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  • D SERIES By Smiths Interconnect

    Quick Disconnect Plastic Connectors -3,4,5,7,9,12, & 25 contact positions -1 to 8 amps per contact -Alignment provided by housing -Crimp and solder cup contacts -Recessed contact terminations -Push button release for mating and unmating D series connectors are simple to use, foolproof,... Read More
  • D Series DC Tachometers By Ltd.

    With rugged construction and high output voltages, D Series tach generators are ideally suited to a variety of industrial applications. The flange mounting arrangement provides a convenient assembly method, and the sturdy 0.187"-diameter shaft permits the heavier loading frequently encountered... Read More
  • Dart Drop Impact Tester By Thwing-Albert Instrument Co.

    Thwing-Albert the dart drop tester is an easy-to-use, ergonomically designed instrument used to measure the impact resistance of plastic film, coated paper and other materials utilizing the free falling dart method. ASTM D1709 - Method A Dart 38.1 mm diameter Drop height .66 m (26... Read More
  • Data Loggers By DeltaTrak, Inc.

    User programmable data loggers provide continuous history of temperature conditions in facilities or during transport of temperature sensitive commodities. Data is downloaded as a secure PDF using CFR 21 Part 11 compliant software, providing graphs as well as summary statistics such as... Read More
  • Data Loggers for Cold Chain Monitoring By MadgeTech Inc

    Cold chain monitoring is a common practice in the pharmaceutical and food industries, where the products are particularly sensitive to temperature fluctuations. MadgeTech’s cold chain data loggers can assist in validating that products are stored and transported within regulated temperatures. Read More
  • Data Loggers for Laboratory Monitoring By MadgeTech Inc

    MadgeTech’s precision laboratory data loggers provide an efficient way to monitor temperature controlled refrigerators, freezers, storage rooms and shipments. They are also commonly used in validating autoclaves, monitoring incubators and in drop testing. The laboratory product line includes... Read More
  • Data Logging Systems By MadgeTech Inc

    MadgeTech offers data logger systems for measuring and recording exhaust, soil moisture, rainfall and more. Each system provides a complete data monitoring solution to make collecting and analyzing data easy. These temperature monitoring systems enable highly precise data logging in a wide... Read More
  • Data Management By Automation Tool Co.

    Data Management has become a standard practice across all industries. From FDA validation for a medical device assembly serialization or birth certificate, to product traceability on an automotive component; ATC Automation has a solution. We offer a custom approach to data management, tailored... Read More
  • Data Management System (DMS) By InfinityQS

    InfinityQS makes it easy to quickly import complex measurements into ProFicient with our Data Acquisition tools. Our system allows you to quickly capture the measurement values from Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), checkweighers, and other data stores in the ProFicient platform for... Read More
  • DATAMAX W-6208 Wide Application Printer (Labeling) By ADC Technologies Group, Inc.

    The W-6208 is designed for heavy-duty “wide format” printing. It's ideal for compliance labeling applications in all industrial environments/203DPI, 8 inches/second/6.4” Max Width/Thermal Transfer, Parallel/Serial, 8” OD Rolls Read More
  • Datamax-ONeil I-4208 Printer By ADC Technologies Group, Inc.

    Datamax revolutionized the four-inch printer market in 1999 with the introduction of the rugged I-Class thermal bar code printers. Since then our competitors have tried to copy the original and repackage their old printers to match our innovation. Today the industry's most innovative product is... Read More
  • DataTrace By Mesa Laboratories, Inc.

    Mesa Laboratories, Inc. designs and manufactures DataTrace, a high performance, wireless, data logging system which offers the ability to monitor temperature, humidity or pressure without using an out-of date wired system. Mesa’s newest products DataTrace MPRF Temperature and Humidity data... Read More
  • DATRON D5 Dental Milling Machine By Datron Dynamics Inc.

    This 5-axis, high-speed machining center was designed specifically and exclusively for dental milling applications including crowns, bridges, abutments, inlays, onlays, telescopes, implants, bar work and even models. A rigid cast iron construction houses a fully-integrated 5-axis automation... Read More
  • DATRON M10 Pro By Datron Dynamics Inc.

    The M10 Pro – a “next generation” in our line of German-engineered high speed machining centers includes significant advancements in DATRON machining technology. Specifically, the M10 Pro features linear scales on all axes driven by larger motors and drives yielding a +/- 5 micron position... Read More
  • DATRON M7 2kW High-Speed Machining Center By Datron Dynamics Inc.

    The DATRON M7 2kW machining center provides eceptional milling and engraving capabilities while requiring minimal floor space. With a footprint of only 1,500 x 1,400 mm this compact machine offers a surprisingly large traverse path of 520 x 650 x 520 mm. The use of a solid Granite slab for the... Read More
  • DATRON M8 3kW High-Speed Machining Center By Datron Dynamics Inc.

    The DATRON M8 with the 3kW, HSK-Spindle has all the bells and whistles to meet the demands of a dynamic manufacturing environment. High feed rates produce optimized cycle times making this machine ideal for high-volume production schedules. A steel bridge reinforced with polymer concrete... Read More
  • DATRON ML-1500 Large Format Machining Center By Datron Dynamics Inc.

    DATRON´s large-format machines like the ML series are specially designed for the fast, clean and precise machining of sheet metal. Due to the high precision of these machines, outstanding results are achieved – especially with Aluminum sheet material, batch-machined front panels and long... Read More
  • DC Blowers By Orion Fans

    Orion stocks a large selection of DC Blowers – quality products, short lead times at competitive prices. DC Blowers / Airflow: 3 - 35 cfm Read More
  • DC Current Transducer Series S767 By American Aerospace Controls

    DC Current Transducer; output 0 to +5V; accuracy 1%FS; power +22 to 36Vdc; response 50m-sec; temperature –40° to +85°C; aperture 1/2 inch dia; metal case; chassis mount; solder, connector or barrier terminations; WT 7.9 oz. (224 grams) Read More
  • DC Fans By Orion Fans

    With a broad range of DC fans and the engineering support to meet your custom requirements, Orion Fans will make you a DC fan…FAST. DC Fans are available with the following parameters: • Voltage: 5, 12, 24, 48, 60 • Airflow: 2 - 850 cfm • Size: 25 mm – 254 mm Contact us about our special... Read More
  • DC/AC Inverters By Martek Power

    Martek Power is a market leader in DC-AC power inverters. DC-AC power inverters we designed and manufactured are qualified and trusted by users worldwide for diverse applications in the Military & Aerospace, Medical, Railway, Automotive, Computing, Data Storage, Telecom, Networking,... Read More
  • DC-DC power converters By Martek Power

    Martek Power is a leader in designing and manufacturing DC-DC power converters. Our DC-DC power supplies are trusted by OEMs and system integrators worldwide in Military, Aerospace, Medical, Railway, Automotive, Computing, Data storage, Telecom, Networking, Instrumentation, and other Industrial... Read More
  • DCV Series - Double Check Valve Fittings By Nordson MEDICAL

    Nordson Medical’s unique DCV Series bi-directional double check valve is designed to transfer clean fluid from a supply vessel to a use site. The fluid supply vessel is connected to the valve supply port (chimney) using a luer connection or tubing. The fluid is withdrawn from the supply vessel... Read More
  • DD12 By SCHURTER Inc.

    The DD12 integrates a 1- or 2- pole shock-safe fuseholder, switch and standard or medical low leakage filter into one compact power entry module. Rated up to 8A at 250 VAC UL/CSA, the low profile design fits 1 RU enclosures. Qualified for use in equipment built to 60950 and 60601-1. Illuminated... Read More
  • DDC Series - 12 VDC, Centrifugal Pumps By Iwaki America Inc.

    Designed for OEM applications such as Thermal Management, Laser Cooling and Medical Equipment The Laing DDC is an electronically commutated spherical motor pump, with an expected service life of 50,000 hours if pumping water or a mixture of water and glycol. *Please contact us regarding any... Read More
  • DEACOM Specialty Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software By Deacom, Inc.

    DEACOM chemical manufacturing software delivers all the necessary functionality required by specialty chemical manufacturers. Designed to handle the specific needs of batch product producers based on formulas, the DEACOM Integrated Inventory and ERP System links formulation management with... Read More
  • Decommissioning Services By Technical Safety Services Inc

    Biotech, biopharma and research facilities, by their nature, exist in a continual state of flux. Changing needs lead to the consideration of renovating, vacating, or demolishing existing facilities or acquiring new ones. Each of these options present potential exposure hazards and environmental... Read More
  • Decorative Screw Covers By Ark-Plas Products Inc.

    Decorative or Safety Concealment. Over 110 Standard Colors. Color Matching Available. Read More
  • Decrimpers By Kebby Industries

    Kebby Decrimpers are designed to remove crimped seals from vials and bottles quickly and easily. Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 7.5mm to 32mm. Read More
  • Deformulation (Reverse Engineering) By EAG Laboratories

    Chemir Analytical Services is the industry leader in the deformulation of products and materials. Also known as reverse engineering, deformulation is the separation, identification and quantitation of ingredients in a formulation. Our experienced chemists have performed deformulations on... Read More
  • Deklene® ll Sutures By Teleflex Medical OEM

    Choose strong and smooth Deklene® suture for the most delicate of specialty procedures. Characteristics include Deklene® II suture provides outstanding handling, accurate knot placement, and knot security. The soft, supple suture material reduces memory and improves handling. Indications:... Read More
  • Delivery Devices By Optinova

    Optinova’s delivery device extrusions portfolio is tailored for a vast range of applications with a focus on consultative extrusion expertise, from quick turnaround prototyping and design for manufacturing to volume production. Endoscopy, orthobiologic applications, urology and women’s health... Read More
  • Dental Tool Bearings By Boca Bearing Co.

    There are two basic types of dental ball bearings depending on the type of work that the tool is designed for. The first type is the Radial Bearing and the second type is the Thrust Bearing. Radial Bearings are designed for working in deep grooves and for angled dental surfaces. Radial Bearings... Read More
  • Dental X-Ray Device By Valtronic

    Project Challenge Provide a portable device with X-Ray imaging Obtain a high quality image while suppressing optical artefacts (dust, phantom image, signal noise ratio) Valtronic Solutions ISO 5 flowbox for dust PCB Design Shielding for phantom artefacts & signal to noise ratio increase Final... Read More
  • Depyrogenation Data Loggers By MadgeTech Inc

    MadgeTech’s depyrogenation data loggers can be used to monitor and validate dry heat sterilization cycles. These devices can also be combined with MadgeTech’s thermal shield or thermal barrier system to extend the data logger operating temperatures up to 260 °C allowing for use in static or... Read More
  • Desiccant Dispenser 5D By AZCO Corp.

    Compact, Easy to Use, and Affordable. The 5D desiccant dispenser is designed with you in mind. Its compact size makes it ideal for fitting in tight places. The unit is self-threading, and the color touchscreen allows for easy set up. Just roll it up and plug it in! Only 110 v ac... Read More
  • Desiccant Feed & Inserting By Palace Packaging Machines Inc.

    Cannister and loose Pouch or sachet desiccant feeding and inserting machines. Built in bulk hoppers, verification and reject systems. simple low speed units and high speed units for 700+ per minute. Read More
  • Design By Nelipak

    The design process begins with a full engineering review that combines all aspects of the package: - Protection Requirements - Packaging Process - Point-of-Sale Display Criteria Our design team has a combined 100+ years of thermoforming tool design experience. Using their hands-on knowledge of... Read More
  • Design & Engineering By Xcentric Mold & Engineering Inc.

    A quality product comes from a good design. Our experienced team of engineers work with the latest engineering tools and software to help you construct a quality plastic part that also allows our tooling engineers to create the best possible and cost effective mold for your project... Read More
  • Design & Manufacturing By HITEC Sensor Developments

    Designing a strain gage based transducer is more of a talent than an engineering process. Our transducer design team has over 20 years of experience and can leverage years of experience from real world applications. We are ready to jump in at any stage during your transducer life: at the... Read More
  • Design and Engineering By Custom Mold & Design

    Design for Manufacturability (DFM) – Custom Mold & Design’s team of engineers are readily available to work with your team to provide best-in-class component design support. We begin this process by understanding your product requirements and how this information translates into appropriate... Read More
  • Design Control and Review By Paladin Medical Inc.

    Design Control Reduce costs and time to market with efficient development systems All successful regulatory submissions are supported by FDA compliant Design Control and Review systems. Quality System Regulations (21 CFR 820 :QSRs) and ISO 13485 require documented design review according to... Read More
  • Design Engineering By Gasser & Sons Inc

    With many experienced, degreed Engineers and Technicians on staff, along with the most advanced and state of the art design software, we are ready to provide design assistance for your parts, so you get the best possible parts for the lowest cost. Read More
  • Design Engineering By Saraca Solutions Inc

    SARACA has in-depth capabilities in mechanical design, development and engineering in all the medical segments including implants, instruments and systems. Our mechanical designers and engineers have good expertise in innovative concept design, industrial design, detailing, geometric... Read More
  • Design Engineering By NextPhase Medical Devices LLC

    The first step is understanding the inspiration of your device. Whether it’s an improvement of an established device or a whole new treatment option that promises to change patients’ lives, once the user needs are identified defining how the device is to be used, a foundation for the design can... Read More
  • Design For Manufacturing (DFM) By Trident Manufacturing

    We take a tremendous amount of pride in our engineering approach of being able to optimize designs to create innovative, high quality products while removing cost. We do this by adhering to a disciplined approach of problem solving and the integration of best practice in: Component Procurement... Read More
  • Design Services By Flexible Circuit Technologies

    At Flexible Circuit, we pride ourselves on solving problems for our customers. Our team is staffed with highly educated and experienced engineers with an undying passion for solving your engineering challenges. At Flexible Circuit, our motto is, “We Go Where Others Will Not.” We have found flex... Read More
  • Design Services By Definitive Design

    Good design goes well beyond a sleek packaging shell. Good design should delight, empower, and quietly inform. Its qualities are perceptible by a variety of senses and so make an emotional connection to the user. This is the tipping point, when a product becomes the preferred and indispensable... Read More
  • Design Stage By NextPhase Medical Devices LLC

    Each of the design stages plays a crucial role in manufacturing a finished device. At NextPhase, we have the design engineering experience to develop your next-generation medical device. We can help you with cost, quality and performance improvements for current devices. Design Stages: •... Read More
  • Design, Engineering and Tooling By Accent Plastics Inc.

    We encompass all the capabilities needed to design and build tooling for parts in a wide variety of sizes and materials. Add Accent’s tool maintenance to the formula, and the package becomes complete. Read More
  • Detachable flag label By Topflight Corp.

    This label provides a unique solution for medical and pharmaceutical tracking. Two overlapping adhesive film surfaces create a removable portion of the label (the "flag") which can then be reapplied to a patient chart, a drug storage area, or any other permanent record. Multiple areas of the... Read More
  • Device Packaging Films By Berry Plastics

    Like all our medical film products, Optym™ Device Packaging Films are manufactured in ISO 9001 facilities and engineered to your exacting specifications. We use superior industry expertise and a fully integrated production process to engineer solutions that meet your standards for a wide range... Read More
  • DFS100A By Daitron Incorporated

    Low Noise AC/DC Power Supply 100W 5/12/15/24/48 Vout 40-50mV typ Ripple Noise RoHS free 76-88% efficiency UL file#: E237238 Read More
  • DFS150A By Daitron Incorporated

    Low Noise AC/DC Power Supply 150W 5/12/15/24/48 Vout 30-40mV typ Ripple Noise RoHS free 73-88% efficiency UL file#: E237238 Read More
  • DFS50 By Daitron Incorporated

    Low Noise AC/DC Power Supply 50W 5/12/15/24/48 Vout 20-50mV typ Ripple Noise RoHS free 76-87% efficiency UL file#: E237238 Read More
  • DH2 By WESCO

    High-precision Non-contact Depth Measuring Microscope Read More
  • DI-100U/1000U/DI-1000ZP USB and Wireless Load Cell Interface By Loadstar Sensors

    The DI-100 or DI-1000 Digital Load Cell Interface modules provide a simple, convenient method to convert existing millivolt output load cells into PC friendly USB Load Cells! Just plug in your strain gauge load cell into one connector of our Digital Load Cell Interfaces and connect the USB port... Read More
  • Diabetes By Minnesota Rubber and Plastics

    Minnesota Rubber & Plastics provides medical device manufacturers with custom molded rubber seals for insulin pumps. This precision pump is the heart of continuous glucose monitoring devices, which are carried at all times by Type I diabetics. Insulin pumps, reservoirs, and their internal... Read More
  • Diagnostic and Interventional Catheters By Teleflex Medical OEM

    Make your complex catheter concept a reality with Teleflex Medical OEM. We are known across the world as a leader in custom-engineered diagnostic and interventional catheters. Unlike other catheter manufacturers who supply only a few catheter components, Teleflex Medical OEM brings all the... Read More
  • Diagnostics By Minnesota Rubber and Plastics

    Minnesota Rubber & Plastics has partnered with numerous medical companies to design and manufacture a wide range of medical diagnostic testing systems. These point-of-care diagnostic testing systems are critical to address immediate patient needs such as those impacted by COVID-19. Our quick... Read More
  • Dialysate Meters By Mesa Laboratories, Inc.

    Mesa Lab’s Dialysate Meters are instruments that are used to test various parameters of the dialysis fluid (dialysate), and to perform the proper calibration and operation of the dialysis machine. Each of the meters measures some combination of temperature, pressure, pH and conductivity to... Read More
  • Die Cut Products By G-M-I, Inc.

    Die Cut Products are flat die cut parts most commonly referred to as bushings, gaskets, seals, valves, washers, etc. using ASTM, FDA, NSF, 3-A Sanitary, RMA, USDA and USP Class VI approved ingredients and/or materials, specifications and standards thereof as well as other Non-Metallic materials... Read More
  • Die Cutting By Custom Converting, Inc.

    Multi-Layered Material -(Plastic, Paper, Adhesives, Foams, Wovens, Non-Wovens, Membranes, Nitrocellulose) Precision Rotary -(up to 16” wide web) Tolerance up to +/- 0.005" Class A -(up to 12” wide web) Tolerance up to +/-0.002” with camera registration Steel Rule -(11 X 19) Tolerance from... Read More
  • Dielectric Coatings By TST Engineered Coating Solutions

    Dielectric coatings are used for high and low voltage applications over the range of DC to RF. Dielectric strengths for ceramic coatings range from 350 to over 1000 volts per mil. Dielectric coatings can be applied on a wide range of parts(materials) from metal to plastic and composite parts. Read More
  • Dielectrics By EFC/WESCO

    Film Dielectrics Read More
  • Differential PECL & LVDS Crystal Clock Oscillator By Mercury United Electronics

    Mercury's HPK5761 PECL and HDK5761 LVDS 5x7mm 6pad ceramic leadless RoHS Compliant crystal oscillators are designed for ADSL, SDH, SONET, ATM, 4G & many more applications using frequencies from 40.000MHz to 200.000MHz with superior phase noise (-138 dBc/Hz at 10 KHz and -144 dBc/Hz at 100 KHz... Read More
  • Digital Air Permeability Tester For Plastics By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The Digital Air Permeability Tester determines the air leakage of plastic films. It is manufactured to enable samples to be inserted at the front, with a sample opening of 5mm as well as a 45˚ lead in on sample opening. It features two safety activation switches for clamping, so that the... Read More
  • Digital DC Motor Speed Controls By Dart Controls Inc.

    Closed loop microprocessor based motor speed control. The MD plus is a field-programmable closed loop DC drive system employing an advanced velocity-form PID algorithm for accurate and responsive control. The MD plus system also features a unique, isolated 4-20mA input and output for easy... Read More
  • Digital Izod & Charpy Impact Tester By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    This machine is designed to determine the rigidity and strength of impact toughness of non-metallic materials. It measures the material absorption energy and impact intensity of the material in the course of breaking. The pendulum weight can be changed to adapt to operator requirements. *... Read More
  • Digital Pressure Gauge By MENSOR

    The model CPG1500 precision digital pressure gauge takes the concept of an analogue gauge, and raises it to a level only matched by digital calibrators. The accuracy of digital measurement technology and the simplicity of an analogue gauge are combined together to create the digital pressure... Read More
  • Dilators & Introducer Sheaths By Qosina Corp.

    Qosina has one of the largest selections of non-sterile surgical medical dilators and introducer medical sheaths with dilators as components for further manufacturing and ready for immediate delivery. Surgical dilators are available with and without tear away introducer sheaths, as well as in... Read More
  • Dimensional Inspection By Laboratory Testing Inc.

    Laboratory Testing Inc. performs dimensional inspection on surface and specialty features of machined products and parts, including internal and external fastener threads. First-article and third-party inspections can be performed according to NAS, MS and ANSI specifications. Our dimensional... Read More
  • Din Abrader By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The Din Abrader is primarily for use in determining the resistance of vulcanised rubber to abrasive forces using a cylindrical type drum. It may however be used to determine the resistance to abrasion of other types of materials such as certain plastics. A cylindrical shaped test piece is... Read More
  • Direct Acting Solenoid Valves By Humphrey Products Corporation

    Humphrey enjoys a rich history of simple, reliable direct acting valve design and manufacturing, with clients ranging from the critically clean and leak-free biomedical and analytical device industry, to packaging and conveyor equipment, to the challenging and rugged environments of truck and... Read More
  • Direct Part Mark Solutions By Omron Automation Americas

    Microscan offers a comprehensive family of readers and verifiers with illumination and decode algorithms specifically designed for reading challenging direct part marks (DPM). Microscan’s DPM product suite includes a variety of products and capabilities to solve any DPM application in any... Read More
  • Direct Part Marking By PhotoScribe Technologies Inc.

    PhotoScribe Technologies excels in the design and delivery of turnkey laser systems for applications ranging from covert micro-marking to large overt markings on a variety of substrates. Our extensive knowledge of laser design and interaction with various substrates allows us to succeed where... Read More
  • Dispense Tips By Nordson EFD

    Nordson EFD manufactures high-quality dispensing tips and glue nozzles in a variety of styles, sizes and materials to meet virtually any dispensing application. Dispense Tip Features Tip hubs and stainless steel dispensing needles are free of molding flash, burrs and contaminants that could... Read More
  • Dispense Valve Systems By Nordson EFD

    Nordson EFD dispense valve systems provide reliable fluid control dispensing solutions for benchtop applications, machine builders, and cost effective, drop-in retrofit alternatives for automatic production lines. Choose from spool valves, needle valves, diaphragm valves, spray valves, and jet... Read More
  • Dispensing Solutions By Automation Tool Co.

    Dispensing solutions are a common part of ATC Automation’s custom assembly machines and lines for transportation products, medical devices, consumer products, Ev Motors, and energy storage products. Our assembly lines include a wide range of dispensing solutions. Examples would include thermal... Read More
  • Disposable Pressure Transducers By Elcam Medical Inc.

    Elcam Medical Disposable Pressure Transducer product line is designed for pressure sensing during clinically invasive procedures without interfering with the patient’s blood flow and/or blood pressure. Our unique Sense-IT Disposable Integrated Pressure Transducer (DIPT) is the only available... Read More
  • Diversified Construction Capabilities By Lacy Construction Company

    Lacy Construction has been a leading general contractor in Southern California for over 30 years. Our capabilities are diversified, ranging from commercial and industrial construction to high technology, controlled environments, clean rooms, cold storage, laboratories, tenant improvement,... Read More
  • DLS100 By Daitron Incorporated

    Low Noise AC/DC Power Supply 100W 3.3/5V out 30mV typ Ripple Noise RoHS free 77/82% efficiency UL file#: E237238 Read More
  • DM3730 / AM3703 SOM-LV By Logic PD

    The Logic PD DM3730 SOM-LV presents a high-performance, full-featured System on Module (SOM) with all the necessary connectivity interfaces necessary for today's market-changing products. Based on Texas Instruments' DaVinciTM DM3730 digital media processor, the DM3730 SOM-LV boasts PC-like... Read More
  • DM3730 / AM3703 Torpedo + Wireless SOM By Logic PD

    Combine a powerful applications processor with PC-like speeds and a wireless chipset with 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth, and GPS support; toss in Android and Linux BSPs developed under an ISO 13485 quality process; and the outcome is an innovative off-the-shelf solution that reduces your development... Read More
  • DMC-41x3 By Ltd.

    The DMC-41x3 motion controller is Galil's latest generation Econo motor controller. Compared with the DMC-21x3 Econo controller, the DMC-41x3 offers the following enhancements: 100BASE-T Ethernet, aux RS232 port, USB port, uncommitted analog inputs, accepts 15 MHz encoder frequencies, and faster... Read More
  • Document Management Software By Pilgrim Quality Solutions

    Do you need fast, secure access to documents throughout your organization? SmartSolve® Document Management can help. Our Document Management software enables you to create, collaborate, approve, change, and train on documents in a single tool. Read More
  • Documentation and Regulatory By Omnica Corporation

    Omnica has used a proven process to efficiently turn concepts into medical devices for nearly three decades. Central to this method is the creation and maintenance of history files documenting design changes and iterations. Our model gives us the capability to comply with 21 CFR 820 and ISO... Read More
  • Dome Arrays By Nicomatic

    Metal dome arrays made to your specifications are a tactile interface between the user and keyboard. They are made of a pre-cut polyester adhesive and domes. Dome arrays are applied to the PCB after peeling off the backing and aligning the array in one single operation. Read More
  • Domino Amjet A-200+ By Shamrock Engineering

    Shamrock Engineering is a certified "Domino Solutions Provider" offering discounts on new equipment, parts and fluids used in the marking and coding of all types of products such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, sterical surgical products, biologicals, wire, pipe, case, lot expiration and... Read More
  • Double Coated & Transfer Tapes By Budnick Converting

    Bond a variety of surfaces by choosing from a range of adhesives, coating weights, and backings. Read More
  • Dovetail Stage - UniSlide By VELMEX, Inc.

    Velmex UniSlide Assemblies deliver precise, versatile movement in one, two or three dimensions with linear motion. An impressive array of standard configurations are available to meet a multitude of applications. UniSlide positioning systems also can be easily customized to fulfill exacting... Read More
  • DP-230H By ACCULEX

    The DP-230 is a small, PC board hour meter. These are very competitively priced units, useful for many manufacturing jobs, including but not limited to, golf carts, recreational vehicles, and medical devices. Bulk pricing for these units is $6/unit at 1000 units, but please contact us if you... Read More
  • DP-340 By ACCULEX

    Small, 3 digit version of our LED volt meter, with housing Read More
  • DP-341 By ACCULEX

    Small, 3 digit verion of our LED Volt Meter, without housing Read More
  • DPU-D Series Panel Mount Printers By Seiko Instruments USA,

    DPU-D series low voltage direct thermal printers provide medical device manufacturers with a complete embedded printing solution that sidesteps integration headaches and streamlines the design process. Product Highlights - Complete embedded printing solution for faster integration. - Choice... Read More
  • DPU-S Series Mobile Printers By Seiko Instruments USA,

    DPU-S series mobile printers tackle the challenges of going mobile with durable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective models that accelerate ROI. Product highlights: - Choice of 2 and 4-inch print width models. - Small footprint, very lightweight designs. - Reliable, high performance printing (up to... Read More
  • Drawer Storage Cabinets By Lista International Corp.

    Ideal for hospital operating room and sterile instrument processing departments, Lista’s high-density modular storage cabinets can be configured and reconfigured to meet a variety of changing needs. When paired with stainless steel cabinet covers, these versatile solutions create a... Read More
  • Drip Chamber Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensors By Introtek International

    INTROTEK® Drip Chamber Level Sensors are custom designed for use with soft-bodied drip chamber or larger OD tubing to overcome conditions such as relaxation, slippage or vibration, which would normally cause false air alarms. These sensors are designed to meet OEM form, fit and functional... Read More
  • Drop-in Immersibles By Ultrasonics Depot

    These specially bonded, durable transducers offer enhanced cleaning performance. The Vibra-Bar design consists of two transducer stacks which permit simultaneous multiple frequencies. They are available in the form of transducerized tanks and separate immersibles which are fully sealed so they... Read More
  • Drug Inhalator By Valtronic

    Project Challenge Create a hand-held device that allows inhalation of perfectly sized drug particles. Valtronic Solutions Thin drug film coated on stainless steel substrate Surface substrate instantaneously heated by inhalation to create condensation aerosol Development of specific equipment... Read More
  • drylin® linear bearings and guides By igus Inc.

    Low-cost DryLin® linear bearings operate on oil-free glide pads - unlike recirculating ball bearing systems. Tests conducted over the years have shown that igus® plastics are ideal materials for linear applications due to their excellent friction and wear-resistant properties. Other advantages... Read More
  • D-subminiature By Positronic Industries

    • Four performance levels for best cost/performance ratio: professional, industrial, military and space-flight • Stainless steel shells for durability in harsh environments • Vibration lock, quick release hardware • High voltage, shielded, thermocouple and air coupling contacts • Dual port... Read More
  • Dualscope FMP100 By Fischer Technology, Inc.

    Portable electronic instrument for coating thickness measurements over steel or aluminum according to the magnetic induction and eddy current methods with USB interface. The instrument harmonizes the flexibility and capabilities of PC-based lab instruments with the manageability of compact... Read More
  • DUALSCOPE® FMP20-40 By Fischer Technology, Inc.

    The DUALSCOPE® FMP instrument series offers the operator the ability to use either the magnetic induction or the eddy current test methods for measuring coating thickness. Due to automatic substrate material recognition and the combination of both measurement methods, this universal instrument... Read More
  • Dupont Impact Tester By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The DuPont Impact Tester has been designed to test the endurance of coated material, when impacted by a falling weight at specified points. The purpose of the test is to see if test specimens can resist the effect of rapid impact testing. The principle of the test is that a coated test... Read More
  • Durable Labels By Adcraft Labels

    When you require labeling that must withstand the harshest of elements, natural or man-made, look to us! Durable materials that are UL recognized, CSA CE and AGA accepted, combined with our print processes and precision die cutting help you convey a high-quality image and protect product... Read More
  • Duracell Coppertop 9V 72 Case By Medic Batteries

    High quality alkaline 9V battery in economical bulk packaging. Uncapped Duracell 9 volt batteries. Long lasting, reliable power in an alkaline 9 volt battery. Read More
  • Duracell Procell 9V 72 Case By Medic Batteries

    Professional grade Procell 9V battery by Duracell. Individually capped battery terminals for protection. Freshness guaranteed, instant online coupon for new customers. Same-day shipping - flat rate or free. Read More
  • DuraDome By DuraTech Industries

    DuraTech provides an effective way to make your logos, product names and other branding materials to stand out with its domed label services. Domed labels, also called domed stickers, tags, nameplates, or decals, are a more durable type of adhesive label that are commonly found on consumer... Read More
  • DuraGlide® Aerosol Mold Release By MicroCare Corp

    The DuraGlide® dry lubricant spray is a medical grade PTFE micro-dispersion lubricant in an aerosol package. Ideal for medical mold-release and component assembly applications, this lubricant is sprayed to leave a thin, uniform, dry, PTFE lubricant coating over almost any surface. This... Read More
  • DuraGlide® Dry Lubricants By MicroCare Corp

    The Duraglide® family of dry lubricants is a proprietary, ISO-10993 tested coating from MicroCare Medical engineered for assembly environments. The volatile carrier fluid deposits a thin dry film on almost any surface geometry. This coating eliminates friction and imparts ultra-low "break-away"... Read More
  • Durometers By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    IDM Instruments Pty Ltd supplies a range of Digital and Peak Pointer type Durometers for measuring the hardness of materials including rubber and plastic. HARDNESS LEVELS: Type A = Medium; Type D = Hard; Type E = Low; Type OO = Very Soft Read More
  • DX1350D Robot By Yaskawa America, Inc. - Motoman Robotics

    The Motoman® DX1350D robot is specifically designed to optimize performance in part finishing applications like grinding and sanding. These applications require high-quality processing under difficult conditions. The robot body is resistant to airborne particles and water. The wrist is rated... Read More
  • DynaCon Clean Room Conveyors By Dynamic Conveyor Corp.

    The standard DynaCon conveyor is ready to meet dust proof and clean room conveyor requirements -- there is no need to order a special clean room conveyor for clean room applications. The DynaCon conveyor system is an economical solution to achieving lean manufacturing in medical,... Read More
  • DynaCon Fin Tumbler Separators By Dynamic Conveyor Corp.

    Adjustable Fin Tumbler Separators Designed to separate parts / runner combinations not possible with standard tumbler separators Rotating cage features adjustable fins to allow parts / runner separation Adjustable fins can be easily moved and adjusted to meet separation needs Simple... Read More
  • DynaCon Lift Pin Separators By Dynamic Conveyor Corp.

    Lift-Pin Separators Conveyor belt holds adjustable lift pins to separate parts from runners Lift-Pin Separator adjusts to adjacent conveyors, parts receptacles and runner bins Retainer shield prevents parts from deflecting off course Separator chute kit includes retainer shield,... Read More
  • DynaCon Sleeve Parts Separators By Dynamic Conveyor Corp.

    Sleeve Tumbler Separators Designed to separate parts / runner combinations not possible with standard tumbler separators Rotating cage features a cost-effective interchangeable sleeve with custom holes allowing parts / runner separation Interchangeable custom sleeves can be easily switched in... Read More
  • DynaCon Vertical Lift Conveyors By Dynamic Conveyor Corp.

    DynaCon Vertical Conveyor Lifts are an ideal solution for crowded manufacturing facilities, growing operations or new facilities looking to save space. Product is safely and smoothly loaded or unloaded from conveyors without damaging product. Available in widths ranging from 4" to 60"... Read More
  • Dynamic and Fatigue Test Machines By TestResources Inc

    TestResources offers a wide range of fully-integrated and modular dynamic and fatigue testing systems with maximum force capacities from 1000 N to 3 mN (225 lb to 670,000 lb). These test systems cover a wide range of static, dynamic and fatigue testing applications by employing servo hydraulic... Read More
  • Dynamic and precise: The perfect OEM drive solution By maxon

    As an addition to the EPOS family, maxon now presents an OEM version. The miniaturized EPOS2 Module 36/2 is designed to control brush DC motors as well as brushless EC motors. The well-priced plug-in module offers full motion control functionalities and suits single-axis and multiple-axis... Read More
  • Dynamics Testing By Keystone Compliance, LLC

    Keystone Compliance is a fully-compliant dynamics lab with the expertise and experience to assist manufacturers in meeting their regulatory compliance needs. What differentiates Keystone Compliance from other EMC labs are its staff, technical capabilities, facility and equipment. Equipment:... Read More
  • DZ2 By WESCO

    High Magnification & High Resolution Zoom Microscope Read More
  • DZCANTE-020L080 CANopen Input Sinusoidal Brushless Servo Amplifier By Ltd.

    The combination of a DigiFlex® Performance™ servo drive with the DriveWare software establishes a new benchmark in versatility! Capabilities built into DigiFlex® servo drives include: Full tuning control of all three servo loops: Position, Velocity and Torque Real-time oscilloscope with up... Read More
  • DZRALTE Servo Amplifier By Ltd.

    The DZRALTE Series are digital servo drives that control brushed & brushless servomotors in a compact form factor which make them ideal for embedded applications. These fully digital drives operate in torque, velocity, or position mode and employ Space Vector Modulation (SVM) which results in... Read More