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Evana Automation solution will help medical product manufacturer improve production speed and efficiency of Cardiac Panel Sensors

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Evana Automation Contracted by Prominent Manufacturer of Health Monitoring Products to Provide Two Turnkey Assembly Systems

Evana solution will help medical product manufacturer improve production speed and efficiency of Cardiac Panel Sensors

Evansville, Indiana - Evana Automation Specialists, a leading Systems Integrator and builder of custom, automated assembly and test systems, recently received a contract from a prominent manufacturer of health monitoring products to provide two automated assembly systems that will produce cardiac panel sensors more quickly, efficiently and economically than their current assembly process.

The cardiac panel sensors, along with the processing unit, is a diagnostic tool used in hospital triage units to quickly determine, by a blood draw, if the patient has had a heart attack or stroke. The processing unit and sensors are designed to provide results within minutes, enabling a direction of treatment to be implemented immediately. By providing results in minutes, instead of the lengthy traditional lab methods, long term damage to the patient can be avoided, and lives can be saved.

Each assembly system will manufacture the sensors at a cycle rate of two seconds part-to-part. The assembly process begins by automatically loading the sensor body from a magazine feeder onto a conveyor. From there, the sensor body will travel through 11 automatic assembly stations. The stations consist of precision inking stations, which precisely dispense and place lines of ink to direct the blood flow, spray stations, which disperse the reactive diagnostic chemicals, drying stations, a filter placement station, a lid placement and welding station, as well as a label apply station. Throughout the entire assembly process, a number of error-proofing and traceability methods are employed to assure the quality and integrity of the product. Delivery is scheduled for mid-2014.

“Evana Automation is proud to help this respected manufacturer of health monitoring products keep up with the tremendous product demand,” said Randy Wire, general manager of Evana Automation Specialists. “Evana’s automated systems will improve the speed and efficiency of the assembly process, which will help get this important product to hospitals much faster.”

Evana, a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries (PSI), utilizes diverse technologies to specialize in motion control, robotics integration, welding integration and system architecture by linking production equipment, material handling systems, data collection, networking, as well as computer software and hardware into flexible, unified technology. Test equipment can be integrated into assembly systems, stand alone systems for automatic testing, or manual test benches. Overall, Evana’s custom assembly and test solutions improve efficiency for manufacturers all over the world in industries like automotive, aerospace, defense, healthcare and alternative energy.

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