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  • J+W CCM-MV Hand Loaded Automatic Cartoner By Technik Packaging Machinery

    The J+W CCM-MV hand loaded automatic cartoner provides the ideal combination of low cost, ease of use, compact size, and maximum flexibility. A single operator can load up to 40 cartons per minute with bottles, blisters, or any other pharmaceutical product. Simple 10-minute changeovers offer the... Read More
  • Junction Box Enclosures By Rittal Corporation

    Rittal’s junction box enclosures are available in tough polycarbonate, aluminum, carbon or stainless steel, and corrosion-resistant fiberglass, and come with either screw or hinge covers. They accommodate virtually any application, from small controls to simple cable connections, and provide... Read More
  • Juno Velocity and Torque Control IC Family By Performance Motion Devices

    The Juno® Family of ICs provides advanced velocity and torque control for Brushless DC, DC Brush, and step motors, as well as electromechanical actuators. Available as a single, one-axis IC, Juno ICs provide full four-quadrant motion control, direct quadrature encoder input, profile generation,... Read More
  • Jupiter Model 3100 By TAKK Industries Inc., Static Control Div.

    The Jupiter Model 3100 uses advanced pulsed DC technology whereby dedicated positive and negative emitters produce pulses of ions which helps propel ions away from the bar toward static laden surfaces. This system provides unrivaled static neutralization with very fast static decay performance... Read More