic coatings called "hydrogels." A hydrogel coating absorbs water and swells upon contact with water. These wetted polymers are what give... Read More
  • M Series By LEMO

    M series connectors are lightweight triple-start ratchet coupling type connectors designed for avionics, aerospace, military, security, motorsport and heavy duty applications. The products is a COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf), fulfil various MIL –spec requirements and answer most of the... Read More
  • M1075y Series Mass Flow Leak Detector By InterTech Development Company

    InterTech Development Company developed new cost-effective leak testing technology – the M1075y family of leak detectors, both for single channel testing and multi-channel testing—designed for high speed leak testing and equipped with multiple features that not only cut testing costs but also... Read More
  • Maag Filtration Systems By Maag Automatik, Inc.

    Nowadays, high standards are expected of a product's manufacturing quality and visual appeal. One key aspect of the production and processing of plastics is therefore the filtration stage, in which the filter separates out contamination from the liquid plastic melt. Maag supplies the equipment... Read More
  • Maag Pump Systems By Maag Automatik, Inc.

    For almost 90 years, Maag has been renowned as a supplier of gear pumps of the highest quality that are used today for conveying polymer melts, chemicals and even lubricants. The focus of our activities lies on applications involving high-viscosity media, high temperatures and low inlet and/or... Read More
  • Mach-1™ By Biomomentum Inc

    The Mach-1™ is a micromechanical testing system commercially available since 1999. Unlike other testers of its kind, this multiple axis system has the ability to perform compression, tension, shear and torsion tests in various modes including dynamic, static, creep and waveform loading. It... Read More

    FTT Medical supports projects from prototype development to volume CNC production with equal ease. We have the manufacuring and engineering expertise to assist our customers at all levels of product manufacturing. - Wire EDM - Swiss-type turning - Multi-axis CNC milling and mill/turn -... Read More
  • Machined Handpieces By Pro CNC Inc.

    Pro CNC has been making CNC machined medical handpieces for years. We are familiar with the requirements for material certifications, cleanliness, finishing requirements and tolerances. Our multi-axis CNC machines make quick work of these types of parts. Read More
  • Machined Medical Enclosures By Pro CNC Inc.

    Pro CNC provides machining and assembly services to many leaders in the medical industry. With our 100% paperless quality management system and ISO 9001:2000 certification, we are able to provide these customers with a combination of unparalleled quality and service at a competitive price. You... Read More
  • Machined Plastics By Precision Associates Inc.

    Extreme service conditions require high-performance machined plastics designed to withstand harsh operating environments. Known for their durability, resistance to chemicals, and friction reducing characteristics, Precision Associates, Inc. provides custom machining of these and a variety of... Read More
  • Magellan Family of Motion Control ICs By Performance Motion Devices

    Magellan® Motion Control ICs provide high performance motion control for medical, scientific, robotics, and automation applications. Available in 1, 2, 3, and 4-axis versions, Magellans provide position and velocity control for Brushless DC, step, and DC Brush motors. These flexible and powerful... Read More
  • Magnetic bearings By SKF USA Inc.

    SKF magnetic bearings rotate with no surface contact, so there is no wear, no need for lubrication, and no biomaterial losses or stoppages due to contamination. Combining precision rotary motion with minimum vibration, SKF magnetic bearings offer a range of benefits: • Lubrication free •... Read More
  • Magnetic Drive Pumps By Iwaki America Inc.

    Iwaki America's magnet drive technology is the cornerstone of our OEM pump solutions. With over 50 years of experience in design, application and manufacturing of magnet drive pumps, we have built a worldwide reputation for superior quality and reliability. From our unique hollow rotating... Read More
  • Magnetic Resuspension Device - Prototype By Dexter Magnetic Technologies, Inc.

    The use of high gradient magnetic fields for the separation of particles is commonplace in the fields of immunology, proteogenomics, molecular biology, and other bio-medical industries. Dexter’s Industry-leading Engineers are working on a Magnetic Bead Resuspension Technology to assist the... Read More
  • Magnetics Engineering Services By Integrated Magnetics Inc.

    Engineering for magnetic solutions is at the heart of our business. Integrated Magnetics is uniquely qualified in all aspects of magnetics engineering, providing complete engineering support in permanent magnet circuit design & modeling, design for manufacturability, design to cost, tool design... Read More
  • Magnum Medical By Clamco

    Virtually guaranteeing package integrity, the Magnum Medical features a fully validatable sealing system for automatic packaging in barrier and Tyvek® Poly medical chevron pouches produced from tubing. The Magnum Medical is a revolutionary compact form/fill/seal system that utilizes tubing in... Read More
  • Male-Female Adapter (Phase Adjuster) 3993-1 By Coaxicom/Coaxial Components Corp.

    DC-18 GHz Phase Adjustable SMA male to female adapter. We also carry Phase Adjustable Connectors for cable and Phase Adjustable Cable Assemblies. Read More
  • Manifold Sub Assemblies By IMI Precision Engineering

    Manifold subassemblies for life science and medical devices provide: Smaller instrument footprint, ease of assembly & integration, reliability, and materials flexibility. Read More
  • Manual / Mechanical Air Valves By Humphrey Products Corporation

    Humphrey Manual and Mechanical Air Valves feature the exclusive diaphragm poppet design originated by Humphrey. The design consists of two specially contoured diaphragms mounted to an axial stem within a full orifice valve body. The classic design is simple, versatile, and highly reliable.... Read More
  • Manual Blast Cabinets By The Guyson Corporation of U.S.A.

    Industrial quality cabinet-blast equipment, including standard models and custom-engineered blast cabinets for all types of lower volume cleaning, finishing and surface preparation operations. Read More
  • Manual Valves By Hamilton Company

    Hamilton (HV) Plug Valves provide an economical and flexible method of custom-building a fluid flow control system, from a simple on/off valve to a more complex multi-valve arrangement, using a combination of loop and distribution valves. The small valve body with its chemically inert flow path... Read More
  • Manufacturer Services By Motion Solutions

    CUSTOM ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS (MOSO DESIGNED) Once our engineering services team finishes with a design, we can also manufacture it. Our experience in designing these complex mechanisms translates to expertise in manufacturing and assembly. You benefit from the cost and sourcing advantages... Read More
  • Manufacturing By Bracalente Manufacturing Co Inc

    We take the talent and expertise of our employees and apply it to the needs of our customers – that is our primary capability. Our ability to translate our machining knowledge into better and easier to manufacture parts and assemblies has consistently helped customers in a variety of major... Read More
  • Manufacturing Engineering By Eclipse Product Development

    Designing for product lifecycle Integrating best practices Transfer to manufacturing Supporting pilot production Read More
  • Manufacturing ERP Software-Modular and Scalable By DELMIAworks (formerly IQMS)

    EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing, ERP and Supply Chain software is an all encompassing system for manufactures to increase efficiency, eliminate unnecessary downtime, enhance manufacturing production, performance and supply chain visibility. With the the largest footprint of Manufacturing ERP software... Read More
  • Manufacturing in Mexico By Roberson & Associates

    Representing numerous manufacturers in Mexico, both US and Mexican owned, in a very wide variety of Industries, including: Plastic Injection Molding Metal Fabrication and Finishing Sheet Metal Fabrication Powder Coating and Liquid Paint Precision Machining Electronic Assembly P.C. Board... Read More
  • Manufacturing Services By Winstim Physio

    ISO 13485 and US FDA Audited State-of-the Art Manufacturing Facility with Class 100,000 Clean room and SAP integrated procedures. Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd, integrated in 45,000 square feet area and equipped with the most advanced and automated SMT line with ISO 13485 and US FDA GMP audited... Read More
  • Marktech Photo Detector Series By Marktech Optoelectronics

    Marktech offers a large assortment of Photo Detectors ranging from standard silicon detectors including Photo Diodes, Photo Transistors; Avalanche Photodiodes to InP and InGaAs Pin Photodiodes. Our silicon detectors have a spectral sensitivity range in the 400nm to 1100nm for applications such... Read More
  • Mascara Packaging Line By Aesus Packaging Systems Inc

    Custom Tamp-On labeler With an integrated cartoner. Just one of the many custom machinery solutions we have built for our customers. Read More
  • Masking & Surface Protection Tapes By Budnick Converting

    Protect and define surfaces during painting and finishing processes with easy removability. Read More
  • Mass Production Injection Molding By Silcotech North America Inc.

    For companies looking to stay competitive in today's global marketplace, it's critical to be constantly on the lookout for ways to improve products and processes. Especially when it comes to MASS PRODUCTION injection molding projects. Every new day represents an opportunity to gain ground or... Read More
  • Master Bond Polymer System EP30DPMED By Master Bond, Inc.

    Master Bond Polymer System EP30DPMED is a versatile, two component, epoxy-urethane elastomeric compound, featuring superior strength, toughness, and abrasion resistance for high performance bonding, sealing, casting and encapsulation. It combines the performance characteristics of epoxy resins... Read More
  • Masterbatches By Clariant Corporation

    The Business Unit Masterbatches is one of the leading providers of color and additive concentrates, and technical compounds for the plastics industry. The combination of a global presence and strong local partnerships makes Clariant a preferred supplier for the sector. The business operates more... Read More
  • MasterControl Audit By MasterControl Inc.

    MasterControl Audit is an integrated audit management software system designed to meet the challenges of auditing against a diverse set of regulations and standards across a global supply chain. The audit management software solution is designed to be easy to use for small audit teams, but yet... Read More
  • MasterControl Clinical Suite By MasterControl Inc.

    The management of clinical trials is one of the most costly and time consuming processes in the development of a typical product. An effective clinical management software system can help companies save time, money, and resources and accelerate time to market. The number of parties involved... Read More
  • MasterControl Document Management By MasterControl Inc.

    Applying FDA regulation best practices for document management to the processes of an entire enterprise may seem like a daunting task. However, with MasterControl, it's really not that difficult. That's why hundreds of companies worldwide have turned to MasterControl for their document... Read More
  • MasterControl MD By MasterControl Inc.

    MasterControl offers the utopian solution for medical device manufacturers: an end-to-end software solution that enables companies to get their products to market faster while simultaneously maintaining regulatory compliance. By utilizing the MasterControl MD solution, cross-functional teams can... Read More
  • MasterControl QMS Event Management System By MasterControl Inc.

    Quality Management Systems (QMS) - such as MasterControl's combined QMS Total Advantage suite of Quality Event Management, Document Control, Supplier Control, Training Control, and Quality Event Management (QEM) specific solutions of QEM Ready Set and QEM Tailor Fit - are the crux of any... Read More
  • MasterControl Submissions Ready™ By MasterControl Inc.

    MasterControl Submissions Ready™ allows organizations to accelerate the preparation and organization of submissions documents utilizing FDA- and ICH-compliant submissions templates in combination with MasterControl's unrivaled document management solution. MasterControl's integrated solution... Read More
  • MasterControl TotalMFG™ By MasterControl Inc.

    MasterControl TotalMFG™ -- a manufacturing quality management software system -- enables regulated manufacturers place products at market faster while maintaining compliance. MasterControl TotalMFG allows cross-functional teams to collaborate on critical documents and speed the development... Read More
  • Masterflex Peristaltic Pumps By Cole-Parmer, an Antylia Scientific company

    Engineered for long life, Masterflex® peristaltic pump systems provide superior accuracy and repeatability and ensure optimal performance when used with the proper tubing. These pumps offer the latest technology including MasterflexLive® cloud-enabled connectivity, easy control and tubing... Read More
  • Material Analysis with Fischerscope X-ray Fluourescence By Fischer Technology, Inc.

    FISCHERSCOPE® X-ray fluorescence instruments for coating thickness measurement and material analysis are optimally suited for determining the composition of materials, measuring thin coatings and coating systems for a wide variety of applications with and without calibration standards. Read More
  • Material Dispense Valves for Adhesives, Sealants and Lubricants By Nordson SEALANT EQUIPMENT

    Sealant Equipment & Engineering is the largest manufacturer of Precision Dispense Valves for adhesives, sealants and other materials. Contact “The Valve Expert” to assist you in choosing the right dispense valve for your existing or new dispensing equipment. For a recommendation call him at... Read More
  • Material Handling Equipment By Sterling Inc.

    Sterling is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of resin conveying, drying and blending systems. Products include bulk material storage, resin blending, simple beside the press loading, sophisticated central conveying and drying systems. Sterling equipment is designed to work... Read More
  • Material Handling Packaging By Key Packaging Co.

    Key Packaging offers expertise in designing custom material handling trays for manual or automated production lines. Our equipment allows us to run short runs for small volume projects as well as high volume programs. We offer a wide variety of materials to make sure your packaging performs as... Read More
  • Material Handling Technology By Kahle Automation

    Kahle is a worldwide supplier of automation and process equipment for the Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Industries. Dedicated to designing solutions for only one Industry allows us the opportunity to develop the expertise required to build production systems with an understanding of the... Read More
  • Materials By TESco Associates Incorporated

    Drawing upon TESco’s vast material experience, when appropriate we can work with our customers to develop custom hybrids and blends. Projects with compounding requirements are completed with in-house capabilities. TESco has been processing materials from both research grade and commercially... Read More
  • Materials Converting Capabilities By JBC Technologies

    We’ve invested in the technology, equipment, and experts that it takes to manage the flexible materials converting process from beginning to end. WIDE WEB EMBOSSING Need to improve the acoustical performance of your die cut foil part? Or improve the formability of your automotive heat shield?... Read More
  • Materials Evaluation By NSL Analytical Services, Inc.

    Our Materials Testing Experience is Your Advantage! NSL Analytical Services has earned its reputation as a leader in the testing of production and process materials. When you choose NSL for your materials testing needs, you get the comprehensive materials characterization services from a single... Read More
  • Materials Identification & Testing By EAG Laboratories

    Materials identification can be used to determine the components of an unknown material, confirm the identity of a suspect material, or to identify differences in similar materials. An unknown material is often the underlying cause of many difficult problems. The goal of material testing is to... Read More
  • Materials Sourcing By Nitinol Devices & Components, Inc.

    The unique properties of Nitinol can present daunting challenges. The Nitinol experts at NDC can help you properly specify the material best suited for your application demands. As the highest-volume supplier of Nitinol materials for medical device and industrial applications worldwide, NDC... Read More
  • Materials Testing By Laboratory Testing Inc.

    Materials testing at LTI can provide elemental analysis, verification of mechanical properties, examination of microscopic product features, detection of flaws and corrosion analysis. Rely on our chemical analysis, corrosion testing, mechanical testing, metallurgical evaluation and other... Read More
  • Materials Testing for Medical OEMs By IMR Test Labs

    IMR Test Labs is a highly-accredited materials testing lab providing analytical services to the medical device industry. We have extensive experience working with medical OEM's verifying raw materials, handling overflow testing from internal labs, testing finished products and providing support... Read More
  • Materials Testing Services By Massachusetts Materials Research, Inc.

    Independent materials testing and engineering company, offering third party quality assurance and conformity assessment testing of metals, alloys, polymers, composites, ceramics, components, assemblies, and products. We also offer, failure analysis, materials engineering, research, consulting... Read More
  • maxon academy - Drive knowledge direct from the manufacturer. By maxon

    maxon motor's "maxon academy" training platform represents another innovative step in customer support. offers comprehensive knowledge on drive technology; printed publications, e-learning modules and seminars on drive technology and motion control. "Professor's Desk"... Read More
  • maxon's Brushless EC 22 motor By maxon

    Sterilizable Brushless motor up to 100 watts maxon’s newly improved EC 22 motors are equipped with preloaded ball bearings and latest generation Neodymium permanent magnets. The motors feature low vibration and low noise levels even at high speeds. With their nominal torque of up to 44 mNm,... Read More
  • maxon's Brushless EC 8 motor By maxon

    A tiny drive with a big impact. maxon’s new brushless dc motor offers continuous current up to 0.95 mNm, nominal speed up to 80,000 rpm and an exceptional efficiency rating of 70%.The motor is available with or without Hall sensors and with 6 V, 12 V and 24 V windings. It can be combined with... Read More
  • maxon's DEC Module 24/2 By maxon

    Compact speed controller for brushless DC motors with Hall Sensors. The DEC Module 24/2, a digital 1-quadrant amplifier with speed controller for brushless EC motors with Hall Sensors up to 48 Watt. The well-priced, miniaturized, powerful plug-in module can be seamlessly integrated into... Read More
  • maxon's DEC Module 50/5 By maxon

    The maxon motor DEC module 50/5 controller is a digital amplifier with speed controller for controlling brushless DC motors with Hall sensors up to 250 watts. Maxon’s new module works with an operating voltage of up to 50 VDC, an output current of 5 A in continuous operation and its usage is... Read More
  • maxon's EC Flat 9.2 motor By maxon

    Large-scale torque in small-sized packaging. Especially for the use when installation space is very limited, maxon motor launches its flat motor „EC 9.2 flat“. With its outer rotating rotor, the drive offers high nominal torque, smooth running and minimal size. Large-scale torque in... Read More
  • maxon's Koax-Drive KD 32 By maxon

    Coaxial Drive KD 32 - Silent and Powerful. Low-noise planetary gearhead. The low noise coaxial-drive (Koaxdrive) KD 32 planetary gearhead from maxon motor is setting new standards in operating noise and torque levels. Measuring 32 mm in diameter and with a torque of 6.5 Nm, it is ideal... Read More
  • maxon's RE 50 Motor By maxon

    maxon motor launches another power pack. As an addition to the topmost performance range of DC motors, maxon motor launches its RE 50 – an extremely high density 200 W power pack, wrapped into bare minimum dimensions. Unprecedented with respect to robustness and durability as well as its... Read More
  • maxon's Sterilizable EC Size 5 and EC 13 brushless motors By maxon

    Small, precise and incredibly fast. For the use in high speed medical applications of up to 90000 rpm, maxon motor launches the two sterilizable drives. They are designed for the use with or without the specially matched planetary gearheads. Either way, the drives are characterized by their... Read More
  • Mazak INTEGREX i-150 By Mazak Corporation

    The INTEGREX i-150 Multi-Tasking center offers extreme versatility and accuracy for manufacturers of small, complex medical components. The INTEGREX i-150’s configuration features a single, horizontal turning spindle with 15 hp and 5,000 rpm for turning and C-axis control. The 6" through-hole... Read More
  • MD Series By Iwaki America Inc.

    High efficiency makes WMD & MD the clear choice in OEM fluid circulation and transfer applications. • Choose standard alumina ceramic bearing materials and polypropylene, or optional SiC (silicon carbide) and ETFE (fluoropolymer) for your most aggressive solutions or highest purity... Read More
  • MDD - The Medical Devices Directive By DNV GL Corp

    The Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC defines safety and reliability requirements for medical equipment to be sold in the EEC. The requirements apply to both products and manufacturers. The Medical Devices Directive (MDD) applies to all general medical devices not covered by the Active... Read More
  • MDD-MDR Transition Services By IZiel Healthcare LLP

    IZiel provides a “One-Stop Shop” to assist medical device manufacturers for MDD-MDR transition. IZiel ensures to focus on regulating medical devices throughout its lifecycle rather than focusing on any one stage, which is the need of MDR. Our One Stop Solution Includes: 1. Gap Assessment 2.... Read More
  • MDR/IVDR Medical Device Importing in Europe and United Kingdom By GrowthImports

    Import your CE marked medical devices in Europe. Guarantee MDR and IVDR compliance while maintaining control, avoid channel complications and an efficient operation. One dedicated independent import partner for all your European and UK importing needs. By having one MDR/IVDR compliant... Read More
  • Meanwell Power Supply By Oven Industries Inc.

    Input Voltage:88~132VAC / 176~264VAC (selectable by switch) Inrush Current: Cold start, 18A at 115VAC, 36A at 230VAC Ambient Operating Temperature:0-40°C@100%, -10°C@80%, 60°C@60% load Protection:Short circuit, Overload (105%~135% hiccup mode, auto-recovery), Over voltage (115%~145% rated... Read More
  • Mechanical Product Design By Gener8

    First and foremost we are a mechanical product development company. Everything about our company revolves around mechanical design of disposable products and optimizing the design process. Symbient engineers are very technically driven and we routinely apply finite element analysis to our... Read More
  • Mechanical Testing By Laboratory Testing Inc.

    Laboratory Testing Inc. has a full-service mechanical testing laboratory near Philadelphia, PA (USA) that routinely performs Tensile Testing, Charpy Impact Testing, Hardness Testing, Fracture Toughness and Fatigue Testing, Stress Rupture and Creep Testing, and more. Our technical expertise,... Read More
  • Mechanical Testing By Massachusetts Materials Research, Inc.

    Mechanical testing is used to determine a materials strength by applying loads that pull, compress, impact, bend, or cycle the material. Along with Simulated Service Testing, these techniques can be used to determine a material or components durability, performance capability, or life expectancy... Read More
  • Mechanical Testing By DaVinci Biomedical Research Products Inc.

    DaVINCI Biomedical Research performs a large array of mechanical testing, using our Instron System. Our engineers have a large amount of exposure to various tissue types and applications, working directly in the CRO preclinical animal facility, making us distinguishable from an engineering group... Read More
  • Mechanical Testing By IMR Test Labs

    The IMR mechanical testing lab, which has numerous analytical tools that it uses to provide clear, concise analyses and solutions to clients, is well equipped to perform most standard mechanical testing as well as specialized tests designed to the customer's requirements. Our mechanical testing... Read More
  • MED PAC By Clamco

    The Med Pac is a heavy duty floor standing sealer for applications requiring process validation of seals. The high pressure seal jaws and Suretemp temperature controller work together to ensure that strong consistent seals are produced time after time. The wide range of jaw sizes make the... Read More
  • Med Vac By Clamco

    Designed for applications requiring a heavy duty vacuum/gas sealer, the MED VAC floor standing sealer is the standard against which others are measured. It is designed for ease of validation and is usable with a wide variety of pouch materials in cleanroom or general medical pouch sealing... Read More
  • Medical & Healthcare Decorating By ITW IDS Division (ITW CER, ITW Morlock, Trans Tech, United Silicone)

    Medical regulations require strict compliance with both product performance and product decoration. ITW's Industrial Decorating Solutions Division offers a broad range of medical decorating solutions that are ideal for applying control numbers, expiration dates, lot codes, serialization, bar... Read More
  • Medical & Laboratory Trays By Molded Fiber Glass Tray Co.

    Medical & Laboratory Trays Unlike plastic trays and containers, MFG Tray Toteline™ composite containers, trays and hoppers are dimensionally stable and will not bend or sag under loads. And unlike metal, our products will not dent, corrode or bend. Because of their inherent strength, MFG... Read More
  • Medical Adhesives By Fralock

    Selecting the proper medical adhesives for any application must include consideration of the substrate surface characteristics and the application performance requirements. Fralock is an industry leader in providing adhesive technologies solutions utilizing over thirty years of experience in... Read More
  • Medical and Appliance EMI/RFI Filters By Curtis Industries / Tri-Mag

    Designed for general purpose applications where common mode and/or differential mode performance is needed to meet regulatory EMC compliance standards. Four different series provide numerous options for your application: F1100/F1150/F1199 Series - Most economical design - Ideal for... Read More
  • Medical and Dental Device Prototyping By Elastomer Technologies, Inc..

    More than 60 percent of ETI's business is involved in medical or dental device prototype projects. Small mechanical parts, environmentally sensitive materials, complex molded-in assemblies and inserts, two-color products, special adhesive applications and sewn Kevlar® straps with titanium... Read More
  • Medical Cases By ATS Cases, Inc.

    ATS Cases manufactures Medical Equipment Cases for a wide range of medical products. We design and manufacture shipping and carrying cases to fit your specific piece of equipment. Located in the Heart of New England, ATS has been providing shipping and carrying cases since 1976. Read More
  • Medical Component Machining By Cadence, Inc.

    While some companies build their business model as a “machining house”, Cadence has installed custom machining processes to fully integrate these capabilities into a unique business process. Our Swiss machining capabilities are optimized for high precision, automated manufacturing. These... Read More
  • Medical Component R&D Design By Protomatic Inc.

    Protomatic's R&D design services for medical components include technical support resources such as CAD (drawing conversions, drafting) and CAM (DXF, IGES, STEP, Parasolid, Unigraphics, Catia) and more. The company offers its engineering and R&D design and support services to biomedical... Read More
  • Medical Components By Rowley Spring & Stamping Corp

    Medical devices utilize a variety of custom springs and stampings. From vital hospital equipment, medical devices, and consumer devices, virtually all medical technology uses custom springs and stampings. Any medical device using a switch, circuit board, or electronic contact likely takes... Read More
  • Medical Connector Plugs By P1 Technologies

    Originally designed to provide protection from accidental power main insertions, our line of multi-pole medical Touchproof plugs have set the standard for quality, reliability and aesthetics in many bio-potential measurement, monitoring and stimulation markets. These Medical Connectors... Read More
  • Medical Connectors By PEI-Genesis

    We have a wide range of medical connectors available for custom assembly, including LEMO push-pull connectors, Amphenol Alden Pulse-lok medical connectors, and ITT Cannon micros and DL series zero-insertion force ZIF connectors. We also carry a range of accessories from Polamco, Sunbank and... Read More
  • Medical Contract Design By TRICOR Systems Inc

    TRICOR’s experience with both Class I, II and III medical device design minimizes problems and facilitates quicker product turns. Changes or product updates are also streamlined due to TRICOR's in house engineering staff. Class I, II and III medical manufacturing and medical device... Read More
  • Medical Contract Manufacturing By HDA Technology

    HDA integrates our world-class product development capabilities with our quality-focused contract manufacturing capabilities to provide our customers with a cost-effective, reliable supply chain. We are FDA and FDB (California) registered and ISO13485 Certified. We are geared to low to... Read More
  • Medical Courier Services By LoneStar Delivery & Process

    LoneStar Delivery & Process can provide Medical Courier Service throughout the cities of Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. Our Medical Courier Services are experienced, trained, knowledgeable professionals who know what it takes to handle medical deliveries throughout Texas. Trained in... Read More
  • Medical Data Loggers By MadgeTech Inc

    MadgeTech designs and manufactures many temperature and humidity data loggers for medical applications. These data loggers are commonly used to monitor hospital freezers, refrigerators, storage areas, shipments, and in autoclave validation. Autoclave validation is required for biological... Read More
  • Medical Desktop | Wall Mount Power Supply By Advanced Power Solutions

    Advanced Power Solutions offers these Medical Power Supplies in External / Portable Desktop & Wall Mount packages for medical, healthcare and gaming applications. Thes medical approved power supplies range in power from 3 Watts to 150 Watts. Advanced Power Solutions medical power supply... Read More
  • Medical Device and Implant Manufacturing By Metal Craft

    Medical Instrument Manufacturing methods including 5 Axis CNC machining, CNC Grinding, Gun drilling, Wire EDM, and more. Metal Craft’s 30 years of experience in the medical device and implant industry has earned us a reputation for precision work from start to finish. We cover all aspects of... Read More
  • Medical Device Applicator By Pad Printing Technology

    One of the latest medical device products printed by Pad Printing Technology. To learn about our services or request a quote, call us today or visit our website. Read More
  • Medical Device Assemblies and Component Design By Minnesota Rubber and Plastics

    Minnesota Rubber and Plastics combines superior component design expertise with world class lean assembly services and test capabilities in facilities across the globe. With a specific focus on complex medical device assembly in our ISO certified clean room environments, we are confident we can... Read More
  • Medical Device Assembly By NextPhase Medical Devices LLC

    We complete manufacturing in modern, environmentally controlled ISO Class 8 (100,000) clean rooms. We provide a host of manual and automated medical device assembly processes tailored to customers' products, such as: • Adhesive bonding • Device calibration • Heat stamping • Hi-pot & continuity... Read More
  • Medical Device Assembly System By Creative Automation Company

    The Challenge A manufacturer of ostomy products required an assembly system for assembling multiple configurations and sizes of convexity fittings to pouches. The process of assembly required the precise placement of a special adhesive. Additionally each pouch needed to be printed with the... Read More
  • Medical Device Clinical Operations, Research, and Trial Design Strategic Consulting By RCRI

    Medical device trial designs and operations require thoughtful planning and execution to ensure the acquisition of sound scientific evidence. Our collaborative approach, comprehensive planning, creative problem solving, and experienced consultants can save you time and money during the... Read More
  • Medical Device Coatings By TST Engineered Coating Solutions

    Medical coatings include dielectric coatings for electrosurgial insturments, coatings to improve the tissue gripping of the instrument, bio-compatible coatings for orthopedic implants, and EMI/RFI (Electromagnetic Interference and Radio Frequency Interferance) coatings to protect equipment from... Read More
  • Medical Device Contact Manufacturing By Coastline International

    • manual assembly of components and sub-assemblies • secondary manufacturing processes • ultrasonic welding • laser beam welding (outsourced) • gluing and solvent bonding • packaging and bagging - finished product • packaging - pre-sterilization • private labeling - printing and application •... Read More
  • Medical Device Contract Manufacturing By Winstim Physio

    One of the Leading Medical Device Contract Manufacturing company. FROM CONCEPT TO DESIGN, PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT; DESIGN FOR MANUFACTURABILITY AND QUALITY CONTROL We have developed unique processes, capabilities and disciplines to effectively address challenges of working with highly complex... Read More
  • Medical Device Design By DeviceLab, Inc

    DeviceLab is a product development firm, industrial design and consumer electronic product design company serving San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, North America, Europe and Asia. Focus includes: Product Development: R&D, Product Development, Product Concepts, Testing… Product Design:... Read More
  • Medical Device Design and Development By TechNH, Inc.

    Tech NH offers its customers full engineering support, from product R&D design to manufacturing services, including project management, plastics engineering, mold flow analysis, and rapid prototyping, as well as R&D design and development services, such as: Product Design (CAD with SolidWorks®... Read More
  • Medical Device Design and Prototyping By Protomatic Inc.

    Protomatic builds high-detail prototypes from plastic or composite materials which can then be utilized to demonstrate and test product designs before moving on to the manufacturing phase. Its CAD/CAM prototyping uses CNC machining to deliver quality prototypes with the correct material... Read More
  • Medical Device Design Services By HDA Technology

    HDA specializes in developing complex medical devices and systems to produce world class products. We work with startups, mid-sized and multi-national companies to bring their ideas to reality. Our experienced, multidisciplinary team provides concept ideation, proof of concept development,... Read More
  • Medical Device Development By Definitive Design

    We know that an informed and thoughtful design will improve the experience for product users. In the case of medical products, good design helps clinicians perform better, faster or with greater accuracy. That might translate to a shorter or less invasive procedure and a more positive healthcare... Read More
  • Medical Device Development Services By Nitinol Devices & Components, Inc.

    NDC was the first company to process laser-cut, self-expanding stents for the medical device industry. It also pioneered electropolishing techniques to achieve biocompatible surfaces for medical implants. Today, NDC's state-of-the-art component fabrication facilities service customers... Read More
  • Medical Device EDM Prototyping By Xact Wire EDM Corp.

    Xact Wire EDM Corporation's advanced EDM capabilities serve the Medical industry and specialties such as medical device prototyping. These capabilities include: high-speed automated wire EDM machines; automatic threading; large travel EDM machines; CNC high-speed small hole EDM; four axes... Read More
  • Medical Device ERP Software By DELMIAworks (formerly IQMS)

    Reduce Risk and Improve Compliance, Quality and Traceability IQMS offers a powerful manufacturing ERP software solution tailored to comprehensively meet the unique challenges of the medical device manufacturing industry. When FDA compliance, medical device quality and enterprise-wide... Read More
  • Medical Device Fluid Dispensing Systems By Fishman Corporation

    The SmartDispenser® stabilizes the medical device dispense process, allows for enterprise-wide standardization and provides needed reporting to support equipment and medical device validation. Read More
  • Medical Device for Cell Culture By MME group Inc

    Delivered: Solutions to mold design, silicone molding, and sourcing. Utilized unique expertise in forming extremely thin silicone parts. Without this capability, proper cell culture would not be possible. Launched broad range of capabilities to provide a complete assembly thereby allowing the... Read More
  • Medical Device Jobs By Apple & Associates Inc.

    Apple & Associates is an executive search firm specializes in the medical device industry. If you are looking to hire a medical device candidate or are looking for a medical device job, please let Apple & Associates be your medical device recruiter! Executive Management Manufacturing... Read More
  • Medical Device Manufacturing By TRICOR Systems Inc

    TRICOR possess the expertise to design, develop, validate, and manufacture Class I, II and III electronic medical devices. Whether you are looking for a complete turn key solution, or just supplementing your internal capabilities, TRICOR has the background and flexibility to meet your... Read More
  • Medical Device Manufacturing By Europlaz Technologies Ltd

    For years Europlaz Technologies has grown providing unrivalled expertise in the manufacture of technical medical devices to very high tolerances. With a can-do attitude we provide first class solutions to impossible technical challenges. We also offer a complete project management service to... Read More
  • Medical Device Manufacturing R&D By Harbec, Inc.

    In the medical equipment market, the strength of your Research & Development efforts is your competitive differentiation. The ability to solve new diagnostic and treatment challenges is critical. HARBEC will work with you to design and/or produce best-in-class components to be integrated... Read More
  • Medical Device Mechanical Engineering By DeviceLab, Inc

    We have an extensive engineering group with skills across the board. Our engineers work in close teams, assembled on a per project basis to suit the unique combination of skills needed by the client. The mechanical engineering team includes the following: Technology Assessment CAD Surface and... Read More
  • Medical Device Packaging Seal Inspection By PTI Inspection Systems

    The Seal-Scan® 525 provides advanced digital imaging software tools for process control which offers in-depth seal quality analysis. Seal-Sensor is the online configuration for automated inline scanning of pouch seals that will find defects 100% online. Benefits •Characterizes overall... Read More
  • Medical Device Printing and Assembly By Flow-Eze Co.

    Since 1946 - Pad printing, screen printing, laser marking & hot stamping services ranging from 1-5 colors, on prototype & production runs of medical devices for brand recognition, identification or instructions. Custom products for difficult to mark materials & shapes. Clean room printing with... Read More
  • Medical Device Production By DeviceLab, Inc

    Medical Device Manufacturing We offer limited, pilot production and prototype medical device manufacturing services and small-scale contract manufacturing. The DeviceLab facility accommodates both prototype development and production manufacturing. Expertise includes… Production... Read More
  • Medical Device Programmer By MME group Inc

    Delivered: Full development partner and production supplier for a complex collection of assemblies: MPI, Stylus & RF Head. Full engineering support, production tooling, qualified production assembly lines. Molded plastic, sheet metal, and painted/shielded assemblies. Read More
  • Medical Device Prototype Development By ProMed Molded Products Inc.

    ProMed Prototypes has been a supplier to the medical device industry for more than 20 years. Medical is where our background is and we are an industry leader in providing precision quick turn silicone prototypes to the medical market. We can take your medical product (component, assembly, or... Read More
  • Medical Device Prototyping By Moore Med Tech

    Click on the 'click for phone' or 'send an email' link to contact Moore Med Tech to learn more about its medical device prototyping capabilities. Read More
  • Medical Device Prototyping By Advanced Scientifics, Inc.

    Advanced Scientifics’ prototyping services include machining and injection molding parts using inexpensive prototype tooling and stereo lithography apparatus (SLAs). By utilizing one of its prototype options, customers can quickly determine the feasibility of critical design features. These... Read More
  • Medical Device Prototyping By Kinetic Data Inc

    Kinetics' design engineering and technology development staffs concentrate on early design involvement with a complete set of services including rapid prototyping, as well as, finite element analysis (FEA) and materials testing and characterization. When customers' medical devices are being... Read More
  • Medical Device Prototyping By DeviceLab, Inc

    The DeviceLab facility accommodates both prototype development and production manufacturing. Expertise includes: • Rapid prototyping • Stereo lithography (SLA) • Sheet metal fabrication • Prototype machined parts (CNC machining from solid models) • Assembly • Test • Debug Read More
  • Medical Device Prototyping By Crescent Industries Inc.

    Your complete project development starts with our superior engineering whether you have a simple or complex project. Our engineers have over a combined total of 90 years of plastics and plastic tooling experience. We use our knowledge as injection molders coupled with simulation technologies to... Read More
  • Medical Device Prototyping By TechNH, Inc.

    Customers come to TECH with a concept of their medical device part's purpose and appearance, or a partially or fully completed design, and its team of plastics engineers turn ideas into a tangible, functioning medical device part. TECH's engineers work as part of the customer's design team,... Read More
  • Medical Device Prototyping and Manufacturing Services By Metal Craft

    Because its customers need a quick turn-around on their precision medical device prototypes, Metal Craft developed the Prototype Action Response Team (PART) to look at customers' drawings and specifications, listen to their goals and ideas and develop a prototype to their specification. The The... Read More
  • Medical Device R&D and Design Support Services By Infinity Molding and Assembly, Inc.

    Infinity supports global medical device OEMs with R&D/design services and capabilities that include: CAD; Mold Flow; Mold Cool; Prototyping; Design Control/Issues Tracking; Monitoring and facilitating design changes; Resolving design issues with appropriate authorization; Data Tracking;... Read More
  • Medical Device R&D and Mechanical Design By Schmit Prototypes

    Schmit Prototypes offers low-cost R&D and mechanical design services to its medical device customers, including: 3D CAD files/models; Pro Engineer software for mold design, draft check and creating drawings and/or 3D CAD models from detailed sketches or concepts; rapid prototyping; and,... Read More
  • Medical Device R&D/Design By Polymer Conversions, Inc. - Plastics Technology Center

    PCI medical device R&D engineers can help with design modifications, suggesting next generation product enhancements, and analyzing the entire manufacturing process to determine where steps can be combined or even eliminated through lean cell manufacturing or advanced processing. PCI project... Read More
  • Medical Device Rapid Prototyping Capabilities By Omnica Corporation

    Omnica's medical device contract manufacturing and rapid prototyping capabilities consist of subtractive and additive methods. Both have their advantages when producing working prototypes or demonstration models. Using the subtractive method, Omnica fabricates metal or plastic parts and... Read More
  • Medical Device Regulatory & Quality Systems By RCRI

    Achieving Your Medical Device Regulatory Goals Begins With a Comprehensive Strategy. At RCRI, we know that achieving your medical device regulatory goals begins with a comprehensive strategy. We have extensive worldwide experience with regulatory bodies in over twenty countries, and can help... Read More
  • Medical Device Rubber and Plastics Component Manufacturing & Assembly By Minnesota Rubber and Plastics

    Minnesota Rubber & Plastics helps medical device manufacturers unlock the full potential of materials science to bring highly valuable and differentiated products to market. With direct access to the industry’s foremost materials science, fully functional prototyping, and our manufacturing... Read More
  • Medical device software development By ScienceSoft

    ScienceSoft provides end-to-end SaMD and medical device software services backed by ISO 13485 certification: consulting, development, modernization, integration. In healthcare IT since 2005, ScienceSoft delivers reliable HIPAA-compliant solutions designed by teams with 7-20 years of... Read More
  • Medical Device Strategic Consulting through Collaborative Partnership By RCRI

    We look at every angle of projects entrusted to us, offering the value of our combined experience, insight and foresight to create comprehensive interdisciplinary solutions. By creating a collaborative partnership with our clients, we achieve great results together. Our broad strategic... Read More
  • Medical Device Testing By Cincinnati Sub-Zero

    CSZ provides a variety of testing services for the medical product and devices industry. Types of testing performed are accelerated aging tests, expiration date testing, package testing and more. Medical testing services include temperature cycling, humidity, thermal shock, vibration testing,... Read More
  • Medical Device Testing By Jordi Labs

    Jordi routinely works in the medical device industry, providing deformulation and physical testing, contamination and failure investigations and more. We offer litigation services and support for legal cases involving patent infringement and liability issues. Our team has analyzed devices and... Read More
  • Medical Device Training By Educo Life Sciences

    As regulations and products evolve so too must individuals and teams working in the medical device industry. Our range of medical device courses will improve your skills and knowledge so you have ability to perform with confidence and drive your career development. Read More
  • Medical Device Tray Sealer By Atlas Vac Machine, LLC

    Whether you require a tray sealer, tooling nests or field service calibration, the engineers and technicians at Atlas Vac Machine are considered some of the most knowledgeable in the industry. Atlas Vac sealers are available with: Direct Down-Force Measurement, Auto Electric Shuttle... Read More
  • Medical Devices By Elkem Silicones

    Bluestar Silicone's Silbione brand products are designed specifically to meet the diverse and demanding needs of the medical device market. The company offers a complete range of Silbione Silicones designed specifically for medical devices including liquid silicone rubber (LSR), high-consistency... Read More
  • Medical Devices & Diagnostics Prototyping By Inteprod LLC

    Inteprod is a full-service Medical Contract Manufacturer specializing in the complete assembly of Class I and II medical products for global leaders and emerging startups. Inteprod is proficient in every aspect of the contract manufacturing of new and next generation medical technologies,... Read More
  • Medical Devices & Equipment By Integrated Design Systems Inc.

    Designing medical products and devices are one of the most challenging and prized market areas within the industrial design profession. There are many reasons industrial designers compete so rigorously for medical product design. Medical products must be visually appealing, ergonomically... Read More
  • Medical Devices and Implants By IJ Research Inc.

    IJ Research has decades of experience producing biocompatible medical implants, devices and tools. We are very familiar with working on FDA and EU regulated components both at the R&D stage and full scale manufacturing. Read More
  • Medical Devices Software By Logikos Inc

    Today's complex medical devices require software specialists who understand how to enhance usability, increase functionality, and provide a seamless integration while complying with FDA regulatory guidelines. Read More
  • Medical Devices Technology By Kahle Automation

    Kahle is a worldwide supplier of automation and process equipment for the Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Industries. Dedicated to designing solutions for only one Industry allows us the opportunity to develop the expertise required to build production systems with an understanding of the... Read More
  • Medical EDM Parts By Wire Cut Company, Inc

    Specialist in EDM Medical & Surgical parts & components. We design to your specifications, applications, and requirements. Our extensive medical division for our Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) job shop is dedicated to your completed project. Our engineers and technicians are skilled in all... Read More
  • Medical Electrical Equipment and Systems By CSA Group

    Major reasons CSA Group is your best choice for meeting the challenge of testing and certifying today’s medical electrical equipment and systems: 1. Customer focus: Our experienced staff is committed to working within your deadlines – early in your product development process – to deliver... Read More
  • Medical Electronic Contract Engineering By TRICOR Systems Inc

    TRICOR Systems electronic contract engineering provides outstanding capability not found in many small companies. From the design of simple fixtures to a 23 "Black Box" system for a high performance military jet, the attention given to performance and reliability does not vary. Specializing in... Read More
  • Medical Equipment Valves By Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc.

    Peter Paul manufactures valves for a variety of medical equipment uses such as adjustable beds, dental office air and liquid applications as well as valves for air monitoring systems. Read More
  • medical equipment, me-820 anesthesia machine By Drugdu Technology Co., Ltd

    Product Information Model:Anesthesia MachineCertification:CEPackaging Details:Standard Export Packing BoxBrand Name:MermaidTrademark:MermaidPlace of Origin:ChinaWarranty:1 year Description Medical Equipment ME- Anesthesia Machine Medical Equipment ME Anesthesia Machine 8.4"LCD display,built-in... Read More
  • Medical Experience By Definitive Design

    We have developed a wide range of metal and plastic medical products including surgical tools and devices, organization hospital furniture, laboratory equipment, anatomical training models, implantables, and delivery systems. We understand the materials that are trusted by the industry and we... Read More
  • Medical External Power Supplies By Curtis Industries / Tri-Mag

    Tri-Mag offers a wide range of highly efficient, low cost switching external power supplies. From wall adapters to external (desktop) power supplies ranging from 6W to 300W, our diverse line of Class 1 and Class 2 external power supplies approved to IEC 60601-1 4th edition is sure to meet your... Read More
  • Medical Flexible Circuitry By Fralock

    Fralock’s Flexible Circuitry specializes in high reliability flex and rigid-flex circuits for Medical Device, , Diagnostic Ultrasound, Telecommunications and Patient Monitoring applications. Manufacturing capabilities include: Adhesiveless construction for thinner and more flexible circuits,... Read More
  • Medical Grade Distal Tip By MME group Inc

    Delivered: Mechanical and chemical bond approach to over-mold to meet functional requirements; medical grade materials, full clean room molding, assembly and double packaging in ISO 13485 facility. Advised optimal gate location to ensure critical surface requirements. Developed engineering... Read More
  • Medical Grade PSA Tapes By CCT Tapes

    CCT’s Medical grade adhesive tapes are developed for medical devices where skin contact is required. Medical grade adhesives have been tested by an outside laboratory and have shown to be non-sensitizing, non-irritating and non-toxic for skin contact applications. The liners and PSA are... Read More
  • Medical Indexing Dial Multiple Piece Assembly Machine 1 By Central Machines, Inc.

    Indexing dial multiple-piece assembly machines provide dwell time which allows for multiple, complex operations to be preformed accurately and typically at a lower cost than continuous motion machines. Central Machines is experienced in creating indexing machines that can perform operations such... Read More
  • Medical Indexing Dial Multiple Piece Assembly Machine 2 By Central Machines, Inc.

    From each and every machine our customers can expect longevity and reliability due to our use of mechanical and servo driven motions. Our skilled work force is all under one roof, allowing for the complete construction, and product accountability, within our shop. We use both conventional and... Read More
  • Medical Injection Molding By Rochling Advent Tool & Mold Inc.

    Advent is an Injection Molder with over 30 years of experience primarily serving the Medical, Business machines, Electronics, and Automotive Markets. A large and growing area of our market is Medical Injection Molding. We support the surgical instruments, disposables and diagnostics subgroups... Read More
  • Medical Injection Molding By Quality Innovations LLC

    At Quality Innovations LLC our focus is on the design and production of high quality, precision, injection molds and molding to produce quality components and top-level assemblies for the healthcare industry, including medical-grade plastic injected molded and insert molded medical, dental and... Read More
  • Medical Ink Adhesion with Plasma Gas Pretreatment By CI Medical, Inc.

    Plasma gas pretreatment is a solution for medical ink adhesion challenges associated with plastic substrates that have chemically inert and non-porous surfaces with low surface tension. CI Medical maintains a water-cooled, March plasma gas chamber in-house. Five gases are involved in a... Read More
  • Medical Instrument R&D Design By Moore Med Tech

    With its ISO 13485 certified quality system, Moore Med Tech offers R&D/design for various plastic components for the North American medical industry, including: medical instrumentation; dental instrumentation; surgical equipment; orthopedic supplies; and, hospital equipment. Certified ISO... Read More
  • Medical Instruments By Protomatic Inc.

    Protomatic manufactures components for many medical instruments including cytometers or "cell counters." Supporting Optical stage based designs, lens holders, filter holders, Laser alignment and PMT sensor holders. Read More
  • Medical Knives and Blades By American Cutting Edge, a Div. of CB Manufacturing

    Advances in the medical industry are astounding!! American Cutting Edge is helping by using our knowledge of materials, cleaning processes, and bevel geometry to improve the speed and ease of medical device production. Be it blades for machining or trimming prosthetic devices, slitters for... Read More
  • Medical Labels By Strouse

    Strouse creates a variety of printed, laminated, die cut and tabbed labels designed for medical, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and security applications. • Hanging tabs for commercially displayed products • Barcoded labels • Void & Tamper Evident Labels • Laser Engravable Tapes (UID Marking... Read More
  • Medical Laboratory Conveyor & Assembly Trays By Molded Fiber Glass Tray Co.

    MFG Tray conveyor and assembly trays feature a low-profile design and radial edges to readily accommodate conveyor transport and assembly operations in a wide variety of applications. Four distinct corner profiles are available to integrate with rack systems and conveyors, or for nesting or... Read More
  • Medical Machining and Device Assembly By Cirtec Medical

    Cirtec Medical has two Class 10,000 clean rooms. One is for coil winding and grinding to maintain contamination-free manufacturing. The other clean room is for the assembly of medical electro-mechanical assemblies and devices. Read More
  • Medical Manufacturing By Glenro, Inc.

    Drying finishes on medical nonwovens, heat treating medical tubing, catheters and drying transdermal patch adhesives are representative applications for which Glenro has created Proven Solutions®. We invite you to work with us in our process development laboratory to discover Proven Solutions®... Read More
  • Medical Marketing Management By Karen Spencer Design Inc.

    Karen Spencer Design is a full service medical marketing and advertising agency offering comprehensive medical marketing management services to medical device manufacturers and organizations in all sectors of the medical community. Over the last 25 years, our team has worked with large... Read More
  • Medical Mold Making By Crescent Industries Inc.

    Crescent Industries produces a wide range of low volume and high volume molds in sizes from 3.5" x 5" up to 24" x 30" in a variety of materials. Read More
  • Medical molds and precision parts By Matrex Mold and Tool Inc.

    Matrex Mold and Tool, Inc. produces medical molds, MIM molds and micro molds. We use our modern equipment to hold tight tolerances. In addition to production molds we produce prototype molds and parts, fixtures, End Of Arm tooling, Dead nests and provide our customers with completed assemblies.... Read More
  • Medical Monitors By Touchstone Technology Inc.

    Medical-grade LCD monitors for leading medical OEMs DICOM compliant LCD monitors High volume touch monitors & controllers Application specific computer system Read More
  • Medical OEM Tubing Solutions By Qosina Corp.

    Qosina offers a wide selection of in-stock and custom medical tubing for your prototyping and large-scale production requirements. Qosina supplies various sizes and durometers off-the-shelf to meet your needs and has the capability to provide cut-to-length tubes, multi-lumen configurations,... Read More
  • Medical Open Frame Power Supplies By Curtis Industries / Tri-Mag

    Tri-Mag offers a wide range of highly efficient, low cost, open frame medical power supplies. With standard products from 30W to 400W, our diverse line of switching power supplies is sure to meet your unique needs. When special design requirements need to be accommodated, Curtis/Tri-Mag has the... Read More
  • Medical Plastic Printing / Marking Medical Plastics By CI Medical, Inc.

    Leading Medical Device OEMs come to CI Medical for precision medical plastic printing services on catheters, tubing and other components requiring high quality printing with precise tolerances. After more than 20 years of R&D in medical plastic printing, CI Medical has developed unique methods... Read More
  • Medical Power By PEI-Genesis

    PEI-Genesis has a full power portfolio of 60601-1 3rd edition power supplies ranging from 7W through 5000W. With any medical application, quality, reliability and performance are a must. PEI-Genesis carries brands that are proven in the worldwide medical market: Emerson Network Power, Excelsys,... Read More
  • Medical Power Entry Modules By Curtis Industries / Tri-Mag

    PM1 Series - IEC connector, fusing, on/off switch, and voltage selection in one unit - Enhanced low frequency response with no resonant peaks - Fully shielded - U.S. or European standard fuse sizes - Dual or single power line fusing - Meets UL60601-1 specifications for medical and... Read More
  • Medical Power Supplies By Advanced Power Solutions

    Advanced Power Solutions offers these Medical Power Supplies in Open-Frame / PCB Mount Packages healthcare / and gaming applications. These medical approved power supplies range in power from 45 Watts to 400 Watts. Advanced Power Solutions medical power supply solutions can be modified to meet... Read More
  • Medical Product Contract Manufacturing By Vincent Medical Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

    Manufacturing for leading medical products companies in the United States, EU, Japan, S.E. Asia. Qualified Manufacturing Environment: Class 100,000 clean rooms, controlled environments and white room facilities. Strong engineering team: Formally trained and degreed staff, directing all aspects... Read More
  • Medical Product Development By Stratos Product Development

    Stratos has decades of experience spanning drug delivery systems, minimally-invasive surgical devices, patient monitoring and cost-sensitive, high-volume disposables. With our systems-based approach and efficient, ISO 13485 design controls, our dedicated medical device design and engineering... Read More
  • Medical Products & Packaging By T.O. Plastics Inc.

    Our medical capabilities include state-of-the-art certified class 7 and 8 cleanroom manufacturing space in addition to new, high speed and technologically advanced in-line thermoforming equipment. Our medical packaging facility, located in Otsego, just 30 minutes from Minneapolis, is ISO... Read More
  • Medical Prototypes By Forecast 3D

    We offer several services that have a direct appeal for medical prototypes. our DSM Somos 11122 XC Watershed material carries both the ISO 10993-5 and 10993-10 classifications and run on our high resolution Viper si2 small frame Stereolithography machine as well as our large frame Viper PRO... Read More
  • Medical Rapid Prototyping By Schmit Prototypes

    Schmit Prototypes combines various rapid prototyping processes to produce some of the best visual rapid prototypes in the industry. While there are many rapid prototyping processes, Schmit Prototypes most commonly utilizes the Stereolithography (SLA) process because of its speed and... Read More
  • Medical Rapid Prototyping and Metal Stamping By Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc.

    Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc., produces a wide range of small metal stampings and prototypes for the medical industry. It employs a talented, experienced staff and top-of-the-line production equipment to manufacture prototypes that match its customers’ designs exactly. Prototype &... Read More
  • Medical Safety Connector Jack Adapters By P1 Technologies

    When the regulatory agencies saw a need to convert to a safer connection system for leadwires, there were significant numbers of medical diagnostic and treatment equipment with 2mm jacks in the field that were still useful. With the use of a specially designed adapter and an adhesive pad, a... Read More
  • medical sewing equipment By Sew Fine LLC

    Custom made sewing equipment for medical device production, cleanrooms machines. Read More
  • Medical Software Design Services By EffectiveSoft

    Medical device software design and development. 20 years of experience in medical software development for medical equipment and SaMD. All the services comply with the major regulatory guidelines such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PHI policies. Read More
  • Medical Software Product Design By EffectiveSoft

    Medical device software design and product development. 20 years of experience in medical software development for medical equipment and SaMD. All the services comply with the major regulatory guidelines such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PHI policies. Read More
  • Medical Software Prototyping Services By EffectiveSoft

    Medical device software prototyping services. 20 years of experience in medical software development for medical equipment and SaMD. All the services comply with the major regulatory guidelines such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PHI policies. Read More
  • Medical Solutions By Endicott Interconnect Technologies Inc

    Today’s medical technologies have incredible requirements for signal integrity, quality, reliability and uptime. Increased automation and integration means better diagnoses and are critical to keeping health care quality up and costs down. Our design teams are prepared to work with you to... Read More
  • Medical Sterilization By Sterigenics International, Inc.

    The world’s leading provider of sterilization services to the Medical Device Industry, Sterigenics provides capacity and expertise in Ethylene Oxide (EO), Gamma and Electron Beam (E-Beam) processing in North America, Europe and Asia. As a contract sterilization provider utilizing all these... Read More
  • Medical Testing Services By Vincent Medical Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

    • Product Sterility Testing • Bioburden testing • Environmental monitoring • Bacterial endotoxin testing (AL) • Biological Indicator (BI) sterility testing Testing Equipment: • Universal Testing Machine (Tensile Testing Machine) • Rubber Abrasion Tester • Joint Aging Testing • X3 Medical... Read More
  • Medical Thermistor By Quality Thermistor Inc

    Miniature thermistors are ideal for measuring temperature in confined areas. The Micro Tube thermistor is an epoxy filled polyimide tube. The low thermal mass of the temperature sensor allows for a very fast thermal time response. The tube size of 0.020” maximum OD, allows for use in biomedical,... Read More
  • Medical Thermoformed Packaging By Key Packaging Co.

    Key Packaging provides product specific thermoformed packaging solutions for the Medical Device industry. Our controlled environment facility was built specifically for custom thermoformed medical device packaging. We offer a wide variety of materials suitable for medical device packaging. Our... Read More
  • Medical Translation By Excel Translations Inc.

    Excel Translations serves the medical translation needs of Fortune 1000 companies in the Medical Device Manufacturing, Biotechnology, IVD, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries. For more than 20 years, customers in life sciences have been relying on our certified medical translation services... Read More
  • Medical Tubing Printing and other Surfaces By CI Medical, Inc.

    CI Medical specializes in medical tubing printing and printing on other difficult surfaces & substrates. Below is an abbreviated list of the most common printable materials. If you would like to inquire about a different material or medical tubing specifications, please contact... Read More

    As wearable electronic devices continue to be more and more prevalent, it becomes an ever-greater challenge for companies that manufacture them to keep their competitive edge. It is vitally important for manufacturers that each device is effective, cost-efficient and reflects the highest quality... Read More
  • Medical Wire By Heraeus Medical Components

    Whatever the configuration, channels or complexities of your device, the conductor wire or cable needs to be flexible, reliable and flawlessly manufactured for longevity and performance. Heraeus medical wire is used in devices for CRM, neuromodulation and cochlear therapies. With cleanroom wire... Read More
  • Medical X-Ray Housings By Gasser & Sons Inc

    Gasser & Sons specializes in the manufacturing of lead lined X-Ray tube housings for the medical, dental, security, NDT, analytical and industrial X-Ray industries, as well as component housings for electric, aerospace, gyro, nuclear and other high-tech industries. We have become known in the... Read More
  • Medical, Scientific, Dental and Veterinary Lighting By Bulbtronics Inc.

    Bulbtronics maintains an extensive product line of replacement lamps for medical, dental and veterinary applications including ophthalmoscopes, laryngoscopes, endoscopes and GI equipment, otoscopes, OB/GYN instruments, surgical fixtures, headlamps and diagnostic equipment as well as replacement... Read More
  • MediFlow™ Extrusion Tooling By Guill Tool & Engineering Co., Inc.

    The new MediFlow™ system is capable of producing tubing finer than a single human hair – the next generation of medical tubing extrusion technology -- with minimum tolerances of just 0.002”. Specifically engineered for the tiniest applications, the MediFlow system is important for today’s... Read More
  • MediMicro By MWS Wire Industries

    MWS Wire entered the medical industry in 1976 when it developed a two strand wire for a Temporary Atrial Pacing Electrode. Today, MWS produces specialty wire solutions that are incorporated into intravascular ultrasound imaging systems, intracardiac ablation catheters and systems, intracardiac... Read More
  • Medipure Titanium and HA spray powders By Medicoat AG

    Medical grade Titanium and hydroxyapatite powders optimized for plasma spray technology Read More
  • MegaION™ By Austin American Technology

    Austin American Technology's Mega™ ION cleaners are designed for high reliability, environmentally-friendly, solvent-based cleaning and testing applications. These closed-loop, solvent regenerative systems feature quantitative ionic contamination detection and rose cleanliness testing. Wash... Read More
  • Mega™ By Austin American Technology

    Austin American Technology's Mega™ cleaners are designed for high reliability, environmentally-friendly, solvent-based cleaning applications. These closed-loop, solvent regenerative systems feature quantitative ionic contamination detection and statistical process control capability. Wash and... Read More
  • Melt Flow Indexer - Automatic By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The Melt Flow Indexer is designed to determine the MVR and MFR of thermoplastic as well as test the high melt temperature such as PC, Fluor plastics and nylon, but also PE, PP, POM,PS,ABS resin which has low melt temperature. * PLC controlled * Touch LCD display * Automatic sample cut *... Read More
  • Membrane Switch - Sealed By Telamco Inc

    Our membrane switches are heat sealed and internally vented. They are designed for harsh and extreme environments: Chemical splashes and wash-downs, water ingression, extremes in temperature and altitude. Unique construction eliminates threat of ESD and protects against silver migration.... Read More
  • Membrane Switches By Epec Engineered Technologies

    Membrane switches are a great choice devices that require human - machine interaction. Our cost effective solutions have helped many OEM's in creating durable products that hold up in various weather conditions across all types of industries. We offer a variety of materials, adhesives,... Read More
  • Membrane Switches By PGI Technologies

    Contact Carlos or Mike at 858-560-8213 for your Medical Device discount or E-mail or PGI is ISO a certified supplier of Membrane switches, PGI offers unrivaled quality and cost structure for every application requiring membrane switches and touch membranes with... Read More
  • Membrane Switches By Flexible Circuit Technologies

    Our membrane switch flex circuit designs primarily include Polymer Thick Film (PTF) “membrane switches” such as graphic overlays, touch pads and key pads. Membrane switches function as a normally open, momentary contact, low-voltage pressure-sensitive circuit. The design of a membrane switch... Read More
  • Membrane Switches By DuraTech Industries

    DuraTech offers both rigid and flexible membrane switch constructions. Thin and compact, they are resistant to moisture and dirt. Combine an overlay with the switch and you have a production run ready product. Membrane switch features: •ESD, RFI / EMI shielding •Electronic... Read More
  • Membrane Switches By GOT Interface

    No-tactile •Tactile Metal or Mylar Dome • Embedded SMT LED's, EL Backlighting, Fiber Optics •Metal Dome or Poly Dome Arrays for Cell Phones •Anti Microbial Keypad Surface (optional) •Overlay Using Thin Molded Rubber •Full Subassembly including: Aluminum Backplates, PVC or FR4 substrates,... Read More
  • MEMBRANE SWITCHES By Eastprint Incorporated

    At Eastprint, we have been producing custom keyboard assemblies with membrane switch technology since 1980. With our engineering expertise, experience, and a wide breadth of capabilities, we offer the highest quality membrane switches and electronic front panel assemblies available on the... Read More
  • Membrane Switches By Ampco Manufacturers Inc

    With their versatile custom design, low profile and simple installation, Ampco’s membrane switches are the technology of choice for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and consumer products, including portable electronics, diagnostic equipment, medical devices and cell phones. We can... Read More
  • Membrane Touch Switch Materials By DuPont Microcircuit Materials

    DuPont offers a full range of materials for the membrane touch switch (MTS) market, allowing designers to strike the right balance between performance and cost. The self-contained screen printed keyboard inside a membrane touch switch is constructed of several extremely thin layers. Innovative... Read More

    UV Exposure systems for all your lightography needs. Products are Fraont and backside mask aligners from bench top to production, UV Exposure systems for MEms and Microfluidics, and UV OZone Surface treatment. Read More

    OAI manufactures precision lithography equipment for MEMS, Semiconductor,and Microfluidics that is used for protyping through production. Products include: front and backside mask aligners, UV light sources, process for making microfluidic devices, and meters for measuring the intensity of UV... Read More
  • MEMS Medical Pressure Sensors By Millar, Inc.

    Millar’s MEMS pressure sensor technology integrates with a wide range of medical devices and applications to enhance current medical technology. Read More
  • MERV 11 Medical Device By Factory Direct Filters

    For superior air filtration and efficiency, MERV 11 pleated filters offer significantly higher particulate efficiency. They capture airborne particles/allergens between 1 and 10 microns. MERV 11 Replacement Filters Help Eliminate: •Dust and Lint •Pet Dander •Dust... Read More
  • MERV 13 Medical Device By Factory Direct Filters

    Over 30-times more efficient at capturing micro particles than ordinary fiberglass filters, these filters capture airborne particles/allergens less than 1 microns in size. MERV 13 Replacement Filters Help Eliminate: •Dust and Lint •Pet Dander •Dust Mites •Pollen •Bacteria •Mold •Micro... Read More
  • MET ONE HHPC+ Handheld Particle Counter By Hach - Particle Counting Division

    The MET ONE HHPC 6+ is a full featured six channel handheld particle counter designed for a wide range of tasks in high technology cleanroom manufacturing environments. The unique cradle provides convenient PC access to particle counting data via Ethernet or USB cable while ensuring that the... Read More
  • MET ONE Simply Paperless Air Particle Counter By Hach - Particle Counting Division

    Save time, money and eliminate data errors immediately with MET ONE Simply Paperless! Air particle counting data goes direct to PDF! Automatically exports data direct to a USB memory stick! The MET ONE simply paperless PDF ensures your data is safe, secure and 21 CFR part 11 compliant! Read More
  • Metal Detectable Teflon Tape By Andrew Roberts Inc

    For years our customers in the food processing industry have asked us if we could supply a metal detectable Teflon-Glass Fabric Adhesive Tape for use on their form-fill-seal machines and other packaging equipment where worn tape can occasionally fall in to a packaged product. It has taken us a... Read More
  • Metal Injection Molding By AmTech International

    AmTech's metal injection molding capabilities range from 0.15" to 1/2" wall thickness. Machines range from 50T - 300T. MIM can produce intricate, near-net shape parts in a short time, with mechanical properties that are superior to castings due to their fine particle size and high sintered... Read More
  • Metal Injection Molding By Kinetic Data Inc

    Kinetics' technology, called Metal Injection Molding (MIM), offers a highly unique combination of 3-dimensional shape making capabilities common to injection molding plus a very broad range of standard and custom engineered metal alloys. Kinetics has serviced the medical device market for over... Read More
  • Metal Stamping By ETCO Incorporated

    ETCO Precision Metal Stamping: ETCO has multiple metal stamping presses in a variety of locations. ETCO's primary presses consist of Bruderer machines that operate nearly 24 hours a day to service over 1,000 customers throughout the world. Read More
  • Metal Stamping By Kenmode Precision Metal Stamping

    Kenmode provides comprehensive metal stamping services from custom design and rapid prototyping through in-house tooling, production, and assembly with specific capabilities beneficial for medical stamping application. As an ISO 13485:2003 certified metal stamping company, we understand the... Read More
  • Metallography By Massachusetts Materials Research, Inc.

    Superior metallurgical testing services should include the capabilities to perform microscopic, macroscopic and scanning electron microscope examinations. Our metallurgists and analysts have experience with all three. We cover a wide variety of material microstructures and are versed in many... Read More
  • Metallurgical Analysis By IMR Test Labs

    The metals analysis experts at IMR have numerous tools at their disposal to provide our clients in a range of industries with clear, accurate solutions to tough problems. The group is well equipped and staffed to evaluate materials ranging from cast iron to superalloys to composites. They are... Read More
  • Metallurgical Analysis By Laboratory Testing Inc.

    Laboratory Testing's metallurgical testing is PRI Nadcap and A2LA accredited. Our metallurgists can provide insight into the cause of material failures, when performance does not meet expectations, as well as the following: * Detect surface and internal flaws * Determine microstructural... Read More
  • Metallurgical Lab Services By NSL Analytical Services, Inc.

    Stamping, shaping, bending, forging, casting, fabricating, and welding. You can bend them, punch through them, heat them, and squeeze them, but can you really see what is happening to your material through all of these operations? Metallurgical Analysis NSL Analytical's metallurgical... Read More
  • Metals Testing By Laboratory Testing Inc.

    Customers rely on Laboratory Testing Inc. metals testing services and material analysis to provide the information they need to verify the quality of raw materials or end products, meet industry requirements and research the product failures. All test results are provided in detailed Certified... Read More
  • Metering / Dosing Pumps By Fluid Metering, Inc.

    Fluid Metering, Inc. metering / dosing pumps and dispensers offer a high degree of accuracy and are utilized in a broad range of Medical, Laboratory, Analytical and Industrial Process applications. FMI metering / dosing pumps and dispensers consist of a Pump Head Module (PHM) coupled to a Pump... Read More
  • Metering Pumps By Iwaki America Inc.

    AC and DC driven precision metering pumps with capabilities from 0.01 to 1600 ml/min and up to 100 psi. High precision and long lasting repeatability are critical factors in metering applications. We offer both in our metering products along with the ability to make custom alterations to allow... Read More
  • Metrology Software By InfinityQS

    InfinityQS offers you the tools you need to make sure your measurement data is accurate. InfinityQS Gage Tracking and Calibration System (GTS) lets you track and maintain your gages as well as calibration requirements. InfinityQS Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) fully integrates your... Read More
  • MFS50 ultra low noise power supply By Daitron Incorporated

    Daitron offers ultra low noise switching power supply MFS50 series specifically designed for medical applications in a small foot size and light weight. Succeeded to minimize its noise level down to 10mVp-p. RoHS, UL60601-1, CSA and other standards compliant. Reinforced 4KV insulation.... Read More
  • MH5/MH5L Robots By Yaskawa America, Inc. - Motoman Robotics

    Compact, powerful and economical, the new six-axis MH5 and MH5L robots require minimal installation space and offer superior performance in small part handling applications such as assembly, machine tending and packaging, as well as dispensing and other tasks. The MH5 and MH5L robots yield... Read More
  • MHz AT-Cut Crystals and Inverted Mesa AT-Cut Crystals By Micro Crystal AG

    Standard AT-Cut quartz crystal units from 8 to 30 MHz and High Frequency Fundamental (HFF) inverted Mesa crystals from 50 to 250 MHz operate in fundamental mode. AT-cut and HFFs are available in low profile, miniature ceramic packages support high temperature, high shock and vibration... Read More
  • MHz Clock Oscillators up to 225 MHz By Micro Crystal AG

    MHz Clock Oscillators, based on AT-cut quartz crystals and High Frequency Fundamental (HFF) inverted Mesa crystals are ideal for applications in harsh environment and applications with high reliability requirements. Read More
  • Micro and Precision Wire Components By Motion Dynamics Corp.

    From custom springs to wire forms, Motion Dynamics has developed a reputation for being experts in the design and manufacture of micro and precision wire components. Motion Dynamics crafts some of the smallest wire components in the world. We work with any cold formable material in sizes down... Read More
  • Micro Apertures By Bern Optics, Inc.

    Coated optical apertures with outside dimensions as small as 0.20 mm in diameter. The aperture can be circular or made to custom shapes and held to micron tolerances. Created from optical and filter glasses, these microscopic elements – some as small as a grain of salt – can be produced... Read More
  • Micro coils By Audemars Microtec (R. Audemars SA)

    Audemars is specialized in providing custom micro-coil solutions for a variety of applications. We have specialized equipment capable of winding ultra-fine wire as thin as 10 micron and producing coils as small as 0.5mm Ø. Coils can be designed with or without cores in a variety of materials... Read More
  • Micro components By Audemars Microtec (R. Audemars SA)

    With over a century of experience in micro-components, Audemars develops unique processes, techniques, tooling and equipment to manipulate and assemble the smallest electro-mechanical components. Please contact us to learn how we can realize your custom micro-component requirement utilizing our... Read More
  • Micro Components / Electrodes By Heraeus Medical Components

    As complex medical devices need to be miniaturized to reach restricted areas in the human body, the stakes get bigger. Micromachining is more than just producing smaller parts and components…it’s about increasing capabilities and performance. As one of the world’s leaders in precious metals and... Read More
  • Micro Flow Sensor for Ultra Low Gas Flow By Innovative Sensor Technology, USA Division

    The IST AG MicroFlowSens (MFS) technology was developed for fast flow measurements. Due to the membrane system, the thermal mass is reduced to the minimum resulting in a very fast response time and low power consumption. In addition to measuring flow rates, the MicroFlowSens offers an... Read More
  • Micro Lenses By Bern Optics, Inc.

    Submillimeter optical lenses as small as 0.20 mm are ground and polished in a variety of difficult configurations, including plano convex, plano concave, bi-concave, bi-convex, as well as positive and negative meniscus. Created from optical and filter glasses, these microscopic elements –... Read More
  • Micro magnets By Audemars Microtec (R. Audemars SA)

    Fitting the strongest force in the smallest, most precise dimensions – even smaller than 0.5mm! Audemars is highly specialized in the execution of permanent magnets of the smallest dimensions and tightest tolerances using the highest quality Neodymium (NdFeB) and Samarium-Cobalt (Sm1Co5 and... Read More
  • Micro Miniature EDM By Wire Cut Company, Inc

    Manufacturer of complex EDM micro, miniature and small parts for medical, semi-conductor, aerospace and aircraft and aerospace EDM parts on all hard and tough materials machined to your specifications. Extreme close tolerance detailed machining to precision specifications and diameters in... Read More
  • Micro Mold Parts By Accumold

    Micromold, micromolding, micro mold, minature parts... no matter how you spell it, Accumold is number one in tooling and manufacturing micro size parts and components. Micro-sized parts are produced in our own micro-molding machines, utilizing processes that we started our business with over... Read More
  • Micro Molding By Da/Pro Rubber, Inc.

    Micro Molding Rubber at Da/Pro Rubber Medical, Electronics, and Consumer Goods industries are continually manufacturing smaller devices. The demand for micro molding has increased significantly. As the demand increases the need for quality and tight tolerances also increases. Da/Pro has... Read More
  • Micro Prisms By Bern Optics, Inc.

    Submillimeter micro optical prisms with dimensions to 0.20 mm for use in laparoscopic and endoscopic medical devices. These precision elements can be custom engineered, ground and polished in a variety of difficult configurations, including optical wedges of any given angle, beam splitter... Read More
  • Micro Riffler By Quantachrome Instruments

    The Rotary Micro Riffler easily and automatically divides larger samples into eight smaller representative samples for analysis. By repetitive division of the collected smaller representative samples, the desired final sample size may be obtained. The Rotary Micro Riffler has two basic... Read More
  • Micro Spheres/Balls By Bern Optics, Inc.

    Exceptionally accurate optical ball lenses as small as 0.20 mm in diameter for use in laparoscopic, endoscopic and other medical devices. They can be custom engineered, ground and polished to micron tolerances. Created from optical and filter glasses, these precision spheres – some as... Read More
  • Micro Windows By Bern Optics, Inc.

    Exceptionally accurate optical windows as small as 0.20 mm in diameter for use in laparoscopic, endoscopic and other medical devices. They can be custom engineered, ground and polished to micron tolerances in a wide variety of standard or custom shapes and submillimeter diameters.... Read More
  • Microbiological Environmental Monitoring By Technical Safety Services Inc

    Technical Safety Services, Inc. offers environmental monitoring services to assist our clients with their critical cleanroom and controlled environment quality assurance programs. We support our client's environmental monitoring needs by offering flexible, comprehensive monitoring programs that... Read More
  • Microbiology Services By Consumer Product Testing Company, Inc.

    Incorporating broad based technical knowledge of FDA, EPA, International and Client Custom programs, Consumer Product Testing Co.’s Microbiological Division provides unique capabilities. With expertise in the cosmetics / personal care, pharmaceutical, medical device and specialty chemical... Read More
  • Microbiology Testing By Geneva Laboratories

    An important part of the manufacturing process for medical devices is determining the level and nature of viable microorganisms that are generated as a result of the process. By developing and following a routine, documented sampling plan, you are assured that your process remains under... Read More
  • Microbiology/Chemical Testing By Element

    Located in Warsaw, Indiana, Element Warsaw has broad microbiological and chemical analysis capabilities. With a recent relocation to a 15,000 sq ft facility, Element Warsaw has expanded its laboratory capabilities and specificity. Additional expansion within the new facility also includes ISO... Read More
  • MicroCare Medical Wipes and Swabs By MicroCare Corp

    MicroCare Medical is a leader in lint-free wipes and swabs used for critical cleaning applications. There are three major considerations to be evaluated when selecting wipes: 1. Target the wipe to the cleaning fluids and the contamination. Some wipes will not absorb water; others work better... Read More
  • Microcatheters By Teleflex Medical OEM

    You can count on TELEFLEX MEDICAL OEM for microcatheters for exceptional torque control, kink and pressure resistance, lubricity, and push-ability. Whether you require PTFE lined, multiple durometer, variable shaft diameter, imbedded marker bands, or thin wall construction, Teleflex Medical OEM... Read More
  • MicroCoat® Lubrication Systems By Nordson EFD

    The MicroCoat is a different type of stock lubrication system that lets metal stampers apply the perfect amount of oil for each job. The MicroCoat is a non-contact system that applies oil as a fine, consistent film that provides complete coverage using less oil. Read More
  • Microcoils By ELIRI SA

    Designed for use in medicine (cardio-navigation catheters), as well as for microcoolers used in electronic circuits for miniature thermal generators or thermal radiation sensors. There is equipment and technology for manufacturing micro-coils, sensors, as well as individual assembly units and... Read More
  • microDL -200C Cryogenic Temperature Data Logger By Marathon Products Inc

    These high-precision laboratory-grade products will operate up to 3 years without a battery change. View current and stored data, prior to downloading to a computer, by scrolling through the screen displays, including high, low, elapsed time, alarm excursions and Mean Kinetic... Read More
  • MicroDose Unit Dose Dispenser By Unicep

    This patented unique unit-dose dispenser combines the convenience and accuracy of a syringe with the simplicity of a tube, and the disposability of a vial or ampoule. Read More
  • MicroFluidics By Fralock

    Controlling Fluid Behavior with Advanced Materials and Processes Microfluidic is the science of designing, manufacturing, and formulating devices and processes that deal with volumes of fluid on the order of nano liters. Fralock’s combination of extensive materials expertise and precision... Read More
  • Microincinerator - For Microbiologists By Baygen

    A microincinerator you can touch ! •Sterilization After reaching a sterilization temperature of around 1000°C, loop and needle are sterilized in 2-4 seconds. •Supports Working with Gloves With it’s unique design the temperature of the exterior surface does not exceed 30ºC.* •Sterilization... Read More
  • MicroJet™ EC By Austin American Technology

    Austin American Technology's MicroJet™ EC breakthrough advances in cleaning technology bring Progressive Energy Dynamics to the MicroJet EC In-line Cleaning System resulting in cleaning power unequalled in its class. Developed using complex modeling techniques, this innovative approach to... Read More
  • MicroJet™ FC By Austin American Technology

    Austin American Technology's MicroJet™ FC breakthrough advances in cleaning technology bring Progressive Energy Dynamics to the MicroJet™ FC In-line Cleaning System resulting in class-leading cleaning power. Developed using complex modeling techniques, this innovative approach to cleaning... Read More
  • Microlab® 600 Stand Alone Syringe Pump By Hamilton Company

    Take full command of your diluting and dispensing applications with the Microlab 600 standalone syringe pump. With ethernet and RS-232 communication capabilities, the standalone syringe pump allows you to custom program methods and deploy commands to any instrument on your network from anywhere... Read More
  • Micromachined Products By Cendres+Metaux S.A.

    For companies in the dental and medical technology sector, Cendres+Métaux Medical produces micromechanical, customer-specific (OEM) components out of high-quality materials characterized by a high degree of purity, homogeneity and Swiss precision. Read More
  • Micro-Machined Solutions for the Medical Industry By Dynamic Machining X Manufacturing, LLC

    The medical device industry is in a period of rapid growth. Companies are demanding parts with greater precision and more complex geometries in order to stay competitive. It is in this environment that DM2 thrives because we are committed to holding ourselves to the highest standards. Our... Read More
  • Micromolding By PTI Engineered Plastics Inc.

    PTI's micromolding offers you a low-cost, short-lead-time process for small parts, and it cuts your time to market in half while producing cost savings up to 40%. The micromolding process is designed to meet the needs of customers in a number of market segments including medical,... Read More
  • Microscope for assembly By Jenco International, Inc.

    Jenco non-illuminated Post and Boom Stands • Heavy duty - designed to provide adequate support for many years • Freedom of movement in multiple directions to facilitate inspection of large samples • Rugged structure - minimizes vibration/tipping, even with camera attached to trinocular head Read More
  • MIE Trak Pro By MIE Solutions, Inc.

    MIE Trak Pro™ is an ERP system that integrates all business processes from your warehouse to your front office to your mobile device.MIE Trak Pro Offers… • Quoting/Estimating • Sales Order • Work Order • Scheduling • Purchase Order • Inventory • Quality • Data Collection • Kiosk •... Read More
  • Mikron EcoLine By Mikron Corporation Denver

    Mikron EcoLine is based on the use of standard modules which offer flexibility and modularity. The Mikron EcoLine is available in single module and double module base machines. These machines can be linked side by side or back to back to optimize the layout for the production facility. The... Read More
  • Mikron G05 By Mikron Corporation Denver

    The Mikron G05™ linear assembly cell is based on the use of standardized building blocks which offer flexibility and modularity. The proven and stable Mikron G05 platform ensures speed, precision and reliability of your automation solution. The platform makes use of a cam drive for all primary... Read More
  • Mikron Polyfeed By Mikron Corporation Denver

    You can count on it for unmatched flexibility, short delivery time, reusability and speed. Mikron Polyfeed is a flexible feeding system based on the use of visual recognition and vertical vibration systems to identify parts in their various forms and positions. The feeding speed can reach 80... Read More
  • Mikron Tray Handler By Mikron Corporation Denver

    Mikron supplies a highly standardized tray handler capable of dealing with a range of applications from single tray to multiple stack, for tray sizes from 300 x 400 to 400 x 600 mm, and designed for parts that are susceptible to damage or contamination if fed using other methods such as bowl... Read More
  • MIL/Aero/Defense Testing By Compliance Management Group

    CMG provides first article and qualification testing for military, aerospace, and defense sectors to specific requirements. Unlike other labs, we do more than simply pass or fail the product's performance. Our engineers aid in the complete process of testing, identifying issues, providing... Read More
  • Military Testing By D.L.S. Electronic Systems Inc.

    D.L.S. can assist you with your EMI and Environmental MIL-STD requirements. We can perform revisions A-g\G of MIL-STD 461, MIL-STD-704, and MIL-STD 810 through revision G. Our large labs and power capabilities are sure to accommodate your needs. Read More
  • Mil-Std Testing By Tuv Sud

    Advanced Compliance Solutions is one of the most comprehensive testing laboratories in the industry, and with the recent acquisition of Rubicom Systems, we’re pleased to announce the addition of a full suite of MIL-STD testing capabilities. Whether you’re looking for MIL-STD 461, or other... Read More
  • Mini Blood Component Detector By Introtek International

    INTROTEK® optical sensing technology is designed to detect fluid on clear tubing in a variety of critical processes. Unwanted elements in fluid can be detected in order to ensure the safety of a procedure or process. Read More
  • Miniature Solenoid Valve Line By Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc.

    Peter Paul manufactures a low-cost, miniature solenoid valve line with similar performance characteristics to more costly valves, while maintaining the high quality operating features found in all Peter Paul products. Peter Paul valves can be found in medical gas instrumentation systems as well... Read More
  • Miniature Solenoid Valves By IMI Precision Engineering

    We offer a comprehensive portfolio of IMI FAS on/off (digital) solenoid valves, including the IMI FAS 6.5mm FLEXISOL, our smallest valve. Our solenoid valves perfectly suit applications where performance, reliability and ease of integration are crucial. Read More
  • Mini-BI Spore Strips By NAMSA

    24 month shelf life Each pack contains 100 spore strips. Biological Indnicator Spore strips consist of filter paper, 2mm x 10mm, inoculated with eitherGeobacillus stearothermophilus spores for use in monitoring steam sterilization processes or Bacillus atrophaeus for monitroing EO or Dry Heat... Read More
  • MiniMed 507 Insulin Pump (now Medtronic) By RKS

    When they first engaged RKS, MiniMed was stumped. Adoption rates on their insulin pumps, which could significantly increase both the quality and quantity of life, were low. Why wouldn’t people choose a treatment option that was significantly more effective against a deadly disease? RKS... Read More
  • MK-III | Dual Chambers Plasma System By Plasma Etch Inc

    MK-III is our MK-II times two.. but not twice the footprint. If you need serious production throughput, this system is for you with its dual chambers with 24 levels in each, you can run both chambers simultaneously or by themselves. Built as an extension of our MK-II platform, the MK-III is the... Read More
  • Mobile MasterControl Mobile By MasterControl Inc.

    MasterControl Mobile is designed to enable remote personnel such as sales/service field employees, manufacturing workers, executives, etc., to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively wherever they are and whenever they have time. It allows users to access information within the... Read More
  • ModBus Modules By DigiZap Solutions LLC

    Haidar's ModBus Modules are low cost yet very powerful modules that can be used for any application requires remote control and monitoring capability. Haidar's ModBus modules are designed with embedded control in mind. Most industrial process systems require user interface and control, simple... Read More
  • Model 140 By Hampshire Controls

    This is a single probe temperature alarm, covering -200°C to +400°C in various factory set ranges, housed in a wall-mounted or free-standing box. The basic unit includes alarm on high and low temperatures, with audible and visual alarm indicators (beeper and LED), settable mute and alarm "chirp"... Read More
  • Model 140-200R By Hampshire Controls

    This is a single probe temperature alarm, covering -200°C to +50°C, housed in a wall-mounted or free-standing box. The basic unit includes alarm on high and low temperatures, with audible and visual alarm indicators (beeper and LED), settable initial delay, mute and alarm "chirp" periods, and a... Read More
  • Model 2593: Single-Output High Voltage Power Supply: +10/15kV @ 1.5mA By Computer Power Supply, Inc.

    Single output high voltage power supply: +10/15 kV @ 1.5 mA Features: • Output ripple under 200 mV peak-to-peak • Temperature coefficient under 50 ppm/°C • Stored energy under 0.1 J at 15 kV • Low reflected ripple on input power line • Compact case size • Overvoltage and overcurrent limited •... Read More
  • Model 2594: Single-Output High Voltage Power Supply: +50kV @ 800μA By Computer Power Supply, Inc.

    Single output high voltage power supply: +50 kV @ 800 μA Features: • Output ripple under 300 mV p–p at full load (50 kV, 800 μA) • Temperature coefficient under 50 ppm/°C • Stored energy under 0.25 J at 30 kV output • Separate connections for HV output cable shield and programming reference •... Read More
  • Model 3603 Triple-Output HV Power Supply: −0.5 to −30kV @ 300μA By Computer Power Supply, Inc.

    Triple output high voltage power supply: −0.5 to −30kV @ 300 μA, 0 to +5 V @ 0 to 3 A floating, 0 to −2 kV @ 200 μA floating Features: • Three outputs: −30 kV 330 μA, floating −1 kV 25 μA and 5 VDC 3 A • Compact enclosure • Interlock input and status LEDs • Federal Standard output connector •... Read More
  • Model ADM By Hampshire Controls

    If you have an alarm connected to a telephone dialer, or to some central monitoring service,you will immediately recognize the value of our ALARM DELAY MODULE. The module allows you to set a time period that must be completed, with the alarm signal continuously present, before the alarm is sent... Read More
  • Model CA5000 Freezer Back-Up Systems By Hampshire Controls

    Model CA5000 freezer back-up system provides security for your products to ultra-low temperatures. It offers user-programmable alarm and control set points, and alarm delay times. Parameters are stored in non-volatile memory, and are maintained even when power is lost. The customer supplied... Read More
  • Model LD-200 By Hampshire Controls

    The Model LD-200 uses a single probe/sensor for monitoring liquid nitrogen level, while automatically providing audible and visual alarm indication should the liquid nitrogen level drop below the end of its special probe. In operation, a special, 1/4-inch diameter probe (up to 2 feet long) is... Read More
  • Modular Cleanrooms By Clean Rooms West, Inc.

    The use of modular cleanrooms allow for facility changes as manufacturing requirements change. Modular Cleanroom Benefits: • Flexible configurations • Easily modified as requirements change • Filtration from ISO 4 to ISO 8 • Low design costs • Prefabrication decreases build time • Consistent... Read More
  • Modular Precision Regulators and Manifold Systems By Air Logic

    The Air Logic Division of Knapp Manufacturing, Inc. designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of pneumatic and vacuum control equipment-sensing and input elements, control elements, output interfacing devices and complete air supply systems. The control elements include both fluidic and... Read More
  • Modular Pressure Controller By MENSOR

    The highly configurable pressure controller model CPC6050 modular pressure controller offers maximum flexibility to best suit the customers’ requirements. The pressure controller can have up to two independent pressure regulating channels which can operate simultaneously. Each channel can have... Read More
  • Modular Valve Positioners By Hamilton Company

    Hamilton Modular Valve Positioners are self-contained, bi-directional valve actuators used for fluid selection and redirection. There are two models to choose from, a standard torque valve positioner and a high torque valve positioner. A built-in DC stepper motor ensures accurate valve port... Read More
  • Mokon Central Chiller/Pump Tank Systems By Mokon

    Mokon offers Central Chiller systems up to 120 Tons in single or dual circuit configurations, air-cooled or water-cooled condensing, and scroll or semi-hermetic discus compressors. Mokon Pump Tank systems are available from 250 gallons and larger in single or multiple pump configurations with... Read More
  • Mokon Custom Engineered Systems By Mokon

    Mokon's Custom Engineered systems are designed and built to customer specifications up to 700 degrees F (371 degrees C). Just some of Mokon's custom capabilities are: steel, stainless steel and other materials of construction; clean room or wash down designs; NFPA 79 compliant; heating and/or... Read More
  • Mokon Full Range Heating & Chilling Systems By Mokon

    Mokon's Full Range temperature control system offers a combination heating/chilling system all in one package. A Mokon water system, combined with an Iceman chiller, integrates the benefits and features of both products into one compact, self-supporting unit. The Full Range system is ideal for... Read More
  • Mokon HTF Oil Systems By Mokon

    Mokon Heat Transfer Fluid systems offer heating capacities from 3 to 144 kW, flow rates from 5 to 120 gpm in single, dual and triple zone configurations and up to 650 degrees F (343 degrees C). Please contact Mokon at (716)876-9951,, or for more information on our... Read More
  • Mokon Hydrotherm II Water Systems By Mokon

    Mokon's Hydrotherm water temperature control system surpasses all competitive systems by providing stainless steel as the main component for wetted surfaces. The Hydrotherm is available in heating capacities up to 24 kW, pumping capacities up to 3 hp, and a maximum operating temperature of 250... Read More
  • Mokon Iceman Chiller Systems By Mokon

    Mokon Iceman SC Series portable chillers are available from 1/4 to 60 Ton cooling capacities in air-cooled or water-cooled condensing. Combination heating and chilling systems and dual circuit capacity control are also available. Please contact Mokon at (716)876-9951,, or... Read More
  • Mold Design By Illinois Precision Corporation

    With over 40+ years of mold design experience on the floor, IPC can make any idea a reality! Let us quote your product and create a 3-d cad drawing of your part. Read More
  • Mold Making By New Star Mold

    The staff at New Star Mold is committed to your project from design to mold completion. An effective moldmaking process is critical to achieving this goal. Our skilled workforce and leading edge technology allows us to construct molds to your specifications quickly and accurately. We produce... Read More
  • Mold Making By Illinois Precision Corporation

    We specialize in book molds and cavities for any type of mold base. Our mold designer can work with you from the idea stage all the way through development, testing, and distribution. I.P.C. even has a full line of injection machines in house if you would like us to produce the product here in... Read More
  • Mold Making By Diversified Plastics, Inc.

    Design Tool & Engineering, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Diversified Plastics, was founded in 1984 to meet an industry need for high-quality precision plastic injection molds at competitive prices. Our toolmakers have extensive knowledge and experience with the injection molding process. Our... Read More
  • Mold Making By Harbec, Inc.

    We begin mold making early on by working with you to determine the manufacturability of a design. We’ll also help establish performance criteria for the finished part. This upfront involvement in the injection mold design and analysis process helps to ensure product quality. We can generate... Read More
  • Mold Making and Tooling Services By TechNH, Inc.

    Tech’s designers have extensive mold making backgrounds and we support full-service mold making, offering prototype tooling, pilot production molds, hard steel production molds and a complete mold repair and maintenance department. Our mold making operations are in a completely clean air... Read More
  • Molded Products By G-M-I, Inc.

    Molded Products are molded rubber gaskets and other parts using ASTM, FDA, NSF, 3-A Sanitary, RMA, USDA and USP Class VI approved ingredients and/or materials, specifications and standards thereof as well as other Non-Metallic materials for various standard and customer specific applications. Read More
  • Molded Prototypes and R&D Samples By Aberdeen Technologies Inc.

    We will take your most challenging concepts and ideas and assist you with developing preliminary mold tooling and process parameters to produce high quality functional samples for both clinical studies and marketing evaluations. Aberdeen provides single source insert/injection molding solutions... Read More
  • Molding By PTI Engineered Plastics Inc.

    Our injection-molding machine capabilities cover a range from 12-ton to 750-ton clamping forces and shot sizes from .33 to 98 ounces. PTI's molding services are comprehensive, spanning from prototype tryouts through production quantities. Whether a project is a true functional prototype,... Read More
  • Molding By Hi-Tech Mold & Tool Inc.

    Hi-Tech Mold & Tool, Inc. has 29 injection molding machines ranging from 20-500 ton. Included in these machines are a 2-shot injection-molding machine and a Silicone (LIM) injection-molding machine. We mold a wide range of engineering grade resins including, LCP (Liquid Crystalline Polymer),... Read More
  • Molding & Assembly By Infinity Molding and Assembly, Inc.

    The Infinity Molding and Assembly facility currently serves automotive, industrial, consumer and non-clean room medical applications as a premier contract manufacturer and custom injection molder of thermoplastics. Located in Southern Indiana and part of Infinity Plastics Group, the Molding &... Read More
  • Molding and Assembly By Moore Med Tech

    With its ISO 13485 certified quality system, Moore Med Tech molds and assembles various plastic components for the North American medical industry, including: medical instrumentation; dental instrumentation; surgical equipment; orthopedic supplies; and, hospital equipment. Read More
  • Molding Services By MME group Inc

    We specialize in a wide range of molding services. Our presses run as small as 10-ton and large as 750-ton; we manufacture parts ranging from the size of a dime to a laptop. We specialize in multi-shot, LSI (Liquid Silicone Injection), insert molding, thermo plastic elastomers, urethanes and... Read More
  • Molds By Hi-Tech Mold & Tool Inc.

    Hi-Tech Mold & Tool, Inc. employs a 5,000 sq. ft. Tool Room with highly skilled toolmakers. Hi-Tech constructs molds from simple to complex designs in house. Our mold makers and designers work in collaboration with the customer to insure efficient, robust molds that performs for the life of the... Read More
  • Molecular Level Cleaning Prior to Bonding, Potting, Printing, Marking, Painting By Anatech USA

    Plasma Cleaning: Essential for substrate precleaning at the molecular level. No matter how many rinse steps are used after wet cleaning, some residue remains that can interfere with adherence between the substrate and adhesives, paints, inks, potting compound and bonding of other... Read More
  • Molybdenum, Molybdenum Rod, Sheet, Plate By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Ed Fagan Inc. stocks Molybdenum in a variety of forms and dimensions. Molybdenum unique properties give rise to processes and applications in electronics, aerospace, nuclear and metal working industries which would not be possible with many of the more common metals and alloys. Some of the more... Read More
  • Monadnock Monatec Medical Diagnostic Blotter By Monadnock Non-Wovens LLC

    Monadnock manufactures wood and cotton fiber paper substrates for medical diagnostic and sterilization assurance applications. These diagnostic indicator papers are appropriate for testing the presence/absence of chemical agents and can withstand sterilization processes such as Ethylene Oxide... Read More
  • Monadnock Monatec Sterilizable Medical Packaging Papers By Monadnock Non-Wovens LLC

    Monadnock manufactures Sterilizable Medical Packaging Papers for a wide variety of flexible packaging and testing applications in the healthcare market. These kraft and polymer-reinforced papers are designed to withstand rigorous processing requirements of packaging converters as well as... Read More
  • Monitoring Management Software By Vertiv| ONEAC

    Chloride offers a range of tools to shut down a single server, an entire network, or monitor your UPS status remotely via SNMP, Telnet or the web. Read More
  • Mono-Coil Tubing By Kientec Systems Inc.

    Our Medical Mono-Coil Tubes or hoses have been specifically designed to fulfill the high tech requirements for minimal invasive surgery, endoscopy, and optical fiber protection for medical lasers. Read More
  • Monodek® Sutures By Teleflex Medical OEM

    Monodek® is a strong and easy-to-handle suture that possesses outstanding resorption characteristics essential for delicate needs. Characteristics include smooth, secure suture with a low risk of wicking. Monodek® suture retains its initial wound healing tensile strength with 70% at two weeks,... Read More
  • Monofilament By Fluorotherm Polymers Inc

    Monofilament fiber is used in braiding applications for general industry where weaved products are produced to provide non-stick, high temperature surfaces. Read More
  • Monolithic Crystal Filters By Mercury United Electronics

    MCF (MONOLITHIC CRYSTAL FILTER) features high quality quartz resonators with sharp cutoff characteristics, low loss, good inter-modulation and high stability over a wide temperature range. Read More
  • Mops By Blue Thunder Technologies Inc

    Freudenberg Household Products is a world-wide leading manufacturer of innovative cleaning and disinfecting tools for the Pharmaceutical, Bio-Pharm, Medical Device, Electronics, Industrial, Medical, Food Service, and Lab Animal Research marketplaces. FHP LP has recently developed a new... Read More
  • Motion Control By Moticont

    Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of motion control products. The company's product line includes motion control systems, drive electronics, modules and controller cards. OES also supplies stepper and servo motors, voice coil motors, and positioning stages and slides. All... Read More
  • Motor Control Modules By StrenuMed Inc.

    Control Modules for use in your medical handpiece repairs. System 2000 Modules, System 4,5, & 6 and more. Read More
  • Motorized Linear Stages By Moticont

    The Motorized Linear Stage is used in positioning applications where high speed, high acceleration and high accuracy are required. The stage may be used in the following industries; Semiconductor, Disk Drive, Automotive, Medical, Industrial, Optical, Test and Manufacturing. The non-commuted... Read More
  • Motors By StrenuMed Inc.

    Motors for use in Stryker handpieces. Read More
  • Motors / Amplifiers / Drives By Industrial Indexing Systems Inc.

    At Industrial Indexing Systems we offer a wide range of brushless servo, and stepper motors with output power from 30W to 55 kW. Wash down, high temperature, explosion proof, and food grade models are all available. Amplifier choices include servo and stepper driven models, and we can engineer a... Read More
  • Mousetail Plugs By EPSI

    Our Silicone Mousetail (SMT) line is the ideal solution when masking small openings, threaded holes, and small irregularly contoured features. Their thin profiles make them extremely stretchy, allowing them to contract and fit into different size holes. Our high temperature Silicone is... Read More
  • MPK50 Robot By Yaskawa America, Inc. - Motoman Robotics

    Motoman Robotics' flexible, high-speed MPK50 robot offers superior performance and reliability in a wide variety of packing applications. The MPK50 robot features a 50 kg (110.3 lb) payload and a wide 360-degree work envelope, combined with best-in-class motion, speed and wrist ratings. A slim... Read More
  • MPS Multi Probe Alarm System By Hampshire Controls

    MPS Series Systems are multi-probe (2-8 probes), lab-grade monitors and alarm systems that have the ability to automatically inform you of out-of-tolerance conditions within freezers, refrigerators, coolers, and, within server rooms and buildings. They can be configured with various sensor types... Read More
  • MSV Series By Pneuline Supply, Inc

    MSV Series Our Spring-loaded Poppet Check Valves can be used for various applications including: Air, Inert Gases, and Liquids. 3/16 SS Spring. Water Column Options: 3 inch .10 psi 6 inch .20 psi Material Options: (PC) Polycarbonate (AC) Acetal (PVDF) PVDF Size Options: (any combination of... Read More
  • Multi-Axis Positioning System By Moticont

    The Multi-Axis Positioning System is designed to allow direct coupling between the load and the drive motors. This feature eliminates backlash, allows for fast acceleration / deceleration, high speed operation while increasing the reliability. These systems are available with linear stepper and... Read More
  • Multichip Emitters and Chip on Board Packaging By Marktech Optoelectronics

    As electronic products evolve technologically and the push for miniaturization continues, space constraints for electronics continue to be a concern for design engineers. Marktech Optoelectronics specializes in chip on board (COB) solution where multiple LED chips can be placed into a small... Read More
  • Multi-Component Molding By Advanced Scientifics, Inc.

    Multi-component molding allows for the production of complex parts not possible in single shot molding, such as the production of multi-colored and multi-resin parts and assemblies, as well as movable segments or components. Using one mold, one press, and no skilled technicians, the press... Read More
  • MultiDyne™ Corona Treating System By 3DT LLC

    The MultiDyne Corona Treating is the perfect solution to adhesion problems on injection, blow molded or extruded parts. A MultiDyne Corona Treating System can be incorporated into existing or new production lines, or operated manually. Treatment is done prior to printing, gluing or laminating.... Read More
  • Multi-layer Tubing By Sunlite Plastics Inc.

    Sunlite's advanced extrusion technology allows us to offer tubing in multiple layers. The layers can be different materials, durometers, or colors. Read More
  • Multilumen Medical Tubing By Specialized Engineering LLC

    We manufacture multilumen medical tubing. Read More
  • Multi-lumen Tubing By Sunlite Plastics Inc.

    Sunlite is the leader in the design and manufacturing of multi-lumen tubing. The number of lumens and lumen dimensions can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Multi-lumen tubing can be tapered, colored, or striped. Read More
  • Multi-Lumen Tubing; FEP, PEEK, PTFE, PFA, and ePTFE By Applied Tubing, LLC

    Applied Medical Tubing welcomes the opportunity to serve your organization. Our USP Class VI certified polymers makes for easy integration into regulatory requirements. All Multi-Lumen tubing are custom designed to your confidential specifications and are designed with different resins,... Read More
  • Multimode Single Emitters By RPMC Lasers Inc.

    LDX Optronics was incorporated in 1990 and is focused on broad stripe multimode laser diodes largely in the esoteric wavelengths with an emphasis on the red laser diodes modules and Infrared wavelengths. LDX offers the widest wavelength range in the industry, with wavelengths available from... Read More
  • MultiPole LED UV Spot System By Electro-Lite Corp.

    The Electro-Lite MultiPole curing system is the only unit on the marketplace that offers 2.5 W/cm2 of UV intensity @ 365nm to 385nm allowing for a wide spectral band of fast and efficient curing of UV adhesives across the board. The system enables the curing of UV adhesives from up to 4... Read More
  • Multi-Tubing By Sunlite Plastics Inc.

    Sunlite is a leader in the design and manufacturing of multi-tubing whereby multiple tubes are extruded together to create various configurations. Read More
  • Mutilumen Tubings By Specialized Engineering LLC