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Products by Flexible Circuit Technologies
  • Assembly

    Depending on your specific circuit needs, Flexible Circuit offers a wide array of assembly options at any one of our domestic or international locations. Assembly types include the following: Surface Mount Components – Passives, I/C’s, LEDs and connectors are examples of surface mount... Read More
  • Flat Flexible Circuits (FFC)

    Flat flexible circuits are light weight, low profile, small outline cables designed to satisfy high density cabling applications. Their distinguishing factors include repeated dynamic flexing and the ability to fold into nearly any shape, evenly distributing stress especially when compared to... Read More
  • Design Services

    At Flexible Circuit, we pride ourselves on solving problems for our customers. Our team is staffed with highly educated and experienced engineers with an undying passion for solving your engineering challenges. At Flexible Circuit, our motto is, “We Go Where Others Will Not.” We have found flex... Read More