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  • Bag Filters Medical Device By Factory Direct Filters

    This Synthetic Pocket filter is constructed with a moisture resistant, ultrasonically welded media. The synthetic media consists of strategically layered and blended melt-blown polypropylene fibers fastened to a non-shed, high density polypropylene backing. This design creates a dual-stage... Read More
  • Bag Machine- inline servo By Moreland International Corp

    High Speed inline servo, for HDPE and trash can liners. Up to 450 FPM and up to 250 CPM. Read More
  • Bags By Qosina Corp.

    Qosina has the largest selection of disposable medical IV bags, ready for shipment. DEHP-Free PVC bags are made of 16 mil film. Disposable medical IV bags are stocked in three sizes: 100 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml. The 100 ml medical IV bag has two ports; both ports are 0.258 inch (6.55 mm) ID. The... Read More
  • Bags on a Roll By Multi-Pak USA Inc.

    Whether you need a standard, conventional bag that you tear off the roll to use, or whether you require a pre-opened bag on a roll to use in automated packaging, we can help. Many sizes and thicknesses to choose from. Read More
  • Balance Platforms By Tekscan Inc.

    Tekscan’s balance platforms can be found in clinical and research settings worldwide. The mats are available with different connectivity choices as well as several sensor and software choices. Read More
  • Balanced Solenoid Valve Series By Humphrey Products Corporation

    Humphrey is expanding the Balanced Solenoid Valve Series by adding to the existing 15mm (153) model, a 19mm (193) model that offers the same great benefits with a higher flow (Cv: 0.5). The universal balanced designed valves offer several benefits: MULTI-PURPOSE. The 153/193 Series is... Read More
  • Ball Screw Assemblies By Lintech Motion

    Lintech has 3 different classes of ball screw assemblies available to purchase. Each ball screw actuator is available in whatever length the user requires in increments of 0.001 inches up to the maximum length of a given screw length. The ball screw assembly has 5 different end support options... Read More
  • Balloons and Balloon Catheters By Teleflex Medical OEM

    Teleflex Medical OEM has a comprehensive suite of integrated capabilities for the development and manufacturing of non-compliant, semi-compliant, and compliant balloons. Our customers will closely work with a dedicated team to develop customized medical balloons. In addition, we will leverage... Read More
  • Band and Nozzle Heaters By Watlow

    Watlow's line of band/barrel heaters are available for fast delivery and can be easily installed into original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and end user applications. This variety of heaters allows the user to specify the construction needed to result in the best heat solution. Read More
  • Banner Ups® by Budnick Adhesive Grommet Tabs, Banner Finishing Products, & SEGDesign Frames By Budnick Converting

    Banner Ups® by Budnick create strong, durable banners at a fraction of the time and cost of inserting grommets and sewing banner hems. Read More
  • Bar Code Scanners & Imagers By The Danby Group LLP

    In your warehouse, manufacturing facility, supply yard, healthcare facility, or delivery route, our hand-picked scanners combine industry-leading data capture technology for a diverse base of healthcare and industrial users. The Danby Group strives to offer our clients the absolute... Read More
  • Bar Code Verifiers By The Danby Group LLP

    Webscan TruCheck™USB barcode (1D and 2D) verifiers provide state-of-the-art verification (including system grading requirements) for labels, nameplates and direct parts marks utilized in UDI (Unique Device ID) UID, ISO, and ANSI standards for compliance mandates from the DoD, FDA, medical device... Read More
  • Barbed Check Valves By Qosina Corp.

    Qosina is pleased to announce the addition of eight new barbed check valves to complement their extensive line of stock components. Read More
  • Barcoding software By ID Solutions

    BarTender Software provides custom label design and supports 20+ data connections along with local data sources and a variety of tools for complex integrations to ERP, WMS, and other business applications. Read More
  • Beam Couplings By Ruland Manufacturing Co. Inc.

    Ruland manufactures three series of zero backlash beam couplings in inch or metric dimensions with outside diameters ranging from 3/8" (10mm) to 1 1/2" (38mm). Flexible beam couplings in all three series are machined from a single piece of aluminum or stainless steel and feature multiple spiral... Read More
  • Belco Medical Pouch Sealers - PM EL & PM PLC By Belco Packaging Systems, Inc.

    Belco Medical Pouch Sealers, the PM EL and the PM PLC series are designed to meet clean room packaging requirements for sealing a variety of pre-made pouches. The EL model accommodates the needs of non-implantable device manufacturers. The PLC model provides a higher level of process... Read More
  • Belco Medical Tray Sealers - BM EL By Belco Packaging Systems, Inc.

    In addition to the features included on Belco's Standard series, the EL series of Medical Tray Sealers offers: Eye Level Viewing and access to all controls allow the operator to visually confirm all process control parameters Digital Seal Time Controllers with Lockout (Front and... Read More
  • Belco Medical Tray Sealers - BM PLC By Belco Packaging Systems, Inc.

    Belco’s Advanced Embedded Machine Control Systems include Tool Recognition RFID tags to ensure seal fixtures cycle only at validated process parameters; Wireless Bar Code Scanning for the input of batch and process data; Data Acquisition of every seal cycle characteristic; and Networking of... Read More
  • Belco Medical Tray Sealers - BM Standard By Belco Packaging Systems, Inc.

    Belco Tray Sealers are built to published specifications for Time, Temperature and Pressure and now, Parallelism. Tight tolerances deliver verifiable equivalence among multiple Belco sealers throughout your clean rooms. Belco offers single and dual station tray sealers in four platen sizes,... Read More
  • Belco Medical Tray Sealers - Customized Seal Fixtures By Belco Packaging Systems, Inc.

    Belco provides customized seal fixtures for all machine models and sizes. Our staff works closely with you during the design phase and documents the process to assure complete satisfaction. You'll find that our experience in manufacturing, utilizing state of the art equipment and technology,... Read More
  • Belt Driven Slides By Lintech Motion

    Lintech offers a large selection of belt driven linear positioning actuators, slides, stages and tables. The 140 series is our smallest linear belt slide at only 2.875 inches wide with a height of 2.375 inches but is available in travel lengths out to 120 inches. This linear stage, just like... Read More
  • Bench Top Lab Coater By Royce Metal Products Ltd.

    This Bench Top Lab Coater is used for small batch product developement. This unit has a 16" dia. x 10" deep stainless steel bowl with a finished product capacity of approx. 8 liters. It has a varible speed 0-50 RPM and weights 25 lbs. Other bowl sizes are available. Read More
  • BenchMike: Bench-top Product Dimension Measurement System By BETA LaserMike Products (NDC Technologies)

    BenchMike from Beta LaserMike provides fast and accurate dimensional measurement of cut product samples. Used in either a Quality Control (QC) laboratory or on the plant floor, BenchMike give operators a simple and repeatable system for measuring product samples and immediately knowing whether... Read More
  • Benchtop Vibration Table By Cincinnati Sub-Zero

    The TCB-1.3 benchtop vibration chamber is ideal for reliability testing of compact products and electronics. It may be used as a stand-alone vibration table for vibration testing or placed inside an environmental chamber for combined vibration & temperature testing offering flexibility and... Read More
  • Benchtop Cappers By SureTorque

    Benchtop Cappers and Final Torque Machines by SureTorque Every SureTorque can be utilized as precision bottle capper and final torque applicator. Our machines not only measure the removal torque to give a feedback improving your capping process, but they double up in functionality as re-torquers... Read More
  • Benchtop Chambers By Cincinnati Sub-Zero

    CSZ's MicroClimate® 1.2 cubic foot benchtop test chamber simulates a full range of temperature and humidity conditions. This environmental testing chamber is designed to provide users with a compact unit for testing small components and products. Contemporary design combined with a small... Read More
  • Benchtop Materials Testing Machine By Tinius Olsen

    Benchtop materials testing equipment for tensile, flexural, compressive, shear, tear and peel strength testing. Frame capacities at 5kN, 10kN, 25kN, 50kN and 75kN. Read More
  • Bench-top Steam Sterilizers By Celitron Medical Technologies

    Sting 11B and Sting 11B Premium are fully automatic high-speed pre & post vacuum steam autoclaves, designed with the highest quality for sterilization of wrapped materials, hollow instruments and porous loads in hospitals, private and dental clinics. The Sting 11B medical sterilizers is a user... Read More
  • Bench-top vial crimper By Kebby Industries

    The Kebby bench top vial crimper is used to crimp aluminum crimp seals on vials and bottles. The unit uses interchangeable crimping and de-crimping heads for use with crimp seals in a variety of sizes and types ranging from 7.5mm to 43mm. Six different models available. Read More
  • best DM-6B anesthesia machine with high quality By Drugdu Technology Co., Ltd

    Specifications Ventilation modes: IPPV; A/C; PCV; SIMV; SIGH Ventilator parameter ranges Tidal volume(Vt) 0, 20 mL ~ 1500 mL Frequence(Freq) 1bpm ~ 100 bpm I/E 4:1~1:8 PEEP 0cmH2O ~ 30 cmH2O Graphical display: P-T(pressure – time) F-T(flow – time) P-V loop (pressure – volume loop) V-T(volume... Read More
  • Beswick miniature chemicallly inert valves By Beswick Engineering Company, Inc.

    Beswick miniature valves in 316 SS and 303 SS with high performance seals. Read More
  • Beswick miniature diaphragm pressure reducing valves By Beswick Engineering Company, Inc.

    Beswick award winning, miniature, pressure reducing diaphragm valves. Read More
  • Beswick miniature flow control valves By Beswick Engineering Company, Inc.

    Beswick miniature flow controls. Award winning design. Read More
  • Beswick miniature needle valves By Beswick Engineering Company, Inc.

    Beswick miniature needle valves. 10-32 UNF threads and M3 metric threads. 316 SS, 303 SS, brass, and nickel plated brass. Read More
  • Beswick Miniature Pneumatic Components By Beswick Engineering Company, Inc.

    Beswick award winning miniature pneumatic components. Largest selection. 316 SS, 303 SS, brass, and nickel plated brass. Read More
  • Beswick miniature pressure and vacuum valves By Beswick Engineering Company, Inc.

    Beswick miniature, award winning, valves for use with pressure and vacuum. 316 SS, 303 SS, brass, and nickel plated brass Read More
  • Beswick miniature pressure gauges By Beswick Engineering Company, Inc.

    Beswick miniature pressure and vacuum gauges. Read More
  • Beswick miniature relief valves By Beswick Engineering Company, Inc.

    Beswick miniature relief valves. 10-32 threads. Factory set models and customer set models. Read More
  • Beswick miniature valves By Beswick Engineering Company, Inc.

    Beswick award winning, high performance, miniature valves. 316SS, 303 SS, brass, and nickel plated brass. Read More
  • Beswick polyurethane tubing By Beswick Engineering Company, Inc.

    Polyurethane tubing in various sizes and colors. Read More
  • Bevel Gear Manufacturers By AmTech International

    AmTech International specializes in mid to high volume manufacturing services for Straight Bevel Gear, Spiral Bevels, Miter, Zerol, Anti-Back Lash Gears & more. Read More
  • BF200 Blown Film Gauge By SolveTech Inc.

    The BF200 is designed to measure blown film on line. It measures the material after the lay-flat with high precision and stability. This unit holds calibration and also creates a polar plot of the blown film bubble. Read More
  • BI Spore Discs By NAMSA

    NAMSA BI Spore Discs consist of inoculated filter paper, fiber glass or stainless steel. Spore discs may be packaged in bulk, without glassine envelopes, in glassine, Tyvek/Mylar or Tyvek/Tyvek pouches. Spore discs are available in sizes of 9mm, 6mm or 3mm diameter. Spore Discs will fit into... Read More
  • BIO CRANIUMtm ceramic implant By SCT

    Reconstructive surgery: the surgeon adjusts the ceramic medical device to the patient. Using its proprietary stereo lithography technology, 3DCeram has also developed a unique process for the manufacturing of patient-specific bio-ceramic cranial or jawbone implants named BioCranium®. The... Read More
  • Bioabsorbable Suture, Yarns, and Resins By Teleflex Medical OEM

    If development of bioabsorbable components or sutures is your plan, you should partner with Teleflex Medical OEM. We are one of the world’s few, vertically-integrated, suture and fiber producers with the expertise and resources to customize performance characteristics to specific therapeutic... Read More
  • BioCAD By Biomedical Modeling Inc.

    Anatomical CAD models (SolidWorks, STEP, IGES, etc.) from medical imaging data. Hybrid models combining anatomical and engineering features - e.g. ports or flanges on an aorta. Read More
  • Biological Indicator (BI) Spore Strip By NAMSA

    24 month shelf life Each pack contains 100 spore strips. Biological Indicator Spore strips consist of filter paper, 6mm x 30mm, inoculated with bacterial spores for use in monitoring sterilization processes. Each BI strip is packaged in a glassine peel pouch. Read More
  • Biological Indicators By Mesa Laboratories, Inc.

    Mesa’s BI division consists of three separate manufacturing processes which were developed independently over decades. Maintaining this separation allows Mesa to offer its customers multiple sources for BI products, something no other manufacturer can do. In addition to our Apex product line,... Read More
  • Biomodel By Biomedical Modeling Inc.

    Patient specific anatomical models for visualization, surgical planning, and pre-fabricating implants. Read More
  • Bioprocessing Components By Qosina Corp.

    Qosina carries a wide variety of bulk, non-sterile bioprocessing components that are in-stock and ready for immediate shipment. Our line of bioprocessing accessories includes Pharmafluor(R) tubing, barbed connectors and flanges, sanitary flanges, press-in barbed plugs, compression fittings, as... Read More
  • BioProcessing Fittings By Nordson MEDICAL

    SF Series, Sanitary Fittings, offers more choices for Single-Use applications Now Biopharmaceutical companies have additional choices for their Single-Use needs. The SF Series, sanitary fitting line, is the latest product addition from Value Plastics, is the perfect solution for biopharm... Read More
  • Bios DryCal Gas Flow Calibrators By Mesa Laboratories, Inc.

    The Bios DryCal portfolio of products offers the best in flow calibration across a broad spectrum of applications, from the industrial workplace and field locations to the most sophisticated process control systems and analytical laboratories. All Bios DryCal flow devices are based on our... Read More
  • Biosafety Cabinet Testing and Certification By Technical Safety Services Inc

    TSS offers comprehensive testing, certification, and maintenance of biological safety cabinets. Our skilled technicians are authorized to perform warranty repairs for all major equipment manufacturers. All testing is performed in accordance with established TSS standard operation procedures... Read More
  • Biosensor Materials for Biomedical Devices By DuPont Microcircuit Materials

    DuPont biosensor materials are trusted in critical patient care tests over five billion times per year. DuPont produces a range of screen printable inks utilizing various metallurgies and organic systems for use in biosensors. These materials are specifically designed for use in medical... Read More
  • BIoTRacy By Zmation Inc.

    Stainless Steel Construction, -80C storage and retrieval of plates and tubes, 1D & 2D barcode read, EOAT changer, and cradle to grave tube tracking information system Read More
  • BiSlide Dovetail Slide By VELMEX, Inc.

    The Velmex BiSlide positioning stage's modular design makes it highly configurable for a multitude of motion-control applications. The systems can be used to position, align, measure, test, fixture and machine, to name a few uses. Exceedingly accurate, multi-axis systems can be quickly and... Read More
  • Blast Containment Rooms By Lacy Construction Company

    Since 1978, we have been working with clients in tenant improvement, pharmaceutical, bio-technology, industrial and commercial businesses alike. Contact us today to learn about our capabilities, including containment room construction. Read More
  • Blister Card Folder/Wallet Machine By MGS Machine Corp

    Creates pharma-wallet glue in blister or folds heat sealed cards. Automatic feeding/collating/folding of product. Multiple blister feed choices. Modular, flexible design. Commissioning documentation included.Produces pharmaceutical wallet cards or provides assembly and folding of heat-sealed... Read More
  • Blood Flowmeter By Valtronic

    Project Challenge Complete redesign of the device. Valtronic Solutions Complete product redesign Touchscreen Software adaptation Inclusion of acoustic alarm signal Analysis of critical components Technical Details Live flow 200 to 700 ml/min ±10% Colors indicator: default set value at 200ml... Read More
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring System Glucometer By Drugdu Technology Co., Ltd

    Product Information Model:SAFE-ACCU Certification:CE Warranty:2 years Read More
  • Blood Pressure Fittings and Blood Pressure Connectors By Nordson MEDICAL

    Nordson Medical offers a complete line of acetal and nylon fittings and connectors for use with non-invasive blood pressure monitoring equipment. Blood pressure cuff connectors and monitor cable adapters for the bayonet (push to connect) and Dinamap® (threaded) standards are available to fit... Read More
  • Blue Mountain RAM By Blue Mountain Quality Resources, Inc.

    Asset Management Software Designed Specifically for Good Manufacturing Practices Blue Mountain RAM’s integrated functionality was designed from the start for achieving both GMP asset compliance and increased productivity. In Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device companies multiple layers... Read More
  • BODINE CHASSIS By Arthur G. Russell Co., Inc.

    AGR acquired Bodine Automation Technology in 2014, including its intellectual property, engineering/service operations, and parts inventory. Founded in 1933 as Bodine Corporation, the company was an iconic brand and a recognized leader in automated assembly technology, primarily for the... Read More
  • Body Pressure Mapping Systems By Tekscan Inc.

    Tekscan's Bedding, Seating, Positioning and Cushioning Pressure Measurement Systems, which are found in clinical and research settings worldwide, identify high pressures, areas of potential discomfort and areas at risk for potential ulcerations. Read More
  • Bondable Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding By Rogan Corporation

    Many unique capabilities that Rogan Corporation provides includes Bondable Liquid Silicone Rubber and Fluorosilicone injection molding. Unique Capabilities Include : - Bonding LSR to Thermoplastic - Bonding LSR to Metal - Bonding LSR to LSR - Bonding TPE to Thermoplastic - Class 10,000 Clean... Read More
  • Bondek® Plus Sutures By Teleflex Medical OEM

    Enhanced softness and lubricity make Bondek® Plus an ideal choice for cosmetic and general surgery. Made of Polyglycolic acid (PGA) with a Polycaprolactone copolyglycolic acid coating. Characteristics: Bondek® Plus suture offers outstanding smoothness, lubricity, and knotability. The suture has... Read More
  • BOP 1 KW Series By Kepco, Inc.

    The BOP High Power are true 4-quadrant programmable voltage and current power supplies. 4-quadrant operation means that they are capable of both sourcing and sinking energy. These bipolar power supplies pass smoothly through zero to provide true ± voltage and ± current. The BOP 1 KW use switch... Read More
  • Bottle Filling and Vial Filling By CAPCO Labs

    Automatic bottle filling, labeling and capping with tamper evident sealing. Nitrogen flush available, glass or plastic and shrink wrapping. Vial filling for 0.5ml fills and up, lot coding and shrink wrapping. Blister packaging available, attach POS cards. Read More
  • Bottle Orienter By New England Machinery Inc

    NEM offers a full line of bottle orienters for any application. NEM has a bottle orienter to fill your specific needs. Our line of container orienters offers both in-line and rotary systems. Our rotary container orienters are available with sensing mechanisms such as photoelectric sensors,... Read More
  • Bottle Unscrambler By Palace Packaging Machines Inc.

    Automated systems for feeding all types of contianers, bottles, and components. 7 types of unscramblers to suit all types of containers. Centrifugal and Vibratory Bowl feeders suitable for all types of hardware, medical devices, and components. Read More
  • BottleDyne™ Corona Treatment System By 3DT LLC

    The BottleDyne™ Corona Surface Treatment Systems Utilizing corona discharge, 3DT's self-contained BottleDyne surface treatment system sets new standards for the treatment of bottles and thermoformed containers. It's now possible to corona treat, inline, virtually any extrusion or injection blow... Read More
  • Bouffants By Blue Thunder Technologies Inc

    Bouffants keep hair out of your eyes and away from samples. Ideal for food-processing and general-purpose work. Comes in polypropylene and TyvekTM Bouffants are available in a variety of sizes and colors, including white, black, green, red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, navy, and custom logo. Read More
  • Box Build By Sanbor Medical

    In support of our full system, box build assembly services Sanbor has developed a high degree of vertical integration of our manufacturing capabilities. With our own SMT lines we control the quality of the Printed Circuit Board Assemblies used in our products. We also produce our own cable and... Read More
  • Brand Security By Topflight Corp.

    Comprehensive brand security label featuring four-color process printing, RMark taggants, 3DTL taggants, island placed hologram, and RFID inlay. Read More
  • Breast Companion By Almen Laboratories , Inc.

    Theis Class III FDA approved CADx with the physician in the loop during breast ultrasound diagnostic workup. The system compares a breast mass in question to a Reference Library of patient lesion images with confirmed findings, displays most similar to it and computes Computer-Lesion Assessment... Read More
  • Broadband Conicals By Gowanda Electronics

    Gowanda's new "C" series of broadband conicals perform from 40 MHz to 40 GHz and offer up to 150 watt capability. SMT and thru-hole designs provide for excellent co-planarity and robust construction. The company's custom capabilities - already well-established for Gowanda's RF and Power... Read More
  • Brushed & Brushless Motors By Buehler Motor, Inc.

    Lifting, lowering, turning, driving, controlling, adjusting – Bühler Motor is famous for its individually tailored solutions. Brushless (EC/ BLDC) or brushed DC motors (PMDC), gear motors and pumps combined with sophisticated actuators, electronics and software create complex drive systems... Read More
  • Brushless DC Motor Controls By Dart Controls Inc.

    Our Commutrol™Series is a family of brushless DC motor controls designed to provide commutated power and variable speed control for standard 3 phase brushless (BLDC) motors. The controls operate in a basic open loop or closed loop configuration with either 60° or 120° brushless D.C. motors.... Read More

    TelcoMotion's micro brushless DC motors are designed with compact size, high efficiency, and long life at high-speed operation. Size ranges from 12mm ~ 58mm. There are built-in or optional controllers, with or without throttle control. Options include gearbox, optical encoder, shielded cables... Read More
  • Brushless DC Motors By Integrated Magnetics Inc.

    With over 25 years of electro-mechanical design experience, Integrated Magnetics designs & builds all types of custom AC and DC motor assemblies. We manufacture a broad range of high-performance motor types for industrial applications including: * Servo Motors * *Miniature brushless DC motors *... Read More
  • Brushless EC 25 High Speed Motor By maxon

    Fast, and still incredibly smooth running. As an addition to the topmost performance range of EC motors, maxon motor launches its EC 25 High Speed – a speed-optimized and, at the same time, small-sized 250 W drive. Fast, and still incredibly smooth running. Or, in other words: EC 25 High... Read More
  • Brydge iPad Pro MAX+ Keyboard with Trackpad By Brydge Technologies LLC

    Wireless Keyboard with Trackpad for iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd, 4th & 5th generations), iPad Pro 11-inch (1st, 2nd & 3rd Gen), and iPad Air (5th & 4th Gen) The most powerful iPad meets the biggest trackpad. Create the ultimate laptop-like experience with the Brydge MAX+ for iPad Pro. Read More
  • Brydge SP MAX+ Keyboard Case By Brydge Technologies LLC

    The Brydge SP MAX+ is a rugged keyboard and case for the Microsoft Surface Pro 8. Snap the protective case onto the WIRED-connection keyboard to instantly turn your tablet into a laptop. Great for tablet users on the go, Healthcare professionals, Content Creators and much more! Read More
  • Brydge Stone C Universal Docking Station for Windows By Brydge Technologies LLC

    MST (multi stream transport) dock, supports multiple displays in extended mode within Windows™ With 100 watts of power and 12 ports for ultimate expansion, this Windows dock can turn your laptop into a full desktop experience instantly. It can run a single 8k display @ 60Hz, Dual 4k on DSC... Read More
  • Brydge Windows Stone CORE USB-C MST Docking Station By Brydge Technologies LLC

    MST (multi-stream transport) dock, supports multiple displays in extended mode within Windows™ With 10 ports, 100 watts of total power, and a compact design, the Stone CORE docking station turns your laptop into a portable powerhouse. It supports up to two external displays at 60 Hz, USB-A and... Read More

    The TME BT Integra-Pack© is a bench-top, high resolution (0.001 psig) test instrument with a small footprint and user-friendly ease of operation. Electronic pressure and flow controls provide precise and repeatable test conditions, while automatic and high flow output allow testing of large... Read More
  • BT-1 | Plasma Cleaning System By Plasma Etch Inc

    When plasma cleaning your product, whether it be small or large plastic parts, medical implants, wafers or electronic components, you will find that all are uniformly treated in the BT-1. Read More
  • BTS256 Handheld LED Measurement Tester For Complete LED & Light Source Color, Light Intensity & Ligh By Gigahertz-Optik

    Easily Measure Narrow Beam Emitting Light Sources & Light Guides Gigahertz-Optik's BTS256-LED Tester is designed to measure the luminous flux, color and spectral characteristics of individual pc board mounted LEDs, discrete LEDs within a module, miniature lamps, endoscopes and any narrow beam... Read More
  • BTS256-E Light-Color-Spectral Meter By Gigahertz-Optik

    An Innovative New Lightmeter Designed Specifically For Solid State Lighting (SSL), CFL, Traditional Lamps & Displays Replaces Visual Inspection With Precise Data It's Not Your Traditional Illuminance Meter Fully Characterizes Any Type Of Light Source For Precise Quality Control... Read More
  • Bubble Innovator™ PPM By Bubble Innovation

    Bubble Innovator™ is Bubble's cloud-based, Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management software (EPPM) solution for managing Innovation and complex development initiatives. Well established in Medical Device development field and Top Rated on TrustRadius™,  Innovator™ helps leaders and their... Read More
  • Bubble Sensors By Strain Measurement Devices, Inc.

    SMD manufactures an array of standard and custom non-invasive air in line sensors and bubble sensors/detectors to fit your needs. Our proprietary digital "smart" circuits can be calibrated to detect precision bubble size in almost any fluid and tubing material. Our experienced engineers will... Read More
  • Build-A-Part Bondable Prototyping Fittings By Nordson MEDICAL

    The Build-a-Part system is based on combining interchangeable components, joining junction blocks and luer, hose barb or threaded features to create the desired configuration. The features are bonded to the junction blocks using commonly available adhesives. Junction blocks and features may be... Read More
  • Building Mechanical Screening By Accurate Perforating

    Equipment Screens are designed to hide unwanted views of mechanical systems, HVAC equipment, trash enclosures, parking garages, and other applications. Hiding an unsightly area Separating spaces Permitting light and air flow Giving privacy Reducing the impact of wind and storms Adding... Read More
  • Bulk / Assemblies FIBER ( Commercial & Mil-Spec ) By Elite Electronics Inc.

    Elite Electronics' standard bulk fiber optic cable packaging configuration is 1-Kilometer (3,281-Feet) of cable per reel. Smaller put-ups are available. ♦ ANSI/TIA/EIA-568B.3: Optical Fiber Cabling Components Standard ♦ Telcordia GR-409: Generic Requirements for Premises Fiber Optic Cable ♦... Read More
  • Business and Medical Inventory Software By EffectiveSoft

    Custom medical device software development. 20 years of experience in medical inventory software development. All the services comply with the major regulatory guidelines such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PHI policies. Read More
  • Business Development Consulting By mdi Consultants, Inc.

    Mdi Consultants offers a new full turn key business development solution to medical device manufacturers who need and seek to have business development meeting opportunities facilitated at the highest levels within US based provider organizations including but not limited to some of the nation’s... Read More
  • Buzz-o-sonic By BuzzMac International LLC

    Nondestructive testing systems for measuring the Young's modulus, shear modulus, Poisson's ratio, sound velocity, shear velocity and internal friction of ceramics, metals, polymers and composites. Buzz-o-sonic compiles with ASTM E1876/C1259. Room temeprature, high temperature, cryogenic and... Read More