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  • H2 Tubing By Fluorotherm Polymers Inc

    A proprietary product, H2TMConductive Tubing is the result of a special formula of FEP and PFA resin that has around 2.7-times higher heat conductivity than PTFE, ETFE, or regular FEP or PFA. Read More
  • HACCP Consulting Services By mdi Consultants, Inc.

    HACCP is a tool that was originally developed for the seafood industry to determine potential hazards in your production process that might critically effect the quality of your end products. At the current time, HACCP is required for the food industry, however, the FDA has made initial strides... Read More
  • Haefely PSURGE 8000 Surge Platform Test System By Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

    The Haefely PSURGE 8000 Surge Platform Test System is a modular expandable system that grows with your application needs. The modular concept is built around a PC based host controller (the PSURGE 8000 Controller) with physically and functionally independent modules for impulses(PIM #X),... Read More
  • HALT & HASS Chambers By Cincinnati Sub-Zero

    Our HALT and HASS Time Compressor® chambers provide extreme temperature & vibration capabilities used during the product design and manufacturing cycles to compress the time normally required to identify design and process weaknesses. HALT techniques are important in uncovering many of the weak... Read More
  • Hand Pump By MedMolds

    Our hand pump is produced from soft pvc that conform that is USP-6 compliant, Gamma Stable and DEHP free. The excellent recoil property of extruded pump-tube allows rapid suction of fluid and the quick action check-valve at both ends ensures pressurised transfer of fluid, when tube is... Read More
  • Handheld Barcode Scanners and Imagers By Omron Automation Americas

    Our Auto ID products include handheld 2D barcode scanners and imagers featuring the latest technology for decoding symbols and verifying their quality. Handheld readers are ideal for any track, trace, or control application. Symbol verification ensures only the highest quality marks enter the... Read More
  • Hand-held Mobile Computer Terminals By The Danby Group LLP

    Data Collection Any Place, Any Time Selecting the optimal rugged mobile business solution that satisfies the needs and preferences of IT, Operations and the device user has often required trade-offs: size vs. ruggedness; weight vs. battery life; support and maintenance of multiple devices and... Read More
  • Hazardous Locations Testing By Compliance Management Group

    With over 50 years of combined experience in hazardous locations approval, our dedicated team of professionals can help you navigate the maze of hazardous locations requirements by helping you to determine the following: • Which U.S. and/or foreign standards are required for your certification... Read More
  • HDA 8000 series Pressure Transducer by Hydac By HYDAC TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION

    The HDA 8000 series OEM Pressure Transducer by Hydac ( measures pressures from 0 to 500 to 0 to 9000 psi. Built on an all SS cell, the HDA 8000 can withstand all types of gases and liquids. It can be oxygen cleaned and has numerous mechanical and electrical connections including... Read More
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Packaging By Pretium Packaging

    Pretium Packaging serves the unique requirements of the manufacturers of healthcare and pharmaceutical products with a broad range of stock and custom packaging. We maintain Drug Master Files in many of our facilities to assist our customers with compliance specifications and other technical data. Read More
  • Healthcare Medical Device R&D/Design By Advanced Scientifics, Inc.

    ASI’s in-house engineering support team assists customers in: product design; IP support; exceptional material knowledge and selection; risk analysis and mitigation; expert tooling development; prototyping and more. Some of the technologies ASI uses include: 3-D solid electronic modeling;... Read More
  • Heart Valve Testing By Element

    With years of experience testing endovascular devices, heart valves and pacemaker leads, our cardiovascular device testing programs are among the best in the industry. Our Engaged Experts assist with test design, product feasibility, protocol development and test inspections.The medical device... Read More
  • Heat Exchangers By Fluorotherm Polymers Inc

    Our heat exchanger designs reflect the highest level of innovation and ingenuity to ensure uniform heat exchanges and exceptional ease of use, and our team of expert engineers are further equipped with the skills and insight to provide customized heat exchanger solutions to meet your specific needs. Read More
  • Heat Pipe Assemblies By Boyd Corporation

    Heat pipe assemblies from Thermacore mean that thermal engineers can count on innovative, best-in-class thermal management solutions that offer industry-leading thermal performance, help control energy costs and maximize system life and reliability even under harsh conditions. Read More
  • Heat Shrink Tubing By Fluorotherm Polymers Inc

    Currently, Fluorotherm offers FEP 1.3:1 shrink ratio tubing and FEP roll covers. FEP in these sizes is among the most popular heat shrink tubing product used for snug, protective jacketing for metal or other parts that are exposed to adverse, aggressive environments such as corrosion, chemicals,... Read More
  • Heat Staking By T.A. Systems, Inc.

    T.A. Systems Heat Staking Process Benefits Include: Cost effective Short Cycle Times Tight Assemblies Excellent repeatability and process control Elimination of mechanical fasteners and adhesives Read More
  • Heat Staking Thermal Press By Dukane

    Standard line of pnuematically actuated heat-staking presses with multiple heater zone controls. Read More
  • Heat Transfer & Hot Stamp Equipment By ITW IDS Division (ITW CER, ITW Morlock, Trans Tech, United Silicone)

    Industrial Decorating Solutions Division's business units, United Silicone and CER, manufacture a complete line of standard and custom hot stamp and heat transfer machines. Our standard hot stamping machines range from 1/2-ton to 24-ton, while our automation department offers complete... Read More
  • Heat Treatment By Motion Dynamics Corp.

    Convection Air, Controlled Atmosphere, Inert Atmosphere, Inline Stress Relieving Ovens and Sand Bath Heat Treatment Processing Motion Dynamics Corporation maintains a large assortment of ovens and furnaces to support the requirements of all the wire components we produce. This allows us to keep... Read More
  • HEATROD High Density Cartridge Heater By Heatron, Inc.

    With high watt densities available over 200 watts per square inch and a multitude of lead configurations, the HEATROD offers solutions where fast, efficient heat transfer is required. Utilization of controlled heat profiles, minimized un-heated sections and integrated thermal controls reduce... Read More
  • Heat-Shrink Tubing By Teleflex Medical OEM

    PTFE and FEP heat-shrink tubing helps extend product life by providing a protective covering that resists heat, shock, corrosion, moisture, and other extremes. The tubing is water resistant, chemically inert, and can be produced in a number of custom sizes with a range of shrink ratios. PTFE... Read More
  • Heavy Duty Bag Gripper By Applied Robotics Inc

    Applied Robotics’ heavy duty bag gripper is designed for palletizing applications involving the placement of various sizes and weights of bags over 50 lbs. It features split-fork design and clamp pads to prevent misalignment and maintain palletizing consistency. Read More
  • Heavy Duty Trays By ShapeMaster Inc.

    This tray is a heavy duty unit designed for holding flats or plant trays (three flats). Tray formed using a 3/16" heavy gauge of plastic, but could be formed and used with thinner gauge.. Special Order only, not a stocked item. No tool purchase required. Read More
  • HEPA Filters Medical Device By Factory Direct Filters

    The Aerostar HEPA (High Efficiency Particular Air) filters remove a broad range of airborne contaminants, including fine dust, smoke, soot, pollen and radioactive particles. HEPA filters are used in final filter applications for hospitals, data centers, nuclear facilities, pharmaceuticals,... Read More
  • Hermetic By Positronic Industries

    • Affordable price, reasonable delivery • Leakage rate of 5 x 10-9 mbar.l/s @ vacuum of 1.5 x 10-5 atm • Standard density and high density D-subminiature feed-throughs intermateable with IEC 60807-2, IEC 60807-3 and M24308 D-subminiature connectors • Combination D-subminiature... Read More
  • HFD series By Daitron Incorporated

    Dual output Ultra Low Noise AC/DC Power Supply 30W 12/15Vout 2-3mVp-p Ripple Noise RoHS free 76-78% efficiency UL file#: E237238 Read More
  • HFS150A series By Daitron Incorporated

    Daitron offers HFS150A series Ultra Low Noise Switching Power Supply specifically designed noise critical applications in industies. Widely accepted universal input range and 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V, 30V and 48V output option available. RoHS and vinylchrolide free. Certified Medical (60601) and UL... Read More
  • HFS30 series By Daitron Incorporated

    Ultra Low Noise model, universal input range 30W 30W 5/12/15/24/48 Vout 3-5mVp-p Ripple Noise RoHS free 74-83% efficiency UL file#: E237238 Read More
  • HFS50 series By Daitron Incorporated

    Ultra Low Noise model, universal input range 50W 50W 5/12/15/24/48 Vout 3-6mVp-p Ripple Noise RoHS free 75-83% efficiency UL file#: E237238 Read More
  • HIAC 9703+ By Hach - Particle Counting Division

    HIAC 9703+ • Use less sample – industry’s smallest tare volume • Enjoy more walk away time – automated cleaning routines • Easily configurable for maximum flexibility • Turn-key validation and after-sale service – Comprehensive on-site service and calibration – SOP assistance and IQ/OQ validation Read More
  • HiFormer® Fragrance Additive Masterbatches By Clariant Corporation

    Clariant recently announced development of fragrance additives in liquid masterbatch form for use in polyolefin polymers. Marketed under the HiFormer® brand, the liquid masterbatches have been optimized for blown and cast film applications and are being used commercially. The new liquid system... Read More
  • High Bond Tapes By Budnick Converting

    High Bond Tapes are ideal for applications where strong, long-term bonds are needed. Read More
  • High Flow 2-Way & 3-Way Electronic Valves By Clippard

    The DV Series was designed as the next generation of Clippard’s original EV line of popular “Mouse” valves. The DV line of Minimatic® electronic valves are precision-built 2-way and 3-way control valves, utilizing a unique, patented valving principle. With a solid, sleek design, high flow rates... Read More
  • High Performance Materials By Fralock

    Medical high performance materials are needed for a variety of applications including adhesion bonding, insulation, membranes, vibration dampening, chemical resistance, and thermal management. Fralock’s high performance materials possesses a unique combination of properties that enable this... Read More
  • High Precision Shaft Couplings By R+W America

    R+W Designs and manufactures zero backlash precision flexible couplings for high performance instrumentation. Formed bellows couplings offer constant velocity and low inertia, along with the highest torsional stiffness of any other flexible coupling. This allows not only for more accurate... Read More
  • High Quality Printing and Lamination By Converting/Biophile Labs Inc.

    We provide high quality printing and laminating for many types of industrial and medical applications: Our controlled room environment services include: Lot Code Imprinting Labels of all Types and Sizes Read More
  • High Quality, Low Cost Tooling By RIMNETICS Inc

    Good tooling is essential for making high quality parts; but good tooling does not have to be expensive. Rimnetics has built hundreds of tools for the most diverse applications, with its very unique requirements, budgets and timelines. Whether you are looking for tooling that will last for a... Read More
  • High Reliability Fuses By AEM Inc.

    AEM manufactures hi-rel fuses for vacuum environments such as space. Our FM12A series is a NASA QPL fuse and we also have the P600L; P700L; P800L; SK406; SM1206 & other customer fuse types for aerospace applications. Read More
  • High Speed Singulator By Applied Robotics Inc

    Designed for high-speed, gentle handling applications where it is necessary to singulate product from a group of individual products in random orientations, the High Speed Singulator can handle rates up to 500 pieces per minute/lane and easily integrates into your existing equipment. Read More
  • High Temperature Focused Transducers By Piezo Technologies

    Piezo Technologies, a Meggitt PLC Group, designs focused transducers for basic imaging of internal conditions and for location of the measurement tool within a borehole. It is designed to integrate into various tooling systems. The platform standardizes a rugged, high temperature, high pressure... Read More
  • High Temperature Heaters By Watlow

    Watlow is the leading innovator of high-performance heating technologies. These technologies range from the ULTRAMIC® advanced ceramic heater that delivers ultra-fast ramp rates in a small, clean package to the MULTICELL heater that offers independent zone control for precise temperature... Read More
  • High Temperature Plastic Compounds By RTP Company

    High temperature thermoplastic compounds offer significant retention of physical properties, along with dimensional stability and excellent electrical characteristics, at increased temperatures. RTP Company develops these compounds to your specifications; each may be modified for flame... Read More
  • High Temperature Resistant Products By Master Bond, Inc.

    Master Bond Inc. has developed an impressive array of high performance, high temperature resistant epoxy and silicone compositions for service up to temperatures as high as 600°F. They include high strength structural adhesives which retain good physical strength properties even after prolonged... Read More
  • High Tempererature Heat Pipes By Boyd Corporation

    For efficient high-temperature (300°C to 2,000°C) heat dissipation, thermal spreading, high-heat flux cooling and other high-temperature heat management challenges, Thermacore high-temperature heat pipes are the thermal solution of choice. Read More
  • HIGH-SPEED INDEXING MACHINE By Arthur G. Russell Co., Inc.

    AGR offers high-speed indexing machines for automated high speed assembly. Both are servo-driven, which offers superior flexibility, and cam-driven, which are fast, reliable, durable, cost-effective, and easy to operate. AGR’s cam-driven systems offer: • Low maintenance • Long life •... Read More
  • Hikari EBSD Camera Series By EDAX Inc.

    The Hikari EBSD Camera Series is the next generation in electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) cameras, offering outstanding performance across the complete range of EBSD applications. Users no longer have to choose between speed and sensitivity, as the Hikari Camera Series offers both. All the... Read More
  • HIPAA-compliant medical inventory software By ScienceSoft

    In healthcare IT since 2005, ScienceSoft delivers HIPAA-compliant medical inventory software to help manage medications supply, medical devices, and assets using RFID technology. With ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 27001 certifications, ScienceSoft ensures inventory software quality and... Read More
  • HIPAA-compliant software By ScienceSoft

    ScienceSoft provides end-to-end SaMD and medical device software services backed by ISO 13485 certification: consulting, development, modernization, integration. In healthcare IT since 2005, ScienceSoft delivers reliable HIPAA-compliant solutions designed by teams with 7-20 years of... Read More
  • Hipot Test Equipment By Chroma Systems Solutions

    Hipot testing or dielectric strength testing determines the suitability of the dielectric or insulation barrier between hazardous and non-hazardous parts. The IEC60601-1 standard and its supporting standards specify the voltage to be applied to the device under test (DUT) and the acceptance... Read More
  • HiQ DIALOG Ultrasonic Welding Machine By Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc

    The DIALOG series demonstrates the entire innovative power of Herrmann Ultrasonics. The main focus of this advanced product line is to address highly specific and diverse customer requirements: The DIALOG product line provides the right machines and weld systems for any kind of application in... Read More
  • HiQ VARIO Ultrasonic Welding Machine By Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc

    The name delivers what it promises. The VARIO series can be configured to completely suit the user’s needs. For that purpose, it provides multiple pneumatic drive modes with different stroke designs and cylinder diameters – all with reliable proportional valve technology. Generators are also... Read More
  • Hi-Rel Ferrite Chip Beads By AEM Inc.

    Both DSCC 03024 and AEM's HRB series of tin lead terminated high reliability ferrite chip beads from 0603 up to 1206 sizes in stock. Read More

    High-precision Non-contact Depth Measuring Microscope Read More
  • HLD60 By Moog Animatics

    The HLD60 is available in 3 versions: HLD60 with internal rollers, HLD60 with single external rail and HLD60 with dual external rails. In order to see a comparison chart of all the HLD60 actuators, please click here. The HLD60 is available in a standard commercial grade and a high precision... Read More
  • Hoppers By Sikora Automation

    An integral component of keeping your Parts System flowing is proper storage of your product prior to feeding. That’s why at Sikora Automation we offer Vibratory Storage Hoppers in a wide variety of sizes. Vibratory storage hoppers can be a big benefit to feeder bowl systems that demand a high... Read More
  • Horizon-II Wiring Analyzer By Nexeya

    Horizon II offers a Windows-based user environment, over-sized color touch screen, real-time Temperature and Humidity on-screen display, and label printer support. Incorporating a powerful built-in PC with flash memory, eight digital I/O and the familiar Windows user environment, the H2 can... Read More
  • Horizontal Flow Wrappers By Campbell Wrapper Corporation

    Products ranging from food and consumer products to medical devices travel horizontally in a continuous motion throughout a flow wrapper. Products are either manually or automatically placed onto an infeed conveyor which transports the product to the former. A single layer of wrapping material... Read More
  • Horizontal Form Fill & Seal (HFFS) Machines By MDC Engineering, Inc.

    The MDC FFS-1 Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Machine was designed for the Medical Device and Consumer Product industries. The system is capable of producing flexible or semi-rigid packaging with sterile barriers. Built for high volume production environments, the FFS-1 can form films into trays... Read More
  • Horizontal Injection Machines By Plustech Inc.

    Horizontal injection molding machines are available in a wide range of sizes (5.5 ton to 715 ton) Read More
  • Hospital Emergency Kits - Blood Kits By DVG Packaging, Inc.

    DVG's Blood Emergency Kits are designed to handle 168 vials of blood, accomodating 40 patients total. They can be custom designed as well to meet various specifications and needs within the Healthcare Industry. Designed and approved by laboratory personnel, DVG's Blood Kits are a... Read More
  • Hospital Emergency Kits - Urine Kits By DVG Packaging, Inc.

    DVG's Urine Emergency Kits are designed to handle 42 containers of urine, accomodating 40 patients total. They can be custom designed as well to meet various specifications and needs within the Healthcare Industry. Designed and approved by laboratory personnel, DVG's Urine Kits are a... Read More
  • Hospital-Grade Power Cord & Cord Sets By High Tech Connections

    We supply medical equipment manufacturers with Hospital-Grade power cords & similar products specifically designed and producced to be used on patient care equipment and instruments as required by Underwriters Laboratories. We also supply a myriad of molded data cable assemblies. Read More
  • Hot Plate Welders By Forward Technology Industries Inc.

    Hot Plate welding is widely used for the most challenging materials and large part assembly with high strength and hermetic requirements. During the hot plate welding, both part halves are held rigidly in position against/near a thermally heated platen to melt the joining surfaces. The materials... Read More
  • Hot Plate Welders By Dukane

    Two standard models of hot plate welders with pneumatic cylinder drives and rack and pinion synchronized platen motion are available. In addition, we design and build hot plate systems using electric motors, with servo controlled drives. These servo units include a controls systems that... Read More
  • Hot Stamp - Heat Transfer - Heat Seal By ITW United Silicone

    Industrial Decorating Solutions' brands, United Silicone and ITW CER, manufacture a complete line of standard and custom hot stamp and heat transfer machines. Our standard hot stamping machines range from 1/2-ton to 24-ton, while our automation department offers complete capabilities from... Read More
  • Hot Stamping Services By FABRI-TECH COMPONENTS, Inc.

    Fabri-Tech’s hot stamping services are ideal for adding decorative or aesthetic touches to your product. We can add logos, wording, graphics, or other designs to the surface of the parts and components we’re manufacturing for you. Our hot stamping processes utilize automated flat or rotary... Read More
  • Hot Tack Tester By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The design and development of the packaging system has come under close scrutiny with a great deal of emphasis placed on the integrity of the final product. Although factors such as type of package, materials of construction, size and desired outcome all add to the equation of flexible package... Read More
  • Hot-Plate Welder, Spin Welder and Ultrasonic Welding By Extol, Inc.

    At Extol, we utilize the best welding equipment in the business. We continually evaluate our welder product offerings and incorporate accordingly the 'best equipment value' for a given project. The Extol Rapid Conductor series welders feature fully supported, servo-controlled platens that... Read More
  • HP StoreOnce By HP Inc.

    HP StoreOnce deduplication is a new class of software that leverages HP Labs technology innovations to deliver a more efficient way to accommodate data growth, without adding cost or reducing performance. HP StoreOnce deduplication can be used in multiple places in the data center. The... Read More
  • HPD-6 By PlasticWeld Systems Inc.

    The HPD-6 drilling system utilizes high quality components including Omron PLCs and operator interface panels; Oriental Motors linear actuators; stainless steel cabinet and precision machined components. The intuitive operator program enables virtually limitless combinations of hole... Read More
  • HPS-10 Single Electric By PlasticWeld Systems Inc.

    PlasticWelds workhorse HPS-10 tip forming system has become the mainstay at many of the largest OEMs' production facilities. Long recognized for exceptional reliability and repeatability, the HPS-10 is configurable with a wide range of options. FEATURES INCLUDE:  Programmable electric... Read More
  • HPS-10 Single Pneumatic By PlasticWeld Systems Inc.

    PlasticWelds workhorse HPS-10 tip forming system has become the mainstay at many of the largest OEMs' production facilities. Long recognized for exceptional reliability and repeatability, the HPS-10 is configurable with a wide range of options. FEATURES INCLUDE:  Low friction pneumatic... Read More
  • HPS-DB By PlasticWeld Systems Inc.

    The HPS-05 double independent dual coil tip forming system utilizes two individually controlled power supplies paired with individually controlled pneumatic actuators. The result is a system that enables you to independently fine tune every critical process parameter for each tipping fixture.... Read More
  • HPS-MXP Interchangeable platform By PlasticWeld Systems Inc.

    To meet the growing market need for a scalable and multi-functional catheter production system, PlasticWeld Systems is proud to introduce their HPS-10 MXP multi-function interchangeable platform system. This system utilizes interchangeable tool pallets, quick-change electronic & pneumatic... Read More
  • HRP Series- Compact Electromagnetic Metering Pump By Iwaki America Inc.

    The HRP Series metering pumps enable high-speed, accurate flow in a compact package. Designed specifically for OEM applications, the HRP pump has been sized for easy integration into many types of systems. Several control options, including proportional, 1:1 digital pulse following, and simple... Read More
  • HT24 High Torque Nema 23 Step Motor By Ltd.

    These NEMA standard 2 phase 1.8 degree hybrid step motors offer high torque in a compact lightweight rugged housing. A variety of windings are available to meet most application requirements. These motors offer fast damping and high slew rates for better control in full/half or microstep mode.... Read More
  • HVP 255: Precision USB HV Probe By Computer Power Supply, Inc.

    Precision USB 50 high voltage probe Features: • Excellent accuracy: 0.01% typical from 0 to 50 kV • Handles DC voltages to 50 kV • 1,000 MΩ input impedance • Temperature coefficient under 50 ppm/°C • Compact profile: only 12 inches in length • Compatible with all CPS probe tips Model 255 is a... Read More
  • HYAMP III By Associated Research, Inc.

    HYAMP III is a manual Ground Bond tester that features an enhanced graphic LCD. It consists of three models. The 3130 provides 30 Amps of Ground Bond test current, the 3140 provides 40 Amps of Ground Bond test current and the 3160 provides 60 Amps of Ground Bond test current. All models can be... Read More
  • Hydrocolloid Absorptive Medical Adhesives By Xennovate Medical LLC

    Xennovate’s hydrocolloid wound bandage behaves more like a foam with a skin-friendly adhesive, than historical standard hydrocolloids. Xennovate’s hydrocolloids do not break down in heavy exudates, even after three complete days of total submersion in saline solution! Try that with the leading... Read More
  • HydroJet™ DW By Austin American Technology

    Austin American Technology's HydroJet™ DW (Dual Wash) breakthrough advances in cleaning technology bring Progressive Energy Dynamics to the HydroJet™ In-line Cleaning System resulting in unparalleled cleaning power. Developed using complex modeling techniques, this innovative approach to... Read More
  • HydroJet™ SW By Austin American Technology

    Austin American Technology's HydroJet™ SW (Single Wash) breakthrough advances in cleaning technology bring Progressive Energy Dynamics to the HydroJet™ In-line Cleaning System resulting in unparalleled cleaning power. Developed using complex modeling techniques, this innovative approach to... Read More
  • Hydrophilic Coating Services By Teleflex Medical OEM

    Teleflex Medical OEM announces a proprietary, hydrophilic surface coating for polymer-based devices that are navigated through the vascular system. The coating performs favorably in terms of lubricity and extended durability when compared to other coatings on the market. It has proven... Read More
  • Hydrophilic Coatings By Specialized Engineering LLC

    A friction-reducing coating may be applied to a base material, for example the outer surface of a catheter, to provide a significant reduction in catheter friction, particularly when the friction-reducing coating is hydrated. The coating comprises an intimate mixture of a structural plastic... Read More
  • HYPERGRIP By Smiths Interconnect

    HG0, HG2, HG3, HG4 -5, 12 19 and 33 contact positions -1 A per contact -IP67 sealed when mated -EMI/RFI shielding option -Push/pull latching design -Ideal for disposable applications -6 Keyable positions, 5 color options Designed specifically for the medical industry, HyperGrip is a circular... Read More
  • Hypodermic Tubing By ISPG, Inc.

    Let ISPG supply your hypodermic tubing requirements with the highest quality stainless steel tube. Used primarily for medical application, small diameter tubing can also be used in a variety of industrial applications. Read More
  • Hypot III By Associated Research, Inc.

    Hypot® III is a bench top Dielectric Withstand tester with an enhanced Graphic LCD and entry-level automation with an RS-232 interface. The Hypot® III family consists of three models: the 3705, the 3765, and the 3770. The 3705 is an AC Hipot tester, the 3765 is an AC/DC Hipot Tester, and the... Read More
  • HypotMAX By Associated Research, Inc.

    The HypotMAX series is a family of high voltage and high current electrical safety compliance analyzers. The 7700 is a 3-in-1 model that provides 500VA AC Hipot, DC Hipot, and Insulation Resistance testing. the 7704 is a 4-in-1 model that adds a 30 Amp Ground Bond testing to the functionality of... Read More
  • HypotULTRA III By Associated Research, Inc.

    HypotULTRA III is a fully-automated dielectric analyzer for Safety Agency production line testing. The HypotULTRA III family features two models. The 7620 is an AC Hipot with an optional 4 or 8 channel internal scanning matrix. The 7650 is a 3-in-1 system that performs AC Hipot, DC Hipot and... Read More