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  • Medical Device Rubber and Plastics Component Manufacturing & Assembly

    Minnesota Rubber & Plastics helps medical device manufacturers unlock the full potential of materials science to bring highly valuable and differentiated products to market. With direct access to the industry’s foremost materials science, fully functional prototyping, and our manufacturing... Read More
  • Cell Therapy

    Minnesota Rubber & Plastics is a leading designer and manufacturer of customer liquid silicone rubber (LSR) thin film membranes in cell therapy applications. These versatile culture devices can turn 300 million cells into 100 billion in just 11 days. To generate this high rate of cell growth, a... Read More
  • Structural Heart

    Minnesota Rubber & Plastics partners with medical device companies to produce implantable heart valve components, delivery system seals, homeostasis valves and components and surgical instruments used in the structural heart space. The thin cross-section and complex geometry of the heart valve... Read More

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  • Tailoring Drug Delivery and Storage System to Meet the Evolving Market By

    In this new case study from Minnesota Rubber & Plastics (MRP), “Tailoring Drug Delivery and Storage Systems to Meet the Evolving Market”, we’ll explore the three mainstays for providing customers with drug delivery and packaging solutions: 1. Material Suitability and Compatibility 2. Device... Read more
  • Formulated for an Era of New Challenges: Elastomer Material Flexibility Optimized Performance and Meets New Challenges By

    Finding the right materials is as important as ever, especially in the medical device industry, but it’s not getting easier. The global medical device industry is expected to reach $603.5 billion in 2023 and (and $658 billion in sales by 2028), and an aging population means innovation can’t slow... Read more
  • Quniton® Reducing Friction, Enhancing Product Lifespan By

    Quniton® serves as a highly lubricious material compound with performance capabilities uniquely designed to improve + withstand application needs. Read more

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