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  • Fluidic System Design

    We design and manufacture OEM fluidic systems for life science and medical instruments. We provide custom solutions by integrating our gas and fluid handling components into compact, fully integrated and tested sub assemblies. Read More
  • Manifold Sub Assemblies

    Manifold subassemblies for life science and medical devices provide: Smaller instrument footprint, ease of assembly & integration, reliability, and materials flexibility. Read More
  • IMI FAS Chipprop

    8mm CHIPPROP CHIPPROP features the performance of a 10mm solenoid valve in an 8mm body. Industry leading flow to size ratio, 0.5W power consumption, cartridge mount and excellent repeatability make it ideal for integration in portable devices. 2/2 and 3/2 proportional 1.0 mm orifice in 8 mm... Read More
White Papers by IMI Precision Engineering
  • Choosing the Right Connections and Fittings for Manifolds By

    Designing a customized integrated manifold for a medical or life science device presents engineers with the challenge of selecting from many different components. A key consideration in developing any new fluidic control system is the type of connections used to tie different components together... Read more
  • Designing Fluidic Systems for Harsh Life Science, Environmental, Medical and Diagnostic Environments By

    As engineers look to design fluidics systems for life science equipment, careful attention must be paid to the system’s environment. While many life science instruments work with innocuous materials, others require wetted paths to withstand aggressive environments that would quickly render the... Read more
  • Manifold Assemblies: Simplifying valve installations By

    Assembling valves and other components on manifolds for integrated fluidic control systems helps OEMs design and build more compact, reliable equipment, often at lower cost and in less time. Today’s laminated acrylic manifolds add light weight, optical clarity and increased design complexity to... Read more