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About Priamus System Technologies, LLC

PRIAMUS System Technologies is the only company in the world providing automatic melt front detection based process control solutions for the injection molding industry. This technology is used to balance multi-cavity molds, prevent over packing or flashing of molds, prevent short shots as well as manage opening or closing of sequential valve gates. This unique ability to detect the flow front, either by the rise in the mold cavity temperature sensor signal or the mold cavity pressure signal, can be used to improve part quality and consistency for automotive, medical device, electronic, packaging and other applications. All PRIAMUS systems include real-time, automatic in-mold thermoplastic or LSR material viscosity measurement. Molders benefits include: cycle time reduction, elimination of post-mold inspection, material usage reduction and faster determination of the optimum process operating conditions.

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By Priamus System Technologies, LLC

PRIAMUS System Technologies is the global leader in automatic melt front detection based process control solutions for thermoplastic and LSR injection molding. PRIAMUS offers new in-cavity material viscosity controls as part of its “Blue Line.” Using mold-filling analyses, shear stress and shear... Read more »

By Priamus System Technologies, LLC

Hotrunner interfaces Automatic hotrunner control - Mulit cavity molds - Multi component molds - Cluster molds - Family molds - Weld lines - Sequential molding - Integrated process monitoring An uncontrolled melt flow is a main problem with many injection molding applications.... Read more »

By Priamus System Technologies, LLC

Process depending mold temperature control - Automatic balancing of mold surface temperature - Uniform temperature distribution on the mold surface - Closed loop - Balanced / optimized shrinkage conditions - Single or multi cavities A non-uniform temperature distribution over the... Read more »

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